Thursday, December 9, 2021

Confirmed: Gabriel Magalhães signs for Arsenal

Arsenal have completed the signing of Brazilian defender Gabriel Magalhães from Lille in a deal that could cost up to €30 million.

The 22-year-old passed a medical in London over a week ago and is currently in quarantine having arrived from France. It’s understood he’s signed a five-year deal with the Gunners.

The deal was announced in a video on Facebook in which Willian and David Luiz interviewed the new boy over Zoom.

Gabriel joined Lille for £1.5 million in 2017 from homeland side Avai and twice went out on loan the following season to Troyes and Dinamo Zagreb.

The 6’2″ left-sided centre-back had to be patient on his return to the Stade Pierre Mauroy but eventually broke into the team midway through the 2018/19 season. Spearheaded by Nicolas Pepe, Lille went onto finish second behind Paris Saint-Germain.

Several clubs across Europe have been tracking Gabriel’s development and there was serious competition for his signature from Napoli, Manchester United and Everton. His agent claims that in choosing to move to Arsenal he has rejected more lucrative terms elsewhere.

Due to Ligue 1’s suspension, he’s not kicked a ball in anger since March so it’s likely he’ll be eased into things on this side of the Channel.

Welcome to Arsenal, Gabriel. Good luck.

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typical tantrums

everything awesome!


We have a new Gabriel

Too Drunk To Be Offside


The Far Post

Just ANS, my friend 😉


Welcome to the family.

May you and Saliba form a great partnership.


Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

For many many years to come


Well said. ?

Adrian Drum

I think with Saliba, Gabriel and Tierney, we will have great defense for many years.

Scott P

Welcome Gabriel! Here’s hoping a new-look defense with him and Saliba can take us to the next level



man our back line this year is gonna be immense!!



It will take time to mature and gel. I think the following year will be great


It wouldn’t surprise me if we see great things from the get go.. just look at how quickly Tierny has become boss.


yeeeeaaahh baby.

<that is all>


Welcome to the Arsenal, Gabriel.


Nice one. Sky reporting that AMN is staying too (or at least, Wolves have pulled out).


Hope so


Hope that really is the case. In all honesty Johnny can adequately replace Doherty (not as clinical but still good going forward), and Vinagre can finally claim the LWB position for them. So yes Nuno, leave AMN alone will ya?

Paul Roberts

I loved the way they announced it! Good luck Gabriel.

Aussie Gooner

Wooooohoooo get in son… Welcome to Arsenal Gabriel.. As a regular follower of French league, I can confidently say that we have a cracking player on our hands.. He is one of the best in europe and very underrated, everyone will see what the fuss is about.. More excited about him than Saliba..

A. Williams

Hmmm, okay now I’m excited

Aussie Gooner

I don’t want to go overboard but we had a certain Sol Campbell he reminded me of (left footed version of Sol) with passing range of a Rio Ferdinand.. Long diagonals from the left side of the defence to Pepe will be a regular theme this season.

Dave cee

If he is anything like as good as those two we are in for a treat


These two look like they could be in that bracket, which let’s face it is what we should have

Teryima Adi

You’re whetting my appetite, Bro.


The rio mention spoilt what was rather a beautiful commentary?! Passing range of David Luiz is better!!!

A Different George

This is the first time I have heard from someone who has actually watched him play–and the fee seems a lot more reasonable if you are even close to right.


Fee seems very reasonable

Aussie Gooner

I will use Jo$h Kronke’s phrase, “be excited”. I am very very excited.

We have a player on our hands. That left side will be very very strong.

Dave cee

Saliba could well be a gem too. That partnership could be ooof! A lot of ifs but it’s exciting.


That cheers me up today, thanks brother.


Welcome onboard lad. Exciting times ahead!

Cliff Bastin

Hahaha suck on that, manure. You can keep your 85m Easter Island statue.

Dave cee

Lol. Good shout

Omg?, his forehead actually does resemble those Easter Island statues. Why have I never noticed it before?


The ‘Arry Lump.


Bigger target in set pieces I suppose

Naija Gooner

The way it was finally announced was maddd lit…I already guessed it. Welcome Gabriel


Coyg.. welcome

pope arse

Welcome Gabby

Moley mole the mole who lives in the hole



The window seems to be picking up. Really glad to have him on board as could see he and Saliba forming a great partnership in a few months – Arteta looks like he is slowly Saliba in which makes sense. Great to see Dani back although I hope the rumors that there is no option to buy are wrong. He’s the type of player we should be looking to bring on permanently. We still need to upgrade midfield – if we could get the Lyon guy that would be pretty exciting.

Dave cee

How has this got thumbs down?!

Dave cee

Anyway, today is about good news! Gabriel! I knew it was almost done after hearing Mikel pre Community Shield but still, such a wait. Thank fuck it is official.
I have never seen him play and I’m still giddy! Next up, like atom says, midfield pls


Apparently people either don’t think we should buy Dani or that the midfield doesn’t need upgrading.


I think its more they dont think it should be aouar now we have ceb back, need more defensive option now.


who thinks that?


I would assume the people who downvoted my original comment (was responding to Dave cee)


I know. It’s ridiculous.

Anyone noticed that site server went down for a bit around 4pm?

I suspect this headline might have a lot to do with it.


Welcome to The Arsenal Gabi! ?⚪️

Rocastle 7

Welcome to The Arsenal, we finally have a defence! Just a defensive and attacking midfielder needed now and will leave the rest in the safe hands of Arteta


YES! Never seen him play but massively excited for this signing. Welcome to Arsenal Gabriel

Here is a video of him against Chelsea. Lots of things to work on but the natural ability is there. Hopefully Arteta will sharpen up his interceptions.


hmmm…..slightly underwhelmed by that video. But big, strong, fast and brave. As you say, stuff to work on


Thanks! Not sure how I feel after watching that but tell you what, that Willian guy looks alright ?

Dave cee

Chris you are not the only one!

Dave cee

Says a lot about our dealings over the last 20 years that a new CB has got us all so excited. Me included.

Arteta's gel

Turning Magalhaes and I think so

Trixie Popsicle

You really think so? 🙂

Nature Prince

Welcome to Arsenal football club
Gabriel magalhaes, best of luck man.

Iyke Muruako

Good news, but Gabriel and Saliba who’s better?

Dave cee

Fucking fantasy news! Thought I was going to be the one to break it after seeing on I don’t care. Been waiting weeks for this news. Welcome to Arsenal Gabriel!!!!!


At last, the end of “The Never Ending Story”! Let’s hope he settles in quickly and gets up to speed. We certainly need some quality in the centre-back position and he could well be “the lad”.


The egg hatched into a beautiful chicken! Welcome Gabriel!


Finally it seems we are targetting CBs and he is also in that right age category. Good luck Gabriel. Now we need to strenghten the midfield. Personally I would go for one of Partey or less expensive options – Soumare, Sangare or Camavinga. Either of those would be good option in my oppinion + bring back Ceballos and I would be happy. I would give ESR a chance in CAM position + Willian can be tested there. And I would probably send Willock on loan to gain experience. We all know who should be sold – Sokratis, Guendouzzi, Kolasinac, probably… Read more »


All successful teams are built on good/great defences … and that’s a clue to our performances in the Premiership over the last ten years or so. I agree with you about who should be sold, I’d add Chambers and possibly Lacazette (as he would certainly raise some much needed cash) to the list, but whether we will is a whole different ball game. I doubt we’ll shift many, but we’ll see. There was the briefest hope recently that Ozil could move to a Middle East club (no club in Europe can afford to, or would want to, match his wages… Read more »


Ozil is the world’s best paid footballing social media superfan.

Freezdawg of Sweden

The man is a WALL!! Welcome, brother.

Crank Case

It’s fucking brill


Tie up Ceballos and we are ready to go.

Coutinho or Thiago will also be a plus!


I want Thiago


Wow, that came outta nowhere


I know it’s only an intro video…but you can see the presence Luiz has, how he can motivate and encourage younger and newer players. Of course I hope he cuts out errors on the field–but his biggest contribution might be behind the scenes with the new guys.


Yeeeeeeees! Get in here!!!

Gunner J

Welcome to the Arsenal!!
His success or failure at Arsenal will be determined by how he answers the question… What do you think of Spurs?


If you haven’t seen it go on the official site and watch the Luiz, Willian and Gabriel. It made me smile. I think Luiz is a top bloke.


When you kick start your passes always from the back,you need a lot of defenders in your squad.

It will click clockwise soon for arsenal,cos everyone in the club had visions for greater challenges & more successes

Tasi'u Yusha'u

Real gunners


Fantastic news and thank heavens for it. Whether Manchester United’s interest was genuine or not is now immaterial, but for a while I began to think ‘FFS, here we go again – Man Utd getting one up on us in the transfer market’ – but, thankfully, it was not to be. I have high hopes for this lad – and for Saliba, who could yet finally solve a more-than-a-decade headache – namely the centre of our defence. With two great full-backs/wing-backs (please, Arsenal, DON’T go and upset the apple cart now by selling Bellerin) and two great goalkeepers, we may,… Read more »

Tanned arse

Watched that video and its very easy to see why the club and arteta wanted to keep luiz around. His worth probably goes far beyond what he gives us on the pitch. That camaraderie and spirit that breeds togetherness and a bond amongst the players can’t be measured but adds so much.


Couldn’t agree more with this

Bob's Mexican Cousin

It seems like Arteta wants to try out that defending thing we don’t usually go for… Exciting!

Craig Velociraptor

Lots of Gabriel experts about I see.

If we have a drilled defensive unit and defend as a team, I’m sure he’ll look good. If we don’t he’ll look as shite as the rest of them.


None of us are experts mate. We’re all just supporters investing our hopes for a better team. Now, I readily admit that I can be a cynical bugger at times, but even I’m prepared to put my faith in young in-demand talent and see what happens. (It’s when we start paying out astronomical sums for players who have clearly seen better days and, as fans, we could be forgiven for thinking that they – the players in question – seemingly view us as a last big pay cheque. THAT kind of thing pisses me off) Come on, give the lad… Read more »


Can’t agree more. Too many over positive people here. No one seems grounded. I think its a positive move but you are absolutely right, defense is something we will need to perform as a team from forwards to the back. That said, we have looked more organized last couple of cup wins so there is good reason to have some optimisim and this fellow surely won’t be any worse than what we already have. If he has a bit of pace and anticipation /recovery speed, it will help us be more on the front foot. BUT midfield still an issue… Read more »


Good news. As I mentioned to someone on some thread, the quality of the current Cbacks, may as well go for another but it may entail thinning out the retinue we have amassed currently. This chap looks quick which will be useful if we are to press higher and hopefully allow us to function in a back 4 , add one more body higher up in the midfield. A couple of potential curve balls : 1) We now have 3 relatively new Cbacks to bed in in Magahles (I prefer to use his last name since Gabriel to me relates… Read more »

Patrik Ljungberg

I suggest you call him Gabriel. That would give you a better chance of spelling his name right. If you can’t get the spelling right, please try to be consistent at least.

Heavy Gunner

A case for the defence,your honour!

Amokade olayinka David

Am so happy for Gabriel joining arsenal for new season good lock Gabriel


Nice to see the owners letting the club buy before selling. Shows some ambition. Personally don’t think they should sell any young players on long contracts (Holding, AMN, even Douzi) if they can wait and see if they come good, or sell them for more next year. The only likely sales will be to big clubs with deep pockets. Maybe we can convince Barca Guendouzi is the next Puyol.

Teryima Adi

It’s an exciting news. Welcome, Son.


This Guy is a Wonder kid ??

Merlin’s Panini

Excellent. Welcome Gabriel! Fingers crossed he can integrate quickly in a tougher league. Now we need to move on a couple of centre backs!


i just love the way he plays i hope you and saliba form a great partnership

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