Arsenal draw Manchester City in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals


Arsenal’s reward for tonight’s 5-4 penalty shootout win over Liverpool is a home clash against Manchester City in the quarter-finals.

The other matches include:

Brentford vs Newcastle
Stoke vs Sp*rs
Everton vs Manchester United

Matches will be played week commencing 21 December. As things stand that will fall between games against Everton and Chelsea.

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Var Will Solve The Problem

It’s perfect! Lets face them early while they still get their defenders settled and play with no recognized strikers. If we can beat Liverpool, why do we have to be afraid of City ?



Dr. kNOw

It is what it is.

2 Evil Exes, down, Scott Pilgrim…




Fuck off, Redknapp, you Tottenham cunt!!


Cheating wanker

santi's thigh grab

We go again!!!


go out again?


Ah, traditions…

Sylvain Won'tord

Fucks sake. We’ll probably draw bloody bayern Munich in the semis


Anyone else bored of playing them?

Simp for Arteta

Man wtf

A s

No, Man City!


We are going to beat them, simple as that.


Well at least it’s at home

Ok this a joke at this point. When was the last time a side faced 3 EPL sides in a row in the energy drink cup?


Hardest teams possible too

Non flying Dutchmen

3 top 10 sides

Dr. kNOw

Last season’s Top 5

The Kolkata Gooner

At this rate, this is going to be harder than winning the Champions League.


So are we going to win the tournament by beating Leicester, Liverpool, City, United and Spurs? That would be a statement.


It would be fucking hilarious

Teryima Adi

To be the best you got to beat the best. But this fixture is one too many.


What, no double header this time?


I am surprised it ain’t Sp*rs.

Merlin’s Panini

Fucking bollocks. Give us a break.


Fuck me! They really don’t eant us to win this piddly cup do they….

If we beat City it’ll be Barca or Bayern in the Semis…Mike Dean officiating…

Gudang Bedil

Be careful guys, as this competition is almost called the Pep Cup, as the FA Cup is the Arsenal Cup.


This competition is completely rigged, however, I much prefer City to Spurs…save them for the final I guess! (eyes rolling uncontrollably)


Cup treble?

Laca new signing

Would you rather we meet Everton or Stoke City in the semis?

Everton. I’d like the team to finish the semis without bone fractures.

Two things I dislike the most in football, gambling and talentless footballers who make Burnley look like Real Madrid.

Glad they got relegated, bet365 FC is the Championship’s problem now.


Stoke, just to smash the cunts one more time.


I guess they’re all tough at this stage but at least we’re at home for what it’s worth. Another interesting dilemma for Arteta – how strong a side to put out this time? If/as we progress, the prospect of possible silverware will begin to effect team selection I suspect.

Teryima Adi

Let’s beat them blue black.


If we win we most defnitely will draw a team of actual fire breathing, man eating dragons. Probably will lose to them on pens after they eat Leno.


Crikey, if they win this thing they’ll have freaking earned it.


Here we go again! Trust me Arteta will beat Pep again.

Bob Holdy

Let me guess…… We play City in the league the same week. Randomly generated for sure

Obama Young

Are you even kidding me with the draws in this tournament? Leicester, at Liverpool, and now Man City?
So much for getting even one game against lower-level or even lower-table teams. That’s a harder 3-game stretch than almost any team will face in the Premier League all year. In the early rounds of the Don’tCareAbout Cup!


That’s our reward? What in the ever lovin’ ****?


Better to play Liverpool’s & City’s B-teams in the earlier rounds than have to beat their first team in the semis or final. Especially a heavily-rotated City squad leading into the Festive Fixtures.

(Of course, wouldn’t matter if we played them in the Final #WembleyMagic)


Everton are gonna beat ManU and Stokes gonna fry spuds.
Hard to predict between Brentford and Newcastle