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Arsenal release ticket details for 2020/21

Arsenal have released details of the ticketing procedure for the 2020/21 season and, courtesy of Covid-19, they are, unsurprisingly, very complicated.

The Gunners are planning to allow some fans into Emirates Stadium from 3 October when we face Sheffield United in our second home game of the new campaign.

Capacity for the game against the Blades has yet to be confirmed but it will be significantly lower than the number of registered season ticket holders which means a ballot system will be in place until normal service can be resumed.

Below, you’ll find a very, very, very brief overview of the system the club has put in place, however, we can’t stress this enough…go and read ALL the details for yourselves. See here.

— Overview — 

Gold and Platinum members can make an ‘Initial Payment’ to secure automatic entry into ballots for every home game across all competitions. This ‘Initial Payment’ also acts as a deposit on a season ticket should a return to full capacity get the green light and you want to commit to it.

If successful in the ballot, payment will be automatically taken from the account holder’s registered bank account. Match ticket prices are still categorised A-D by game importance. Refunds will not be available, but the ticket can be transferred to someone else in your ticket group.

For track and trace purposes, names on season tickets need to correspond with those attending and ID will be required to enter the stadium. With that in mind, the club will allow people to the season ticket holder’s name via a form which will be sent by email as part of the process.

Everybody attending matches at the Emirates Stadium needs to adhere to a code of conduct.


As we said above, do go and read the full details, which can be found here.

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It’s a start!


Don’t worry Stan.

I’ll keep forking out, even if you can’t be fucked.

David Hillier's luggage

Feels fair enough, the deposit is the same amount as the credit many season ticket holders still have in their account from last season, and a balloted ticket system gives flexibility to expand (or retract) as restrictions change. Also, the the Season Ticket Holiday relieves the pressure a bit on those who (for a multitude of reasons) want to wait.


Seems to be fair as others have said. All of football will be affected by Covid in the coming season of course, but it will have a particularly big impact on our club’s finances as we rely upon match day receipts so heavily. Let’s hope (and it’s just a hope at the moment) that it doesn’t go on too long.


I go with my father to matches and he’s not comfortable returning at the moment so we will be taking the “season ticket holiday option”. I now just need to check if they’ll be freezing the away points.
Attending matches at lower capacity isn’t that appealing tbh. I’ve been to my share of League Cup matches with the lower crowds affecting atmosphere thank you very much..
Hopefully will be back in for later this season if not 21/22. On the plus side, it’s an excuse to get Sky Sports 😉


Being carefully to take account of people who may be particularly vulnerable to Covid (not just those who may attend games, but those who do and have vulnerable people back home) is key and the reason why reduced capacity crowds are likely to last for a good while into the new season. We must be safe, not sorry.


* Being careful

Christian Dahn

With all those players that we getting good news that they are coming to arsenal I am very happy

Gus Caesar

I think there is a bigger concern about the Premier League still refusing to show games that are not selected for broadcast in the normal way. So UK-based fans who can’t attend matches (either by not being part of the ballot or not being drawn in it) won’t be able to legally watch our games. This is a ridiculous situation and it shows how little the Premier League actually cares about supporters.


Ah, just be illegal for a bit. It’s fun and free


You can even dress as a pirate if you’re fully into it


Also, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th of September, so there’s opportunity to practice.

Gus Caesar

Can you lend me a pirate outfit?


I know these are Unprecedented Times™ and that season ticket holders obviously take priority, but it doesn’t feel like Silver Members are gonna get a lot for their renewal fees this year. I don’t mind doing my bit to support the club financially, but not so that Stan doesn’t have to. Just saying.

Gus Caesar

Agree 100%. If silver members don’t get a sniff of any tickets all season then I think they need to be allowed to roll over their membership fee for 21/22.


I realise that it’s not an option for everyone but Debentures available for sale for those who want to jump ST waiting list – Asset Match run it for the club. Mine are on there as I now have problems getting to games.

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