Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Report: Arsenal open to Aubameyang sale

Arsenal’s chances of retaining Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang beyond his current contract are looking very slim with several reports claiming we’re open to offers for our club captain.

Before the UK went into lockdown, Mikel Arteta spoke passionately about doing everything he could to keep the Gabon international at the Emirates.

The 30-year-old’s current deal runs until the summer of 2021 and it looks as though we’re going to accept defeat in persuading him to sign an extension.

The striker, signed from Borussia Dortmund in January 2018 already earns more than £200,000 a week and looks like it won’t be feasible to improve those terms given the potentially devastating financial effect of Covid-19 and the prospect of another year outside of the Champions League.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that the majority of the squad had accepted a 12.5% wage cut for the next 12 months.

Having made it clear we won’t let players run down their contracts, we’ve little choice but to source a buyer for Aubameyang in a market that will likely be flattened by a lack of liquidity.

Barcelona are known admirers, while Inter Milan are also said to be keen on luring the attacker back to the San Siro. Auba was on the books at AC Milan between 2008-2011 but never actually made a first team appearance.

Whether they have the financial muscle to offer mega wages when the transfer window does finally reopen remains to be seen.

According to Transfermarkt, we have five other players with contracts due to end in June 2021. Bukayo Saka, Mesut Ozil, Sokratis, David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi could also walk away for free unless we agree new terms or sell this summer.

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Fair enough I suppose. What ever happened to Rambling Pete? Could do with him now in these times

Artetas Assistant

I tried rambling but I didn’t get likes. I got downvotes. In hindsight, Shoulda encouraged me Party

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Ozil can walk away for free right now.


Funny, an article about Auba and another chance to spit on Özil. Let me remember you who provoked the two winning chances in additional time against Olympiakos. Oh, yes, Özil. One goaled by Auba, the other one… well, we know.


Do you really want to take pot shots at literally the only player we have who has remotely carried his own weight the past couple of years?


I think you’ll find he isn’t taking a pot shot at Aubameyang; he’s taking a pot shot at the guy who’s taking a pot shot at Ozil. Also, are you seriously saying that NO PLAYER other than Aubameyang is “remotely carrying” (you probably meant “remotely pulling”) his own weight? Martinelli? Saka? Leno? Just out of interest, would you consider yourself to be intelligent, or would it be fair to say that you’re quite thick? Firstly, you totally misunderstood the point our friend made. Secondly, you made a very lazy remark about players who have “carried their own weight”. Thirdly, you… Read more »


Could you be a bigger ass? Alex did what he always does and responded to anyone who said anything remotely not positive regarding Ozil. His way of defending Ozil however was by criticizing Auba for missing the chance that knocked us out of Europe. My comment was the past couple of seasons & in that period we’ve really only had Auba who has been consistently excellent – maybe Leno falls into that group as well but in that case it’s a group of 2.


Alex is an Arsenal fan (I think it’s safe to assume) sticking up for an Arsenal player – SHAME ON HIM. Much better to have supporters who don’t support the team, and sabotage its attempts at success. He wasn’t criticising Aubameyang; he was criticising the plonker who was using an Aubameyang article to slag off Ozil, by pointing out that Aubameyang isn’t perfect either. And why is it that those of us who are educated, who think before commenting, who aren’t hysterical or reactionary, who don’t exaggerate, who speak and write correctly and eloquently, who have the ability to comprehend… Read more »


Luther I consider you to be a condescending ass because you immediately went for personal attacks and made assumptions regarding your level of intelligence/education relative to mine. 1. Carrying one’s own weight is an acceptable idiom and is interchangeable with pulling one’s weight to start off. 2. I fully understood Alex’s comment & was responding that Auba deserves slack for missing the chance as he has consistently been excellent the past several years while no one else (maybe Leno) has. We’ve had players who have played well for a few months but not for the whole period. I almost certainly… Read more »


My suspicions about your intelligence first arose when you made a sweeping and ill thought out comment near the beginning of this thread. It’s the kind of comment I’d expect from a TalkSport caller or an AFTV interviewee. You complain about personal attacks, yet instead of going for the fan who aimed a personal attack at one of our players, you went for the one who stood up for him, and you did so by disrespecting every Arsenal player not named Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. There’s a big difference between saying he’s the only one who’s “remotely carried his own weight” and… Read more »


We have one of the highest wage bills in the entire PL & have spent a large amount on transfers to update the squad over the past several years. Despite that we missed out on the CL via absolutely collapsing in the PL & in the Europa League final. This year even after the improvement under Arteta we are sitting firmly in 9th place. Our only potential saving grace is this is a Leceister style year where none of the other big 6 outside of Liverpool are having particularly good years either. But sure, the whole team clearly has been… Read more »


Yes I agree we collapsed in the last couple of weeks of the Premier League last season and in the Europa League final. What’s that got to do with our discussion???

Mesut O’Neill

Well at least Covid hasn’t dampened the unrest amongst the Arsenal fans!!

Enjoy life fellow gooners instead of bickering between each other.


I don’t like the disunity in our fanbase any more than you do mate, but I really can’t express how frustrating it is when other people’s stupidity affects my life, in football and outside; whether it’s my fellow gooners going to the Emirates to destroy the morale of our players, hounding out the greatest manager in our club’s history, or my fellow working class people constantly voting to be fucked over by the Tories.


I think it’s time for you to get off the internet & try to go enjoy real life.


Hang on, Ozil didn’t make those Aubameyang chances! Both fell to him after failed passes. You’re not seriously trying to count those as chances created are you??


Nope – you can walk away right now!


He will be with Arsenal until next year…


really, the only one in that list that we need to stay is Saka

David C

Was thinking the same thing although I’d say keep Luiz around as a backup for a year for his leadership and a bit of depth.


You forgot “potential donor in case Guendouzi develops a bald patch”.


Probably no one will stay…

Fuck barca

It’s a no brainer to sell him as he’s over 30 and not more than a couple of years left at the very top. If we were challenging for titles it might be different as he could be the difference.

But who would buy him? Barca are broke and there’s more value for money in the marker as there will be clubs forced to sell. It might be we have to let him leave for free to get him of the books. The same goes for Özil.


We could always do a swap deal if Madrid, Barca etc. have a player we want. Otherwise if we sell him for 30m that just means we’ll get whomever we wanted to buy for a much lower price than we would have last year. No reason to let him leave for free.


Swap for dani c. Or James rod. Or the big serb forward , can’t remember how to spell his name did well in Germany


I’d take a pint on a banjaxed Dembele + a banjaxed Umtiti in exchange for Auba…


Punt. But might go well with a pint too…




Aside Auba, of all those, I reckon fans will only lose sleep over Saka if they all walk season’s end. Though I wouldn’t mind retaining David Luiz till the end of his contract to mentor Saliba and other younger guys


Yeah but what do fans know really?! If it were left down to fans to decide, we’d be a Portsmouth now.


As enjoyable as it is to watch Auba in action, a sale makes sense for the club and player. His goals will be wasted until Arteta gets the rest of the team sorted out.

The last 10 years have seen the playing side slide to the point that I am not really missing the season and would prefer a new one to start.


I’m fine with this as long as we get good money


Kroenke open to selling our best player, while all his other sporting teams are not generating revenue. I’ll believe it when I see it!

Peter Story Teller

Yep! If nothing changes it stays the same!
Club captain; tick. Best player of the season; tick.
This happens time and time again and we never learn.
Still all the time we’re leaking goals at the other end he cannot save us single-handed so we may as well cash in and use the proceeds to keep Saka as a Gunner for at least the next 5 seasons!

Eddie Hoyte

I don’t know about you but I’d sell him straight to Real Madrid for cash so we can at least get a fix for the midfield. We’re trying to rebuild anyway, so no one really expects Arteta’s squad to start challenging next season. I say next season is the perfect chance to give Martinelli the chance as the season’s top 9 and Saka + pepe on the wings. Let these guys lead next season, Martinelli would benefit a lot from it. Meanwhile we’ll still be on our toes, fixing the loopholes. The season after next then we’ll can analyze how… Read more »


Lots of sense said here. Auba is never going to sign another contract if the likes of Real Madrid, Barca are sniffing around. Theres most likely a swap somewhere with lack of cash at most clubs. As long as he doesn’t go to another Prem’ club. I couldn’t handle that.

Eddie Hoyte

I suppose so.. If Madrid or Barca were to offer us another player for Aubamenyang. Who would you prefer to have?
For me it’ll be One of Isco/Varane. I don’t see any player we could get from Barca. Griezmann is fantasy, Dembele, more like it but too injury pronez I think Wrteta will avoid him. De Jong would be a fantasy too… Barca don’t really have that much


What about signing Ceballos on? Just a thought, also depends on whether Zidane would allow it but Ceballos sits quite comfortably in the centre and he’s only going to get better


If Aubameyang won’t sign?

How about Jovic and Ceballos for Aubameyang?

At least that’ll mean not selling him to a domestic rival.

I really like Ceballos as well, looks a really good player.

Brahim Diaz hasn’t done much since going to Madrid from City either, Pep seemed really disappointed to lose him, maybe another we could look at.

Don’t see much money being spent this summer, hopefully KSE recognise now is a good time to invest, and the put their hand in their pocket.

Reality check

I’ll have both Ceballos and Jovic for Auba and we can call it a deal..

Eddie Hoyte

I doubt they’ll give us Ceballos + Jovic for Aubamenyang.
I think they’ll let go of just one.
Though I do fancy Ceballos also

Eddie Hoyte

TBH I totally forgot about Ceballos.
Ceballos is would be a good deal but I’ll be taking Cashing + Ceballos for Aubamenyang.
Aubamenyang > Ceballos


keeping Auba could have a detrimental affect on Saka. There is an amount of needing players for now and Auba is a phenomenal player, but selling him could help free the left side for Saka (and Martinelli)

John C

Sell him as we should have sold Sanchez and Ozil a few years back. Part of Raul’s remit in the post Wenger era was surely to start getting the better end of transfer dealings and contracts once again, and i think in terms of transfer dealing i think he’s done a decent job. Leno, Torreira, Guendouzi, Martinelli could probably all be moved on at a profit. Getting £35m for Iwobi was a masterstroke, he was the type of players that under Wenger would have been a perpetually promising youngster until being sold for a relatively small fee at 28/29. Neither… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

Just for hits and giggles, if we could keep all those players bar one this summer what player would you move on? Ozil for me. Wages ,performance. Easy answer


Regrettably I also have to say Mesut. As much as I like him and his playing style, a player of his worth just has not done enough to stay at those wages. We can sugar coat it as much as we like but Mesut’s hunger has dampened drastically since his national team retirement


I’d wish him well and thanks for brightening up a dull side over the last couple of years. His attitude has been spot on!


Luiz is a great influence and character to have at the club, he’s a good enough backup cb to to what will be Marri/Holdin + Saliba. Saka is crucial. The ceiling on him is world class + the versatility… Sign him up on future club legend money. *knock knock* fact is he deserves it not just for. His potential but contribution. I’m sure there are clubs who would at this stage already spend 40m on him pre corona. Get the money from the others because they have no future with us.


… And with auba it’s just typical, we had a worldie but not a worldie mid/Def/manager around him… Where is this partey money coming from I wonder. Auba will be a huge loss for the dressing room too.


Frankly I’m not too worried about our attack with pepe saka martinelli laca and Eddie.


It’ll be for Lacazette to step up and not resort to his regular sulks when things don’t go his way if he’s to be the senior man in attack. I hope he does.

Public Elneny

Who is going to be able to buy now though? We surely won’t get anything like the £60-70m we were probably hoping for before lockdown You also have to wonder what club can enter into a 3-4 yr 300kish contract for a player with little resale value, after several months of no revenue. Probably PSG or Man City tbh – I guess FFP will be relaxed for them after every club outside Belarus has made a giant loss. I quite like Lacazette as a squad player, but I’m very worried about going a season with him as our main CF.… Read more »

Olivije Žirod

I think we should keep him if he is happy to stay for another year. Why? If we want to have a chance to get the top 4 next year we need his goals. Him staying will also allowed us to strenghten other areas in the squad because if we sell we need a new striker which will cost us a lot. I also have no doubt that he wouldn’t sign later if we show our ambition and start good in the league next season. I don’t think it is anything about money. His wage is actually 200k per week… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

But we don’t need another striker. We have several much younger players that have already given glimses of what they are capable of and Auba is not going to sign a new contract so if we do not sell now we let him go for free next season that’s the point.
How many times has that happened in recent years?


another captain, sold! well done Arsenal


Another simplistic comment! Well done simpleton!

Vincent O’Carroll

Is that Frank Simpleton?


I can’t remember an arsenal team that was more chaotic than this one.

Eddie Hoyte

Lol I think it also has to do with the fact that we’ve been struggling on the pitch for a few years now.
If everything was good on the pitch, it’ll build harmony and less chaos among the team


Ah fuck


If Aubameyang doesn’t sign an extension swap him for Ousmane Dembele, keep Laca, renew Saka’s contract and try to sell the other short timers

Tony Hall

Crazy if we sell him besides he says he is happy here and in the current climate may be happy to continue on same salary, it’s not a small amount after all. Besides post covid19 player prices and wages are going to be a lot lower and only a few clubs will be able to afford big wages. And not only that what about a bit of loyalty to a player who has scored shit loads of goal for us, carried the team for large chunks of the season, always gives 100% and is a great role model for the… Read more »

Naked Cygan

If he wants to go, let him go and cash in now. If he wants to stay, give him a contract. Not doing anything and letting this drag on is the worst thing.


What about this idea:

Sell Auba(if it is unavoidable), Elneny, Mkhitaryan, AMN, Chambers…
Buy Aouar and Partey


I’m well on board with this.

Steve Morpurgo

Of he won’t sign sell him


Good luck replacing this guy — whatever you think about capitalizing on his transfer value now is meaningless when you compare it with what he does for us on the pitch. Has anyone, aside from maybe Salah on a mighty Liverpool, been as prolific as Auba in the PL the last 2 years?

The market has tanked, in case anyone isn’t conscious right now — we’ll get nothing approaching his real value, and we’ll lose our best player. Stooopud.


Am i the only who think Auba can leave? Arsenal are a big project right now. Something like liverpool before klopp. Arsenal will be defined by Gabriel,
Eddie, Bellerin, Saliba, Saka than auba?


I think Auba should stay on and rather sell Laca…
Auba has been a goal machine, and I think him playing centrally is better.

Ozil seems to not be going anywhere. Even though he is expensive to keep on the books, he’s playing really well under Arteta and showing his passion! I’m happy to see him play his remaining contract time here. Don’t think any teams will buy him currently, so just enjoy him as much as possible.

I can’t wait to watch live games again… Interested to see how the teams perform after this long break.


I would like Auba to stay and sign a new contract, he’s happy here and we love him. He has a chance to become a true legend, to help us back to good times, and with Mikel in charge the future is looking bright. So many of our favourite and most important players have left us in the past that we almost expect it, but unless Auba has an amazing opportunity with guaranteed silverware, he could do a lot worse than sticking around and being an Arsenal great.


Would hate to see him leave as I’ve loved watching him with Arsenal, but also understand we can’t let him run down his contract and leave for free next Summer. We need to re-sign Saka for sure, but the others out of contract next year should all be sold now or let their contracts run down.

Teryima Adi

We should sell.

David Hillier's luggage

Fascinated to see which clubs have the funds to pay the wages Auba/his agent thinks he should be getting or anything like the transfer fee a player of his quality would normally command. Not many, if any, I suspect.


His dad twitted that p.e.a. should sign and new contract , a p.r. stunt or a real sign that football club is hard up and not gonna be able to have money to do the deal.
Unless we swap him for a proven premier League player in Contino p. With Barca.


if we lose auba we are fckd. every effort should be made to keep him and
saka,all the others mentioned get rid!! surely during this non playing period
negotiations should be full steam ahead via the internet/social media

Dave cee

With the exception of Saka, sell them all


I agree with the reasoning behind selling him. If we can get cash or a swap it would be fine, he is thirty after all, and we desperately need new players. That said, short term this could be very painful. I know we are optimistic about Arteta and our future, as am I, but think about what our league postion would be without all of Auba’s game saving goals. This could be disastrous if we don’g get a reasonable replacement, and a lot would rest on our young strikers improving and getting to a level where they are comparable to… Read more »


Its more or less sure that aubmayeng will be with Arsenal for max one more year…Could be sold even before next season begins…In the case of players whose contracts end next year,only Saka,Luiz have any hope of extending their contracts.It may also happen that all of them leaves Arsenal. Saka my not accept any offer that Arsenal make and Luiz may not be offered any deal…We have to face the worst eventuality…

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