Sunday, July 3, 2022

Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea – FA Cup final player ratings

Arsenal ended the season on a massive high with a record 14th FA Cup win. Despite going behind early on to Christian Pulisic, the Gunners rallied and equalised through the spot from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The captain was the match winner too, bamboozling Kurt Zouma to score a delicious chipped winner, and Chelsea ended with 9 men after Kovacic was sent off and Pedro went off injured in the dying stages.

Another season of ratings is over, thank you all for being here, and enjoy your evening Gooners. We deserve this.

Read the Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea report and see the goal here

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Emi Martinez. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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I will make it easy. Everyone 10 and Auba 11. Special rating for Arteta as well


Special shout out to Martinez,Pepe and Ceballos as well. I hope, we will be able to convince him to get at least one more year on loan

Johnny 4 Hats

God you must just want to kill yourself if you support Sp*rs.

We play shit all season. We are at our lowest ebb. We’ve had a stupidly catastrophic season.

But we just can’t help but win silverware. We almost do it without thinking. Big club mentality some will say. I just think it’s because they’re a bunch of cunts and we aren’t.

David C

Haha, I hadn’t even thought about Spuds. Wish Wolves finished ahead of them so we knocked Spuds out of a Europa spot!

Love to all!!!

It was my son’s 5th birthday today. What a celebration in my house.


Congrats, your son won’t be forgetting his 5th birthday anytime soon! Ice creams all around!

Artetas Assistant

Happy birthday to that young gunner. Teach him early


Happy birthday to the young man, he’s not gonna forget his 5th birthday anytime soon. My son will be 2 in October, he’s a gooner, he just doesn’t know it yet lol.


That’ll be the lad you’ve just rechristened Pierre Emi Pepe Dani


unfortunately, Spurs finished above Wolves on goal difference. Our win knocked Wolves out that Europa spot. Hopefully Wolves win the Europa League this year however and qualify for the CL next season.




This is delicious.

“Arsenal and Leicester will enter the Europa League at the group stages, scheduled to begin on October 22. 

Spurs will enter in the second qualifying round on September 17 and must play three one-off games to reach the group stages.”

Even when they finish above us they are still in our fucking shadow.

Runcorn Gooner

Will probably have to play on a park pitch in Liechtenstein or San Marino. Enjoy


Or better still the Faroe Islands

Non-flying dutchman

Hope not… those places are relatively nice and near. Arse end of Kazakhstan is what you really want

Artetas Assistant

Damn This is funny as hell. Read it in your voice and I’ve never even heard you speak


I think Sp*rs now have to go into the qualifying rounds as well don’t they?


Yes, against teams like FC Nobody from Narnia and the Hogwarts quidditch squad.


I read the last sentence in the voice of Sandor Clegane and I damned near pissed m’self 🙂

Marcus Reid

Smelly cunts too.


Your comment is has good as winning the trophy

High gooner

I thought Pepe had an excellent game. His willingness to defend has been superb since Mikel took over and today he looked good on the ball too. Lets not forget he is only 24 (I think) and also, lets not forget this was his first season. I really believe he can be really really reallly good next year

Cultured Determination

Yup i especially liked it when he drifted centrally and took that ruled out goal. He should really be making much more central runs in games and focus on delivering crosses and getting into shooting poaitions. He should definitwly take corners too

Timorous Me

It definitely seems like he’s been making that inside move more and more since Arteta took over, which makes it seem like there’s actual teaching and learning going on. So many of these players have become better players in such a short time!

Speaking of Pepe specifically, though, I’ve felt like he’s been quite an impactful player since the restart, even though he still has been isolated too much and not gotten great service. Just another aspect that gives me added hope for next season.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Yeeees, he convinced difficult clients like myself. Watched an interview of him with a french TV. He said his first wasn’t good enough which a great attitude to have.

Greg in Seattle

I can’t always tell if Pepe’s sometimes wacky movement and dribbling and decision making is to good effect, but damn if he isn’t always looking like he’s capable of doing something crazy dangerous. Dude just isn’t afraid to try shit. I have to think it’s unnerving to defend against him. Give him another season under Arteta and he could be ridiculous.

Artetas Assistant

Well said GIS! Pepe is morherfucking dangerous, he could just as easily curl that far post cross into your far post and when he’s playing from 7, he can bamboozle defenders at speed and easily able to fashion a direct shot at post . We’ve not seen the last of left forward Pepe.

Frank Bascombe

Well said High Gooner.


i’m not a massive fan generally but he was superb today -our best player for me. welldone to him, and all


Pepe is 25 — but the good news is that his 26th birthday is next May, until which point he will still remain 25 because that is how ages work at Arsenal 🙂

Spurs hart

Spuds fan down voting. Always in our shadow. Cunts


That’s our Arsenal! I effing love you!


Where is Sokratis’ rating? Made a huge difference at the end…


So happy for him that he came on. It’s clear that Arteta doesn’t rate him because his passing doesn’t suit his build up play but the fact that he’s on the bench every time and came on today show you that he’s acting professionally.

Public Elneny
Maul Person



Don’t forget this means the spuds will have to start their new season in 19 days for some lovely Europa League qualifiers in the middle east.
Enjoy that one! Ahaha


Shouldn’t they wait to see if they have even qualified? ?
Just imagine if Wolves go on to lift the trophy which will bump Blue London scum into Europa and the Spuds out of it altogether.

Come on you Wolves

A Different George

I don’t think Chelsea can be knocked out of the Champions League. Wolves would be fifth English team. I am not sure what that would mean for Spurs in Europa; there may be a limit of seven in Europe (both competitions combined) from one country. I hope so.

Spurs hater

No they have qualified regardless. If wolves win Europa they go in to champions league, Arsenal, spuds and Leicester in Europa either way. But wtf we won the cup!!!


Ha ha! Cake meet icing.
I make it 4543 days since they last won a single thing. Feb 2008. The first iPhone 1 had just been released.
Get back in the shadow fuckheads!!


That was the Carling Cup – not sure that counts? Surely it’s their FA Cup win back in the early 80s?


Auba, Auba, I’m begging. Stay by our side forevermore.


Yes, no sense starting over. Stay where you are already a legend!!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

His agent must have received hundred calls after the game already. Hope Vinai and Raul will go to his house like they did for Arteta.

Mentally Drained Gooner

Mikel is a proper proper tactician!! He’s getting my hopes too high. But loving every bit of it.


Beginning of great things with Arteta at the helm


Pepe deserves more too what a game he had today

A make A great A

Auba stays…surely he’ll want a do over with the trophy handling! no?


Bloody brilliant result! I’d throw in another bonus rating for some decent referring for a change!

Forest gooner

What a turnaround for Xhaka! I m in tears.


Missed the game due to the birth of my son (not allowed call him pierre already asked) ? what a day, what a day, what a fucking day ?




Thanks mate ?


Double congratulations! What about Mikel? Or Dani?…


Much would depend on the last name, maybe Mesut would fit him best 😀






And congratulations!


I think Anthony might not be a bad idea.

Merlin’s Panini

What about Mikel? 🙂


Well done. Try Emerick?


Cheat… Go for Michael Peter Martin

Merson's Grin

What about Emerick?


You can’t call him Pierre so Pierre-Emerick is still an option right?


Mate, just put a comment down below, it is my adopted daughters 1st birthday today and what a day! Big congrats on your amazing news ? So happy right now and I get the sense you are too! Big love gooners ❤

Artetas Assistant

Love to that young goonerette from the entirety of Arsenal clan !❤️???

Pepe's Right Foot

Congratulations to you PGunner and OnlyBeingHonest. This really has been a special day for us Gooners ???


Congratulations ?


Congratulations, man! What a wonderful day it must have been! Arsenal winning must a nice cherry on top ?

Artetas Assistant

Congratufuckinglations ?????


Congratulations, is Mikel an option?


We’ve got a son, we call him Pierre,
I don’t think you understand…

You’d better watch out, his name you should shout, 
His name is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyyyyyyyyyyyyyang.


Emi? Pepe? Dani?


Missus has to like one of those…. else it’s has to be Miki


Call him Michael but pronounce it Mikel haha

Spurs hater

Your son has only known arsenal winning!


Oh, your wife’s more of an “Emerick” fan?


My daughter (now 1½) has Victoria as her middle name. It’s also significant for some other obscure reason, but who cares. Congratulations on your son, sir!


Call him Pierre-Emerick or you’re dead to all of us


Am just happy


Worked their nuts off. Totally deserved. Back Arteta and we could go places. Over to you stan.


Martinez Auba Luiz and Ceballos deserves 10

Just hope we make correct signings next season and keep Auba for next 3 years

Next match in 28 days


Bonus Rating: VAR 10/10

Made correct decisions and did not overcomplicate things. Why did the commentator keep talking about Bellerin potentially fouling a Chelsea player in buildup to 2nd goal?

Maul Person

Because he’s an idiot.


Like when they went on about Martinez. A correct decision was made, and quickly. No drama.


They didn’t on the BBC… He was Tackled.


On the ESPN feed Craig Burley claimed “Bellerin kneed the Chelsea defender in the back on purpose”

The anti-Arsenal bias is real

A make A great A

He may be biased, he also predicted Chelsea win, but I’m also biased…to him, fucking love that guy, he can do no wrong in my book!


He did play for them but haha burley is gutted up the gunners


Burley is so anti arsenal his bias is sickening.


burley is a footballing nothing. More to be pitied than blamed. And when I say pitied, I mean laughed at in the street.


I’m rather thankful for VAR not interfering with the game too much as we might have lost out on some key decisions…


Gee, I wonder what Mike Dean would have done…


He would have fist pumped himself dizzy over the Chelsea goal, given Aubameyang a yellow for being manhandled in the box and disallowed his second goal, never inte a million years have sent off Kovacic, given Chelsea 10 penalties, sent off Arteta, stomped Tierney on the foot and hoofed Pepe in the balls for being too good before blowing his whistle at 89 minutes so he could join Chelsea in their celebrations.

Fist pumps and selfies with Lampard and the boys galore!


anyone else think Pepe looked incredible today? best game for him in an arsenal shirt…COYG!!!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

That goal where there was an offside! Next season will be great.


No rating for Sokratis?


Sokratis should get an FA Cup 8, when they were all collecting their winner’s medals, he handed them out to the younger squad players to make sure they got one even though there wasn’t one left for him. Class


Noticed that Because Martinelli picked up one


I assume the rest of the squad gets them sent or got them at a later point yesterday, won’t they?
Anyway, an amazing gesture.


He’s a 10 just for realising they were short on medals, immediately handing them to everyone else and leaving himself empty handed.


bloody brilliant

Forest gooner

Bit harsh on Sokratis though.


Arteta: 10/10
Inspired our players to win back the game and the trophy!


Leno will spend 10 years mopping up Emis tears

Naked Cygan

Great day for us, great performance, we got a bit lucky with the injuries to Chelsea, but overall well deserved victory. Now we just need Abu to sign the contract so we can properly celebrate.

T. House

Everyone 10/10 for being Cup Winners.


Luiz is a big mystery. You never know which one will show but luckily, we got better Luiz in Semi and today


Some days it’s Bob, others it’s Cecil.

Timorous Me

It’s crazy to think but I don’t know if we would be in this position today if not for what seemed like the bonkers contract extension for Luiz. Massive against City in the semifinal and really solid today. Especially important considering the injury situation.

One more reason why I’m so glad the sport returned even when so many were against it–the ability to surprise, to keep all of us on our toes, for goats to become heroes in 90 minutes against all odds.


Extra points for Niles for being fucking excellent in the 5 minutes after their goal. That takes balls especially from a guy some would consider lucky to start. Hope we keep him.

Blogs love of Tierney and new found love of Ceballos always makes me happy too. Come on the fucking lads.

A make A great A

Look’s like Arteta has put Auba in Pepe’s gps…now he moves with more confidence and direction…he has the shaprpest and quickest cut in on his left, with a world class inside foot curl.

Artetas Assistant



Emi shows what it means to be a real Gooner !!! Tierney Auba Pepe AMN Ceballos were superb but Emi restored my faith in the world of football today ! Love Leno but Emi ???? One of our very own !!!

A make A great A

This calls for the most emotional decision ever…who will it be, I feel like there is no right choice here!?


Blogs you have a heart of steel. Emi’s tears brought out my tears. How can we not keep him now?!

Monsieur Bellerin

11/10 Arteta with a yellow card. My manager. ” ‘He’ wore a yellow ribbon…”


Soooo HAPPY about winning the cup
Abu to sign and a few new additions would be the perfect tonic
Roll on next season cant wait to see what it brings


The ratings don’t go to 14?

Armchair Expert

Is Anthony Taylor secretly an Arsenal fan? ?

Also, this means that Spuds now have have to play 3 extra games to qualify for Europa league!! Hahaha ?


if he is, then his utter cluster fuck against us vs Aston Villas on first game of the season a few years back, to get us all hatin,g him wad a master class….


… I may be a little drunk….

Spurs hater

Me too

Skinny Ricky

Don’t forget Sokratis – 10!


Great performance in terms of effort. Some quiet strong performances.

Hoping players can improve and we sign and sell the right players.

Didn’t know now spurs have to play qualifiers for Europa#sweeeet


11 for Auba. Btw Chris Sutton insisted Auba dived for that penalty. Yet you don’t hear complaints when other teams dived against us. SMH

Giuseppe Hovno

Yeah but who the fuck is chris sutton


Chris Sutton can kindly go f**k himself


That’s serious shit. I thought it should have been a red card on the little twat. Auba was past him going on goal when he grabbed him he second time.


I was listening to the game as I was driving and I’m was so pissed off the that whiny prick that he made me switch over to Talk Shite. The first words on I heard on that were Stuart Pearce saying definite penalty!!

A Different George

I thought it was pretty clear that Azpulicuetta, experienced defender as he is, was trying desperately to concede the free kick and yellow card by bringing Auba down before he reached the area, including by pulling his shirt (down low–as I said, an experienced defender). And pretty clear that the contact continued into the box, so a completely justified penalty. At first I thought it should also be a red card because it denied a goal-scoring opportunity with no attempt to play the ball, but watching it again immediately after it was clear that Rudiger (I think) was coming back… Read more »


Rudiger was only close because Auba had been slowed down by the fouling which started 10 yards outside the area. That was the closest their defence got to Auba all game long.


Luiz would certainly (as history shows!) been shown a red.


Very nice of the boss to give Kola and Sokratis a run-out in their final games with the club…I mean, that’s how I saw it, no?

Artetas Assistant



Even more enjoyable when you recall the perpetual losers along the road had the cheek to celebrate finishing sixth as if it were a trophy. Such small people

Martin Nelly

No rating for papa?


Fuck player ratings!!! 10 out of 10 for everyone!!! Chelsea were the better side for the first 15 minutes, then we took over and bossed it. The hilarious thing about this game was that everything that could go wrong for the Chavs DID go wrong! First they lost their captain to a hammy, then their best player on the day went in the same way, then the ref outrageously sent of Kovacic for a nothing tackle. I couldn’t stop laughing!! I was watching the game on the BBC and that twat Ashley Cole made it clear who he wanted to… Read more »


Another year with Maureen! BAH!


What did spurs win this season? Are you kidding me?! The same thing they have won and will win every season!


It’s almost as if we slipped them St Totteringham’s Day by stealth.


I think giving Aubameyang what he wants would be signings that help us get back into the Champions League. DO IT ARSENAL

Chippy Brady

Emi fuckin excellent. Bellerin won the game with that drive forward. Luiz solid. Tierney I’m falling in love. Holding tackled hard committed. Niles workhorse. Dani technical ability above everyone else. Xhaka what a redemption. Pepe best on the park. Laca worked so hard loves the arse. Auba GOD

Artetas Assistant

Yeah, Hector is so important, people don’t seem to see he’s basically our attacking midfielder.

Artetas Assistant

After Laca


How bout Pepe, Dani and Tierney besides the obvious Auba though! Arteta deserves a second trophy for steering this ship the right direction. Come on you Arsenal!


Gave em all a 10. Boys deserve it. COYG


What a dreadful ref. If you’re Chelsea! But fuck em!

Well done lads! Champions once again!

Merlin’s Panini

Emi is the biggest and best number two ever!


So much so, that he’s #1.

Merlin's Panini

It did take 10 years to come out so now wonder I guess.


Best number two? Sure.

Biggest? I’m gonna have to give that one to Matt Macey I’m afraid. He was towering over everyone during the celebrations afterwards. Never really noticed before. The guy’s a beast.


Nicolas Pepe, god damn! His technique, speed and dribbling constantly put them on the back foot after Chelsea’s hot start.

Very special player and he’s gonna be huge for this club

Artetas Assistant

Immense that is




It was my adopted daughters first birthday today and what a day! She is getting a new Arsenal onesie every year until we don’t win the FA cup again, cos that is our fucking trophy man!!! Yes Arsenal, yes Mikel, yes Emi, Yes Pierre-Emerik and yes alllll gooners around the world, I love you ❤


xhaka and holding conceded possession too easily. evreryone else played well


This was a fitting end to this season. Well deserved and what a transformation, thanks Mikel. Whole team played well so you could mention anyone. But Pepe really has some silky skills, hope to see more of him next season and props to Xhaka, didn´t think I would say that.


Thanks for all your coverage this season and before Blogs


That was worth staying up until 6:00a for. Please stay Auba! ?⚪️

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