Nketiah: I could smell the keeper’s uncertainty


Eddie Nketiah bagged his second Premier League goal of the season taking advantage of a hesitation by Southampton keeper Alex McCarthy to put the Gunners on their way to a much-needed 2-0 win at St Mary’s.

After the game, the England under-21 international faced the Sky Sports cameras. Here’s what he had to say…

On needing the win…

It was a very important three points. We’ve been unfortunate in the first game [against City] and the last game; the results didn’t go our way. We knew we had to roll up our sleeves and really fight for the three points. Hopefully we can build on this and keep pushing forward.

On digging in…

It was difficult, they came out really strong in the second half. I thought all the boys fought and worked hard. It’s very hard in the heat to keep going but we did. Luckily at the end, we were able to wrap it up with another goal and add a bit of gloss to the scoreline.

On his goal…

We work a lot on the high press and did that really well today. For me, personally, I always try to give my all for the team. Things like that, I could just smell a bit of uncertainty from the goalkeeper and I kept following in. I’ve done that hundreds of times so it’s nice that one of them leads to a goal.

On his energetic performance…

I think that’s just the way I play. I always try to be a nuisance and throw my weight around and chase for the team and try and hold up the ball. The team all worked hard together and we were unlucky not to score a few more with a couple of other chances. It’s nice to get three points.

On the mindset of the players…

We were very focused. Nobody likes losing, especially us. We’ve been working so hard in the quarantine break and when we came back to training, so we needed to reward ourselves with three points. We wefe focused and determined to get the three points by any means necessary.

On pal Willock scoring…

I’m delighted, he’s like my brother. If I score, he celebrates like me and if he scores, it’s like I scored again. I’m delighted for him, he did well when he came on and it was nice to wrap up the three points with us both on the scoresheet.

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Dave cee

Wow, a win. Happy days!

SB Still

After watching couple of defeats, I was busy this evening and could catch only the essentially injury time!

So, I think I had a role in today’s victory by staying away!

I should discuss the strategy with Arteta for the next game and the Arsenal hierarchy about being paid to help Arsenal win 😉

Very pleased with the 3 points as well as by the reported performance of the kids.

Bob Holdy

Thanks SB Still, please continue to stop watching Arsenal live, just look at recordings – will be better for all of us. We appreciate your generous sacrifice.


If you log a few more results to prove the track record maybe set up a tip jar!

Maul Person

An AWAY win.
With a clean sheet to boot!
Get in!


The kids are alright!

Maul Person

I have that album. Pretty good… if you like that kinda music.


been saying that for 10+ years now


The special thing that Eddie has which is missed by many (Like Blogs) is the intelligence of his movement. There is rarely a play where you can say he wasn’t available in the box or in space for a counter. For strikers, that is an invaluable skill that is overlooked for the dribbling and dynamism of a Martinelli and Saka, or the driving runs of Willock. Eddie is a special talent with vastly overlooked skills. Harry K*ne had the very same skill set and after his first season where he bundled balls into the back of the net, many development… Read more »

Ya gooner

He also looks like he’s got great hold up play

Artetas Assistant

He’s our striker for the next decade at least, never smiles even with his own team mates. Ice cold London menace


I swear he reminds me of “Super” Pippo Inzaghi.

Not especially big or fast but a cunning goal-getter with a great sense of smell, just like our Eddie

Artetas Assistant


Cultured Determination

Yup. Definitely deserves to play 40 games next season. He’s ready to start all cup games + at least half the prem games.
I see him good for a 15-goal season next if we have good wingers to whip in those low crosses for him.

Frank Bascombe

Thank you.


This kid’s movement and workrate is incredible though he is so light and doesnt have any technique to make it to be a top striker in my opinion. Anyway props to him for scoring the goal not an easy one.

Artetas Assistant

Eddie? Light ??! Watch games before commenting, he’s been sending defenders flying in the air with his bodycheck since two preaseasons ago!


Never forget Eddie putting 6”4 Niklas Sule on his ass against Bayern. Iconic

Artetas Assistant

Great reference!

Frank Bascombe

Are you mad?

Forget about it


Giuseppe Hovno

That was very enjoyable!


Performance more like a Graham team than Wenger one but a wins a win. Not pretty but functional hopefully this will build the confidence and become more attractive with time.


Very happy for him, feel he’s been unfairly maligned on here a bit simply for not being Martinelli. But he’s a top talent as well, he could go on to do big things. Just what the hell are they smoking over at Elland Road??

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Where are all these accusations about previous contempt for Nketiah coming from?

I don’t think that any Arsenal supporters doubt his promise.

Maybe us relying on such a raw talent to score goals in a PL game is a bone of contention, but to say the issue is with Nketiah himself is plain wrong in my opinion!


He has a great instinct for goal Nketiah.   I would prefer we add in midfield and wide areas…in attack if/with Auba gone, would trust Laca and Martinelli plus Nketiah so long as we carry a bit more threat from attacking midfield as well.   With Ziyech gone to Chelsea, we should look at someone like Fekir at Betis (persuadable) who can play across the midfield add alternative to a waning Ozil and link up with old mate Lacazette (help retain him for one more season as Arteta tries to rebuild)   But young strikers Martinelli and Nketiah get the… Read more »

Guendouzi Oueddei

Arteta has a lot of faith in Eddie. He probably be a very important player for us next season. He’s developing well. Lacazette could be on his way out

Destination Nehan

Really liking how Eddies development is going, his workrate looks fine to me so I don’t know what that was all about with his loan spell. He looks really sharp, his energy with his shooting ability suggests that we really do have a player on our hands. Nice one Eddie, keep it up man and you’ll be a firm favorite in no time.