Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Report: Arsenal to re-sign Ceballos on loan

Dani Ceballos is set to re-join Arsenal on loan for another season, according to reports coming out of Spain this evening. 

The Spain international had signalled his desire to stay in London to Mikel Arteta prior to the FA Cup final but was recalled by Real Madrid in the aftermath of their Champions League exit to Manchester City. 

Various stories have done the rounds since. One claimed Arsenal had been trying to barter down our contribution to Ceballos’ wages for the year ahead another suggested he could move to former club Real Betis. 

None have said with any conviction that the midfielder might stick things out at the Bernabeu in the hope of winning over Zinedine Zidane. 

Having established himself as a regular at the Emirates, it certainly makes sense for Ceballos to enjoy a bit of continuity as he tries to nail down a place in Spain’s squad for the delayed European Championships. 

A loan, possibly with an option to buy, seems to suit all parties. 

Prior to the Community Shield, Mikel Arteta sounded cautiously optimistic about a deal. 

“We had some talks,” he confirmed. “Dani knows really well what I think about him. He was pretty clear with me as well that his intention was to remain with us.

“Obviously, Real Madrid is involved there and I don’t know yet what they want to do with the player.

“He is a player we are interested in because we really saw in the last few months of the season what he is capable of bringing to us.”

Thankfully, it looks like things are going to swing our way. Hopefully, we can get him back in time for the start of the season.

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Yahuu! Great news, he’s still so young and seems to be loving it under Arteta.

Bob's Mexican Cousin



I agree, but would have phrased your last few words differently.


You have a sick mind


You say that like it’s a bad thing… ?


Just an observation 🙂



Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Yes but Ceballos performs in patches as Walcott used to say about himself.


If by “performs in patches” you are referring to Patch One – Under Emery (consistently mediocre) and Patch Two – Under Arteta (consistently good), then there might be some substance to your argument. I’d point out, however, that that says a lot more about the coach than it does about the player.

If you’re trying to make some other statement, then I’m sorry, but you’re just plain wrong.


They’re nothing alike and a pox on your house if Ceballos has the injury history of Walcott.


Quite apart from that, one can play football and the other is Walcott.


Great news, exactly the right (first) piece needed in midfield (now a couple more too). Let’s hope for confirmation and an option to buy!! He has all the tools to be a REALLY complete midfielder.


Amazing news. Hope the deal gets done ASAP, with the option to buy, of course. COYG!

A tetra

Get in there!
Loan + option to buy would be fantastic news.

Can I start to believe this will be a good transfer window?
Discuss in small groups.


Well we seem to be addressing our defensive problems and keeping the players we need to keep. Plus we added Willian.

Obv more would be better but it’s not looking bad at the moment.


If we manage to land Gabriel and Thiago and offload deadwood, yeah why not.

Merlin’s Panini

Yep. It will probably be a good transfer window. However, looking at the way Chelsea are strengthening, City are after Messi, United will undoubtedly throw a load of money at a couple of players and Liverpool are… well… Liverpool, top four is not going to be easy. Sp*rs don’t seem to be doing much and we appear to have taken Wolves for a ride with AMN. Our ace in the pack is Arteta though. I do feel there’s something very special about him. He’s one of few that seems to have worked out Liverpool so I’m confident that at least… Read more »


To be fair we already spent 200m on our attack


I’ve no idea how we’ll fare with our new guys, but the other teams’ signings don’t scare me nearly as much as the media are making out. Chelsea and City haven’t addressed their main issue which is defending. Chilwell is a very good left back, but Chelsea’s centre backs make ours look world class. And a 36 year old Thiago Silva isn’t gonna change that. Lampard also has some pretty glaring holes in his coaching ability if you check his Chelsea and Derby stats around set pieces and the way they concede goals. I’d fancy Mikel to get the better… Read more »

Pepe The Frog

Exactly. Don’t get me wrong, Werner, Ziyech and Havertz are all exciting players, but the way the media is going on about them it seems as if they’ve been banging in 15-20 goals a season for the past 5 years in the PL. Even Pulisic took time to settle. It’s as if only our signings are supposed to prove themselves if they come from a different league. Besides, our attacking line-up is extremely exciting with different types of players. If we sign two good midfielders, I don’t see why we can’t go toe to toe with everybody except Man City… Read more »

Dr. kNOw

This is still the first signing being made in the problem area of central midfield… and it’s a loan.

Steady on.

Magic City Gooner

Break out the Estrella lads!

Merlin’s Panini

Lovely lovely Estrella.


The Jamon Ruffles surely?

some bloke

I feel much better with him back in the fold, we still need another midfielder, but he was excellent after the break, it looked like he had worked out how to play in England with the coaching from Arteta.


Even with Ceballos, I think we still probably need two. DM or Box-to-box and an AM. We need mobility in the middle of the park. Ceballos helps with that, but it’s almost completely lacking aside from Willock (who is a little limited by his technical deficiancies – but I still have high hopes there). Unless Willian has been bought as an AM? Seems likely Torreira is off. Elneny, is probably going again, if not he’s a rotational piece. Xhaka shouldn’t be a key player if we have top 4 ambitions – he should be a rotational guy (in for the… Read more »


not the greatest player but as an option el neny would add mobility, had a good game in the shield this weekend


Yes, i agree. I like Mo. He’d be decent to keep around, but if we were able to manage to bring in two midfielders (and Dani) he would become less necessary.


Excellent news — if the Gabriel and Dani deals can be completed, add an attacking or box-to-box midfielder (Aouar would be nice, no idea how likely that really is) and I think you’d have to be more than satisfied with additions this window. Clear out some of the centre-half stockpile, Kola, and Elneny (surplus to requirements if Dani’s back), and I’m thrilled.


Keeping Elneny doesn’t seem like a bad idea, he did fine against pool.

Depends who else we sign.

Seems likely Torreira is going.


I like Elneny, but he’s a squad player who filled in ably. Full credit for his performance on the weekend.


Yep he is but we might need some of those


no argument, but for rotation and the odd Cup fixture. Not in starting XI.


It takes a lot more than a starting eleven to win anything and we could do a lot worse than Elneny as a squad player. The team will be playing every three days with a shortened season, Europa League and cups, we need a strong quad and Elneny is a reliable team player, if we don’t get a decent offer for him we should keep him.


Spot on. We have one week in October where we have both a Cow Cup match and a Europa League match in midweek, bookended by a pair of difficult league fixtures on the weekends. We pretty much need two full squads for that week.

Charles MMM

Not really, Willock is there and still playing time as well. Unless he’s supposed to go out on loan (which I doubt).

Cultured Determination

another one i really like to see develop under arteta. I think his maturity can be developed and he does have a galloping run in CM. He and elneny to partner for all league cup, fa cup and europa group stages. Theres a good number of games going around for all to be happy.


Elneny is a sure first-touch press breaker.
You need to have one of those in the places he popped into vs Pool to beat a press when playing out of the back.

He also doubled as a CB at times in the box. Mo knows his role.

juma abinalah

Did we forget Huenda?

juma abinalah

Its Guend

Cultured Determination

Yup. Every winning team need elneny and amn type players.


Elneny has always been a bit underrated for me, he’s a very tidy, composed player. He signed for £9m so he won’t be on huge wages I wouldn’t think. Seems like a player that it’s worth keeping for depth, and maybe to bring off the bench to shore up games we’re winning, especially if Torreira goes.

Dave cee

Agreed..and have you ever heard Elneny complain about his situation or bitch about the club or make demands? He seems like a good guy who understands his role. If no good offers I’d prob just keep him.

Wilshere's Middle Finger

I think he deserves to stay just for mugging Sanchez off about about the World Cup alone, never mind the football side of it.

Cultured Determination

Think he’s on 50k.


Wow. That’s less than Özil spent on in-game purchases last week.


I wouldn’t be averse to keeping Elneny for depth — no complaints about his form in the last week, or in years past, but I don’t rate him as more than a squad player. My thought was that he would be great to have if we couldn’t get Ceballos back, and with Ceballos in Mo would be someone who could bring back some cash in a transfer (and some of the youngsters could provide that depth instead).

On the other hand, assuming Ozil/Guendouzi/Torreira either leave or don’t see any playing time, Elneny could still be useful.

Cultured Determination

Unlikely for aouar i think. Lyon are tough negotiators. It took years for laca to arrive.


Yeah they are cunts

djourou's nutmeg

takes some financial pressure off from us, but only for this transfer window… if he’s able to play this season the same way he played at the end of the last one, his price will go considerably up, and good luck signing him next summer… hopefully it’s got an option to buy, but i strongly doubt it. at least we’ll enjoy him for another season.


It’s always going to be baby steps given our finances. We’re in no position to overhaul the side, so this is part of the process. If we can return to CL, then that will allow us different buying opportunities. For now, we can’t ask for much better, esp at this position.


This may well become my favourite Interlull ever.


Interesting to see the terms … I suspect that the devil (if there is one) will be in the detail. A loan with the possibility of a transfer next year would ease pressure on the budget this year. Anyway, let’s see what happens.




Chill out, guys. He demands to play 35 games not for the love of the jersey but to play with Spain. Not a reproach, just plain truth. Again for £15M for one year? Well, after Edu saving Brazilians in need, we’ve got Spanish agent Mikey.



Gooney Tunes

People can have more than one thing motivating them.
Dani probably had a few options this summer but it looks like he’s coming back to us, somewhere he has already played and where he knows the team and coaching staff, where he’s apparently keen to play. And we’ll have to presume he’ll be playing a fair bit after his improvement last season. All going smoothly, we get a good player and Dani gets into the national squad, before signing a permanent deal with us.


Alex is it you?

Cultured Determination

sounds more like an alexis

The Far Post

You are right. Every time I see Ceballos celebrate like a madman after an Arsenal goal, I say to myself “There he goes again; selfish: only thinking how close he is to a place in the Spain squad!”


Drogheda Gunner

Where did a 15 M loan payment come from. That bullshit, where not loaning Messi.


This would be the ultimate LANS ??


Certainly appears to benefit us and the player, who’s out of sight and mind with Zidane’s setup. Real just wanted to shake us down for a better offer, which is certainly within their rights. Definitely takes some of the confusion out of our MF situation.


Nothing confirmed. I suspect it will be clearer when RM of course sorts out what it needs in midfield itself. Frankly we should strike a deal to buy him, maybe pay a quarter of current valuation now at I believe 22m (nothing) and the rest in a season should we get into CL. If we say 6m on that plus 27m on Manghales, that’s 33m. Diawara prob another 25m say totals 58m We may be able to get in 70m with Holding, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Sokratis, Torreira, Elneny ( not to mention Mhkitaryan) moved on… That’s a spare 12m in addition… Read more »


Jesus! It’s ‘Magalhaes’. There’s no bloody ‘N’ in it!

Joseph Kawooya

Is Aouar still possible


This loan agreement, if confirmed, seems to indicate that Aouar, unfortunately, is off. Aouar is miles ahead of Ceballos but I understand where Arteta is coming from given the financial limitations. A strong DM in the form of Partey would make me feel far more confident.


Neither of your two claims is really based on anything at all though. Aouar is great in FM and is a trendy name but so far he’s not actually done anything to suggest he’s ahead of Ceballos at all, let alone miles ahead.

I agree with every thing you said. Aouar’s stats this season are good but they are what you’d expect from an attacking midfielder. I think I’d rather we tried pursuing Szoboszlai instead, he’d definitely be cheaper as there is less hype.


Great shout, maybe even Sabitzer. He looks like he could well do a box-to-box role, one of those midfielders who transition from wing to central (Schweinsteiger, Ramsey, Rakitic to name a few). Another one I like is Van De Beek but sadly he’s off to Old Trafford to be on the bench, Arsenal would have suited his talents better.

Drogheda Gunner

And we know 100percent cabelos can do it in prem. I’m not saying aouar can’t do it in prem just not guaranteed. I think hes a class act

Cultured Determination

ah fm…. where is our sebastian frey??? I remember a story where brandon roger’s son was playing CM and asked him to sign a youngster from barca cos he was great in the game. Maybe brandon can try again, given said youngster has informed his club that he wants to leave and didnt turn up for pre season.


The one piece of business that was essential. Hopefully with a buy clause at the end (fingers crossed)

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

If it happens, Great!

Cultured Determination

it’ll be grwat too if we could sign a theirry bergkamp 🙂


La Liga losing it’s two best players in one window to the premiership. Man city rumoured to be interested in the second best in their league


I’m crying, must be the onions

Petit's Handbag

Get in. I’d love if the buy out clause is inserted now before the season starts. That way when we win the league and he’s player of the year we’ll be able to afford him…..what?


Admire you’re insane optimism
The league’s not started yet. We are already better than L’pool so why not?


Wonderful potimism, but why stop with just winning the league? If we replicate our best home and away results against each team in the Premiership this season, we’ll finish the year 36-2-0 with 110 points and a +129 goal difference. I’d imagine we could afford practically anyone after a season like that.


* optimism


“potimism” the hazy optimism of someone who has just consumed pot. Not to be confused with the antonym “potsimism” whereby one is consumed with worry after injesting pot. As in, “Frank sat behind the couch freaking out thinking the cops were on their way to arrest him. He was full of potsimism”.

Johnny 2 Bad

Excellent additions to the language!


We would still have the kronkes at the helm so would be looking at loans and free transfers


I hope some of the people who were angry about not getting a fee for Mhki are less angry now. It wouldn’t surprise me if the timing was not a coincidence, given how much wage space Mhki’s departure freed up.


Did occur to me this might be why we are waiting on certain announcements. Lot of surplus wages to shift.


This was a necessary move! Hopefully, there is an obligation to buy at the end of this loan. Personally, I would like to see a few more incomings in the midfield as our depth there isn’t that impressive. I know everyone is sold on Partey, but I have a soft spot for the Lyon player. Nevertheless, good signs ahead


This is great news, but its the 6th story about different Arsenal players moving IN ONE DAY.
My head hurts.


Well, if the club can make this happen, then this is very good news. Dani has proved he can hack it in the Premiership and his performances in our FA Cup run were superb. It makes sense for Real Madrid knowing their player is being looked after, it makes sense to the player, for him to be playing in still arguably the best league in the world – and, given our current creative midfielder options – it makes a whole lot of sense to us too. His partnership with Xhaka was coming along a treat. Let’s hope this deal happens… Read more »


Great news, love Dani ! So what’s next ?
Definatelly follow Mkhi example, and get more wages off the books.
Btw. probably just a bait and total fake news, but just read a story that Ozil is offered 15M p.y. to play in Saudi A.
If that could only be truth…
eeeh wishful thinking

Dave cee

Still wouldn’t cover all his Arsenal wages for the season lol

Haha. I doubt even Ozil would want to play in the Saudi Premier League. The SPL isn’t even the most exciting in its region and I think he loves living in London.




Very composed on the ball, always want to have it. He was my favourite under Arteta, he’s an expensive clone of Gendouzi.


This is Arsenal.
A team who signs players on loan or delves into the bargain bucket for players like Soares and Willian.
If the Krankies have no money then sell up – an additional billion in the bank won’t hurt will it?
Let someone with some ambition come in…

Yellow Ribbon

Why have people even down voted it? The Kroenkes are hopeless. They don’t know how to run a business let alone a football club. You invest some money and you gain out of it. The way they have managed to bring down a club like Arsenal is a testimony to that.

Merlin’s Panini

I really hope this is with an option to buy. I like Dani a lot. It took him some time to find his feet but he was great in the second half of the season. I will admit I was not at all convinced before then but he won me around. Great news if this happens.

Billy bob

Assuming we go with a 4-3-3 formation this is kinda where we are at with players (some positions open to debate) but it does give you a feel for where we need to strengthen and who needs to go: Gk: Leno / Martinez Rb: Bellerin / Soares Rcb: Saliba / Luiz / Chambers / Mustafi Lcb: Mari / Holding / Sokratis Lb: Tierney / Kola Rm: AMN / Guendouzi / ESR Cm: Ceballos / Torreria Lm: Xhaka / Willock / Ozil Rs: Pepe / Martinelli / Nelson Cs: Laca / Nketiah Ls: Auba / Saka / Willian Who would you… Read more »


3-4-3 Saliba luiz Gabriel
Amn xhaka ceballos Tierney
Pepe Laca Auba

Depends who we sell and buy


Would like him to add more goals and assists to his game this season – that will move him into the top tier of midfielders


Just love Arteta. How it wasn’t much of a certainty until he called Ceballos himself. If ever he leaves management surely a role as a hostage negotiator or head of customer retention at a phone or broadband company is his for the taking.


Hopefully this will be completed soon, won’t rest easy until Arsenal announces the agreement.

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