Arteta: Win gives us a lift and momentum


Mikel Arteta praised Arsenal’s fighting spirit after watching his side overcome Wolves 2-0 at Molineux.

A third consecutive Premier League, secured courtesy of goals by Bukayo Saka and substitute Alex Lacazette, moves the Gunners up to seventh in the table as the quest to secure a place in Europe continues.

After the game, the boss spoke to Sky Sports. Here’s what he had to say…

On his side’s performance…

I am delighted with the performance because of the shift the players put in, the energy that we played, they fight for every single ball from the first minute to the last minute…every player that touched that grass. That’s what we’re demanding. There were a few moments where we had some really good moments in play – the goals that we scored were really good – and there are moments that we have to improve – how we manage games and how we dictate the game better, mostly in the second half – but we will get there. At least the spirit and how everybody approaches the game, they go full gas to every ball.

On a big week for Saka…

He had a difficult first half in that position that I asked him to play. He struggled a little bit but he found the right moment and that’s what he can do every time he’s in the box. He’s a very dangerous player, he got rewarded with the goal, he didn’t put his head down, he kept working and he helped the team to win the points.

On the quality of his goal…

It was a really difficult finish. I haven’t seen it on TV but it was a really good action from the team and a very important goal.

On how he felt his side coped with Traore…

We knew that there were going to be moments where we were fatigued. They’ve been training for seven days and we’ve played two games. It’s a little bit awkward. We knew the energy level was going to drop and that we were going to have to defend deeper. We had a plan to avoid, as much as possible, their strengths. I think for large periods of the game, we defended really well.

On closing the gap on Wolves…

It gives us a lift, it gives us momentum. It’s four wins in a row, which is not easy to do with all the circumstances and the situations that we have had. We will try to recover and go again on Tuesday against Leicester at home and try to win again. That’s all we can do.

On the turnaround in the last two weeks…

This team is alive. And if they are going to be alive, they need to enjoy to suffer together. If they are able to do that, good things will come.

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Loving his attitude towards a better togetherness in the team, something we have lacked for ages

VAR will solve the problem

Feeling really really good after a long long time. First time I am hopeful after the whole COVID 19 thingy started. Thanks for the lift, Mikel!

Lady Gooner

Gosh I’m in love with the man. What a performance!!!And Arteta is growing with his team, the last few games he has got his subs spot on. That has been something to watch about him that we weren’t certain with but his subs are doing exactly what is required and contributing and changing games. Willock was immense, AMN, didn’t even know he can play on that side. Had Adama in his pocket. I was screaming no when Arteta took KT off, glad to have been wrong.So pleased for Laca too. Saka, wasn’t at the races today and had difficulty on… Read more »

Teryima Adi

Credit to the coach for a professional performance. The boys did great, too.

Naked Cygan

Great win, much better performance, but we got lucky with Wolves missing that golden chance. Still need to fix the silly lack in concentration and giving away the ball to the opponent. They put zero pressure on us and we were still passing them ball. Still 3 points, great day for SakaLaca.


You’re getting a lot thumbs down for daring to speak the truth about the defence. Kudos to you. People are frigging themselves this morning over Mustafi, but yet again yesterday he was giving the ball away unnecessarily and making long passes to no one in particular. Textbook Mustafi, in other words.

Vaibhav Pandey

Bottom line “This team is alive. And if they are going to be alive, they need to enjoy to suffer together. If they are able to do that, good things will come.” he will take us to where we belong!!

Kanu Believe It

He seems to be micromanaging all stages of the game, with not a lot of autonomy given to the players.

Exactly what this lot needs. Crack on, lad.

Dave cee

I bloody hope his Barca DNA doesn’t get tested anytime soon. This is the manager I’ve been yearning for.

Public Elneny

I do hope not, Xavi is the former player they seem to be lining up to take over

Also the way they are being run, they might find themselves as a Europa League club sooner or later!


I’m reserving judgement until we’ve played the top sides. This FA Cup Semi Final for one.

Nick Proctor

Arteta is such a good communicator – he chooses his words with precision and, as a result, he is instilling belief in his players, the club and the fans. This has been a good week, but he is only six or seven months into his tenure and there will be much more to come. Well done to him and the team.

Ashburton Red

What a guy


Keep chipping away. Every game a final. We have 3 successive clean sheets with the back 3, I’d be wary of changing players too much bar fitness. Midfield as well seems more coordinated with granit and recent Ceballos revival. Torreira availability an additional boost and Willock continues to impress. We need to go over Leicester (which we can) then Spurs (which we must) and Liverpool (which may happen given they have taken the foot off the peddle) Then two ‘easier’ games we cannot take for granted but if we get those 3 wins, the remainder will come with some light… Read more »


Hopefully a favourable outcome with Burnley Sheffield tomorrow then its in our control with Wolves 3 points adrift now and United to hunt.

We need to show the hunger and threat to claw them back. Not far with 6 pivotal matches. Players can still make something for us of this season allow us to finish with some extra clout for Arteta to work with in window.

and of course a bit of a hard task but FA cup semis with City beckon. If we can get past them…

Reality check

“suffer together” that’s Wengerish

Surya rantonika

The way things are going at the moment remind me of liverpool team during the first period of klopp. He was being called to manage the team during mid season. Just like mikel did. And the team performance are similar to them as well. Some good performance and some not. Some truly incredible show some are stupid error. But bit by bit they will find consistency. Thats because the clear core idea of the system they play. And how good is mikel show what he demand from every single personnel of the club. Not only the player. I think he… Read more »