Report: Burnley 0 – 0 Arsenal


Result: Burnley 0 – 0 Arsenal
Competition: Premier League
Date: 2 February 2020
Venue: Turf Moor

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz, Saka, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Ozil, Martinelli, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Martinez, Sokratis, Torreira, Willock, Ceballos, Pepe, Nketiah

Arsenal and Burnley played out a bore draw as the Gunners lacked the cutting edge to turn their small pockets of dominance into some end product. Arsenal had some good chances spurned early in the first half before receding dominance to the home side.

Burnley almost nicked a goal in the second half but Jay Rodriguez’s effort was just inches from crossing the line for it to have counted. The winter break couldn’t have come at a better time as it gives Arteta and the team time to improve on their offensive play to go along with their new defensive resolve.

First Half

Arsenal returned to Premier League action against Burnley with an interesting line-up. Aubameyang and Luiz went straight to the side after serving their suspensions but Sokratis gets omitted for Mustafi. Guendouzi took Torreira’s midfield spot and Ozil and Lacazette take up forward positions with Pepe dropping to the bench. Martinelli’s great run of form saw him get the nod instead of the Ivorian.

With a defensive line comfortable with on ball, Arsenal calmly passed out from the back in spite of pressure from the Burnley forwards. The home team’s high line gave the Gunners their first big chance of the game with just a minute on the clock. A teasing cross was put in for Lacazette who could only head wide from the 6 yard box.

The next 10 mins saw 85% of the ball in Arsenal’s favour with Ozil regularly finding space in midfield. However, Arsenal took a leaf out of the Burnley playbook of Route 1 football on 13 minutes. Luiz and Aubameyang combined to catch Burnley’s high line off guard with a peach of a pass into the feet of the speedy forward. The Gabon striker showed some rust as he uncharacteristically put the ball into the side netting when through on goal.

Arsenal remained dangerous but were unable to hit the target with Guendouzi’s long range shot and Mustafi’s header from a corner going just past the post and cross respectively.

It was Aubameyang with the next big opportunity on the 35th minute with an almost carbon copy chance from the last one. This time, it was Xhaka who spotted the movement and floated in a lobbed ball for the striker who peeled off his sleeping marker to go through on goal. It wasn’t the easiest chance as the ball was bouncing as he tried to chip it above the keeper. Pope was sharp and stayed on his feet to save the attempt.

However, Burnley who grew into the game the last 10 minutes. They snuffed out Arsenal’s passing lanes and managed to impose their physicality with some hard tackles and aerial bombardments into the Arsenal penalty box.

The Gunners stood firm but were happy to go into the second half to regroup with the home team growing in dominance.

Second Half

Torreira made it on the pitch for the start of the half in place of Saka who might have suffered a knock in the first half. Xhaka took his spot at left back for the Uruguayan to partner Guendouzi in the centre of the park.

The break did disrupt Burnley’s momentum but the shift in positions also blunted Arsenal’s ability to control the game, especially with Ozil and Lacazette unable to get involved in the game.

Under pressure from Burnley, Xhaka and Torreira got booked for desperate tackles within the first 15 minutes while Arsenal were also lucky to not have conceded from three threatening headers on goal.

Ozil’s fading influence prompted Arteta to replace him for Willock on the 62nd minute. The young Englishman added some drive in the middle of the park but still couldn’t open up the game for the Gunners. It wasn’t until the 75th minute that Arsenal had another productive attempt on goal. A quick counter saw Aubameyang surged through the middle as Lacazette took up position on the left. The Frenchman curled in a cross which Aubameyang could only head wide.

Arsenal were given a huge let off for missing their chances just minutes later as Rodriguez’s effort from four yards out hit the underside of the post only to be ruled out by goal line technology for the ball not fully crossing the line.

The rest of the game was a low level affair where attacks from both teams lacked cutting edge before the final whistle ended the misery of both sets of fans. The match ended 0-0. Bring on the winter break.

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I think we can safely say that the only real positives from today were that we didn’t lose and that we somehow managed to keep a clean sheet. Least league wins at this point of the season in about 130 years says it all really. We are struggling so hard to create chances that it’s painful to watch. Midfield is non-existent, the attackers look isolated and movement off the ball is woeful. Hopefully this two-week break will allow the players to get their heads back in the game, because we are far from where we need to be right now.

Mick Malthouse

You cant play Lacazette any more. Either Aubameyang or Eddie through the middle. Willock instead of Ozil and Torreira for Guendouzi.
Then sell them all this Summer and start again.

Kran stoenke

Martinelli and guendozi was far far more wasteful than laca.
And what warrants willock starting over ozil? Today, in the 2nd half, it felt like an emery performance. The attack looked so disjointed from midfield. That’s the inability of Willock and guendozi, they need to learn to play simple forward passes.


We weren’t much better in the first half, though I do think we missed Xhaka in midfield. Would have never thought I’d say that a couple months ago!

Dave M

What game were you watching. We actually got back in the game after willock came back on. The middle 45 mins (either side of the half) were abysmal. Torrid stuff to watch. And Ozil’s effort on defense is just pathetic. He had the potential to make at least 10 challenges today and attempt to break up play and get us out on the counter. HE TOOK NONE OF THEM. Anything physical and Mesut just backs off. It’s nothing but fucking pathetic. A guy paid 300,000 Quid a week and he hasn’t got stuck in on a football pitch in about… Read more »

Kingsley Duruike

Ozil is Shit! If Ozil stays then Arteta will be Sacked for sure because the guy offers nothing, doesn’t tackle and is too weak to be in the Premier League. Ozil is a Scam!


I’ve said for weeks that it’s all about our inability to capitalise on 4v4’s and 3v3’s. We are so sloppy in those situations – bad passes, poor control, misunderstandings. For a team like Arsenal who thrive on those moments, it’s really not good enough and costs us every week.

Crash Fistfight

I also think we lack assertiveness in those situations (and generally, for that matter). Too many times, we take too many touches and/or passes to get the ball forward.


Another shocker. It shows just how Arteta has his work cut out to transform this. We have 31 poxy points. We can’t seem to buy a win and it’s about 2 from the last 17 games. I really can’t remember us being so lifeless. Our £350,000 per week talismanic ‘star’ gave another performance that is an insult to a ten bob note. And he isn’t worth that. The Really disturbing thing is that Auba’ and Lacka’ who are both great players seem resigned. And the former will have to be sold in the summer unless the EL provides a miracle… Read more »


And our £70M recruit is not working enough to start…

Kingsley Duruike

It is the greatest Scam of the century for Ozil to be earning more than David Silva, Kelvin De Bruyne, Christian Eriksen, Kante, Bernado Silva and all Midfielders in the EPL. We need to Investigate how and why Ozil is getting 350k a week! arrest Gazidis and Wenger!


I just watched our goals in the season 13/14 a couple of days ago…
Our problem now is that we are used to the quality of a midfield of those time:
Rosicky, Santi, Wilshere, Ozil, Ramsey…

…but those days are gone.


I feel like we just need a great number 8. I like Xhaka and Torreira with Guendouzi keeping them on their toes. But Ozil can’t offer what we need in terms of being combative and athletic. Midfielders these days have to be multifunctional and Ozil feels a little like a relic of a time now behind us.

Dave M

Helder, dude, do you really think we are moving forward (up the table) with a team built around Xhaka and Torreira (especially the former)? They are Europa league level players at best. Sure we have some issues in defense, but blimely our midfield remains bloody terrible. That should be our prime target over the summer a dominant player in the middle of the pitch…unless of course this is all we really have ambitions to be….


Yeah, I hear you Davey baby. I don’t think any of them are necessarily champions league players. But they’ve both responded very positively to Arteta’s presence and for me we have more pressing matters at hand. If Auba leaves in the summer we’ll need a CF and depending on how the loans go a CB too. I imagine we’ll see a number 8 brought in too who offers more than an ageing Ozil. That’s a whole spine. I don’t know that we can think about replacing Xhaka just yet. Sorry bro. I think you might have to tolerate him for… Read more »

Dave M

I’d much rather we went big on a midfielder than a forward even if auba leaves. I think between martinelli saka laca pepe nketiah and maybe another diamond I think we’d get enough goals, but not without a better, more dominant midfield. Torreira I think has a future, willock and douzi probably too, but to take the next step we need a big upgrade there and Özil I’m just done with. If we can’t score even when he’s out there he’s doing nothing else for us except stealing a living so why do we bother… Xhaka has been better no… Read more »

Kingsley Duruike

Ozil is a Scam at 350k a week. It is an insult to all other Midfielders in the League.

The Arsenal

And they were not even our prime midfield.


Midfield was indeed non existent with Guendouzi having a stinker and Xhaka handicapped by Saka’s injury . I, for one, am yet to be convinced with Guendouzi. He sits on the ball for far too long, thus slowing our transition to attack, and is yet to display any ability to link up play forward or control the midfield. Just a single assist the entire season bears testimony to this. Ozil and Laca yet again disappointing away from home. Need I say more. Saka, on the other hand, displayed how integral he is to our attack with his dynamic attacking play… Read more »

Dave M

Yes, Guendouzi was BAD today, but he is young and was really strong in the cup game. At least there is potential still for improvement. We shouldn’t be hanging him out to dry every time he has a bad game. He’s 20 year old…

Don Cazorleone

Looked like a team waiting for a holiday.
A lucky point.



We managed to get away with this one.
All and all our wasted chances and Arteata’s inexperience costed us today.

I liked that once Ozil dropped his shoulders he was out.
I didnt like that once again the subs were to late to make an impact.
Plus no AMN on the bench means that we had nobody with pace to cover the flangs in case of injury.

I know that we have an upward trajectory generally but today our overall performance was 5ish and Artetas the same.

Don Cazorleone

For me, Arteta got it wrong. Auba should have been central with Martinelli and Pepe flanking.
At this point Laca is just a second choice striker. And there’s no shame in that.


I have faith in Arteta. I hope he will improve us but pls do not play Laca and Ozil. Yes, Auba did miss few chances but most of the strikers does. He is best when he plays in middle. 


Our counter attack was slower than Olivier Giroud with two lead weights as shoes


Willock has what we need, he can run with the ball, but his vison is limited and he holds on too long. If he can improve and unleash the righe pass quicker then I see a role for him.

Teryima Adi



Man, I really miss Giroud nowadays.


Yeah, but he would have mixed it with Tarkowski and Mee today.

Paul Roberts

If our strikers finished like their reputations suggest they should, then we would have won this game imo.


I’d love to upvote you but there’s a problem with this system. Tells me I’ve already voted when I haven’t. Frustrating.
Btw I think Saka’s early injury had an effect on our attacking threat.
Poor kid wasn’t in the game much after that. Õzil and Laca both in that side was a mistake. Still, we’ve got that horrible fixture out of the way in that horrible ground

Paul Roberts

I’ve said it before. Our defence and midfield were under the spotlight and everyone was saying how good our attack was, which made our attack think they were fine and get a cigar on…


He didn’t even get a yellow for the foul on Saka, seems Aubs VAR red card only applies when its us and not City.


Plus Laca was NOT offside when he was through on goal but the linesman flagged up quick. no word of it by commentary? tired of the bias


Spot on. I think the instruction is to let play go on when in doubt, cause you can correct an offside goal later via VAR. Only flag for offside when the linesman is really sure. Well, it seems he was really sure in that scene and obviously he was wrong.


Sean Dyche is like a man who invents a rabbit squishing machine and then gets angry with the rabbits for being too squishy. 

Fair play. This Arsenal team look like they desperately need their winter break. Bit of team and confidence building hopefully. Some players look bereft in both. You rely on big moments from senior players in these type of games and Laca, Auba and Ozil have all been found wanting today. We ramble on.



Mustafi our best player against Burnley. What a season this has been.


I’m upvoting you here as the site won’t let me

Fireman Sam

True, I can upvote Dastardlydick but not Mentalista’s original comment.


That was terrible. A performance Emery woud’ve been proud of.

Guendouzi is useless, ineffective and always keeps the ball way too long.

Arteta messed up the line up today imho. Can’t wait for this season to be over

Don Cazorleone

We’re asking a 20 yr old to run our midfield.
we have to head to the market this summer for a top quality CM.

SB Still

I hope the winter break helps Laca get back to some form.

I was hoping to see Auba start up front. Surprised Pepe never got of the bench.

Major surprise that the game ended 0-0.

We didn’t quite take advantage of the other teams dropping points.


unbelievable that Artetas take now has become to avoid relegation. We are on par with the worst teams in the league. Lacazette doesn’t deserve a start. Neither does Ozil. I’ve been a defender of his for a long time but I’m over it now. Guendouzi needs some time on the bench. Too much faith in the “sunken cost” fallacy. Give the youth more starts because they care more.


* Artetas job

Kingsley Duruike

Ozil is a Scam at 350k a week.

Reality check

Dont think accommodating misfiring Lacazette by playing 2 of your leading scorers out of position was such a great idea. That was Emey level stupidity and Wenger level stubborness not to change till the very end. Poor by Arteta but solid game by Mustafi in defence and good point considering our current level.


True enough. Perhaps we need to remember that Arteta needs time to learn too.


Agreed. Too often we stopped and went backwards instead of finding a runner. Guen is major culprit in my book but certainly not alone.


Too many passengers, I sincerely hope we see half this first team sold at the end of the season.
Such a mid-table squad.

Laca-threat is really costing us.


That almost felt like watching emeryball again…. With Guendouzi misplacing passes all over the pitch


Justify now how we play our right side. Pepe does twice the job that Auba, Martinelli provided today. The right side is graveyard. The fact that Pepe still provides something and a lot of drive there is just because hes individual. The system is shit. Ole stopped doing his 89. minute sub 2 months ago. Thats teary eye Ole.. Artetas still on it in february. Not feeling him. Very quick to blame Pepe, Ceballos but today he put out a horror show as manager. Will he take an ounce of responsibility for this? Laca on year goal scoring drought, Ozil… Read more »

Jean Ralphio

Our worst game under Arteta. No ambition in our play, sideways passing, giving the ball away cheaply, no urgency. We played with nine men today. Play Auba through the middle and bench Laca. Too much too soon for him. Yet another wasted opportunity.


Agreed. For the first 10 minutes they remembered the Chelsea spirit and then they reverted to type. We’ve some seriously average players at this level.


I know Arteta is new but we have to question why he didnt bring Pepe on for Lacca earlier and shift Auba centre.
Or at least brought Eddie on earlier.


Defensive resolve? Sorry didn’t see that today. The back-line was under hugepressure and the rest of the team didn’t do enough for me. We had no shape without the ball.


These PL refs folks, they’re great, right? Best in the world, most professional…


I’m a big fan of Arteta & I do think he’s the right choice long term. That said it’s a little concerning our form hasn’t materially improved since Emery left. we’re not that far off being dragged into a relegation scrap. also at some point he’s going to really need to look hard at whether Lacazette & Ozil should remain automatic starters with the form they’re in. we just don’t look remotely dangerous on offense except when we counter attack and we really shouldn’t have to be a counter attack team against teams in the mid to bottom half of… Read more »


There’s a few things Arteta needs to look at. I thought he missed a trick not putting Ceballos on at half time to help us gain a bit more control in midfield. Also Aubameyang ended up too far wide, especially when Saka came off. We could have swapped Ozil (not the creative force he used to be and certainly not a goal scorer) for Pepe and gone 4-4-2 to get Aubameyang more central and closer to goal. Lots for him to think about.


He appears to be following the Wenger mantra to some extent of allowing certain players to simply try to play their way to form. Lacazette works really hard but he also forces Auba out wide.


The issue isn’t just the players form individually unfortunately, it’s the system at large as well.


Maybe Ceballos isn’t that good, and I think that Pepe would have struggled with the horrible pitch and nasty tackles going in, a lot of our players were hobbling at the end. Burnley away is one of those horrible games that’s always caused us problems, if our strikers were in better form we would have won that.


conversely if their strikers/ cb’s etc. didn’t keep missing easy chances they would have easily won


From what we’ve seen of Ceballos, especially against these same opponents earlier in the season, he has at least some of the dynamism and creativity we lack in midfield. And I don’t think Pepe would have struggled any more than our other players especially Ozil. Agree we would have won with better finishing but actually Burnley created the best chances and Rodriguez missed an absolute sitter. If we lost we could have had no complaints.


Has Willock ever produced something coming on from the bench against physically imposing teams? Not that we have many other options though…

Obvious Pete

I think he looked to play with intent when he came on. More than can be said about any of the other chaps out there today.

Big Dave

Ozil was dreadful today, as were all central midfielders giving the ball away and lacking any creativity. We’re missing a proper box to box player and how the hell was Pepe not introduced for Laca so Aubs could play upfront on his own??? Aubs on the wing only works with an in for Lacazette.

Flatter to deceive Arsenal

Those who control the brains of those who watch football say Arteta has made a great impression at Arsenal. With 1 EPL win so far.And those whose brains are being controlled also agree.Reality is that Pearson has made a bigger impression at Watford. They arrived around same time.


Mesut’s decline has reached his peak. I have nothing against him, he is a fantastic player but it’s done for him. Been a min since the hunger left his eyes. Laca is my favourite player and even his off the ball work didn’t play any part today, let alone his confidence in front of goal. Our constant need to go through the fullbacks to score a goal still hasn’t changed from Emery’s reign. It is not necessarily a bad thing as we are doing a lot else that is better like quicker passing (as we saw in the first 20-30… Read more »

Kingsley Duruike

It is a crime against all humanity for Ozil to be earning 350k a week, no Club would pay Ozil anything close to 100k now. He is a Scam!


So are we still showing these fabled signs of improvement under Drawteta? We should have lost today. Rodriguez missed an absolute sitter. We’re getting nothing out of Lacazette so his future needs serious consideration because I don’t think his heart is here anymore. Yes, he runs around, but his touch, aimless flicks and woeful finishing strikes me that he’s not content at Arsenal. Also as we continue to deploy slow players like Xhaka and Ozil and floundering players like Lacazette and Guendouzi we’ll look exactly like a team that sits in midtable. I’ve watched every game under Arteta and I’m… Read more »


Time to start playing Auba in his best position. If that means Lacca on the bench, so be it.


13 draws, 12 losses and wins in total.


Three more goals, converting draws to wins, would take us to 5th. 6 more would take us to 4th.

Got to get out of this habit of drawing.


Boring boring Arsenal. Wrong team selection- best striker out wide? Ozil playing way from home? Poor sub selection- why wasn’t Pepe brought on and Auba moved inside, Willock coming on which shows our dearth of midfield talent. Another draw. Why do we stop playing after 20 mins? Saying that we do excel in going sideways and backwards


Can we swap Guendouzi for Cazorla


How is nobody talking about the linesman pulling the flag on Laca when he would have been through on goal (around the 30th minute). First of al it was a close call, so keep it playing, cause VAR, second how I saw it in that one replay he wasn’t even offside at all.


Fair point. I wish these bloody linesman would keep their flags down, as instructed for obviously close calls.


I don’t think we should blame the linesman for raising his flag….maybe if Laca was confident of scoring he would have done that and allow VAR to do the rest just like Auba did against Man U. It’s what most players do these days. Score first and wait for VAR to check


You can’t really score if the ref has already blown the whistle and stopped the game. Doing that usually earns you a yellow card. Laca was still far away from the goal, maybe 30 meters if I remember correctly, but I guess he might have escaped the defender. However, if the ref blows the whistle the goal will never count, cause the defender could say that he switched off and stopped his defending efforts as soon as he heard the whistle stopping the game. Fault was purely by the linesman. If in doubt, just let it go, see if there… Read more »

Kingsley Duruike

Most likely he would have missed the Chance still.


Why break Saka/Martinelli & Bellerin/Pepe partnership?
Guendouzi is too slow, and Ozil&laca lost their mojo…
This game was the worst game under Arteta…

ah,how the mighty have fallen…


This Season Is A Right Off Already…Lets Just Try To Stay In The Premier League…If We Are Being Realistic, We All Can See Despite The Fact Top 4 Is Within Reach We Are Not Performing Well Enough For The Fans Let Alone The Players To Be Optimistic Of Their Chances And Go For It…If I Were Mikel Arteta I’ll Look At The Europa League And F.A Cup As The Best Route To Europe Next Season And Get The Players Really Fired Up For Those Night Games…Not Saying They Shouldnt Be Focus In The Premier League Either…But To Be Honest There… Read more »


*Write Off


I believe in Arteta, I do

However, his rhetoric from the start has been that he’s ruthless, and that players have to perform or they get dropped, and that he doesn’t look at past reputation.

This looks like nonsense because he never drops the likes of Ozil and Lacazette even though they are absolutely woeful. We need more action and less talk. Time will tell if Arteta learns from this


Also, what the hell is bringing Nketiah on for 2 minutes? Lacazette should have been hooked at half time, and at the very latest at the 65 minute mark. Absolute joke and Arteta has been extremely reactive in his substitutions so far I’m afraid to say, not unlike Mr Wenger himself.

Bringing on Eddie instead of a £72m winger who hasn’t been bad at all.. I just don’t get it. If you want another striker on, at least give Eddie a CHANCE to have an impact rather than doing what Bielsa did with him all season lol


I can’t comment on the Eddie vs Pepe situation, because I don’t see them in training, but maybe that is the ruthlessness you are talking about in the first post. Maybe Mikel says, whatever your pricetag is, if I don’t like your performance in training, then your pricetag alone isn’t gonna grant you any starts or substitutions in my squad. Just speculation from my side though. A good Pepe performance would have helped alot, but I am not saying that he would have delivered such good performance for sure,. I very much agree with you on the 2 minutes topic.… Read more »

Kingsley Duruike

If Arteta keeps playing Ozil as a Starter then he would never be successful.


Arteta has been spot on with the lineups but I think he got it all wrong today. No way Torreira shouldn’t be starting with Xhaka every game. Matteo played well last game but that doesn’t warrant dropping Torreira. Also I’m all for giving the young kids a try but Willock hasn’t been that impressive when he’s come on in the Premier League fixtures at least. I already know everybody is going to hate on Laca but Aubameyang missed more and Laca still helps us create play. Yes he’s in a drought but we’re way worse without him. Really would have… Read more »


Worse without lacazzete,… How
Pushing Auba wide for lacazzete is nonsense… Dropping pepe nd pushing Auba nd martinelli out of position is stupid.
. Lacazzete should be benched


I don’t get why though. Aubameyang still was able to make runs into the box and he missed but yet Laca gets all the blame!?!?! Laca works hard and wins the ball back for us. Laca even created a chance for the header that went wide. It could have been the winner. I think it’s a different story if Ceballos gets a chance to create for those in front of him


Laca wins all the ball for us??
Which game where u watching..
He doesn’t even press … He looks lazy,,lacks positioning nd movements not interested..disposed many times commiting stupid fouls….. Nd missed a sitter


Not entirely fair to have a go at Arteta here.The eleven that he put out, is
arguably our best.


With torreira on the bench??
Pepe on the bench for a ghost lacazzete.

Martinelli nd Auba out of position???
Take another look at the line up


Not really. I think Laca and Auba can’t well together most of time. Arteta has to make a tough decision and drop one of them (Laca)


Honeymoon period is firmly over now. Hopefully anyone that thought another manager will be able to get much more out of this squad have been disabused of that notion. We still need a big rebuild and this was more proof. The premier league record number of draws in a season is 17, we’re on 13 in February. Huge job on Arteta’s hands.

Merlin’s Panini

Fuck that was bad. These are the sorts of games we should be winning comfortably. To be fair this is the first time under Arteta we haven’t looked the better side but the results are not getting much better. This was an opportunity to try to close the gap on Chelsea, as unlikely as that is. The players might need another rocket up the arse.


For God sake can we bench Ozill, the team lacks creative playmaker, where is our number 8 or good number 10


No. 8? Juventus. No.10? Villareal.

Kingsley Duruike

Can you believe Ozil earns more than De Bruyne, Bernado Silva, David Silva, Pogba, Eriksen, Wijnaldum, Kante etc. No Midfielder earns 350k a week except Ozil! Scam!


Nothing shocking. We are still in tenth unable to roll over Burnley now. For all the “improvements” we are still little dynamic going forward and still not creating enough nor finishing our chances. Some prefer to complain about Lacazette but Auabemayang was shocking missing two gilded edged chances presented. Was not surprise to see Martinelli start right side as Pepe has been shite. But Martinellis struggled today as well. More surprising Mustafi started ahead of Sokratis and Holding. I can only imagine Sokratis has something stronger than the Coronavirus at the moment and Holding as mentioned still unconvincing. And TBH,… Read more »


This match reminds me of arsene dropping Alexis against Liverpool bcos he wanted to play direct… I hope it was clear today wat pepe offers us… He doesn’t score goals bcos most times he stays wide to help us move ball forward… Create something.from our dead midfield… Secondly ceballos… We know we had no option to buy …we signed him anyway… For wat?? To keep him on the bench after paying for his loan… We signed him to help us make top 4 ..he has the quality experience nd maturity than guendozi,, willock combined.he can help us.. he was injured… Read more »

Teryima Adi

And we still wait for that win. It will come, anyway. Some of the football we played was lacking in the Arsenal aesthetics. We need some reengineering, Arteta.


Lacazette is awful he needs to be dropped. The midfield got no creativity they can’t a pick a forward pass. The amount of times auba made runs in behind and not once did anyone attempt to put him thru apart from Luiz
on one occasion. Some major personal changes needed. League is a write off this season we have to prioritise the cups

Evang. Simon

We were lucky to walk away with a clean sheet today.

That is what you get when you dont take your chances at the right time.

I can’t see anybody receiving ball from our defence and there is no clever movements from our players…

Often time they wait for their teammates to point hand to where they need to be before making the move.

Well, the season will soon be over and Arteta will will have his own clean slate to start from.

Then we can judge him.



We’ve managed to out shoot our opponents in 2/9 games since Arteta took over. I preached patience with Emery, and warned you guys nothing would change by changing the manager, as our problems weren’t coaching ones, even though his position had become untenable, with the sentiment towards him past boiling point. i certainly don’t buy into the notion that there’s been any improvement, and that’s not a criticism of Arteta. Saka’s injury swung the game, he produced the 3 best pieces of quality for us, and we started well, but overall we got lucky with a point today. I don’t… Read more »


What an absolutely awful game. Lacazette’s saving grace for so long has been his work rate and ability to link attack with the rest of the team in lieu of a prolific scoring record. Now even that has evaporated.

Paul Roberts

For me Auba is not a winger and Lacca can’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo right now!


How do u play ur two best players out of position just to accommodate someone who hasn’t scored an away goal for about 2months or more… Wat does guendozi willock has more than ceballos…. Yes we can’t buy him.. he’s not our player..we need to develop our players.. then why did we sign him?? He can help our midfield better… Play torreira xhaka nd ceballos..or play torreira ceballos nd ozil.. Lacazzete doesn’t deserve to be on the pitch.. please play ceballos .. he can shoot from midfield… He can run with the ball. He can dribble players.. am tired of… Read more »


If Ceballos was so good why didn’t he show up when Emery played him. Other then the Burnley game Ceballos was below average and rightly behind Willock and Guendouzi.


How many games did he start under Emery…. Apart from Liverpool
. Mention pne game game ceballos was poor..

Saying rightly behind guendozi willock is a stupid comment.
On wat ground??


Also lack of aggression going into challenges simply embolden Burnley.

Seem a real tentativeness going forward. Not enough width and poor decisions all round when on the ball, preferring safe choices.

….Mustafi had a good game.


First off, I’m as disappointed as anyone, but everyone needs to take a breath. We are a work in progress, and there will be multiple bumps in the road. The first 25 minutes were great, unfortunately the Saka injury really hurt our momentum. Take the positives, clean sheet and decent defensive performance, and we go on.


Agreed…I’d rather be the tortoise than the hare. A lot of teams have the fabled “new manager bounce” to only fall away later. We’re where we deserve to be right now and we have to accept that, whilst hoping that eventually it will start to click.

Fred Garvin

The histrionics in here are really something. It’s clear the team has fundamental problems, and we just have to be patient and look for gradual improvement, both in terms of the team’s progression in playing Arteta’s way and in terms of transfer windows.