Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Arteta: Players want to join ‘attractive’ Arsenal

Arsenal’s season has three more games still to play, and after Saturday night’s heroics in the 2-0 win over Man City, our final game will be an FA Cup final against Chelsea.

After that, the focus will turn to the transfer market and how we start to rebuild the squad.

As a club we’ve suffered a bit in recent seasons, there has been an obvious decline in our Premier League performance, but Mikel Arteta is still convinced this is a place good players want to come.

And he’s not in the mood to spend time on those who are not completely ready to make the leap to North London.

“I don’t think we should bring players that need a lot of convincing,” said the boss.

“The feeling I get when I talk to a lot of people is that the players still want to come to the club because of the history, the way we do things, our values, the fans we have, our stadium.

“That’s a really attractive thing, that’s my feeling.”

Having masterminded a win over his old boss, Pep Guardiola, the 38 year old now has his sights set on a trophy and success in his first season.

“For me it is a huge win because our obligation with this club is to fight for silverware, to be with the top teams,” he said.

“We have reached the final. I put that pressure on myself – to beat the best team in the country is great.”

Check out today’s Arseblog: Arsenal 2-0 Man City: Gunners show mettle and quality to reach FA Cup final

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Forty nine'

Still buzzing!!!
Buzzing in advance cos we’ll win the FA Cup.

Swedish gooner

Why are there no comments yet? I always look forward to reading the opinions of fellow gooners. What are their thoughts about this? What is the general feel around the actual article? Are we positive or negative? Bring on the comments people!!

Btw I love how Arteta conducts himself expresses himself. I would also love it if Özil would fight his way back into the matchday squad but if he isn’t up for it… thanks for the memories and bye bye!

Dublin Gunner

Would be a great finish to the most tumultuous season in our history. I’m already buzzing for next season with this guy in charge.

Charles MMM

Good and keeps getting better.

Matt Leno

well with our form how could arsenal possibly lose.it is like it is impossible.as an arsenal fan i am really happy we will win the fa final 3-1 against chelsea.arsenal means courage and winning history and attacking well.


I really think a lot of quality players can see a huge potential in Arteta and his project. Only thing they need convincing of (besides their paycheck of course) is if the club can back the ambitions financially.


A proper coach. He’ll make a few mistakes, but he’ll learn quickly. With some backing Arteta will become one of our best ever coaches. Arsene knew he had what it took.

SB Still

Ofcourse, we The Arsenal.

However, in all seriousness, a couple of good signings one each in midfield and defence, of quality to be in starting XI every week, will be the kind of window we need. Auba extending, plus a Martinelli type (not necessarily a striker), will be a good window.


That would be an exceptional window


I think we’ll have a battle for starting spots in defense next year. Imperfect to be sure, but numbers, new talent, coaching, and genuine competition will make a difference. 1 really good signing in addition to Ceballos would be huge in midfield.

We have a great front line. Pepe will have acclimated. Tierney and Cedric are still new bWe have great youth in midfield and forward. One great or two decent midfield signings would make a huge difference. Bang for the buck is midfield, I think.


I think the names of players we’ve (allegedly) been linked with recently do give me some confidence that we’re looking in the right places. Players like Depay, Aouar, Partey and Upamecano all seem to fit the bill, in terms of what we are likely going to be able to afford financially, our current standing as a club, and how we are moving towards the future. We need players just before or entering their primes who are motivated to gain success, rather than have it handed to them, and we most certainly cannot be relying on aging players as stopgaps any… Read more »


Alright you twisted my arm, ill sign <3


He certainly will help himself if we can finish in Europa league spot and with an FA cup. We flatter to deceive in the league positions where improvements have not translated to concrete results punching higher. And whilst we have won two big matches recently, we need to be sanguine and temper our enthusiasm with the fact we still struggle to find a way through against lesser opponents who also park the mini bus in front of us. So work in progress. BUT considering potential tightening of purse strings if we do not get into europe, we will need to… Read more »

Niall Shannon

He still calls City the best team in the country after the season Liverpool have had.

Interesting. Not surprising though since he was so heavily involved in with City before coming here.


He’s just showing Pep some respect. He had already described Liverpool as being far above Arsenal in quality after that game.


Not to take anything away from Liverpool, but City are perhaps just one Kompany/VVD away from them. With the momentum, resources and the spine that Liverpool and City have they will dominate the next 2-3 years and Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd will be trying for the other two spots in top 4 while trying to blood their young. The crystal ball also tells me that Spurs will go into administration soon and Dele Alli will work as a valet.

Alan Whiteman

Well he did beat liverpool as well


We are going to be solid next season if we do three signing center back and midfielder


Ozil off the books, Aub on. Santi back for a final season? Silva from city on a free? Saliba for 30 mil will be our final CB surely and i think we are done with that. I can imagine Sokratis going out the door? 20+mil? If Aub leaves we are going to have to push really hard for a striker, any ideas? Ceb year loan with fixed price option to buy i hope. Guendouzi can get us 40+ mil. Miki and Elneny could get us a further 15 mil? Thats around 600k a week wages off the books in total.… Read more »


That looks like a mess. U can’t change too much. Auba is irreplaceable, we pray he stays. If he does all we need is one (maximum two) signings in addition to keeping Ceballos. That is the realistic target. Quality is better than quantity. Also we need to offload some of the CBs.


I think we need to focus on getting rid of some of the deadwood/disruptive players. Ozil, Guendouzi, Elneny, Mkhi, Sokratis can/should all go.

Mustafi and Auba new contracts, Ceballos loan extension. Then Partey and Sarr or another CB would be great.


Just now read this after posting my comment above. I think this is about right. We still need to figure out what to do about Kola and Chambers too.


I don’t think what SMU suggests is too much change. Putting aside the nonsense about Silva and Cazorla – those moves are just not likely to happen – he’s got Ozil, Sokratis, Miki, Guendouzi, and Elneny moving on. They are not part of the current set up so I don’t see their departure having an impact on the squad. The savings though are significant and I think a good use of those funds are a raise for Auba, a loan fee for Ceballos, the rest of Saliba’s salary [as I suspect that we are subsidising his wages this season] and… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

Also you need to consider that if we don’t make Europa (hopefully we will!) we don’t really need anywhere near as much depth as we’ll play once a week for most of the season. If we can reduce the wage bill, keep Dani and Aubameyang and then add one genuine improvement to the squad, that’s a success


Yes, this is a good point, but we of course are going to win the FA Cup so we will need the depth to play twice a week!


Just a bit ambitious on those numbers. Sokratis will bring in less than £5 million if we can even get rid (he wants to stay) Mikihitaryan I remember reading we already let him out of his contract early for a buyout fee that was minimal. Guendouzi post Covid will be £25 million or less. I’m guessing a swap for a player Arteta wants with no fee. Elneny will probably go out on loan again. Santi, as much as I’d love it, I just can’t see him returning to us as a player. I think at most we sign two players… Read more »


Agreed, but the big benefit is getting the wages off the books. If we could manage to move on these guys, we could save 500+ per week.


My manager


Wait!?! We beat ourselves again! Its hard being the best team in the country!


Big names for big money. Coutinho, William, Partey, any other obvious names? This is not great sign. Not that people will understand that. If you ask Benrahma to come to Arsenal, ofcourse he’d come even if we are out of EL (Sadly this club will never make transfer like that). Ofc 27-30 year old will come for 200K a week, thats not an achievement.

Marokhaya Samb

We need 3 new signings:a center back in Upamecano, defensive midfielder I’m Partey and an attacking midfielder in coutinho or Nabil Fekir.
Let’s keep our forward line intact with Auba, Lava and Martinelli.


Blogs this is my doubt. I don’t know the details of transfer dealings. Suppose if some clubs is ready to offer ozil around 150k a week and we can get around 10 mil for him as transfer fees, can we give ozil the 10 mil as compensation for the wages he is losing. If it happens, if I’m correct we still save around 17 mil next year in his wages. All parties are happy new club gets ozil for minimum money, ozil gets his wages for next year and we get to save his wages. As long as the situation… Read more »


My bet is we will give him away for free or loan.
A club will prob offer to pay him 150k a week (max) and we will end up with the final 200k for a year.
Still a win at this point

Spanish Gooner

I think there’s a decent chance he might go to Turkey. Istanbul Basaksehir (Erdogan’s – Ozil’s best man – personal football project) just won the Turkish league and so will be in the Champions League and could be ready for a Marquee signing. Ozil could go there on loan with us covering half his wages, then sign as a free transfer in 2021


So in summary, looking at the players we currently have and players we need to sell or allow to leave as well as incoming transfers. We only have to look at the games like the Man City, Brighton and Spurs to see what has failed us in recent seasons. Not just post lock down have we had games like these. Through the last 15 or so seasons our form is dotted with these types of performances. In these games we lost either down to a laps in concentration, not having the mentality or confidence to win or because the out… Read more »

Teryima Adi

I love the translation of the Latin.


Isn’t Cazorla out of contract now?

Spanish Gooner

He’s arranged a move to Al-Sadd in Saudi Arabia

Dean Walker

What a week!!!!!I’ve gone from desperately wanting the season to end, to wishing it doesn’t, loving the energy Arteta has brought to club, it’s only when you travel around the world you realise how massive a club like Arsenal is, the problem isn’t attracting players, but the ambition of the board and owners to back Arteta and get the right players in, this summer transfer window will tell us all we need to know about weather the owners want us competing for top honours or happy to settle for mid table mediocrity


I feel for the Ozil fanboys. They vilified Unai Emery and would have done the same to Freddie Ljunberg given time. Now that Mikel Arteta is handing out the exact same treatment to Ozil (coincidence?) they’re keeping quiet. Not much to say, is there lads?

Teryima Adi

Ozil is earning his pension in North London. End of story

Teryima Adi

“To beat the best team in the country is great.” I like the sound of that. Let the Renaissance continue. ?

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