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Arsenal launch new adidas 20/21 home kit – pictures

Arsenal have officially launched the new home shirt for the 2020/21 season.

Red and white, it features a two-tone chevron design on the front of the shirt, a simple white crew neck collar and an updated ‘Emirates Fly Better’ sponsorship logo.

The official press release says:

“Paying homage to Arsenal’s geometric crest which the club used from 1936–1949, the chevron graphic on the home jersey is inspired by the ‘A’ within. It is also a nod to the layout of the tiling on the floors of the East Stand’s famous marble halls – the historical home of Arsenal before its 2006 move to the Emirates Stadium.

“The back-neck sign off also references the original crest, with the chevrons facing both East and West, representing the past and present of the club’s iconic Cannon emblem. A dark shade of red is used throughout the kit to celebrate the club’s heritage, something which is synonymous with Arsenal and rooted in its DNA.”

The Gunners will wear the new kit in the final league game of the season against Watford on 26 July, and also in the FA Cup final against Chelsea on August 1st.

The kit is available to purchase from today at the adidas online shop, the Arsenal FC club and online store, as well as selected adidas stores, retailers and fashion stores.

The raspberry ripple/bloodshot eyes away and navy third shirts are set to launch in the coming six weeks.

Some more pictures

[vc_gallery interval=”3″ images=”65273,65274,65275,65276,65277,65278,65279″ img_size=”medium”]

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Why do I look at that shirt and see Bendtner?


Same here.


Because he’s The Greatest Striker That and the shirt looks great

Bossman Bill

Still one of the most hilarious moments

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

It’s Chamakh for me


Noone should be allowed to wear next season’s kits during any games of this season. I don’t care about your budgets and whatnot, and I did think fondly of when Nike rolled over the home kit for two years, so I’m against this in principle. It’s not right, dammit. First it was City the other day against us, then Chelsea saw fit to race ahead to next season, now us. I’m howling at the moon here thoguh, this is modern football. Surprised teams don’t have bespoke cup kits tbh.


They do, that’s what the 3rd kit is for essentially.

afaik it was their reasoning behind bringing in 3rd kits, though its not adhered to much.

Maul Person

Don’t give them ideas…!


Man United had a Champions League Kit (also red the same as their domestic home kit) in 1999… I think Liverpool had one too a few years later! This is nothing new.. Modern football is what it is..

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’m guessing it might be something to do with contracts running up until the original season end date, and now we’re officially in pre season dates and a new season – pre covid that is


Red. And white.
who knew?


Is these real please?

Merlin’s Panini

They are.

Mayor McCheese

They is.

Timorous Me

Anytime I hear those words I can’t help but think of the ending of Tobias Wolff’s great little short story “Bullet in the Brain.”

“But that isn’t it, not at all – it’s that Anders is strangely roused, elated, by those final two words, their pure unexpectedness and their music. He takes the field in a trance, repeating them to himself.”

If that somehow piqued the curiosity of others, there is a PDF of the story out there.


The stripes on the side of the short ruins the “classic look”.. it seems so tacky like they HAD to include the Adidas stripes somewhere even though we’re all clearly aware it’s an Adidas shirt and saw the only open space and just stuck it along the side.


I agree, I noticed on utd’s shirt they have offtone red stripes on a red shirt, and it is barely noticeable but still there if adidas insist on having the stripes


The old Emirates logo was better

A Different George


Tyron Keating

Interesting… Haven’t Man City just released a new home kit inspired by mosaic tiles? Are united next in line for this tile treatment? “inspired by the creative director’s grandmother, this shirt pays homage to the terracotta tiles in her scullery.”


Thumbs up for managing to slip scullery into an Internet comment about football shirts


Is the seat that’s modeling the new shirt a new signing?


It is, one that we’ve needed for a long time – steady, reliable, supportive, always has its team-mate’s back when needed.


looks like a bootleg already.


Looks like a knock-off kit from a market

Lord Peter of Highbury

don’t they come out with a load of old marketing bollocks! Its a red and white Arsenal kit. Thats all


Would live to see this Ron Swanson presenting his burger style.
It’s a red and white Arsenal shirt, has stripes. Put a spurds is shit sign on it if you want to, we couldn’t care less.

The Kolkata Gooner

Actually I have a theory for this marketing bollocks. Since fans outside England get to “choose” the club they support when they first start out, and one of the arbitrary reasons is the look of jerseys, especially among young fans, and more importantly, when there is a lack of other, more ‘solid’ reasons to support a club, like a winning team, I think maybe it is important for us to sell an aesthetic at this moment in time? If I were uninitiated, and were to choose an English club to support right now based on their jersey, I think I’d… Read more »


You’re absolutely right that shirt design and colours win fans.

But this little storytelling about history and all? Hell no.

That is strictly to sell it to older supporters who may already have too many shirts.

Wiltoooooooooord !

that would be a sad way to select a club though .. I support Arsenal since 1998 I was 11 yrs old… (when they started broadcasting matches in India) .. I used to watch with my father.. one day it was Arsenal vs Liverpool, and honestly my father told me things about Liverpool ..

I didn’t know much about Arsenal .. but then I saw Arsenal have Denis Bergkamp wearing no. 10

next 3 years were painful but I think that was a fair way of selecting my club

The Kolkata Gooner

Yeah, but imagine would be fans looking out for potential suitors. They’d probably go for City or Liverpool, coz they’re winning. Or even Tottenham last year, with their Champions League campaign. That’s why the way a club is run, the way a team plays, its players, and a certain branding is important I guess. So that even when you are not winning, you still remain attractive in other ways. Lord knows what new fans worldwide think of Arsenal in their current state.

The Kolkata Gooner

And its the same reason I think playing in an FA Cup final still has great value. These are the games that make fans. I remember watching the Man Utd – Arsenal FA Cup final so many years ago with my older brother, who was supporting Man Utd. It was my first experience of club football, and I didn’t know anything about the league system, or that a season before, one of the teams had won the league without losing a single match. I just knew this was a final and my brother was supporting one team, and so I… Read more »


I have to say, I love it!

Ty Keating

Interesting… Haven’t Man City just released a new home kit inspired by mosaic tiles? Are united next in line for this tile treatment? “inspired by the creative director’s grandmother, this shirt pays homage to the terracotta tiles in her scullery.”


Not for me, Jeff




Nice to see Ozil work his way back into the squa… Uh marketing photos. I honestly think he is only around for his shirt selling power.

Hail Gus!

Over use of the word nice here ?


Still convinced the away shirt is a joke. Surely we’re not going to run out in something that looks like someone had a particularly nasty nosebleed during the warmup?


Loving the kit! We may lose to the likes of Leeds and West Brom next season but at least we’ll look going doing it!


Good* stupid phone.


Did the photographer take these promo pics on his phone?! And what’s the gag with the blonde lady in the scarf. I know, we’ve got this beautiful 60,000 capacity stadium to take pics in but would you mind folding yourself into the lighting gantry eaves for this one please.

David Hillier's luggage

Looks shot on film, probably with a compact camera, gives it that hipster-fashion-streetwear ‘behind the scenes’ aesthetic. Blonde lady is Leonie Maier, plays for our women’s team.


Pretty meh. How hard is it to make a kit similar to this year’s but with the stripes all the way down the sleeves?

David Hillier's luggage

Uefa kit regulations require there to be blank area on the sleeves without branding on it, so we’ll probably never see the stripes going all the way down again 🙁




That’s not as annoying as the fact that this year’s yellow kit didn’t have the Trefoil logo instead of the stripes though.

David Hillier's luggage

Would have loved the trefoil logo on our kits 🙁


Ozil is our new supermodel!


That elastic thingy in the hands is unnecessary.


I looks so good on Auba. I hope he stays.


To much going on… The front pattern, the shoulder/back white block, the elastic band on the sleeves, the lateral stripes that don’t go all the way up nor down…

Looks like they used the kit builder from the old PES games and just added as many features as possible.

Bossman Bill

Jesus Leah


*raspberry ripple / bloodshot eyes / crazed axe murderer…


Apparently Barcelona made clear to Umtiti that they don’t count on him for next season and he can find a loan.

I think it would be great to have him on loan, it’s a low risk / high reward situation. At worst he will be injured almost all season and he will be a nice backup when healthy.

At best he play at the level he had during the 2018 world cup and we have an elite CB in our hands for no transfer fee.

What do you think ?


Plus he can speak French with Saliba so that’s an easy partnership.

We would go next season with Saliba, Umtiti, Luiz, Holding and Mari.


It’s a shame the brilliance of this year’s kit was wasted on this year. Still, this isn’t bad, and the deep lore to justify the chevrons is pretty hilarious. I would have accepted “triangles look cool”, but homage to the marble halls …. sure.


I thought I saw something previously about Arsenal maybe releasing a commemorative shirt later this year, without any Emirates logo. But I can’t find anything about this now online.

Does anyone know anything about this?


Found it – not sure if it’s fake though, or when it would come out. But for me personally, a shirt without Emirates logo on it is 1000% better!

A Different George

That’s a great shirt. That announcement was last November–any more recent news?


Nothing I’ve seen I’m afraid. Also never seen anything from a more official source


Why can’t we sign a contract that says “yeah we’ll display you logo and stripes but we’ll use a random design from the Internet instead”. Guaranteed the random fake one will look 10x better.

Tony Hall

£100 for an authentic men’s jersey dear god? I must be really out of touch with prices but how can they justify £100 for a football top? What does it have gold thread in it? No chance me affording to buy the kit at that price, I used to in the past but not now!

Crash Fistfight

That’s the shirt the players wear. The normal replica shirt is £60, which is still a rip-off, but isn’t as extortionate.


The dark two-tone red is reminiscent of the 1990/91 kit (Dear Football Association, you can STILL stick your deducted two points up your arse) and it’s nice to have a 70’s white crew neck again. Other than that, I’m somewhat underwhelmed – which is a shame, because after this season’s sexy numbers, I had high hopes from Adidas. (Don’t even get me started on the Away and Third kits – they’re more Puma than a Puma wearing a Puma T-shirt that says ‘Puma.’


The blonde gal wearing the wool hat in summertime looks HOT.

David Hillier's luggage

Word on the street is she’s pretty handy in defence too…

Merlin’s Panini

I like this shirt. Adidas are doing well so far. I really don’t like the sponsor logo though. How much more room do Emirates need to take up on the shirt?

Dave cee

I like it. Can see Wrighty in it. But what is with those ghastly stripes under the armpits??


Shirt makes me dizzy. Is that meant to be so?


M10’s 20/21 home shirt please.


When were these pictures taken? I’m looking at Hector’s hair…

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