Sunday, July 3, 2022

Arsenal win the FA Cup – the players react on social media

After a difficult and torturously long season, Arsenal’s first team squad were unsurprisingly ecstatic to round things off with silverware at Wembley.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang did the damage as we overcame Chelsea 2-1; a brace from our number 14 sealing our 14th success in the FA Cup.

Played out in front of 90,000 empty seats, the players had to make their own fun when the full time whistle went. The captain’s hilariously calamitous attempt to lift the trophy set the tone and the fun continued into the dressing room, onto the team bus and beyond.

Here’s a round-up of some of the best bits from their social channels.

Read today’s Arseblog: ARSENAL 2-1 CHELSEA: NUMBER 14 WINS NUMBER 14

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Brilliant pictures and words. I’m especially pleased for Arteta, he’s done a superb job since coming in.

One of the best things to happen (aside from the cup win) is that a sense of togetherness that has been missing between the fans, players & club seems to be coming back. I have to admit being disenfranchised for a while after over 35 years supporting the club but my love has never gone and I really feel that we are seeing the dawning of something special again at the club,

North London is red.

Scott P

All of London is red!


Kudos to every arsenal fan who hung by their superstitious way’s so that arsenal could with the trophy. I wanked 4 times in a day since we lost at baku when i wanked only thrice. I remember wanking 4 times in 14,15,17.

Cygans Parting

In that case thank you very much for your telling contribution.
The club should hear about your sacrifice and a statue should erected in your honour!!!




You beautiful wanker

Too Drunk To Be Offside

4 times everyday? Post your phone number, let the women find you 😀


try 5 times and we might even win the PL!


Try wanking 14 times when we won the 14th


but did you wank in full kit? Might have to next season

God is a Gooner

Leave that to John Terry

Never Happen

Always happens!


Great images, well done to the lads and great to see them all enjoying the victory! Unbelievable belief!



Really enjoyed that Andrew. I don’t follow all of the social media channels and it was great to see a condensed version of the players reactions. Thank you.

djourou's nutmeg

i agree! my gf was also showing me some fun stuff at twitter that i’d have otherwise missed, so this kind of post is very welcome!


For a moment I thought I saw Guendouzi haha


For real still. Was like what the fuck is he doing there

Doire Wogan

Great day. Great pics. This is why we all love this club. It’s in the soul!

'desi'gner gooner

Laurent Koscielny also posted about our win on his social media. Always knew he has Arsenal in his heart, and his departure from the club should have been handled much better by both parties.

The Kolkata Gooner

I concur!

Naked Cygan

Ian Wright is a legend. He is Mr. Arsenal. He should be around the players before every game to give them that extra Arsenal energy we need. Love his goal celebrations.

Scott P

That snippet from Rob was hilarious. Love them both. I hope Rob can build and find a place here.


Great collection. Thank you Andrew and Arseblog for this. I know this is a labour of love for you but I hope you know how much it means to hundreds of thousands of fans!


Love Rob Holding’s tweet about Ian Wright. Legend!

Salisu principal

Indeed this really make me happy, London is red

A Different George

(1) I was impressed that Tierney thanked Chris Morgan at this moment, though not surprised by his character; (2) a lot of water under the bridge, but Cesc has returned to the status of plain old legend.


I love Giroud and Fabregas, still legends just not when they’re wearing Chelsea blue haha


Just brilliant.
P.S – Did anyone notice Dani’s celebration after the second goal? He was lying on the ground and thumping it with his fist closed! Seems like he really loves the club now! So heartening 🙂


I meant closed FIST 😛

Jungu Beans

“proud to be a little part of this history”. An understatement if there ever was one.


Loved that one too. Pat is a top top man.

Dave cee

Those are class, but that Tierney/Tescos one wins the internet, right down to the Buckie, brilliant!

Laca new signing

What an end to a challenging season! Only way is upward! Congratulations everyone! Shout out to Arseblog crew for keeping us aptly updated through out the season! 10/10

Can’t wait for the poo meter reading for the next few weeks ?


Funny to think that Wrighty most likely being the most (only) vocal fan in the ground probably did give us a slight edge.

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