Sunday, May 29, 2022

Video: Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea ‘on the whistle’

Here’s James thoughts on the FA Cup final win over Chelsea in which we won 2-1 and Chelsea lost 2-1 and Lampard was sad and Giroud was sad but we were happy and it was great.

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14 – Auba and Henry, both standout players.

VAR will solve the problem

James hit the nail again! Arteta managed to get such a performance out of the same players that Emery couldn’t.
Lots of A’s today…Arsenal, Arteta, Aubameyang Awesome!


On the tunes of the famous ABBA song money money money.

Mikel mikel mikel
You re a winner
In a rich mans world
Mikel mikel mikel
You are the true heir
Of Le professor!!!!


I recommend we all spare a thought for Emi Martinez as well: He came to us as a teenager, never properly settled at the beginning, constantly sent out on loan, always the backup with little game time until recently and now he’s a Cup Winner! He was brilliant in the run-in. Is Leno automatic 1st choice when he returns from injury? Would enjoy your/Arseblog’s thoughts on that and more.Looking forward to the next Arsecast.


Let’s them battle it out, will only make them both better, to have that friendly competition between them. Whoever is in the best form gets the nod.


Archer, were we in a different financial position I would agree with you. But we can’t afford 2x number 1 goalkeepers. We should be able to get $40m for Leno, maybe more. That’s a Thomas Partey, that’s a no brainer really.

Greg in Seattle

If there’s a 40m market for Leno, this club probably needs to sell. But I just don’t see that market being there this window, with Leno coming off injury.

I personally feel Emi is better with his feet and at claiming crosses, and exudes a more dominant presence. A recent article here opined Leno was better technically in other areas (eg starfish technique in 1v1’s). I think I’d probably go with Emi and sell Leno but admittedly that’s an emotiona opinion at the moment!


Leno’s reaction saves are top notch. Haven’t seen Emi getting tested as much in those situations. He has done well so far. But Emi is far better at claining crosses(obviously his height helps, but he almost always catches it clean) . Another thing I noted Emi doing well is getting close to the attacker and smothering the shot with his body. His huge frame again is an advantage here.


Good one James, Some people could take or leave the Europa qualification, it’s such an important building block for this building process. Giving the Europa money in wages to Auba for example could mean he stays, which is huge for this club. Plus we bumped Spurs down into the pre qualifiers!! ???

SB Still

Yup, 3 matches in 3 weeks apparently – take that Mourniho


Serves him right for celebrating 6th, the hypocritical prick.
Nketiah has more trophies than Harry Kane


Those Europa matches are going to be valuable minutes for the youngsters — Saka, Nkethiah, Nelson, Willock, Martinelli when he’s healthy; lots of extra game time to spread around. Also extra chances for Arteta to put his tactics into practice. Thursday football may make the weekends a little tricker, but you’re right, should be big for building to the future.

Non flying Dutchmen

If only they’d finished 7th and it was spuds rather then Wolves who Arsenal’s win would have knocked out…. Even Chelsea could have relished in that knowledge.

Must admit I was split on Europe though… Next season will be so condensed one wonders if freshness will be an issue. But the money and prestige and what that means for recruitment and retention probably wins out. Plus it would be nice to yet go and win the bloody thing.


1.6m more in price money than Chelsea.

Around 6m in total prize money.

Well done Mikel for masterminding this win

Cost in human terms, incalculable.

VAR will solve the problem

As those mastercard commercials would say, “it’s priceless!”

God is a Gooner

Yes, and theres something building that money can’t buy.
A young squad winning things together is the perfect foundation. Come on the Arsenal!


@3.13….. people down the road!!!! hahahahaha London is Red Tonight

Obama Young

Got enough trophies there, James? 🙂

This was a great end to a difficult season, and gives us the chance to hope for a better future. Always Forward!


Well said James – great Michael Eavis impression too ?

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