Friday, September 30, 2022

Arteta opens the door for Holding, has nothing to say about Ozil

Mikel Arteta has opened the door for Rob Holding after the 2-1 defeat to Sp*rs highlighted some of the shortcomings of defensive trio Shkodran Mustafi, David Luiz and Sead Kolasinac.

The latter gifted the ball to Son just moments after the Gunners had gone ahead through Alexandre Lacazette, leading to their equaliser. The Brazilian was once again indifferent in a game against testing opposition; while Mustafi rediscovered his inner Mustafi and Mustafied his way through the final stages of the game.

It led to a post-game question about Holding’s chances of playing, and Arteta sounded positive, suggesting he was trying to stick with players who had been part of a good unbeaten run.

“Sometimes it’s the position, sometimes it’s the momentum of the players, when we don’t concede in three or four games in a row everything is really positive,” he said.

“Obviously when you concede two goals like today …[people ask] why are we not playing someone else?

“Rob has done really well when we’ve demanded him to play and he will be ready to play when we demand him to do so I’m sure.”

It was another game in which Mesut Ozil was also not part of the squad, there’s no more mention of a back injury, if there ever was one, but the Arsenal boss was unwilling to go into any detail.

“He is still in the same positions he was last week or two weeks ago and we said we will manage everything internally,” said Arteta.

“I have nothing to say.”

We’ll wait and see if Holding is considered for our next game, the simple matter of champions Liverpool coming to the Emirates.


Sp*rs 2-1 Arsenal – player ratings

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Freezing out Ozil is terrible behavior for a new manager. I believe this stance is being dictated to Arteta by Raul & co., but the fact he is going along with it reflects badly on him.


He played every game before Lockdown

The Arsenal

Every one forgets this.. Ozil started nearly all the games under Arteta before the lockdown. People wanted him dropped because his stats were poor but i thought he was playing decent at least. Ozil would have made no difference to this game, our defenders cant defend for shit but they also cant pass for shit except Luiz which is why they always go backwards. Ceballos is our only midfielder who can get on the ball but if hes not available nobody is passing forward. Xhaxa and Mustafi after just being praised by the fandom for turning their seasons around seemed… Read more »


Top post. Well said.


Exactly. Which means Arteta likes him, but this is obviously a decision made by the board. Especially since Ozil didn’t take a pay-cut.

I don’t agree that it puts Arteta in a bad light though. This is the reality of the game nowadays. People were crying for us to leave the Wenger-style management of the coach having the final say on everything.


Since the break we’ve been playing a back 3 to attempt to hide how bad our central defenders are. That means that if we want to stick with front 3, we are forced to play a 2 man midfield. Ozil simply can’t function in a 2 man midfield as he doesn’t defend or press well enough. Ozil has now effectively been benched by 4 consecutive managers: Wenger, Emery, Freddie, Arteta – at what point do people recognize this isn’t the board freezing him out so much as maybe it’s a footballing decision?


The team under Wenger was competing for top 4, and Wenger had choices in midfield and he liked Ramsey and Wilshere more than Ozil.

This team is closer to relegation places, and there are no midfielders in this squad who can hold a candle to Ozil. Add the fact that Ceballos is gone next year, while Ozil is still with us, tells that there more to story than what is told…


And he played reasonably well. He certainly didn’t deserve to be ceremonially dumped in the manner that has befallen him. Disgusting behaviour from the club. The old man Dennis Hill Wood must be turning in his grave.


Özil is freezing himself out with his fu**in’ laziness. He’s been shite for years. Just get him out of this club and all his fanboys with him.


If you go into work tomorrow and your boss decides you must be forced to resign because he made a mistake giving you a raise, come back and describe your experience to us all.

David C

Ozil is a waste of space and salary. He had a decent year for us ages ago and has been absolute crap for a long time. What are you not seeing?

Yamin Sidheeque

All this sayin without giving him a chance… Ozil is quality offense arsenal lacks except for ceballos…


A decent year? He was brilliant when he joined and helped us win 3 FA Cups in 4 years. He was the most creative player in the country and the quickest to 50 assists. Yes he has regressed but you really have a very short memory at forgetting how good he was

apangu iddi Amin

But now he is not the usual Orzil. Arteta gave him the chance but he failed to do the assists other wise the manager is looking for creative players right now.even in training he does not do it.


we just need to give him a little bit time to improve

David C

I still don’t think he was as good as people think. Madrid couldn’t wait to off load him.

He’s a decent passer, but does nothing to help the team when we don’t have the ball.

A lightweight player that seemed to always disappear against big teams.

FA Cup wins were down to other players: Cazorla, Ramsey, etc.

apangu iddi Amin

Exactly this is what is happening with Orzil which many people dont see.


He has not been absolute crap.
It’s just been that every time we lost a big game, people were blaming him because they expected Ozil to be Messi and finish the game off himself due to his salary.

He’s not that kind of player.
Ozil would be playing every game if his salary wasn’t that high. The board has been trying to get rid off him purely because of his salary.


He put in a few 7/10 performances, and people thought he was brilliant because he’s been crap for so long. If genuinely top class players like Pogba, De Bruyne, Messi etc. put in a 7/10 performance people criticize them and say they’ve had a bad game. And that was amongst his usual 4/10 and 5/10 performances. He’s just largely anonymous these days when he’s on the pitch.


Ozil hasn’t been the Ozil we need, so I’m not saying he should be put in. But Messi and deBruyne have more or less complete teams around them.


Hand you watched Barcelona this year? That team is awful except Ter Steegen & Messi. Lot of big names but Messi has to play at world class level every game just to keep them in it.

Pete Plum

Definitely seen him play well this season


I think there’s something going on in the background and I don’t think it’s related to salary. Probably similar to Guendouzi.

My guess is that he got a penalty for something and refused to do the forfeit from the ‘wheel of misfortune’.


That game against Leicester last year and the games before lockdown, never happened then? Hello? Anyone at home?

David C

a player on 350K a week, you should be building your whole team around the player. For example, De Bruyne.

Ozil has a bad attitude as well (remember when Mertesacker had to yell at him to applaud the away fans?).

You know he must be shit in the locker room too…


He’s not forced out because he’s earning too much. he’s forced out because he’s shite. If I would do my job with that kind of dedication, i’d be unemployed for quite some time. Be sure about that.


Hearing a lot of Ozil is shit comments. We just lost to spurs and are a bang average mid-table side. He is not being benched because he is so much worse than the garbage we are fielding right now. If it’s an attitude thing say so. Tell the fans what’s going on.

Joseph DuChene

Yea, but you can’t leak that information to the whole world if you’re trying to sell him…who would take him if that information was made public? That doesn’t suit the club to make all that information public, despite the fact that we as fans want to know what is going on.


Lol that don’t make sense, how can you call an ex world class player shite. There is deffo drama behind the scene which would be interesting to know, maybe the club offered him other stuff on the contract which Ozil doesn’t wanna lose but obviously we don’t know what is going on as we do not know what is added on his contract. Arsenal’s hierarchy is to blame for Ozil not showing, if you guys tell me we have a competent hierarchy then I think we have a problem within the fan base. This is just normal like any other… Read more »

DB’s first touch

If my boss tells me to ‘resign’ tomorrow but also keeps paying me (you know like Arsenal are still paying Ozil) then I’m hardly going to complain, am I?


Not even the same. Maybe if your boss fired you because he made a mistake giving you a raise AND continued to pay you then that would be similar. 3 managers….3 have reached the same conclusion. Listen…the club will continue to pay him…so why isn’t he playing? Well, he gets his wages regardless on whether he plays or not so I’m going to guess…the manager doesn’t feel he’s worthy of selection. Personally, I think once he refused the pay cut then Arteta deemed him surplus to requirements and I wouldn’t blame Arteta if that is true. Doesn’t look good to… Read more »


Those three managers (I assume you’re including Freddie) may have their opinions, but Arsene Wenger, our greatest ever manager, always picked Ozil, when available. I take his opinions over those of all his inferior successors.


That’s fine, but it should be remembered that the time you describe was not last week.
A lot can happen in a player’s career in a couple of years and there is no doubt Ozil isn’t quite up to the standard Arteta wants to see.
Whether that’s in effort, attitude or whatever it’s their decision to make based on current evidence, not what happened a few years ago.
A player’s playing history has merit when deciding how that player will be viewed by club and fans but has little or no value when picking the team for next week.


It’s amazing how people remember so well all about how bad and useless he really is after all those exclusions from matches by the managers (months not peaked). You would think he’s the worst player in the history of Arsenal.
It’s a harsh world we live in.

Jason Bourne

Also, remember when everyone was upset with him when he was taking his time signing his 350K a week contract. I believe Arsenal hierarchy axed Ozil for not accepting the cut last April. They exposed him (can anyone tell me who the other two players were??). That’s why Arteta suddenly had to turn against Ozil. If Arsenal were serious about becoming a top 5 team, why on earth they signed a rookie coach like Arteta? Looks like, as Arsenal continue to lose, this soap opera will get much worse.

Joseph DuChene

Yea, but he was a different player then. His head was in the game then, he was part of the German national team, etc. – a lot has changed since AW was in charge.

Aminu Sulaiman

You are the only person that has hit the nail on its head. He fell out with the board the moment he refused the pay cut during the lock down. Nobody does that in a team and he needs to be punished in a way.


Rubbish. The player retained a legal right to refuse a pay cut. Why should he be punished for merely exercising his rights? And it’s a bit fucking rich (literally) for the Arsenal Board to start taking a sanctimonious stand when it comes to protecting one’s bank balance. No one knows more about lining the fiscal pockets than those tight fisted cunts.


It’s the clubs fault for folding when he had them over a barrel during his last salary negotiation but the man himself has effectively downed tools since securing that contract. Wenger, Emery, Ljungberg and Arteta have all come to the same conclusion after giving him plenty of chances. Maybe, just maybe, the problem is Özil and not the four managers who have reached the same conclusion in the last 30 months. He’s pulling a ‘Winston Bogarde’ on us and some people still defend him. Unbelievable.

Aminu Sulaiman

The point is that Arsenal itself has down tool for some years now. The team has refused to give Ozil the right environment to suit his lazy man game. He needs a high tackling midfielder that will be in the mould of Ndidi, Makalele etc whose role is to do the marking for him and always move close to him in case he loses the ball. By so doing, Ozil will be made to do less work and become more effective in what he likes to do. What do we have over the years? Xhaka and co who does not… Read more »


At this point It’s not about ozil’s salary. That money has already been spent and there is not going to be a refund. He obviously refused to stay engaged and in shape during lock down and he is failing to get with the program in training now. If ozil was in shape and practicing hard every day he’d at least be on the bench. He might have even been starting as he did pre-lock down. But if he’s not professional enough to do the non-negotiable then he is self-selecting himself out of the squad. It’s a shame. Guendouzi’s immaturity is… Read more »


There are a lot of assumptions being made about Ozil. I’m going to make another one. A lot of players are confidence players, they play well when they feel they have the support of their coach and teammates. I suspect Ozil is just such a player. In his last two seasons under Wenger he had 12 goals and 12 assists and 5 goals and 12 assists in Premier League and European competitions. He also averaged over 3 key passes both seasons. Then Emery arrived and he no longer had the support of the coach. I think that affected his game.… Read more »


I completely agree with the man management point. Arsene was brilliant at that. But I think since he and Gazidis left, Raul & Co decided Ozil should be forced to seek a transfer. They even publicly said they would be “ruthless”. Ozil has since been frozen out and only featured occasionally so that he is not given grounds to launch a complaint with UEFA/FIFA over his treatment. The man is not an idiot though, so he’s playing the game too and sitting on his contract, doing the absolute minimum. It is all a mess that tarnishes Arsenal’s name. The bigger… Read more »


He’s not being forced to resign. It’s more like being told that you’re on paid leave, paid £350k per week, for two years until your contract expires or you find another job. I’d have a party to celebrate and another every week after.


Don’t come with logic and rational. This is an Arsenal forum. Logic and rational is not welcome!

Joseph DuChene

Yes, that would be ridiculous. But consider you are given that raise and then you decide you don’t have to work that hard anymore because you’re guaranteed that money – that’s not really how its supposed to work for anyone. I love Ozil, but he has to take some significant share of the burden for why he is not playing. Arteta obviously rates him, so if he’s not playing I suspect it is because Ozil doesn’t deserve to be picked.

SB Still

He should be loaned out to…whoever would take him, even paying half his salary!

apangu iddi Amin

He is just here after the money and knows very well that with what he has, no club will need his services at that price or salary he is getting at Arsenal that is why he says he is going no where even on loan clubs dont want him. and he is not performing to the expectation required to what he ains.


Ignorance is bliss, eh mate?


Ozil or not doesn’t really matter at all. We had midfielders on the bench that would have made an impact today if they were actually brought on at all, or earlier. The fact we’ve dropped so many points from winning positions under his management hugely backs up what we’re all watching. He does not know how to manage games when they’re going on. Especially when we’re winning them. Also — why are we so fucking stupid? Both of their fullbacks were on yellow cards and we did absolutely nothing about it. Where was the in game intelligence from the senior… Read more »


Agree especially veith attacking players on bookings. Sane as at old Trafford this year. Ashley young got booked then we never went down the left again

Aminu Sulaiman

Great analysis. I thought about that during the game but to my surprise People was on holiday and Auba was doing more harm than good for the team. This team lacks a good coach and a good leader on the pitch.


Surely the ‘terrible behaviour‘ is a £350k per week(!) player not bothering to try hard enough for a new manager and the team?


Except he did and started every match under Arteta before lockdown.


How could you possibly know that Ozil is “not bothering to try hard enough for a new manager and the team”? Do you spend a lot of time with him? Do you watch him in training? Your assumption is as ridiculous as me assuming, without knowing you, that you never went to school, you read The Sun, you listen to TalkSport and watch Geordie Shores – and not even for comedic purposes, but for educational ones – and that you’re on the doll. But I never made that assumption. Not once. Never. Not for a moment. But maybe we should… Read more »

The Kolkata Gooner

Even Emery froze him out. Maybe its Ozil who’s got a terrible behaviour, have you thought of that?


Why the silence. From both managers? Inferring behavioral issues with no evidence?


Even Emery? Where is Emery now? How many star players did godly “Emery” Have problems with?

apangu iddi Amin

But he was given chances by both managers in which he did not deliver assists as usual so Arteta cant be blamed for not using him and looks like his best days of doing magic in assists are gone even if he is given full 90 mins he cant do any thing that is already seen, so the best way is to let him go to a league with lower level of play since EPL has high speed which he cant manage instead the money he is getting should be given to Auba and retain Auba


People seem to be forgetting that he was one of the players who refused to take a paycut. That could be the difference as to why he’s been frozen out


I read an article looking at modern football consumption, where a coach and agent were saying modern players are actively incouraged, especially of their team is poor/performing poorly, to continue with the tricks/flicks etc. These one or two moments of fun are then pieced together on online game highlights of the player, by his management, making him look like a baller, even though he did nothing else for the whole game. It keeps their brand relevant and powerful and their value in the social media arena. Most young football fans, Arsenal fans included and especially outside of the UK, get… Read more »


Totally agree. Shameful behaviour by the club. If Ozil’s Arsenal days are over, they should do the decent thing and issue a statement. This cloud of damaging speculation that will only continue to fester to the club’s detriment is entirely the club’s making; not the player. What a pathetic joke this club have become.


Given up on the “back injury” fig leaf at long last. Four games left in the season and we doubtless won’t see Özil in any of them. At this point I hope they can come up with some strategy to get rid of him over the summer. It’s beyond being a waste of money at this point ..


Ozil has been pretty clear via the media the past 2 years he has no interest in leaving prior to his contract ending. I would think given how short careers are now that he realizes the issue wasn’t just with Emery he might rethink things this summer. Either way it’s clear Arteta has moved on from Ozil.


How long will arteta stay though? Arsenal fans are developing a habit of turning on their managers.


It looks like Ozil will outlast Arteta and the next horrible manager Paul & Co will bring in, lol.


Ozil wife I heard had a baby in the last couple of months , so I wonder if the back injury , is code if ozil shielding himself , his wife and baby from the risks of the virus.
With ozil I still think you have to think of him as a forward not a midfielder. Have three midfielders behind him.
He could play be a false number 9.
We need some one to create more chance s


Maybe, just maybe, Ozil has some form of mental health issue which the club are, rightly, trying to keep private and confidential. It would explain a lot. Ozil’s indifferent form these past years, his repeated and increasingly frequent mysterious “injuries” and absences etc.

As an employer you cannot simply sack someone if they have a mental health issue and perhaps in this case, it’s quite serious.

If true, it explains the impasse by both parties and, sadly, also explains why Ozil will now never be the footballer we all hoped we’d bought all those years ago. Sad.



Holding was amazing whenever he played for us after restart, so found it really baffling when he was continuously dropped. Mustafi was doing fine so i understand but why Kolasinac? He’s always looked sluggish and horrible. Really hope we sell Kolas in the summer and raise some cash

Also the need for a creative mid was so so evident again. We created absolutely nothing, just rely on the brilliance of our front 3 as always


Ceballos wasn’t too bad. Of course it would help if we played our most creative player who we are rather stupidly trying to push out.

Dr. kNOw

You are clearly on a wind up…


It is baffling. The only explanation I can come up with for Kolasinac continually being played is that Arteta wants a left footed player in that role. Surely, though, at some point his flaws as a player outweigh all of that?


I think he plays Kolasinac because of his left foot. But if that’s the reason he doesn’t play Holding, I’d rather have Tierney as left center back and Saka at left wing back.


What is the use of that left foot if all he does with it is pass the ball infield to Luiz ?

The Arsenal

Its the only pass he can comfortably comple..—oh wait.

geoff mapaya

We need to replace our center backs!

Johnny 2 Bad

‘Discovered the inner Mustafi’ ha ha! Thanks for the laugh on a fucked up day

Precious Hademe

Who is Ozil?All he knows is to collect his weekly bumper wage yet laziness is his second name. It irritates me whenwver I hear him talk about seeing out his contract. He is a monumental waste.


Call Ozil whatever you want but let’s not forget this it’s the team that is shite… Arsenal problems are way beyond Ozil but you very emotional fans keep pulling your desperate pill on him…… Go on boy take you pay.. See out your contract and leave this shite club


Actually excited to see this squad next year, some investment in defence I think Arteta will be able to get us back in Champions League before long. Maybe wishful thinking but I’m excited none the less

Arseni Matemu

Yeah, exciteed is what Kroenke junior said we should be, and arent we really!


What do you mean by before long? My guess is 5 years before we are Champions League grade


Absolutely 100% agree. We all knew this wasn’t a ‘simple fix’ – but IMO we’ve made huge strides under Mikel. And when (or if) he gets the chance to bring in the players he wants, I believe we’ll see this improvement accelerate.


We shouldn’t lie to ourselves: Mustafi, Luiz (god knows why they renewed him), Kolasinac, Xhaka, Ozil, Guendouzi have no place in this team. And that’s the bottom line. Maybe a few others but the mentioned players are a total waste of money and they are making more damage than use. Plus Mkhitaryan, Elneny, we kinda forgot them. Selling these players can provide money for at least 3 top players (and we don’t need Kroenke for that). Sell them, buy 3 players with the money and then Kroenke to invest in at least 2 more and that is a minimal sign… Read more »


Would you mind sending me all the numbers that support your findings that selling all those players can provide money for at least three top players, please? Obviously, you have all this data on a spreadsheet somewhere, because you clearly would never just make bullshit up out of thin air.


Basically you are saying Arsenal team is worthless?


If I sell a Ferrari, I still won’t be able to buy three top players. Basically you are saying that basically I am saying a Ferrari is worthless?


Luther if we cant pull out 10 million per player (for the six mentioned) then we are either blind or the club hierarchy is totally incapable. Or another scenario, why we should care what do they do? They are making millions out of it, not us. I remember when Klop came, he sold all the players he didnt need. When there is a will there is a way. What has more potential, to keep paying a player that doesnt deliver or to sell him under price?
And on the other side, whats your idea, please enlighten us.

Kartik Iyer

10 m per player for 6 players adds up to 60 mil. You can buy maybe one world class player for that money..not 3. There’s another point you are overlooking ..making so many sudden changes will destabilise the team. I agree that all these players are not good enough for any team with title aspirations. But we are not a team with title aspirations at the moment. We need to replace 2-3 players at a time. Buy good defenders first then good midfielders and strikers and so on. Klopp didn’t sell all his players in the same window. It took… Read more »


I think you’ll find that 10m x 6 = 60m and 60m / 3 = 20m, and the average price of one top player is a hell of a lot more than £20m these days. Maybe after bringing in this £60m, we can use a time machine to go back a decade or two and sign Christian Vieri from Atletico Madrid in 1998, Jaap Stam from Manchester United in 2001, and Patrick Vieira from ourselves in 2005 – £60m will cover that.


Anyone else heard the rumour that Ozil isn’t playing because he refuses to take the knee for BLM?


Awful chat.


Did trump say that to you?


Only £350 for a large print of that!


Same position in the couch.

The Arsenal

All Tottenham did was the amazing tactic of having two men up top and it was enough to turn these idiots into the 3 stooges. That contract they apparently have in the pipeline for Mustafi better have been burned today on the basis of that last 25 mins alone. Kola needs to fuck off with Ozil. I wish them good luck in there futures but teams in this era can no longer have this type of trash hanging around.

Steven Jung

Arsenal need to rebuild the team if willing to be champion or to be top class club. Firstly, tactical then sharp players. Team need sharp goalkeeper, central defender and defensive midfielder.


What’s wrong with the goalkeeper? Were you actually watching? He kept us in the game!

Kartik Iyer

Goalkeeper is probably the only position in the squad which we can consider to be secured for the short term future. Both Emi and Leno are top keepers if not world class and atleast good enough for a top 4 team if not better.


We would have won this game had we taken our chances. However, shitshow from defence brings the entire team morale down. Laca hasnt been great himself recently, but I wonder how he must have felt after Kola nullified his fantastic strike advantage. Kola is so so boring as a footballer. He is shit defensively, always passing back, can do nothing with right foot, even when he plays at wing, his theory for cross is just to smash the ball into the box without looking up to see positions of team mates. Bellerin too has started passing back too often and… Read more »

Rosapirescastle all the 7s

Certainly the loss is disappointing but in another way it rips off the small bandage that was our defence playing well. None of the three are good enough one of them is fine for squad but two have to go. We need Saliba plus another then holding, Mari fight for another position. We need a ball player who can pass as well as Mustafi but obviously better mentally and physically. A Dejan Lovern or any hand me down would be not good enough ball wise but tick other boxes. I think it would be vital to have EPL experience. Toby… Read more »


Frankly NONE of our Cbacks are any better. Holding has also been culpable completely missing the simple clearing header which in the end kolasinac had to scramble and hit it in off of a stunned Mustafi. Its a comedy show. That said, I think all things being equal, Arteta’s best bet is to just focus on the younger Cbacks (aside from Saliba, they are not that young anyway) and drill them. Holding, Chambers, Mari, saliba (maybe keep one of the senior guys for back up, say Mustafi if he doesn;t get a good offer) In any case Sokratis (Perhaps our… Read more »

Danger Mouse

We just gave David Luiz a new contract so we don’t deserve anything. He is rubbish. He’s always been rubbish. He always will be rubbish. I don’t know anything about football but I know he’s rubbish.

Martinelli’s belly

Down vote me to hell I don’t care but never have I read so many fans speaking so stupidly en masse about a player. These are the facts. He was playing every game before lockdown, was our top chance creator despite there being absolutely no other creative or technical ability in the midfield, he’s dropped deep and played the Santi role that’s why he’s got so many pre assists this season and is our top “chance” creator not “big chance” because he’s delivering from midfield to the edge of the box, not from the edge of the box into the… Read more »

Dr. kNOw

My honourable friend, you’ve articulated your case well, and I commend you. There is one problem. Not so much a chink in the armour per se; it’s more that the armour’s made of candy floss instead of metal… Özil’s shit. Shit, as in not putting in expected performances or numbers in keeping with any metric, be it wages, his status in the squad… even his social media following. You know what? Let’s swap the word ‘shit’ for ‘unproductive’ if you will. He’s been unproductive before the lockdown. He’s been unproductive before Arteta. He’s been unproductive before Ljungberg. He’s been unproductive… Read more »


When our honourable friend, as you put it (and I won’t argue with you), discusses stupid fans jumping to conclusions, believing whatever crap they’re served up by the media without any evidence, not using their eyes or brains, making things up, and so on, who do you think he/she is referring to? Anyone from this comments section come to mind? Anyone that you may be really familiar with? As familiar as is possible to be with someone – anyone?


Clearly you are jealous of that chink in the armor. Again another hate speech Without the support of the facts. Ozil’s Career and outstanding stats speak for itself. He will not be muddied by the stinky shit you are trying to throw his way.


Yeah but the media – the commentators, the analysts, and most importantly, TalkSport – say Ozil is a lazy waste of space, and that every defeat is his fault (just because he didn’t play in the defeat, it doesn’t give us the right to blame anyone or anything else). Are you going to believe highly informed and articulate people like Danny Murphy, Jamie Redknapp (literally), Jason Cundy, and Adrian Durham, or are you just going to sit there and use logic and believe facts?


As far as Ozil is concern, after this season he has one left on contract. We should be prepared to bench or loan him out if need be. We should be working this summer toward post Ozil if not already. Which is why I prefer to bring in someone like fekir from Betis who can link with Laca for a season or so and can provide us with another option out wide that can beat a player or two independently (Pepe is crap) PLUS he can play from a central position. Also in need is a deep lying player. Torreira… Read more »

Kartik Iyer

Pepe has scored 8 goals and 7 assists in his first season. A season which has been turbulent for the whole club with the managerial change possibly making it difficult for a new player to adapt. A season where he has not played too many games as well, being dropped to the bench a number of times. If that is shit, then you don’t know football. Don’t be quick to judge players. There are multiple reasons at play…a new surrounding, no rapport with your new team mates, difficulty fitting into the teams tactics, manager’s failure to utilize your strengths properly,… Read more »

Adelard Mongu

Every time le Coach let out a good player like Ozil, others players will be affected because they think in the future they will be in the same situation.
Coach Arteta don’t ignore Ozil who is the world cup Winner.
You kill Ozil, you kill yourself and you kill Arsenal.


We need defenders to man up and stop giving away stupid mistakes that always hurt us in more the just given up points it hurts the arsenal pride we need to be the arsenal of old where every other team were scared to play us we are nearly there that’s what hurts the most iv been a arsenal fan since I was I kid I’m now 27 I’ve seen the best teams in the world fall at Ower knees I miss them moments we need to be strong fight as a whole team and not individually with arteta at the… Read more »


Arteta is the problem. He keeps backing up these shit players when he’s got better options sitting right there on the bench. Luiz got a new contract because of him. Xhaka is in the club because of him, Lord knows what he sees in him any way. A midfield of Torreirra, Ceballos and Ozil or even Xhaka would have been way more functional and creative. Holding who should be in the squad is sat on the bench. He’s squad selection and in-game management honestly leave a lot to be desired. Our season is done. Don’t even see the point of… Read more »

Seby Pereira

Our Defensive work is just not happening right ,very very poor ,Why can’t Rob holding been given a chance along with Cedric ,drop Bellerin and play both Tierney and Saka !!!! Mustafi ,Luis and Kolasinac just not the RIGHT combination .


A bad result. But result aside, I see positives under Arteta management.

Honestly, with the players we have, Arteta has found ways, be it tactically or personal coaching, to improve players’ overall performance. Just compare it with Unai Emery and Arsene, and this is a remarkable transformation.

I see structure, hard work, and the players buying into what Arteta wants to do. And I think Arteta needs some experience coach with him on in-game management.

By the way, anyone knows where is Ljungberg? He is nowhere to be seen in the coaching team.


Freddie sits in the stands doing analysis.Desperately needs to tell Arteta Kolasinac unable to pass a football to a teammate.


Arteta has found new ways of losing games that should be easy to win lol
Indeed that’s a remarkable transformation. Oh and btw, please tell me what you are drinking, because I want to have your endless euphoric positivity.


Under Arteta, 12 wins, 6 draws, 5 defeats. On a points per game ratio, this would currently have us third in prem. THAT is where the improvement is.


Any wins against formidable opponents? As many fans here talk about “showing up in big games”
Plus, when Arteta took over Arsenal was 4th in the standings. Now it’s 9th. Great success indeed.


please always start holding over luiz and saka over Pepe then you see a great change.

Arseni Matemu

Arteta must be humbler and take the blame for not removing David Louis after he gifted Son with the goal. Its bad enough to have extended his contract but to play him against our fiercest adversary is unthinkable!

My brother

Ozil is being frozen out because he exposed the greed of the bosses when they asked for a pay cut and he asked them what they would do with the money. Now the players that took the pay cuts look like bigger fools because they will not see that money again the way they play and thinking of how it was tied to qualifying for Europe.. lol.. I think Ozil is the smart one here


100% you are correct. Ozil was smart by asking what they will do with the money. Billionaires trying to milk players. When they fail, they hire a team of trolls to smear the players not taking the cut. They pay the trolls with the money they get from The pandemic emergency relief assistance they received both from the US & UK governments.

Arthur Varghese

Gunners are goners now. Familiar defensive howlers, shitty passing & tackling by defenders. My God! How do you expect to compete? Get some steady players at the back & offload these baggages. Make no bones about this fact – Mustafi, Kolasinac, Luiz cannot play & win together consistently. Look at Leeds, Shef Utd, Pool, etc they are also playing high intensity,coping up with physical demands, few costly mistakes, keeping up the tempo, not giving up !


I don’t this Arteta wants to play with the back 3 to start with.. It’s obvious because of the type of players at his disposal. All this is to try & accommodate Luiz who’s only better in the back 3 and lack of real options in the midfield if we go for 4-3-3 formation. We were not suppose to give him the contract in the first place.
Sell – Sokratis, Ozil, Elneny, Mikhy, Sead, Chambers/Holding..
Bring in
Dayot Upamenaco
Thomas Partey
Donny Van Beek
Willian – free
Sarr – free (CB/LB)
Cebalos – (Loan option to buy)


Is indeed horrible display by Kola in that Game, I hope Arteta would get rid of him next month. And for Pepe, I think he’s fucking waste of resources as he nearly cost us a goal before kola infield pass, Pepe really need to learn how to take responsibility.


Can we please pass the ball a bit quicker and in forward direction rather than going sideways and backwards.

Cultured Determination

1) we have shit CBs so we put 3 shit CBs instead of 2 hoping they cover each other up 2) we lose an extra man in midfield, which can carry the ball from DM to CM, and allow the CM to run into AM position to create a front 4 + 2 wing backs during attacks. 3) we play kolasinac instead of holding so that he can be the third guy on the left flank so that we can triple up/ quadruple/quintuple up to have auba/saka/xhaka/kola/tierny. that’s left flank overload. 4) Kola’s strength is not defending or passing. it’s… Read more »

Cultured Determination

we’ve all met our ozils before. he’s the guy who’s serving his notice period in the company- doesnt give a shiet about things, malingers and becomes toxic to the company. so ozil just sits down on his ass and collects his $350k, does shit so he doesnt have to work before going off into the sunset of USA, where he’ll find another sucker team,and put in shit effort for high pay again. no thanks to gazidas, who failed to see that the lazy AM role (Deco/Riquelme/ Aimar) sort of role had already left the modern game and geganpress had already… Read more »

North Bank Gooner

Think it’s time to pay Ozil off, not good for the club to have him around for another 18mths. He has a contract, and has made it clear he is happy to run it down and play Fortnite not football. I worry about the effect on the younger players being around that toxicity. I don’t think he is motivated to move to any club he hasn’t chosen, so a loan looks unlikely, no matter how much of his wages we pay. We have a very exciting group of young players, Arteta is only in his first season as a manager… Read more »

mlh Worcester gunner

Hi let’s get one thing clear our defeat to spurs was all our own fault to bad mistakes defensively. Luis is a liability .makes to manybmidtskes and how can you have a player 5ft 10 marking someone 6ft 3 on a corner that’s bad management. getting to ozil he was a great player but he’s just taking the money as arteta doesn’t like him if I was him I would do the same it’s a no brainer for him . we sre building a young team plenty of positives with the youngsters .once our centre half pairing is correct we… Read more »

Public Elneny

For those still defending Ozil, how do you view Gareth Bale’s situation at R Madrid?

Not saying their situations are identical, but they share a lot of similarities.


Arteta should demand for more players if not we are still in trouble.


It’s so boring hearing all the Ozil crap… How can we be complaining about Ozil?? Here we have a walking timebomb in the name of David Luiz who doesn’t have a clue about defending. Everything he does on the pitch is almost wrong. Sometimes I wonder if he is the one paying arsenal to play. Have been thinking, if they could renew Luiz contract how on Earth is Aaron Ramsey still not here…? Ozil as a defender would have been better than Luiz, even in is worst game Ozil doesn’t lose is passes.

Dave Roberts

Ozil hasn’t made a tackle since he arrived here.


The man is talking about Luiz and you are still stuck on Ozil. You can’t help puke hatred because he is an easy target because of your xenophobia. Plus check the stats, among all number 10s in the sport, Ozil has made more tackles and defensive runs than any of them. He also has covered more ground than 90% of all professional footballers (not just number 10s) out there.

Dave Roberts

Ozil played impressively on the left when he was sandwiched between Santi Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez. Ever since they both left the team in 16/17, he’s been sub-par.


I hope to fuck he is on a play to get paid contract, the idea of him hoovering up £350k a week while playing fortnite drives me mad


The. You can only be mad at Ozil if he is called upon and he refuses to play. You can’t be mad at him if the management tells the coach not to pick him. You need to direct your anger to Kroenkes not at Ozil.
If you are mad at Ozil’s situation you should go bonkers about Luiz’s contract. For some reason you are okay with that.


“while Mustafi rediscovered his inner Mustafi and Mustafied his way through the final stages of the game.” Another Blogs Classic. ?


I really don’t understand Arteta, a great football player with huge managerial potential so why the hell does he always Holding. Holding is by far the worst defender in the entire league so why do we have Gabriel on the bench and Saliba not in the squad…… Also Bernd Leno is not a patch on Martinez, again tonight, both goals would have been easily saved. It makes you think, why Leno, why Holding, is their something we don’t know, someone please let us know…..

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