Report: Torreira does not require surgery after ankle break


According to Uruguayan journalist Rodrigo Romano, Lucas Torreira will not require surgery after sustaining a fractured ankle against Portsmouth on Monday night.

With injuries like this, ligament damage can complicate matters, but that is not the case which will mean a quicker recovery time.

Torreira will have more tests next week after which we should have an approximate time for his return, but a clean break usually means 6-8 weeks.

That would still mean he’d miss the rest of this season, but he may be fit for Uruguay’s Copa America campaign during the summer. The tournament is being played in Colombia between June 12th and July 12th.

So while the injury itself is obviously bad news, the fact he can avoid surgery and all the related complications is a silver lining to the Torreira cloud.

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Public Elneny

Given that literally everything that left the BT commentators mouths was absolute horseshit on Monday, I knew it was a bad one when they declared ‘initial reports indicate no serious injury’ early in the 2nd half


honestly man, being a canadian i don’t fuckin get this hate against Arsenal by literally everyone else except us gunners

Billy Bob

They hate a team that has the moral high ground, something to do with Wenger’s principles me thinks – remember when we replayed our cup match against Sheffield United? Very sportsman like and you just know no other manager/team would have done the same, hence they hate the way we show the rest of them up!!! There are plenty of other examples like winning the league with foreign players – such a crime to play a Jonny Foreigner, let alone a team with a health cosmopolitan feel!!!!

Martinelli fanboy

It’s the envy. Arsenal did things which other people couldn’t. Broke negative cultures. Set standards. We were a frontier. Even today when we are piss poor they still recognise. Arsene was a revolution in England.

They can hate him and punish arsenal for it but they’ll never change history.

Playing football the arsenal way.


Also, the media is full of Sp*rs fans.


And Liverpool fans… oh and ManU fans as well…


Hopefully he’s back for our FA Cup Final match which is in 11 weeks (23rd May).


Thank God and quick recovery Torreira.


That fucking cunt Bolton and that even more fucking cunt Mike Dean!


You just know, 100%, if that had been our guy making the tackle, Dean couldn’t have grabbed a red card quick enough. If he was able to get his hands out of his pants in all the excitement that is. Probably won’t be long before Riley beams him up to the head offices anyway. Goddamn weirdass skeletor-mr-bean-mr-burns freakshow.

Artetas Assistant

IMO which (again) must count for something, AMN might get a run out as DM now especially at Man City. His coming on in games at all suggest that he’s working harder to impress the boss.
Matteo is really ill-suited physically to be the last man in midfield, so I think he’s a CM/AM option for Mikel


The only silver lining would be to see Mike Dean retire. He ignored an ankle break and then issued a yellow for the Guendouzi fiasco. Bizarre!


Get well soon wish you speedily recovery


Blogs bemoaned the fact that listed Torreira’s injury only at the end of the article, but it appears they go by alphabetical order as it goes Chambers, Kolasinac, Soares, Tierney, Torriera.