Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Man City 3-0 Arsenal – player ratings

We might have lived without football for more than three months, but Arsenal tonight reminded us that Arsenal can always Arsenal even if they haven’t Arsenaled for ages.

We picked up two injuries in the first 22 minutes, then David Luiz made a mistake which led to the first goal, gave away a penalty and got a red card which saw City go 2-0 up, and even when it was 10 men each because of injury, we managed to concede another in the 11 minutes of injury time.

Defeat isn’t a surprise, but this won’t have answered too many questions for Mikel Arteta, apart from: ‘Which lunatic sanctioned a deal for David Luiz?’*

*Raul Sanllehi

Read the Man City 3-0 Arsenal report and see the goals here

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Idc what you say! This team has no midfield, not one midfielder including Xhaka, Geundozi, Ceballos can tackle. We need a strong midfielder like Partey more than any defender this summer.

Mick Malthouse

Horrible anus…or whatever the Queen says for a shit year.

Houston Gunner

For a second I thought horrible anus was an anagram for Raul Sanllehi…whoops


no – but it should be!


If you think one midfielder will solve our problems, then you are lost and scratching around for hope, my friend.


You’re right but we need to start from somewhere. The way City just bossed our midfield, it’s just shameful. We can’t tackle, can’t pass, can’t hold, can’t dribble, can’t hold their position. no wonder it puts so much pressure on defenders, not that luiz is a star.


Finally someone realizes! Yes our defense is not the best but they are not protected by our midfield and our offense is not assisted by them either. It does not matter how good a defender we bring in, if your midfield allows your defense to be 2v3 than likely they are going to be taken apart.
But we have to keep the faith and hope these guys can pull something good out of the hat. GUNNERS4LIFE


Blah, blah, I’m sorry, blah blah, all my fault, blah blah, must do better, blah blah, team must pull together, blah blah, I love this club, blah blah, incredible spirit, blah blah blah blah. (Right, has the money cleared this week, I must get on to that car dealership in Knightsbridge….)


Arsenal defender David Luiz, who was sent off, told Sky Sports: “It was not the team’s fault it was my fault. The coach is amazing, all the players did amazing, it was just my fault. “I should have taken a different decision in the last two months. I didn’t – it was all about my contract.” What different decision? “Different decision to try and decide my future as early as possible but I didn’t. I don’t want to use that as an excuse, it was my fault and that is it. “I love to be here that is why I… Read more »


Blah, blah, I’m sorry, blah blah, all my fault, blah blah, must do better, blah blah, team must pull together, blah blah, I love this club, blah blah, incredible spirit, blah blah blah blah. (Right, has the money cleared this week, I must get on to that car dealership in Knightsbridge….)

The Arsenal

‘a’ midfielder.. We need a whole new one. Including wide players. We are fucked. Never replaced or even tried to replicate what Vieira, Gilberto, Fabregas gave us in there. Diaby was close but spent more time broken than not. I fucking miss Alex song.


Cazorla worth a mention. But yeh, pale in comparison now. Not even pale, fucking transparent.

The Arsenal

Ah the little maestro, my apologies. Cazorla away to city..Showed more skill and balls than the entire midfield possesses now.


Oooooh… Come back Santi, come back (to the tune of anything you bloody well like!)

Danny Karbassiyoon's toothbrush

He was the closest we had but by the end of his time he was actually less effective defensively, and more effective offensively. (I don’t remember a RVP goal in his last year without an AS assist)

The Arsenal

Song got a lot of shit but he was a decent to good player. I also have those memories of many a lofted ball to Van p. Also played a beaut for Henry on his return vs Leeds. and one for Eduardo on his return.


They were pretty bad today. However, the team has been set up to play up the wings. I’m not sure the midfielders know there roles.
I watched Aston Villa in the earlier match and keep thinking about how nice it would be to have Grealish in our midfield. He’s the only good player on that team, was tracked and fouled constantly. Still, he managed to be involved and influential from start to finish.
Partey would be nice for some strength, but is that what Arteta really wants? Does he provide the pivot and attack initiator that Arteta wants back there?

John Lavery

we can only dream of getting an outstanding class player like Grealish, it is hard to imagine that we spunked $74m on Pepe when the team is crying out for creative mid-fielders. I mean, who would you rather have, Ozil or Grealish running your mid-field? Great teams start from a strong defence, no argument. Look at any great team of the past and present and they have one common feature, a strong defence. So Arsenal need to fix that as a priority, get rid of Luiz, Mustafi, Socratis, they must go and replace them with quality players. No cheap fill… Read more »


People think of Partey as this big strong, tackling type. That’s not his game. He has less tackles/interceptions per match than Torreira or Xhaka, despite playing in a team that likes to sit back and has struggled offensively.
His best qualities are his passing and work rate.
Here’s a good article on him:


100% agree. If you just watch his liverpool ucl highlights from this season you see he reads the game brilliantly, he makes interceptions, he dribbles iut of the high press, finds teammates quickly and effectively. He had as many defensive as offensive highlights too, which speaks to his workrate.


I can see your point, and it is clear that their midfield was light years ahead. However, looking at their midfield: Gundogen – De Bruyne – Silva (+ Sterling/Mahrez) – not any out and out DMs there. Just superior full stop.


Wenger-gazidis-unai emery-raul sanhelli-arteta ??

Tom Johnson

We were really shit


The only positives to come out of that was Leno and the fact it didn’t end with a cricket score ?


Over to you Raul! Scapegoat number 5124
How high up the food chain does the blame go I wonder?


It does feel a bit like Raul is Blogs’s scapegoat of the quarter. There isn’t really much consistency in the scapegoating over time. Maybe this time it’s the real scapegoat.

Public Elneny

The truth is in the past 10-15 years we have had so many top decision makers who are 100% deserving of being made a scapegoat
Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis, Dein, Sanllehi, Emery can all take significant blame for our current state, maybe in that order
Makes sense to scapegoat Sanllehi as Kroenke is untouchable and the rest have gone


Yep, caught that months and months ago. Bloggers like these always need an angle, without that they are completely lost.

Adam Guillette

This has been said countless times, but we really can’t make Kroenke the number one scapegoat simply because he hasn’t invested more. LOOK HOW WE SPEND THAT MONEY. Crazy wages for Ozil, Mhki, Luiz and an increasingly questionable record transfer fee for Pepe. (I still think he might come good though)

If you were Stan, would you want to give out more of your cash so that we could sign more players like those?

Public Elneny

If you were Stan, would you spend 100s of £millions buying shares in a major club of a sport you have no interest or knowledge in, just so you can show off you sports club portfolio to your pathetic little billionnaire mates? Would you then pay no interest whatsoever as the team slides gradually and consistently down the table over the course of many years, due to mismanagement from your highest level employees? Your asset still seems to be appreciating in value, so who cares? You wouldn’t have a clue what to do even if you cba to try anyway.… Read more »

Public Elneny

Also worth mentioning he wouldn’t be giving out ‘more’ of his cash when he has never put in any of his own before


Some of them I couldn’t rate because I didn’t realise they were on the pitch.

Danny Karbassiyoon's toothbrush

This worries me because that includes some of the youngsters. Hoping their confidence is not destroyed by a result like this.


All this time without football…didn’t take me long to realise i haven’t missed it

alex alexsson

just when you thought 2020 couldnt get any worse, here i am having watch david luiz’s pitiful attempts at ‘defending’ again


Losing 3-0 to City weren’t my expectations of returning to normality 🙁

Naked Cygan

We had lost the last 6 to city with 2-17 goals.


Nketiah lower than Aubameyang? How?? Him and Saka were our brightest sparks, Ceballos did well when he first came on as well.


Brightest outfield players I mean, Leno was clearly our main man


Leno MOTM for us – made lots of great saves. Ceballos played well and provided the brightest spark in midfield, in my opinion. Felt sorry for Aubameyang who seemed to be making good runs but no-one passed it him!


… but generally awful! Looked clueless in creating anything attacking and we’re toothless in defence, giving them way too much time and space.


Aubameyang’s performance reminded me of a bad Walcott game. Where he makes runs, doesn’t get the ball, doesn’t help the defence and then drifts out of the game completely.

Chris Siple

But what about the offside calls? Theo excelled at that.
It seemed to me that City was trying hard to deny Auba the ball (in the third of the time we had it) and then crowding him when he got it. The captain should have figured out how to deal with it, maybe, but City was not going to let him beat them. Poor game for him, yes. I thought Eddie and Saka did pretty well. Disappointed that Tierney allowed their winger to get open inside him in the box at least twice. He was nowhere near him.


Agreed, in the first half hour (and yes, I realise how much that sounds like something a certain DVD-keen club might say, but I’m looking for positives after that last hour) we moved the ball quite well, working our way through City’s high press multiple times to get the ball up to the final third, with Cebellos and Guedouzi playing some nice stuff going forwards. But once they sat back a bit we seemed to start struggling, weirdly. And then I think De Bruyne worked out how to use Guedouzi’s over-enthusiasm to create holes, which caused us real danger.


KdB simply far, far too good for our midfield, and not for the first time. They started to work the ball a bit more in the middle of the park, drawing us out of position and spinning in behind. When he got going in the half spaces we couldn’t lay a glove on him and he picked us apart.

Crash Fistfight

Not sure I was watching the same match as you. Mind you, I’m not sure I’ve watched the same players as Arteta – he seems to prefer Nketiah over Martinelli, who to me seems a far superior player.


I’d rather see Aubameyang in the middle and Martinelli up front myself, but IMO Nketiah (and Saka) had a better game than Aubameyang today.


Arteta will be playing Martinelli. Rotation will be heavy with the fixture list. This game probably did favor Eddie over Martinelli, who no doubt is delighted he missed this drubbing anyway. We’ll have to get the points we need from other clubs.
Torreira is another player who’d have been useful today but is being saved.


We were terribly unlucky city have a great midfield but little pace in the centre, I could see Mikel’s tactic working if the first ten minutes was an indicator for the rest of the match. The injuries were the first domino.


What do you mean Mustafi not doing silly. How about the third where he went flat on the ground and then just watched play go on on his knees until a goal was scored. He could have intervened for the rebound 100% but Mistafied it.

A Different George

Be serious. Of the 16 Arsenal players on the pitch tonight, he was better than 13 or 14.

Kartik Iyer

For fucks sake…let us buy a good, solid defender. Even if it’s the only fucking deal we do this summer. We keep on shooting ourselves in the foot every single time. Ridiculous. Not one good thing whole game apart from Leno. I just feel sorry for him.

The One

Apparently Saliba has (had) been playing well.


When he’s not injured.


We need a full rebuild. I hope Arteta is afforded a proper budget over the next couple years to get us back to where we need to be. This whole Özil thing is beginning to stink. Wenger used to leave him out, Unai did, and now Arteta has. If he can’t play or thrive in away games, he’s no good to us, doesn’t matter how good he is. He’s the only one today who could’ve picked out Auba when he was making those runs behind, so I dont get the ‘tactical reasons’ for leaving him at home. Anyway hope we… Read more »

Safe Hands

Unfortunately, the Ozil situation typifies the shambles that our club is at the moment. A complete rebuild is needed which involves getting rid of players like Ozil, Luiz, Mustafi, Xhaka etc. Unfortunately, because of our financial restrictions, we also need our board/senior football figures to do a decent job behind the scenes by getting rid of those players, and maximising fees for them (Mustafi and xhaka) and other potential sales. We just need to cut our losses completely with Luiz and Ozil. I don’t have a lot of faith that the board will actually do that, but they need to,… Read more »


Pepe transfer is 4 years of Özil wages. Has he played today?

Safe Hands

No he didn’t, and that’s also worrying if you ask me. There’s obviously the need for adaption time but he should be starting pretty much every game by now if he’s the £70 million player we hoped. Still, that doesn’t detract from the fact that Ozil needs to go. He doesn’t have the energy, desire or commitment for what we need going forward.


The problem is we’ve needed to take a step back before we take a few steps forward for years. But our management and our fans are absolutely scared to do this. The result is that we’ve taken a step back anyway by treading water, but gotten no closer to taking a step forward. Look at the Pool squad that Klopp inherited. It’s worse than what we have now, but it took him years and hundreds of millions to reach the top. Half of our fans think if we sign Partey we’ll be in the CL next year. We’re *years* away… Read more »


I get nervous when I hear “full rebuild”. Sure, clean house of the older guys who aren’t pulling their weight, but please let’s not sell the many promising youngsters for some loose change to chase the next hot transfer rumor.

Obama Young

No one should be surprised that Ozil took the day off today. It was an away game up north, he can’t be bothered with those.


I’m super happy with the youth we have coming through. It’s about balancing that energy and optimism with experience. I am absolutely an Özil fan, but I just hate when he’s fit and not at games. Wenger used to leave him out of away games, Unai has issues with him, and now Arteta has left him out of our first game back. Surely there’s something going on. If his desire is no longer to play every game for us, then I’d rather replace him. Yeah we’ll get someone not as good, but at least we can depend on him to… Read more »


Never disappoints. I was checking to read where Aubameyang didn’t get any chances. Guess what, I saw it.
For a guy who never contributed anything for the whole 90mins on the pitch, not even to chase the ball.
Favourites don’t seem to get it wrong. I beg to say, with Martinelli we’d better without Aubameyang.

Public Elneny

Bullshit. He’d have run down blind alleys all games and achieved nothing – and that’s not a sleight on Martinelli himself. It’s just that you don’t get good individual performances from attacking players when the whole team is so disjointed and lacklustre   The whole squad is beset by tactical, attitude, and quality issues, which have been caused by management and top-level decision making that has alternated between neglectful and desperate for the past 10-15 years. It’s not going to change overnight, and it can’t be masked by one high profile player carrying the team on his back (or an… Read more »

Anders Limpar



And UE tactic too.


Man city was without a doubt the best team today, and they could have scored more. But they didnt, so ofcourse one of our players had to screw something up somehow. I dont really care about losing to man city, considering they are a much better side. Im much more concerned about how we are always making these ridiculously stupid mistakes. And how boring we are to watch. Not that i think that is in anyway Artetas fault. Althouhj changing out Ozil for Willock is really not a one to one substitute. In fact i would argue that those two… Read more »


I encourage everyone to watch the Cesc interview with Henry where Cesc describes how he would never made it barely on physical level, but because he was a smart footballer he could easily deal with the lack of speed or strength.
Now we have speedy, running players but which one is particularly smart? Ozil, yes, but that’s another story

Jo Jeffery

Other non big six teams have beaten City. We never think we can.

Chippy Brady

Leno- superp. Bellerin and Tierney didn’t pull up any trees but you can see the basis of two good players there. Mari looked clumsy and slow. Mustafi was ok but it’s like taking back a lover who’s cheated on you many times. David Luiz isn’t controlled by a child playing the PlayStation, he’s controlled by a cat walking across your pc keyboard. Willock always looks ineffective and lightweight to me. Guendouzi has a heart and there’s a player in there somewhere but he’s not in a good developmental environment in this team. I have nothing against Xhaka but it’s telling… Read more »

A Different George

“Mustafi was ok but it’s like taking back a lover who’s cheated on you many times.” Perfect.


Should Nketiah be leading the line for a team like Arsenal? I will never question his work rate, but it is a joke when you have Lacazette and even Martinelli sitting on the bench for the kid that hardly played for Leeds on loan. This is crazy


Your two cents makes a lot of cents (not sorry).


“and it won’t take long before our more fickle fans are baying for [Arteta’s] head”
In the comments under the match report there’s already some of this. Remarks about how he’s not an upgrade on Emery, hasn’t improved us in his time at the club, etc. It’s crazy.

Chippy Brady

I think it’s a response to some of the (maybe over the top) fawning that has come Arteta’s direction since he’s taken over. Now I suppose it’s starting to swing back the other way in some peoples minds. By the way in my opinion neither the fawning nor the extreme criticism are justified, the first time people should start making judgements either way should be maybe after a year and a transfer window.


I’ve f*cking loved lockdown until now! Thought we would get beat but…unbelievably surprised at the line up. I didn’t even notice Auba, Willock, Saka in the first half. Nketiah only noticeable by the fact that he was half a yard away from what little crosses we had and if Auba was up top it could have been a different story. But, 20 attempts verses 3 tells it all.

Gunnersaurus' left boot

Such a disappointing performance. Looked OK in the opening stages, but losing two key players so early on was a huge blow to Arteta’s game plan, especially considering how important substitute management is going to be over the next few months. That being said, Luiz totally screwed us. His stats are damning. Too many mistakes leading to penalties or goals. We’ve seen this throughout his career, but his flashes of brilliance and good ball playing can sometimes lead some of us (and certainly myself) to forgetting his overarching flaws. Under no circumstances should be here next season. And Blogs is… Read more »

Poetic justice

Tierney looks the kind of full back we’ve been waiting for…. desperately looking for a positive


Luiz is finished… His lack of discipline + errors have costs us a number of games this season. Area’s selections too were highly unconvincing choosing youngsters with workrate over experienced and attacking minded players…

Terry Phelan

Watching the hapless Luiz………I realised dor the first time, that you could actually rate a player minus something.
Arseblog gave 0.5……..go figure.


0.5 is the minimum, don’t go attack arseblog before you know the facts.

Mike Adams

Its the lowest possible score on arseblog that can be given.

The Arsenal

Just saw Luiz highlights and hilarious interview on Skysports…Just had to laugh manically or i would have broke something. His errors now must be beyond even Mustafi.
Arteta’s got spine though, could hear ‘stand by your man’ as they asked him questions on Luiz’s contract. The whole match was a massive shitshow. Oh Arsenal you fabulously entertaining failures.

Olivije Žirod

Tonight is the first time Arteta really disappointed me. I will never get why playing inverted wingers on the both sides of the pitch. We had no width. It was so easy to defend against us. Also if Auba plays, then he should always play up the top. There is no point of playing him on the wing because technically he just isn’t good enough. Sadly we didn’t come to Etihad to win.There was never a chance to get something out of this game with that attitude. The players felt defeated from the start of the game. I am not… Read more »


10/10 for the calming sound of rain…


this was embarrassing, sad and infuriating to watch…the whole defensive side of the ball needs overhauling, you don’t need oil millions to build a championship winning side (hello Leicester) we need good,rock solid center back play, none of them are good enough (idk about the kid Saliba) wingbacks are fine Bellerin and Tierney/Saka need a holding mid to shield that defense, what ever happened to Torreira? they need to blow the whole thing up and start over, sell Torreira, Xhaka, Aumabeyang, Lacazette and use the kids as currency on the market & buy 6-7 23-25 year olds so they can… Read more »


Willock is too poor to play for this club..
Alongside Niles ..
We have fallen so low to start willock in fucking big game..
We have a long way to go


It was tactical…

Woolwich Arsenal

We have no spine, and no spine! Campbell, Vieira, Henry Mustafi, Guendouzi, Nketiah What a contrast! The midfield is an embarrassment. There is nothing there at all. And when choosing a CB Arteta must just toss a coin because they are all average at best. I’m glad footballs back, but I think I want another break now. Major fire sale this summer. Clear the decks and restock with whatever coppers we receive. Can we please sign people with the right mentality on the pitch. No dancing about and looking for freekicks that sometimes dont come, just people committed each and… Read more »


Bit of a surprising line up not for who were starting but those omitted entirely from the bench even.   Could understand why Arteta wanted a bit of energy for early part of the game and he was somewhat undone by two unforced injuries to Mari and Granit.   BUT Several players who could have been useful (particularly when a man down no thanks to another shite Ref), were not even available…   1) Sokratis – Not sure what is going on here but he has been shunted as an optional Rback which seems perplexing at this late stage of… Read more »

Norman House

Torreira is not fit yet and Sokratis is injured. How could he play them?
Pepe was on the bench. By the time he could have been useful the game was already lost.


Completely forgot Auba and Willock were on the pitch. Besides Leno they were all average or below so no one should get above a 5. David Luiz should get a “fuck off” instead of a numerical rating. Same old Arsenal, I preferred the lockdown to this.


Simple question : what Arsenal player has the level to be a starter in Man City : none.
We don’t have that many players who are good enough to be substitutes in Man City. Auba for sure, Bellerin maybe. That’s it.


Leno? Tierney maybe with more time. I feel there’s a good player there but he hasn’t gelled with the team


Leno doesn’t Ko our centrbacks ….unfortunately


We HAVE to play Torreira. We need tenacious players in midfield. In my opinion Torreira + Partey can be a good midfield duo.


Torreirra isn’t healthy yet. We also won 30% less of the time when he started prior to getting hurt.


Wat exactlyy does arteta see in nketiah…dat martinelli lacks??
Saka starts ahead of Nelson .in nelsons favorite position…nd while saka out of position . alongside auba who’s out of position
For nkwtiah who is not better off in th the position..where auba is supposed to be positioned…..
Classic arteta wrong line up


The line-up was really something else man! I Don’t understand why Auba will never ever play in his natural position!


As for the players on the pitch, its hard to definitively blame anyone. Generally the architecture of the team is still the same as with Emery (And even late Wenger)   And that is not to give a pass on Arteta and this work in progress nonsense because he had January window to address it but lacked the clout to push against Sanlehi. Instead we got another band aid with Mari and a player we did not need in Soares when we could have shown some testicular fortitude and plumed for Emre Can.     1) Leno – Our best… Read more »


From the looks of the line up and tactics. I would say it only seems to differ from Wenger, Emery because this time it looked like Arteta was going to go for pace vs City’s slow midfield. Quick balls over their midfield to saka, willock, auba and eddie. Tactics kinda took a hit when Xhaka had to go off injured + David Luis being a feeder. It was probably the best bet knowing we don’t have the right players to compete like for like.   I would say the balance needed would be an upgrade in midfield, a santi like… Read more »


The only player we have left in that team is LENO. If only Arsenal have a good leadership. The rest are not fit to where the Arsenal Jersey.


Can we get a “make him walk home” rating for Luiz?


Did anyone notice that we had no drive, no passion. I understand that it’s really a big thing to beat Man city the way they’re at the moment (away from home too) but at least try and show some hunger and desire to win, SAME OLD ARSENAL!. Luck wasn’t on our side anyway (cos of the early injury injuries). Hope we bounce back!


Massive disappointment all around other than Leno. Getting outshot 20-3 and 12-0 on goal we are lucky it wasn’t higher than 3-0.


Admittedly, he got very little service but Abumeyang did not seem motivated or committed today. I think he’s looking ahead to his next club already. Contract management at this club is an oxymoron.

Naked Cygan

Can u blame Abu? David Luiz completely drained any confidence we had.


Let’s not forget that he’s first and foremoast a pure goalscorer playing out of position, and when you’re team is on the back foot, getting dominated it is hard to give you’re all defensively, it breakes you’re spirit.


Well we got 2 injuries straight off and had to change The whoe strategy. Despite that we played pretty well The first 30, not scared to hold The ball, created some dangerous scenarios. Calm down just a wee bit everyone, I have feeling lots of gunners didn’t feel we suck so much before this game, it was just one game, against city with an unlucky Luiz Who hates to play with wet hair. We just need Lacazette, Özil and Torreria back in the shape of worldclass again! And Luiz to of course, I love that guy. Guys Come on you… Read more »


Was ignoring this site for months and here we are “Raul!!”, nothing changes in simple minds. Need a massive crutch to write bad articles, always weak angle to push. But i do agree, we might have selected the wrong manager again. Amazing that Raul, proven in bussiness is villified here and yet Arteta (hasn’t coached single game of any level before coming to toughest league, to teem need of rebuild), Arteta is somehow never at fault, could have not done any better… just wrong team! Can’t attack with Auba, Pepe, Martinelli, Saka, Lacazette, Ozil… Unai Emery managed to pantomime better… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

You should try ignoring it for even longer to see how that works out.


Yes it was disappointing but let’s give Arteta and the boys another chance. City Away was always a tough ask without a freak goal, red card and penalty making things worse.
Fingers crossed we never see David Luiz play for Arsenal again.

Katiguta Wilberforce

But again, I really think we might have a problem with the manager. Look at the mixup upfront. Plus starting 3 kids in a city away game at the expense of fighters like Lava, dribllers like Pepe and maybe martinelli could have been more purposeful. Look, when all is said and done, to me Auba is not technical enough to go forward with in an arteta team. I think moulding someone like Justine Kluivert plus martinelli would be better. Get 20 million Auba sale and build without Luis. Accept your situation and projection first. We are in this storm because… Read more »

Mike Burton

Have said for 3-4-5 seasons now, Arsenal are about 7-9 £30 million players short of being anywhere near the top 4 these days. Fullbacks are scared to go forward & lack the ability to do anything when they do, CB is just a nightmare position. They stick with Guendouzi when Torreira sits on the bench doing fuck all. No one wants to pass the ball forwards, you know, towards the opposition goal. Football is about scoring goals, not pissing about with it, going sideways until you eventually lose it & concede If it wasn’t for Leno & Aubameyang, we would… Read more »


Another shit show. Nothing new here. Nothing to do with staff, no point criticizing anyone but the Kroenkes. They have ruined our club for over a decade, destroyed everything built in the 90s and early 00s. If we don’t unite to kick them out and get our club back, nothing will ever change.

Essex gooner

These ratings are way too generous,have to agree about Luiz though,I never want to see him again.
Also Guendouzi and Willock together doesn’t work,both are promising individuals but not together.
I would like to have seen Martinelli but basically City have much better players.
No excuses at Brighton …

Double OD

Mustafi didn’t do anything silly? He stopped tracking Sterling’s run for the first goal. Luiz was more at fault, but there was a pair of them in it.

Ridwan Ahmed

David Luis makes Mustafi seem like a safe option. That’s wild.


Not sure what else there is to say about Luiz. The club has been talking up his experience etc. but one of the main benefits of experience should be decision making, and he’s shown time and time again that he can’t be trusted. What Holding must be thinking I don’t know – while he doesn’t have some of the eye-catching attributes Luiz has, he offers us a much more consistent and calm presence which given where we are surely has to be preferable?   I also don’t see what others see in Willock. I’m obviously not basing it on just… Read more »


And Holding has balls as well as ability. I will never forget how he took on Diego Costa and bested him hands down a couple of seasons ago


Blah, blah, I’m sorry, blah blah, all my fault, blah blah, must do better, blah blah, team must pull together, blah blah, I love this club, blah blah, incredible spirit, blah blah blah blah. (Right, has the money cleared this week, I must get on to that car dealership in Knightsbridge….)

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