Video: Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


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We performed like a mid table team, top 4 finish is just out of reach. Our real chance of getting into UCL is through Europa League, which in itself is challenging. Realistically, we can only hope Arteta can prepare thia team to be conpeting for top 4 for the next season.


We are a mid table team…didn’t you get the memo?


The trajectory is not of a mid-table team. You can tell players like Ozil, Xhaka, Luiz are not used to being focussed for 90mins for Arsenal. To win this game requires we need more focus than they can manage at the moment. But I think they are learning. Top 4 is not out of reach quite. Optimist.

Lego Hair

I still believe in 5th place. 4th is too far.


Martinelli worked hard. But he has brilliant touch, the Pepe shot off the post is all down to him turning absolutely nothing into something. Maybe Arteta is not wanting to unleash him too soon the way Wenger would be cautious with the real talents.