Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Arsenal 2-0 Man City – player ratings

Ok, maybe my ratings this evening are informed by the fact I’m extremely happy about the result and the fact we’re through to the FA Cup final.

But I’m just a man. A human man. What do you want from me?!

Auba scored twice, we defended like trojans, and had a little bit of good fortune but nothing we didn’t deserve because of the effort we put in. What a week for Mikel Arteta and his players.

Read the Arsenal 2-0 Man City report and see the goals here

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Emi Martinez. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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I aged three years in 180 minutes.


That’s 2 wins in 2 games over arguably 2 of the best teams in premiership for a while… Mike arteta/arsene Guardiola…. im genuinely excited to see what this manager can do with our team. We’ve got our arsenal back


I dont think there is a debate here, liverpool and City are the other two best teams in the premiership 😉

alex alexsson

Absolute elation tonight – get in there!!!


With you all the way! This is my highlight of the season (hopefully so far)!

Jaafar Lamrini

Mikel Arteta is a genius ???❤️❤️❤️❤️


Oo to Oo to be, Oo to be a!

VAR will solve the problem

This is probably the most easiest ratings ever…10 for everyone..?




Just give everyone 10s for that win. It’s really exciting to see the progress Arteta is making. If we can get the EL money to help invest along with Kroenke investing this rebuild could really accelerate. We have a good young core – we need to keep Dani and add wherever Arteta sees fit


Would like to see him keep Holding and Torreira. They’re young and definitely part of the future. And yes give Auba what he’s rumored to be asking for.

Lord Bendnter

Arteta 10/10


I think manager rating should be added, what ya reckon? ?


Agreed, manager rating is a great idea. Did anyone else wonder why Pepe was coming off at 1 0 though? I’m not trolling here, just curious. I just thought at the time he was doing really well and the team were doing well both defending and countering.. As it happened Auba Auba’d and it was perfect.. but at one nil and city dominating the play he seemed like the last guy to take off. I’m a huge fan of Arteta and I’m delighted, just interested to see if anyone else thought that.

Rocket sprocket

Errm.. Pepe came off at 2 nil


No one else thought that because we all saw a different game when he played Tierney for the pre-assist for the second.

Tierney, what a boy.


Fresh legs and a player with a little more defensive role, nothing more than that!

Pepe had a quite good match, especially as we grew into the game. Became the outlet that Ozil has been in the past, assist for the first, instrumental in the buildup working with Tierney for the second.

He’s becoming a real creator for us.

Peter O'Hanrahanrahan

Pep is bald


That’s a statement of fact right there

Granit(e) hard!

??? we do have some comedians in the house i must say

David C

Don’t be baldist!

Who is the best bald Arsenal player ever? Sol Campbell? Was Henry bald with us or still denying like Auba?

Big win today!!!!!


Sol #1, Freddie#2. Cygan #8 billion.


Terry Mancini #4


Now that’s one significant difference with Arteta.
Next time someone says our gaffer is trying to impersonate thatttt man.


Baldy lives matter too.


Everyone deserves a 10. I will also give the ref 10, first match I would watch in a long time without a single card.


Good point – didn’t realise there wasn’t a single card. Which is exactly as it should be.


Was about to wreck my TV if he’d given that VAR penalty decision against Mustafi, but they made the right call.

Sterling should’ve been booked for that nasty challenge on Mustafi though


And his dive in the box


One of the City tackles stopping our break deserved a yellow. But it’s still City so nope.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Oh yeah, you’re right


And another day that’s a pen on the Mustafi challenge. The gods were with us.


Yep. And 30+ people seem to have conveniently forgotten that.

le caiman

mustafi should have got a card on silva. clumsy gimp


Some refs may even have reached for a red (even though it was only a yellow at worst). The point is, he risked getting himself sent off. Which, again, seems to have bypassed 50+ people….

Armchair Expert

This is possibly the easiest player ratings post. 10s all around!


10 to all folks. Loved every bit of it. Oh my GOD. Beating pool and City in matter of 4 days. Arteta and his boys are becoming men.


10/10. Get in!


The most goodly of goodliest goodly mornings coming right up!

Big Red Machine

Excited for the Arsecast Extra…a very Wembley morning!

Mick Malthouse

Martinez or Leno? I’d rather Martinez

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Current form has to be Martinez.
Injuries can make another player, just like Bellerin after Debuchy’s injury

David C

Martinez is just so big and commanding. He’s a decent jumper/diver as well.

I’m old enough to remember when he was named Damian.


Ive always thought highly of Martinez.. I like his ‘personality’ or presence better than Leno. Leno seems like he puts on a confident act where Martinez just goes about getting his job done with confidence. The mentality he has to come in and play the way he has, unfazed by opponent or occasion is impressive.


He certainly seems to represent the devil to opposing teams.
My coat is already on.


He’s still in single-digits games for us. But the romantic in me says Martinez. He’s been with us for years, he loves the club, I hope we keep him now we know how superb he is.

Vaibhav Pandey

Emi is with us since Arteta was an Everton players. It has been so long coming and longer it may last 🙂


Single digits or not, but I don’t see any reason to change something, that is currently working perfectly.

Obama Young

Keep them both for at least another year! Let them compete and may the best man win.

If you sell one now, there’s too much risk, you could find yourself needing to buy another goalkeeper within a few months. Give it another season to sort itself out.


Nothing wrong with a good bit of healthy competition. Martinez is doing great, let’s not forget though that Leno was probably our player of the season before his injury.


Really good question on the extra the other day. We have two number ones right now. Would be nice to get some offers to entertain before one of them slips into a clear secondary role and we miss a trick in the transfer window.

Granit(e) hard!

As mercenary as this ordinarily might sound, i think very valid point and really food for thought, given we need funds for squad rebuild….should we?


Short memory I think. Leno has made incredible saves for us (remember that double save against spurs) and helped avoid this season being even worse. I think Martinez has benefited from coming in to an all round better performing side but he has been excellent also.


In the final definitely Emi. There is no reason to make a change now and take a risk with Bernd. For next season they should fight in preseason to determine who is number 1, but please not experiments this season.


Yes, ratings were spot on cos we all know you actually wanted to give everyone a ten over ten.
Arteta definitely gets a 10.

NW Gooner

Massive performance from the whole team. What a feeling!

Simp for Arteta


Nacho de Montreal is tasty



#coyg!!! what a fucking week! didn’t see it coming, but elated for the club, the team, the manager and the fans. we have a little hope at last…. #coyg!


Arsenal and the FA Cup, name a better love story. So fucking proud tonight.

Oh, and Arteta gets a 10/10 and the rest. The guy barely stopped shouting to take a breath. He didn’t let anyone drop their focus for even a single second. Even shouting at Pepe in French at one point. My manager.


Deep line suits us so well. Soton wolves liverpool city all we have unarmed by excellent tactics and very composed defensive display.

After all difficulties this feels like a dream. Ia this real or have I moved to next level in my inception dream? Are those same players as there were in christmas, no?


Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?


Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality!!! COYG!!!!


Sterling’s a poor boy. He needs no sympathy.


Either way, I don’t care. I firmly believe that Arteta is the real deal.

Shri Raaja Gopal

Fantastic Fantastic..?⚪


Guys you’ll really need to add Manager ratings to this

Arteta my man ? absolutely outclassed Pep. Countered every move of his, Pep was clueless


I’ve been saying that since the Wenger days


I felt strangely relaxed with that whole game (mostly). Very happy with the result. Very Very Happy.

Petit's Handbag

I’ve given them all tens. But special shout outs to Emi Martinez, that was a special save from Mahrez. Held on so well. Tierney, I said here a few weeks ago he’s my favourite. Arseblogger said he’s his son, he’s my older brother who looks after me and beats up the bullies who pick on me. David Luiz and Mustafi as a pair, how many jokes have been made at your expense. That is how you respond. Life lesson for anyone. Xhaka, was with you when you told the fans to fuck off. Still with you now. A captains performance.… Read more »


I just burst out laughing and woke my missus. Thanks for that.

Oh and not bad, Arsenal, not bad at all.


Blogs remember your post about having minimal expectations from this week due to the matches against Pool and City? I remember concurring with that, like many other Gooners I’m sure, and look how it turned out. Funny game, football!


Man, you said it. Even my wildest dreams don’t come out this good.


Best arsenal game in years! After the shit show of this season, I think we deserve it.

Liam Hanley

Mustafi highest rating in a long time.
Love the work rate of this team. All playing for each other. Up the Arsenal

hugh jarsphan

I’m so happy


So, so happy…

Paul Smith

That save from Mahrez was massive. Brilliant reaction and such a strong hand to not spill it either. Huge moment in the game at a crucial point. Incredible team effort today. Faultless.

Dave Quinnell

So happy – performance, effort and spirt


It’s 5 a.m. here in Indonesia, and boy oh boy, it was worth it all the way around. Niles been wonderful since that Wolves match, he is full of commitment with Mikel as his advisor. Xhaka-Ceballos pairing looking sharp, with Torreira as a back-up of these two or maybe a trio looks really promising. I hope Pepe move the ball forward faster sometimes, he need to mix his pace, so it’s harder for the opposition to predict his move. I’m not sure who we need to sign right now, but first thing first, we need to move Ozil (maybe Matteo… Read more »

Zet Yeo

It is 5 am in Singapore too… and man oh man. Proud to be a gunner


AMN was just superb!


That he was!!!


What a monster performance by David Luiz. I want to moan about his usual stray long balls but I’m too happy so I’ll let it go. Defensively he was a rock.


MOTM for me. His best performance in the shirt hands down!


Again Bloggs biased. I don’t agree with that high rating for Ramsey!

Enjoy the win everyone

A Different George

This was really weird. I thought we were clearly the better team in the first half, especially after the first couple of minutes. The win is wonderful, surprising, elating. But outplaying Man City, even for a half–wow!


4:40am, freezing cold, as I turned on the TV with tired eyes and no hope in my heart. Volume low as to not wake the family, too low to really hear the ESPN commentators talking non-stop about how wonderful Man City are. More tired than usual I figured I would see us two nil down at half-time, give up, and still get another hours sleep before the light came. Too many cigarettes, too much coffee, cursing the fact I could be in a pub drinking pints to calm the nerves, were I not over here. But what a game. Amazing.… Read more »


Freezing cold? Don’t think you know what cold is mate


I don’t understand Granit Xhaka.

He has a chocolate right leg, the turning circle of a cement-mixing lorry, and constantly passes the ball backwards under pressure. But his positioning and spatial and defensive awareness are immense and I don’t think we win that game without him.

And he was also brilliant in that 2016 FA Cup semi where Prof Wenger served up a 3-5-2 masterclass


Xhaka can go up a few gears higher I’m sure of it. He has needed an older brother presence to help him focus on his strengths – Arteta is doing this, and for teammates to do more around him rather than just showboat – we are seeing the team work harder together and not leave him to mop up on his own. Having said that I’ve to apologise to Dani. We still don’t have our Vieira but god looks like we might have a Santi again. SORRY DANI I wrote you off. If you and your missus/mister like it here… Read more »


what was great to see at the end was Luiz pulling AMN close, and giving him encouragement for his performance.


100%. Better than even seeing Pep wilt under Mikel’s hug.

The Far Post

How about Arteta lifting him off the ground with a great big hug! That made me so happy for AMN. Whatever happens he (and we) will still have that memory.


I’ve somehow given 10 to all players involved… is that allowed?


Arseblog please take a 10 for yourself too!


I would have given them all 10s

Don Danbury

Özil who?


Let him be. No need to diss anyone who’s not a Spud. Let’s not take the shine away from what these boys have done by walking in to media and AFTV narratives.

DB10s Air Miles

10/10 for that lads, what a week for the arsenal!
0/10 pep for looking like he’d just finished painting his spare room. It’s the fa cup semi final at Wembley, have some respect man!


He doesn’t like to spend on clothes … unlike the ultra suave Wenger and Ferguson. Great win for MA and whole team. Loving it.


When in doubt, kick it out! Defeats the press, makes them build from the back, wastes time, and allows us to get organized. Beautifully ugly! Ugly beautify! I don’t care


A.m.n. played really well . Hopes he plays more and stays


Straight 10s for me (well, 11s for Auba and Tierney)


Oh Mikel Arteta…??. What an excellent week and marvelous displays we’ve had! Long may it come! To think we could have smashed City 3-0. AMN, please don’t leave.


Also, what the hell was Pep wearing?

DB10s Air Miles

Personally I think both managers should be in suits for an fa cup semi final at Wembley….. But pep looked like he just been doing a bit of painting shortly before the game.


TBH I loved his jeans. And his frowns and his sad smiles. Mikel will be in a suit when he gets drenched in bubbly at Wembley.


They are coaches these days, I think. Technical directors and the board took up the management aspect, mostly. Plus, they look more youthful in their casual wear.

DB10s Air Miles

I personally think they should be wearing suits at Wembley out of respect for the occasion… it means something to be fortunate enough to be a part of this prestigious competition.


Straight 10s for everyone….

The Arsenal

Just get legs and structure around Luiz and Xhaxa and they are really good players. Niles was immense another who given the right structure can be really good. Fucking chuffed right now. Also Arteta’s tactics broke Pep. Had him talking to the ice bucket looking for ideas and guidance.

A make A great A

Pep has his tiki taka blueprint, but beyond that, when it get’s real, when you get in his teams faces and press high with agression!! He has no next gear no backup plan!! Essentially he’s not a good cup Manager…Arteta on the other hand, seems to be just the opposite!! So much for the eternal pundit-talk about about lack of spine/backbone!! I wonder when they’ll jump aboard!!?

Anders Limpar

10/10 for Arteta and the whole coaching team. My god but they smashed the tactics, substitutions and mind games today!

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