Monday, January 30, 2023

Some Arseblog News tech updates

Hey folks, much like Arsenal this season, there have been times when Arseblog News performance has not quite lived up to expectations.

First off, we want to thank you for your patience and understanding, and to apologise for any inconvenience. It’s frustrating for us, so we know it’s frustrating for you.

Over the last little while though, we’ve been working to correct those issues, and Arseblog Tom – our tech Arteta – has been doing trojan work behind the scenes to make things better.

As of this morning, we’re operating from a new platform which we hope will make the site more responsive and available, particularly during busy periods – post-game in particular when things could get a bit slow.

We do have a couple of issues right now that we are aware of:

1 – The News tab in the Arseblog apps isn’t working.

2 – The comment voting/rating system is also out of action.

We’re going to be working on way on trying to figure out those problems first and foremost, but your feedback is also important. If you notice anything about the site or experience any problems, please let us know in the comments below – it’ll help us identify and correct issues.

Hopefully though, things will be as seamless as possible, and we’ll be here uninterrupted to bring you the best and most comprehensive Arsenal news as we power our way to the Europa League final where Gabriel Martinelli will score a hat-trick in the first 30 minutes on our way to a comfortable and easy 9-0 win.

Hey, it could happen!

So, thanks again, and your comments/feedback are welcome below.

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Oooh very snappy. Nice.

David Gooner

If I try to go directly to the site,, (this connection was via and then selecting news) I get backend default – 404)

Hope this helps.

David Gooner

Oops sorry, it is default backend


The link is now (and has been for a while)


I access through the Android app (S9) and quite regularly get the message “an error occured downloading new articles” – hopefully sorted soon, from an patient long time reader, keep up great work Andrew!


Testing testing 123.


the only issues I have with this site is that after big games, Match Reports take too long to load or don’t load at all due to an overload of servers. Everything else is pretty much tolerable in term of issues.


A nested Arse!


First up, Blogs, thanks so much for everything, you’re an absolute legend! Thought I’d report a small bug. On the post-match player ratings pages, if at any point I stop scrolling to read a segment, the page will then get stuck and I’ll have to scroll back to the top and then back down, making sure that I don’t stop scrolling (otherwise the page gets stuck again). Certainly seems like an odd one!




To confirm, it’s web on mobile (maybe I should just get the app?)


People keep thumbing down my brilliant comments.

There’s either a problem with the dexterity of the index fingers of many Arseblog comment contributors?

Or people are thumbing me up, and there’s a kink in the system where it thumbs me down instead?

Please fix.


At least it remembers my name and email from the previous system, so there’s that 🙂

Happy troubleshooting from someone who used to do IT, and knows what you’re going through. And no, it is absolutely not too early in the day for rum. Just saying.

Adam replyless man

This man is not able to reply to your reply or my own reply.


I’ve been an avid reader / member of arseblog for the better part of 10years. My long standing issue has always been having my comments moderated. Always. Takes hours before my comments finally appear. I’ve sadly been used to it. It’s something I can do without so I hope that too gets fixed. I’m not sure I can do without arseblog so I guess that’s why I can tolerate it. With love from Nigeria


Oh wow…. This one’s instant…. Guess it’s fixed. Thanks Arseblog


This is my attempt to reply to my own post “dated” 9.22


I’m more than happy to be patient for this new Arseblog News transitional period. As long as the performances are better than they were under the old regime, better results will come in no time….sounds familiar 😉


FYI, I can’t see any thumbs up or thumbs down on desktop (using Chrome)


It’s a bold man to describe his IT man’s work as “Trojan”…


I view through the android app and can literally never see the player ratings post as the form box is too big for the screen. Doesnt change scale when rataring so can’t fix that way. I always have to view through the website which is frustrating. This has been the cast for about 6 months.

Otherwise it is exceptional


Are there any news on the Arseblog app front? Since the big update in september/october my app crashes constantly. Some days not so much, some days 7-8 times in 5 minutes. Tried installing/uninstalling, closing other apps etc but nothing seems to help. Using Samsung A5, Android 8.0, so nothing extraordinary. I’ve also noticed others complaining about the same problem in Play reviews.

Evang. Simon

Pls do something about these adverts that covers major parts of the news…

It’s frustrating seeing more than three adverts occupying the news area.

Pls help !!!!


Hi, long term happy reader here! 1 piece of feedback if I may. On the player ratings articles on the Android App, the ratings themselves load in a relatively small box at the bottom of the article, which then has to be scrolled through on its own. This makes it hard and a little inconvenient. Could the box be made bigger please? Also, wouldn’t mind the Arseblog ratings loading in the background, so that I can read them offline, but don’t want to be too greedy…

Walcott's Knee

Hey blogs, I don’t know if it’s possible now, but I really liked the older android version of the app. You had dark mode and I could go to next article just by swiping. If tech Artera can integrate that into the current version it’d be really nice.

Crash Fistfight

The site seems to be creating new pages every time I post (so I’ve got to click back extra times to get back to the News main page). Anyone else have the same?

Walcott's Knee

The not swiping to other article I can live with but I’d really like the dark mode back. Also I agree with Sam on the ratings box.

taariq tayob

When you are in the Arseblog news site on IOS, you can’t switch to the regular Arseblog actual blog. If you click the drop down menu it only shows you news headers. It would be great if you could go from Arseblog news to the actual blog via a drop down

Ashish Mann

Blogs, i am totally loving this comments without like dislike thing. This could be an actual feature. Somehow makes this site less toxic and judgemental than twitter. Think we al need that.


1000000% Ashish.

Ashish Mann

I just upvoted your comment mate. ? ?

Crash Fistfight

Ashish, I agree. I wish there was some way of showing appreciation for it quickly, rather than typing a reply, though.

Teryima Adi

Thanks for the great job you guys do, Dear Blogs.


Good work Blogs, we’ll be patient. We know you aren’t Google or Facebook!


Dunno if this helps. I didn’t know this was going on, all I saw was no news on the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it’s all back.
That’s on Android 9.


I’d love to be able to open the comments from the App and not having to go on the browser. Pleaseeee ?


Hi Andrew, I’ve just logged into the android app using patreon and now the app won’t stay open at all for more than half a second – just keeps closing immediately.


(it was working fine until I decided to do the patreon login thing)

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