Arsenal say Arteta feeling better, plus provide general Coronavirus update


Arsenal say that Mikel Arteta is well on the road to recovery after being diagnosed last week with the Coronavirus/Covid-19 – the only names with which this virus should be known.

The boss remains in isolation, along with many playing staff, but is in regular contract with his coaches and is making plans for when things return to some kind of normality.

In a statement released today, the club said, “A number of staff, including Mikel and the men’s first team squad, are currently isolating at home.

“We’re pleased to say that Mikel is feeling much better. He’s in good spirits, doing detailed planning with the coaches and speaking to the players regularly.

“The women’s and academy teams are also currently staying at home. All our players are looking forward to getting back out on the training pitches as soon as the situation allows.”

Arsenal had planned for training to resume at London Colney next week, but with the fast-changing nature of developments, and restrictions on gatherings of people, it remains to seen if that is the case.

With regards to fixtures and tickets, Arsenal assure that, “All match tickets and purchased hospitality will be valid for rearranged fixtures once they are confirmed.

“Information about renewals for next season will be updated as soon as there is more clarity on when the current 2019/20 season will end.”

This comes in the wake of an official update earlier today which has pushed back the start date for football from April 4th to April 30th – all going well.

The club are also not shirking their responsibilities to the community, and part-time staff.

“We continue to support our local Islington community in these difficult times and we are in discussions with local groups to find new ways to support our most vulnerable groups as the situation develops,” the statement reads.

We are liaising with the local authority and the areas being explored range from providing online coaching and teaching, and staff volunteering to have regular phone contact with elderly local people feeling isolated.

“We are also looking into how we can support our casual workers.”

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Given he is youngish, fit and strong, it’s no surprise Mikel is recovering well. Hope he can get back to work sooner than later.

It’s gettign very boring without any footie going on.


But its fun telling the gullible Liverpool fans that the premier league are going to make the 2019/20 season null and void…


Aren’t we all supposed to do that to your cheating scousers


Apparently the virus wasn’t prepared to do the non negotiables and had to leave his immune system.


Wasn’t a good fit, the virus definitely doesn’t have Arsenal DNA

Scott P

The world isn’t ready for a virus up to Mikel’s standards


It reached his hairline, but couldn’t overcome its power.

Tankard Gooner

That hair gel has held off against the likes of Phil Jones. So this CoVid19 crap doesn’t really make the cut.
Apologies to anyone here who is dealing with an adverse situation related to the outbreak. Please take care. And buy that hair gel.

It Is What It Is

I hear that will be the peak of the pandemic.


Quick recovery arteta
About casual workers please do something being one of them i know how it feels


Don’t really see an issue with referring to the virus by its country of origin. Just a few examples: Ebola, Lyme Disease, West Nile Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Zika, etc..
It is possible that I’m missing something but why are the only acceptable terms COVID-19 and/or corona virus?

Teacher in China

There certainly is an element of that, but the notion that any reference to China is racist has been (very) heavily promoted by the CCP propaganda machine as a way to redirect internal anger towards the West. For that reason, I accept that and agree that “China virus” and “Chinese virus” have undertones and should be avoided, but I do not accept that the original name Wuhan Coronavirus 19 is unacceptable. No one should forget the fact that this tragedy could easily have been prevented without a cover up by the CCP in Wuhan. Unfortunately the CCP are well aware… Read more »

Ian Wesley

The club are not paying their zero hours staff anything: they are all laid off


Arteta said he was feeling OK when it was announced he had the virus.
As the vast majority of people unfortunately infected with this virus feel after a few days rest. Granted this is a potentially serious condition for those who already have more serious underlying health conditions but so is flu and you don’t see the government closing schools and borders over that do you ?

Red Arrow

This virus is at least 10 times more fatal than flu. Pretty sure that the givers around the world wouldn’t be taking such drastic measures which affect everyone’s finances if it wasn’t more serious than flu.

Red Arrow

Govts * not givers


More like takers!


Most of the time yes but this time definately no they have done well…

Tankard Gooner

That’s the thing.. To blokes like you and me, it’s a serious flu. Nothing more. We can still get our jog on and all that, pink of health. But this virus has killed a lot of people. A LOT of people. And right now considering we don’t have a vaccine or somehow haven’t developed a natural defence against it, this virus could stand to take a lot more many lives before this outbreak is over.


I work in intensive care in u.k. my Italian friend nurses who talk to friend s in intensive care in Italy. Say that bulk shit information from government and fit health men in 40’s dying no under lining health condition


Where did you read that?
The reason they are taking such drastic action is because it is a new virus and nobody knows anything about it. Influenza kills millions this has killed people yes but to the extent that flu has sorry but no – your facts are very wrong indeed…


It’s judged by the mortality rate, the flu kills 0.1 percent of people and has done for manyears. This appears to kill atleast 1 percent of people and if you listen to the w.h.o there predicting more like 3.5 percent of people

David Hilliers Arm Cast

because we as humans have grown immunity to the flu, not a man made virus that simultaneously attacks three different receptors. I’m sure the Italians wish they had taken it more seriously as their body count grows.

but what do I know ☺️

Perhaps it’s the earth fighting back, pollution across Europe is falling at its fastest rate for years and we live in a heavily populated world


It seems it knows who to target then since proportionally more older people are conservatives and against taking action on climate change…

Timorous Me

I just saw a statistic from the New York Times that the rate of death from common flu is 0.1%, while from this coronavirus it’s expected to be somewhere between 1-2%. That’s a pretty huge jump, and then you have to factor in the absurd way this one spreads so easily and for so long, even in secret (without symptoms). And reports are that the majority hospitalized are younger–not the elderly, as is commonly believed. I certainly would like to see life get back to normal as soon as possible. But if we don’t take this seriously now (especially because… Read more »


Covid 19 ticks most the boxes for a pandemic that could affect us all
No medication, No vaccine
Long enough incubation to spread, and contagous during incubation
You can be infected and contagous without showing symptoms
More contagous and deadly than a common flue
It survive on non organic material for 5 days.
And a too many people who think that this virus is to be tanken lightly and move about like they usually do


5 days? Thought it was 30 minutes. Damn!

Merlin’s Panini

Whilst flu does kill a lot of people there is a flu vaccine for the most vulnerable people. Covid-19 does not yet have a vaccine and the respiratory problems it causes makes it far more dangerous. Do some research and take it seriously for your own good and that of everyone else.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

“The only names with which this virus should
be known”

so not Kung-Flu then?

Merlin’s Panini

Here’s your coat. Stupid joke.

Bai Blagoi

Hopefully the fact that they didn’t mention any other player or staff member being diagnosed with the virus mean that they are all healthy.


I’m still calling the virus Pangolin’s Revenge if that’s OK.


Yes, that’s OK.

I felt reassured when I read Mrs Arteta’s comments a few days ago. I’m pleased he’s on the mend and can’t wait for the football to restart… Although I think I’ll be waiting quite a long time!

Also, I found it interesting that Arsenal said to take advice from The World Health Organisation and not Public Health England, perhaps because it could have been prevented.