Arsenal draw Man City or Newcastle in FA Cup semi-final


Following on from the 2-1 win over Sheffield United at Bramall Lane this afternoon, Arsenal have been drawn against Man City or Newcastle in the FA Cup semi-final.

At the time of publication, City currently lead the Magpies 1-0 at the break in their quarter-final. Come on the Toon in that second half!

The semis will take place at Wembley on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July.

Mikel Arteta was pleased his side’s performance on what was our fourth successive away trip, but recognises that there is still some serious room for improvement.

“I am very pleased today, I never fault the effort of the players,” said the Spaniard.

“I am really happy about how the front players are going about the defensive job, we still have big gaps to improve in many areas but I am really happy today.

“We have to bear in mind that we played four away games, I think we’re the only team that has done that.”

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Thanks, Shearer, you cunt!


The numbers on the balls looked embossed to me.

Runcorn Gooner

Got a pretty good record against Citeh at Wembley.


Except for the Mustafi Masterclass in the League Cup Final.




My sentiments exactly. To stand ANY chance whatsoever, Arteta has GOT to start with Pepe, Ozil, Laca and Auba. An experienced front line to get the goals to offset the cock ups at the back from our circus of a defence – because City will score goals with that defence.


[email protected] you Shearer. Having said that come on Newcastle

Anthony Osode

Immediately I saw Shearer doing the draw, I knew we’d get Man City


It was fun while it lasted.

Naked Cygan

Just put 200 pounds on a city 3-0 win again. Atleast we will win something at the end.


Considering those markets aren’t even available given city aren’t through yet, no you didn’t.


Yes he can ??‍♂️?‍♂️


Wonder what score City are going to 3 nil us this time


At least it will save the club a few quid on cup final suits for the team!


At least it’s not at the Etihad


3-0 at emirates


Does home/away matter anymore?


so if Man City are through and Man Utd finishes 5th, we’re in the Europa League, right?


We are f*cked


OK we’ve done it before, now do it again. Hopefully will be close to their CL games and that they will rotate the squad a bit.He was so disappointed after the last game against them it’s like he had a plan but someone messed up. I hope at the end of the game we see smiley Arteta like today, not angry black eyes Arteta


Just a shame their 2nd XI is better than our 1st


Two words: Nacho Monreal. Far post, get in.


Problem is that other than Auba, not one player on this team would make it into that FA cup winning team.

Gary David Birkett

Kieran T is the Scottish Nacho, with chips and sauce and plenty of salt …
Even looks a bit like him but will be better player sorry Nacho … Get in KT


Isn’t that six words technically?


Thats an encounter that doesn’t give me a “semi”.


Hi all – does anyone know if we could have possibly qualified for Europa League based on the other FA Cup semi-finalists? I read somewhere that an EL spot would go the highest placed team [according to the league table] that doesn’t qualify for Europe based on their final league position. So with City, United, and Chelsea being the other semi-finalists, are we in, given that they could all qualify based on final league position?
Not sure about City’s appeal. Are they banned from EL as well as CL?


If City are banned, they are definitely banned for every European competition.   As far as I know, the PL has 3 EL starters, the 5th of the PL and the two cup winners. The League Cup was won by City, they don’t need the EL spot from that though, because they will finish in the top 4. Therefore if they are allowed to enter European competition, they will be in the CL and their EL spot earned from the League Cup will go to the 6th placed team of the PL. This means, if the FA Cup winners finish… Read more »

Drogheda gunner

Fair play lad good knowledge


Highly unlikely we are going to get thru.
Almost did not get past Sheffield as is.


That ends our FA cup run. No midfield. No defense. And anaemic going forward. Watching today’s match was as miserable as going to the dentist. We won, but looked awful.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You probably picked the wrong sport to follow if scraping a win when we have a bad day makes you miserable. Scraping wins like that is part and parcel of the game.


Well, it’s the FA Cup and ‘You Never Know’ and all that jazz – except with this team, we DO know. We know that, unless a fucking miracle descends upon Wembley, either one or all of our usual suspects (Mustafi, Luiz, Xhaka, Kolasinac) will fuck up big time and ruin any chances of progressing to the Cup Final. And for the Semi Final, Arteta has GOT to grow a pair and start with our best XI, to include Ozil, Pepe, Laca and Auba.


Can we pull off a repeat of the 2016-2017 season?


In a word, no.


Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Its time for one M Ozil to get back to being the creative genius he once was…. he may not be as good as he once was, but I reckon he is good for a last big performance!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not sure what is going on with him at the moment, and I know he’s not popular with many folks now, but if he could manage a handful of classic Ozil games I think that right now would be a bloody good time to do it. I would hate to see him have a last hurrah with some other club instead of us.   Its not like we’re going to make much money from selling him the way the world is at the moment. Save a bit, I suppose, but that’s hardly the romantic/epic end I want to see. I… Read more »


Spot on, mate. The trouble with these Anti-Ozil twats is that they wouldn’t recognise a world class player from a safe place bowl of lentil soup.




Amazed to see that people are thumbing this down. They would actually have us play Manchester City at Wembley in the Semi Final of the F A Cup WITHOUT the only guy on our books – who just happens to be a world class player and our best player who is realistically capable of unlocking an excellent City defence. If you’ve thumbed Ausdrexler’s post down and don’t want Mesut Ozil playing in this match at least, then you’ve got shit for brains.


This is a semi and a cup competition… A trophy in which we have a rich history…

If it means aggressively holding the line and getting to the final on penalties, then so be it…

Arsenal… Bring our trophy home…

In the meantime, I’ll be polishing the trophy cabinet right on the spot where our Emirares FA-Cup trophy will seat…


It ain’t over till Harry Kane sings. We can do this if we turn up and Man City get complacent. I’m betting on Mustafi having the game of his life.