Thursday, June 8, 2023

Report: Bellerin linked with PSG

According to French outlet RMC, PSG have been ‘offered’ Hector Bellerin as they target a right-back during this transfer window.

It’s not clear who exactly has done this offering, whether it’s an agent or Arsenal themselves, but the French champions would certainly have the financial clout to make a deal like this happen if they were so inclined.

It would be a strange move in the light of reports that Ainsley Maitland-Niles, who played most of his Arsenal football at right-back or right wing-back, is set to join Wolves in a deal believed to be worth around £20m.

Bellerin’s departure would leave us light in that position, with only Cedric Soares available as a senior option for Mikel Arteta. The former Southampton man’s permanent switch was officially announced today by the club, but over the course of the season Arsenal would need more than him in both presence and quality.

Perhaps there are plans to bring in another player in that position, with suggestions the Gunners are keeping tabs on Norwich’s Max Aarons.

Bellerin has made 204 Arsenal appearances since making his debut in 2013, making 25 assists and scoring 8 goals.

We’re a bit cautious about this one as there’s so much else we need to take care of during this transfer window, but you can’t rule anything out so we’ll give this a 6 on the Poo-O-Meter.

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Johnny 4 Hats

Ainsley! Get off the M25!

Are we trying to set a record for most fullbacks sold on a Monday?


We’re modernising by replacing actual right backs with virtual, video and analytics based right backs.

Johnny 4 Hats

Haha! Meet our new right back. Clive Donkins from Cheslington United. He’s 48 with a bit of a beer belly but his interception stats in the Skittles and Diamond Western League 3 are remarkable.

No trial. Straight in.


This should be a 10 on the poo-o-meter. Bellerin is Arsenal through and through. We shouldn’t sell him for all the money in the world.

Just me

I think AMN has got an attitude issue and has started to believe all the hype.


On what basis do you think that?


The internet mate , it’s full of people with baseless opinions eager to share them to us all.

Johnny 4 Hats

Is it? I thought this was Ceefax.

Bobby Falck



Same was said about gnabry. And we shipped him out. How’s that working out for us ?

Johnny 4 Hats

The same was said about Lord Bendtner but we kept him. How did that work out for us?

For every player we got rid of too soon, there’s 50 that we made the right call on.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Worth every penny when the Lord subbed on and headed one into the top corner with his first touch against Spurs


Ah, you remember that one, too!
Great comment. Loved that goal. Agree completely!


Don’t understand why previous comment was downvoted – he’s right, for every player we ship out too early, the vast majority we ship out were correct decisions.

We cannot be expected to be 100% on this.

Chelsea sold Salah and De Bruyne. Man Utd sold Pogba. Man City sold Sancho. Barcelona’s squandered a whole host of their youth setup, and Real Madrid does it on the regular.

It’s really sad that Gnabry left, but at the same time, he may not have flourished with us, the same way Fabregas found space with us once he left Barcelona.


Mind you, not that I’d be happy with Bellerin leaving. He’s one of ours and homegrown. His replacement will need to be an upgrade overall.


The difference is that Arsene Wenger could see his potential and tried hard to keep him. Sadly Gnabry wouldn’t sign a new contract so he had no choice but to sell him.


That’s a bit of a rewrite. Gnabry ultimately left bc Wenger wouldn’t play him & shipped him out on loan to Stoke where he didn’t play. Wenger really only seemed to see his potential after he lit up the Olympics.

The Unai Bomber

Wrong. He was loaned to West Brom for development and Chief Orc Pulis refuses to play him. Wenger always supported Gnabry


I knew it was under Pullis. Wenger just didn’t play him and chose a really poor team to send him to. After he performed well in the Olympics we realized we had a real player but it was too late

Dave cee

Arsene saw his potential then frittered it away by refusing to bring him back from Pulis world, saying he needed to toughen up and knuckle. Well I guess it worked, cos he went to the Olympics and was a star. Came back with Bayern whispering in his ear and promptly told Arsene and Arsenal to get fucked. Can’t say I really blame him. He should have been in the team ahead of mummy’s boy Walcott from the start.


35m+ and they can have him. I hope this rumor is true. he can also get to do a bit of modeling and fashion in the city of Paris as he seems to be more interested in that than football lately


His love for fashion is now your reason to get rid of a player? I guess athletes should have no other interests, like doctors or bus drivers should just stick to doctoring or bus driving!
What a myopic view of the world


We haven’t actually sold anyone yet. It’s all speculation so far.

Johnny 4 Hats

Really? Then I guess getting my new Arsenal shirt with Coutinho on the back was a bad idea.

I’ve already had to throw out last years with Zaha on and my 2018, ‘17 and ‘16 Steven N’Zonzi shirts.


I have 8 consecutive seasons worth of Frey goalie shirts…


Don’t get rid of those yet, rumour has it this might be his year!

T Roberts

Except didn’t AMN only move from left back to right back, AFTER Bellerin’s injury?
Seems he played far more time at left than right, which started under Wenger.
And ya, now Arsenal are linked with selling the farm to buy some horses.
Believe it when we see it.

David J M

I hope not.


Me too. Could be just chatter / speculation / PSG discontent since Kingsley Coman gave Thilo Kehrer a tough night on Sunday.


if they offer 40m for bellerin, they can have him.




But banknotes can’t play football…


They can buy one !! bellerin has not developed well and his acl injury hampers his most important attribute – Speed. With acl comes different knee problems as well. He is a good arsenal lad but we can surely buy a good rb at 25m if we scout well like we did for tierney. We are not winning league with bellerin as RB.


Scout well? Oh wait …

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

He looked pretty quick when he was bursting through the Chelsea midfield at Wembley


Scout….? ?


No where near enough. It’s got to be at least £60m +, minimum.


And how much do you think Aarons would cost? One of the most promising young full backs in England? Norwich were relegated, sure, but they’ll want a max fee for their best prospect.


Correction, I was thinking of Max Aarons, a different Norwich fullback who is indeed very highly rated. Much more than his cousin, Rolando.


Great call, replace bellerin with a proven 20 year old from a relegated team. Like Man U got wan bissaka!


As I’ve stated elsewhere, I think it would, for the most part, be folly for Arsenal to sell Bellerin.

But, that said, this Aarons kid is a lad I’d be prepared for Arteta to take a gamble on, if indeed Kroenke’s lack of funds were to dictate that Bellerin be sold. Which, all things considered, is more than likely to happen.

But it is a gamble. A massive gamble. And if it failed, I would place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Kroenke.

Ya gooner

60 yeah. 40 not enough. Keep niles good stuff.


40000001 surely


ARSENAL HAVE TO SELL, AND THE MARKET KNOWS IT – the blog on this site. It’s worth a read because it sets out why we have to sell and why we don’t have a lot of leverage about fees.


Let’s start shifting the deadwood first, before we start offloading our proven established talent.


Please don’t take Heccy from us ): Of all the players who I acknowledge it might be pragmatic and even wise to move on, I would really struggle to make my peace with this one. Not least because it seems like AMN is out the door and I wonder whether we could really upgrade on him and Bellerin in this window, but also Hec’s looked good lately under Arteta and I think we’re just now starting to see what he can offer post-ACL rupture. He’s also a great guy and Arsenal through and through, both on and off the pitch.… Read more »

Ya gooner

Tbh I think as fans we’re too sentimental myself included. If players are no longer good enough they should move on otherwise we have no right to complain about results. It’s sad but that’s the winning way.

Ya gooner

Of course I’d rather shift the shit players first.

And really bad eggs...

Of course we’re sentimental, the whole concept of being a fan is based on sentiment. People from all around the world invest deep emotions in a particular club and set of players, that’s what football fandom is all about. I personally would not want to see Bellerin go, even tho he’s not been at his best since the acl injury. More than ever, the Arsenal first team has little character because of high turnover of players in recent years. Very few CORE members of the team have done 5years+. And with Arteta looking to get better players and put his… Read more »

Ya gooner

I’d argue the culture changes anyway with players and to a greater extent the manager and fans. How sentimental do we get with managers – that same sentiment was deemed a problem in the later Wenger years. I guess what I’m getting at now is we need a balance between ruthlessness amd sentiment.


Exactly this! An excellent full back when fully fit, a fantastic conscientious guy, and Arsenal through and through.


Really hope this doesn’t happen. Love him as a player and a man. Great ambassador for us on and off the pitch. This I done of the few positions we don’t need to be worrying about. Unless it’s a completely ridiculous sum of money we have to be turning this down

Tony Hall

A world of no fucking way!


That’s it. Gunnersaurus Backup RB while Cedric will play RB while simultaneously being backup for LB. No one’s safe it seems except ofcourse Auba Xhaka Pepe KT


And then, at every AGM, you hear the Kroenkes (well, Josh, anyway) coming out with the same old bollocks about how they want us to compete with the best………


Everyone watching the final last night saw PSG have a pretty crap RB. I thought Bellerin would make sense for them watching them so exposed on the right. This story is probably worth more poos.


hm, maybe did you mean less?


Or fewer?

Tankard Gooner

Depends on last night’s dinner.


He’s every bit as good as that left back at Leicester and if Chelsea were prepared to pay £50m for him then that’s the minimum we should accept for Hector.


And the rest. You’ve got to be looking upwards of £60m – at least. He really ought to be priced £70m, but the market being what it is, we won’t get that for him.

Yellow Ribbon

Fuck that. We seem to be more interested in selling our established players more than the deadwoods. I don’t think I have heard any concrete news about us shipping out any of our deadwoods. This is a joke Arsenal.

The worst of all the news that I have been hearing is we are ready to sell out Ainsley and we have just confirmed the signing of Soares. What a fucking joke?
Well done Kia or Hyundai or whatever the fuck your name is.


Cedric Soares had more tackle this season than any Arsenal player. Statistically he’s better than any defender we had. Let that sink in.


Stats don’t account for injuries. Let that sink in.


IF we sold Hector to replace him with Aarons, that seems like a downgrade to me


It would be a risk. A massive risk. But, from what I’ve seen of him this Aarons lad seems to have potential.

But should Arsenal Football Club have to sell proven ability to buy in potential in order to ‘raise cash’…?

In Kroenke’s world, apparently so……………


Hard to say here. I like Hector, but we are already getting rid of one (albeit versatile) right back in AMN. That leaves us with Cedric. I feel like we can price gauge PSG though, so it might be worth it. But I would be sad to see Hector go. How about Guendouzi instead?


Right, sell both and leave us with only Cedric. Surely they aren’t that stupid? Are they?


I fucking hope not.

Idiotic to let him go, unless the money being offered was at least £60m. In fact, make that £70m.

The guy is a world class player. If PSG want him, they can cough up a fucking world class fee.

Seriously hope we don’t sell him.


This has got to be a bloody joke; we’re supposed to be strengthening our defence, not weakening it.

I can’t believe that Edu or Arteta would be that daft. Bellerín is one of the few world class players we have, it’s imperative that we keep him.

I can only assume that if there is any truth in this, then it has go to be the work of an agent or PSG – both of whom can royally go and fuck themselves.

Dave cee

I really do wish I saw the same players that you seem to. World class?, having a laugh


Why, then, is he being offered to PSG, if he’s not world class?


Nope… bugger off!


Top post, well said.


Hector? The one proudly dealing the 12,5% and accepting the 55 redundancies?


Surely we can’t loss both on this summer ?


Just six little piles?

Arsene's Zip

He’s spent 7 years working on the accent… No way he’d give all that up to learn the Parisian one.

Arsene’s New Wig

Middle East one now ?


lets be honest, he never really developed to his potential from few years ago. He had all the ingridients to become the top class RB but he didn’t. IMO he never fully recovered his old self after Alonso knocked him unconscious. He is, at beast, bordering between solid/average RB and if we cann sell him for > 40 M then I wouldn’t hesitate much. That is if we really have ambition to compete with the best. We brought KT on the left who is very very bright prospect and could become world class LB if he continues to develop like… Read more »

Just me

I think Bellerin has lost his edge since the injury and on all the occasions I’ve watched when he played he did not seem to have the same commitment. Sale surely.


He’s not long back from injury and had been steadily improving. Did you not see him create the goal in the FA cup?

Bai Blagoi

Please, not The Captain!


Noooooooo, my dog is called Hector Bellerin, he’s 5 years old so too late to change it now!

lde says about Cedric and Mari…

Both players joined us initially on loan in January, and after impressing on and off the pitch over the past eight months, all parties have agreed to make their moves permanent.

This is to probably cushion Hector leaving…and also I’m clueless on how they “impressed” on the pitch…

SLC Gooner

Things are getting crazy in the defense. Not sure one what basis they are spending money on Soares and Mari. And Hector hasn’t looked quite the same since various injuries, but still. Going to be interesting to see what the final plan is here.

Tanned arse

Maybe making room for osei tutu?


He’s going out on loan…..


Club has just announced he’s gone out on loan to Cardiff City.
Decent loan actually, quite high profile

Ellis McPickles

Hectors is one of the last links left to a different era of Arsenal, would be pretty bummed if he goes


With him and AMN gone, that explains the Sokratis at right back tactic then right?

Seriously though, I don’t see how we could even contemplate selling both this window. It’s most likely bs from these clickbait sites


Can we clone a right footed Tierney?


This would be a stupid move.

One of our more influential players. Its not as is Cedric is suddenly better.

If we sell him, we have loss ambition. He is one of the better players, struggling with injury but still made the decisive move that won us the FA cup lest some people here as per usual conveniently cherry pick and forget.

Absolutely daft. BUT he will be prey to other clubs.

David Hillier's luggage

So, selling former academy players that have an emotional connection with the club for pure profit (yet under market value), and replacing with journemen players signed with ‘super-agents’ in their late 20s/early 30s on 4 year deals seems to be our new recruitment strategy now?

I’m trying to figure out which club this was a success for in the past, because I’m f**ked if I know.

Crash Fistfight

Hasn’t exactly hurt Chelsea over the past 10 years.

David Hillier's luggage

Difference is we’re signing their journeymen while they’re somehow managing to flog Morata for close to £60m ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Chelsea also have a majority shareholder willing to invest in upgrading players.

We’re being linked with Max Aarons from Norwich to replace Bellerin. No disrespect to Aarons, but he is no upgrade.


I need help here. Can somebody please, please explain to me why we’re even considering getting rid of Hector and Ainsley and replacing them with Cedric.

Merlin’s Panini

I think this is probably bollocks. Also, if we are losing AMN I wouldn’t want to only have Cedric to call upon. An aging right back of questionable quality for whom the jury is still out. Hector has lost a yard of pace but he’s still the best we’ve got.


Nah it ain’t happening

Glasgow Gooner

No ! No ! No ! No ! No ! No ! No ! No !


50million for Hector, Mikel is going all out athleticism on the back line mark my words


Total fulminating slab of Martian horsesh*t! Or is KSE gonna KSE?

Michael Bolton Wanderers

They’re supposed to buy guendozi not bellerin. Someone tell them


I love Bellerin but the rumours of him wanting a new challenge keep popping up and there’s rarely smoke without fire in these cases. If I try to put my sentimentality aside and be honest I think Bellerin has probably not hit the highs it looked like he was going to a few years ago, probably due to the injuries. He’s 25 now too. A good player for sure but probably not a truly great one. It might be a good opportunity to make some money off PSG. Maybe try to package him and Guendouzi together in a £65/75m deal.… Read more »


I would imagine he is open to leaving Arsenal, especially after the sh*tshow the club has been the last few years, but I hope this is just rubbish. We’ve finally got some promise again with a real manager with real direction, and I think Bellerin could flourish, again, under Arteta as he had under Wenger — so I really hope he stays and continues his captain-like behaviour. Again, I think it is important to look at his play in the context of the entire team and club over the past few seasons. He will be back to his absolute best… Read more »


Well said. It’s imperative that we keep him. We’ve finally got a back four that could really tighten things up at the back for the first time in over a decade, and already, thanks to Kroenke, we’re having to move one of them on to ‘raise cash.’


I haven’t heard any of the rumours regarding a new challenge. Everything I see and read of him shows he is absolutely committed to the Arsenal cause.


Bellerin’s game is (was) speed. Specifically, makeup speed. As that has failed him his game has been hurt. I can only hope Arteta has another move in his pocket at right back. If I were to choose, I’d rather keep AMN and hope he developed.

Dave cee

So approximately 1 goal and 4 assists per season, for a FB who isn’t the greatest defender. Not exactly setting the world on fire.
I think we have become so used to mediocrity that we don’t recognize it anymore.
Nice lad for sure but not irreplaceable


He’s in the process of recovering from an injury – and here’s one that’s fallen by the wayside of your beloved stats – who started the run that led to Auba’s winner in the Cup Final…? A certain bloke who apparently hasn’t set the world on fire….

Dave cee

People here were saying sell the whole lot! Rip it up and start again! Well maybe the wish is coming true. I have no issue at all with it if it makes us a better, more competitive team.
Might as well strap in and enjoy the ride or spend your days hand-wringing every decision.
October 5 will tell us a lot more about the work done


Exactly this. The team finished 8th.
No. Sacred. Cows.


October the 5th will tell us all something I could tell you now.

We’ll never able to challenge for top four, the Premiership or the ECL unless Kroenke is prepared to invest what is needed to get in the players that Arteta wants -without us having to resort to selling players like Bellerin, AMN and possibly Lacazette to ‘raise money.’

Which he won’t .


We have sadly become Journeymen FC. Sell our homegrown players while recruiting those in the twilight of their careers. If this is to challenge for top honurs, f*** me.



What is the fucking point of bringing in Saliba and Gabriel, if you’re immediately going to handicap the defence by selling Bellerin…?

Fucking madness.


What would be a acceptable prize for Bellerin?

Merlin’s Panini

A voucher for a hair salon? Tickets to London fashion week? Something like that.


Underrated comment.


£70m at least. Anything lower is taking the piss.


50 million or 30 million + Özil.


It could be a prize around the clause Partey is having… (But I do like Bellerin a lot. Both in and outside the pitch)


Another reason to take Stan off your Christmas card list. He’s refusing to cough up Partey’s release clause.


Let’s hope so. We must start selling players asap. Lots of speculation but not a single move yet. We cannot bring in the players Arteta wants without trimming the squad heavily – the money just isn’t there.


It is there. It’s just the cunt worth 8 billion dollars doesn’t want to spend it – not on us anyway.

He’d much rather sit in an office thousand of miles away with his feet up on the desk, stroking that fucking caterpillar that has crawled up and died under his nose, whilst trying to dream up new ways of how this club can ‘save money.’


Got to keep Bellerin. It’s a must. If he can get back to and stay at full fitness the balance on either side with him and Tierney for years to come will be so impressive. I would like to see either him or Tierney as Arsenal captain in the not so distant future.


Who do we sell to raise money to buy the players Arteta wants? The blog on this site: ARSENAL HAVE TO SELL, AND THE MARKET KNOWS IT is well worth a read because it sets out why we need to sell, and why we have little leverage in the prices we may get. It seems fairly clear that Arteta wants neither Bellerin or AMN – to name only two, there are reports that a dozen players are on the list) so why keep them? OK, we’re not going to get the fees that some Gooners on this site think (just… Read more »


Now perhaps those of you out there who can’t understand my hatred for Kroenke might just get it. We shouldn’t have to sell our better (AMN) or best (Bellerín) to ‘raise cash’

As I have I said – many many times for people who still can’t grasp the situation – Kroenke is a billionaire eight times over.

With him ultimately in charge of expenditure, this club will continue to struggle to challenge for the Premiership and the ECL.

Do you see City or Chelsea selling their best players to ‘raise cash’….?

No, me neither.


Yes, in the “what if” world you’d be right on one level, but we’re in the “what is” world, so I fear we’re stuck with it. Our owner is just not like those at City or Chelsea … end of. That said, you assume that we’re proposing to sell him (speculation only at present) against Arteta’s wishes just to raise funds. I see no evidence that Arteta wants to keep Bellerin particularly, do you? I’m suggesting that if he is surplus to requirements, then it makes sense to sell him and re-invest the money in players Arteta wants.


How can he be surplus to requirements? How many other right backs of Bellerin’s quality have we got then? Its great that we’re all placing our faith in Arteta – and quite rightly so; the guy has already proved in the short time that he has been here that he’s a man with a great manifesto for this club – and he’s his own man to boot. The trouble is, how much is Kroenke willing to back him? And let’s not kid ourselves here. Hector Bellerín is hardly ‘surplus to requirements.’ We simply cannot afford to lose him if we… Read more »


Not really developed as much as I hoped. Passing, crosses, tackling can all be improved upon.
Rather him than AMN


This would be as a part of a swap. I like Bellerin a lot, not the least because he tends to add creativity to an otherwise static Arsenal offensive play. But defense is not our only problem. We also have an ineffective midfield. if we could get Veratti..

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