Arteta: It’s a hard result to take


Mikel Arteta says Arsenal should have made more of their first half dominance as Leicester weathered Gunners pressure before nicking all three points with a late Jamie Vardy strike.

Frustrated at the manner of the 1-0 defeat, the Spaniard was also clearly incensed that Alex Lacazette had a goal chalked off in the early stages and claimed the referee had refused to explain why the decision had been made.

For the record, replays showed Granit Xhaka standing in an offside position when a 3rd-minute corner was swung in by Dani Ceballos although the Swiss didn’t seem to distract Foxes’ keeper Kasper Schmeichel who got nowhere near the Frenchman’s header as it went in off the post.

After the game, Arteta faced the Sky Sports cameras. Here’s what he had to say…

On the performance…

I’m really disappointed, obviously. In the first half, we had the game in our hands, we created enough chances to go in front. We scored a goal and I don’t know how the hell it was disallowed and the second half it was about being patient and waiting for the right moment against a team that wanted to defend really deep. They didn’t have any shots on target and they were just waiting for a mistake to kill us on the break. The moment we made a minimal mistake with no pressure on the ball, trying to step in, they caught us with space at the back and we lost the game.

On whether the referee explained why Lacazette’s goal was disallowed…

No. I asked them and they didn’t say anything.

On the chances we created…

It’s very difficult to create chances against 10 men behind the ball in those spaces. We saw what they did against City and I was expecting them to do it but we had open situations and we should have finished the game better. Then it comes to two or three chances that you’re going to have, set pieces…when you have those moments you have to make the most of them and don’t make any mistakes at the back.

On Leicester coming into the game after the break…

We gave two or three balls away ourselves and gave them a bit of hope and some second balls [too]. Still, I didn’t have the impression that they were creating anything, but you always have the impression when Vardy comes in that at any moment they are going to slide him through and he’s in on goal.

On the way we lost…

At the end of the day, if you can’t win it, you should not lost it. We still had some moments after the goal but we gave too many free-kicks away, we didn’t put the ball in the box enough. It’s something that we have to improve for the future obviously. It’s a hard one to take tonight.

On an opportunity being missed…

Yes, because of the effort the boys put in and the pressure they put Leicester under, they could not get out far, they could not create anything, that’s not an easy thing to do. At the end, we lost the game and there are things that we have to improve.

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We’re right in the middle of the table. Bang average. Tea Pot team. The table does not lie.


The table does not lie… at the end of the season.


Tonight feels like a big loss, because Liverpool and City are light years ahead of us, and we all know that. But these guys, along with United, Spurs, Chelsea, Wolves, Everton, they’re the chasing pack we need to be jostling for position against. And to fall at the first hurdle — at home — is fairly hard to take, and pretty worrying in my opinion. Furthermore, its not as if we absolutely hosed them for 90 minutes. Kasper Schmeichel could’ve been sat there in a deckchair with a can on, sucking back a fucking dart and we still wouldn’t have… Read more »


And listen — I know this has been done to death. And I hate to be that guy to say it. If people don’t think Mesut Ozil could do something in game like that tonight are bonkers. To not even have him around just as an option when we’re paying him truck loads of cash, seems so bananas to me. And his mates like Aubameyang will be sat there on the coach home thinking, why isn’t that guy on the pitch putting me through on goal. A few more dead results like that, and it wont take long for heads… Read more »


Top post.

I’ve been saying this all summer. And ridiculed for it.


Not sure about your assessment, I don’t recall a game where ozil has imposed his will on a parked team. I may be wrong, younger minds with sharper memories may have to weigh in.


Newcastle in Feb. Long time ago.


Last time Ozil was in the squad against Leicester at home, we won 3-1, and he was sensational.

I’m not saying we should use him all the time in every game. But sometimes he has his uses, and last night was the sort of game he loves and thrives in.


Ozil or anyone playing in the hole behind the striker would boost our creativity and create more space for our attackers. Against a packed defence yesterday in the first half, Ozil instead of Xhaka in the side would have given us more options — you could Leicester were nervous and a proper blitz like we used to muster against timid teams followed by actual organized defending, of which we are n ow quite capable, would have meant 3 points.


If Ozil had any intention of playing footabll he wouldn’t be at a club that he knew were never going to play him. His motivation for football is gone. He’s not the player he was or the player we need. Forget about him.

Bould's Eyeliner

Somehow I doubt that the situation is that simple. There was a scenario about Chinese politics sticking it’s giant wang in every little consumer complaint overseas, and Ozil protesting about human rights, and since then, nothing has been good for him.

It’s like Louis Vuitton making fun of over half of their revenue demographic by accident (Chinese buyers)….

By accident…


Arteta know’s that he’s not a guy that will come from the bench with chip on his shoulder, eager to prove him wrong, so what you’re saying is a nonstarter, it’s either start him and build a system around him or nothing…now can we stop bringing up the one we shall not speak of up?????

Heavenly Chapecoense

In the majority of games he played in the last three years, Ozil created nada.

Bleeding gums murphy

Check who created most chances for us last season. Maybe watch Leicester at emerates last season too. Try to think for yourself.


Have doubts about Arteta… but not about Ozil. His sidelining has been three managers in the making, and well, well deserved.


To everyone replying to me in the comments above.

Last night, David Luiz going long was our creative spark.

We had nothing else.

Those sorts of games Mesut should be thrown on to see if he can do something.


Surest way to lose the dressing room is bring that PR chancer back.

I’m not even bothering with the caveats about his talent because frankly, whatever our other limitations, we’ve had some incredible creative midfielders down the years (including Cazorla, who made way for him). In terms of actually making the club better, he is unequivocally in the bottom half of that group, if not the dregs.

I’d rather give Ceballos a go at 10.


I think there is a huge misunderstanding about how Mesut is perceived by the dressing room and by punters on the outside. Quite literally every single player in that Arsenal squad see him as an unbelievable player and I can guarantee you they will all be bemused he isn’t getting minutes on the pitch given our lack of creativity. And if you don’t think that’s the case — then you honestly have never been around football changing rooms before. When good players aren’t getting picked by the manager, its talked about a lot. Go look at his Instagram posts when… Read more »


To suggest he has anything more than a few sympathetic ears is a ridiculous exaggeration, social media tea-leaf reading passed off as some psychological understanding.

If you’ve ever been around a team, you’ll understand that players will tolerate special treatment, if it produces special results. He’s been far from special for a while, so why should he be indulged?

I question Arteta now, based on results, but I don’t feel the need to dredge up issues which were effectively ended once squads were finalised. For those who choose to obsess over one player, get over it.


A few sympathetic ears? What the whole squad? I think Aubameyang was the first player to like his latest post. Tolerate special treatment? That’s complete conjecture, you have no idea how Mesut is treated by Arteta, or by any manager. Or how he behaves in training or outside. You dont have to be through the looking glass to realise the huge contradiction in Artetas words when he was the one playing him in every single game when he first turned up. Then lock down happened, the pay cut issue.. etc.. and he was never seen again. This is far beyond… Read more »


Find the New York Times article. Some speculation and conjecture, but an interesting premise nonetheless.The Erasure of Mesut Özil


Agree, especially the younger guys. Watch last years game in the Carabao cup against Liverpool, and see how the younger guys deferred to Ozil. There is still a lot of respect for him. Whether he could still produce the juice is another matter, but at least it would give the opposition manager, like that pud Rodgers, something to think about. At his point, anything to open up some space would be welcome.


The issue isn’t about Ozil. It’s about the setup. Tell me, where in this current formation do you play Ozil? LW, then it’s no Saka, RW? There is still a gaping hole between the midfield and attack and then we have zero high press and another player jogging around and not putting in a shift on defense – Ozil’s understanding of defense is hovering near players, not tackling and definitely not heading the ball. Now we shift to a 433, with Partey-Ceballos or Partey Elneny as the double pivot (seriously I’m done with Xhaka’s immobility and one-footedness – he’s too… Read more »


You do realise since Arteta joined Arsenal, the player who has created the most chances is still Ozil… even though he hasn’t been played for about 9 months. People are painting him out to be this completely inept player. You can throw him anywhere behind the striker or off the front three. or in a midfield 3, I mean sure, there are caveats and you have to get players around him to do the dirty work. But considering David Luiz was the player who had the most forward passes in the Leicester half all game, and he came off about… Read more »


Ok I agree that omitting Özil was a noggin scratcher move but honestly I can’t see how he would significantly help things. Because imo I’d pin this more on system than personnel (although we definitely need better ones in midfield).

No one runs, and no one passes with pace. Everyone just backpasses or occasionally plays it forward when they face ahead and spot a rare runner. You can’t tell me this is the result of a well drilled attack.

George Marowa

It just feels as if we are trying to much. Arteta is trying too hard to impose himself to give the team his identity. Being a bit too clever

Jeremy DG

I really wish sky would ask more interesting questions like: Why do you keep doing the same shit game after game when it clearly doesn’t work?

Thierry Bergkamp

On the chances we created.

“Mesut might have helped us there”




But there was little evidence of that when he was last playing – so long ago now – which is why he was dropped.

Laca New Signing

Mesut Ozil 2019/20. There you go, Bigs, treat yourself.

Seriously mate, it’s worth a watch……

Heavenly Chapecoense

You can also get a YouTube video 20-hour long where Ozil was doing nothing good. You can also go watch the UEFA League final. A game so important to before in CL and check his behavior.


Did you put that one together yourself Qwalitee? Jeez the hours of viewing between those scare moments to put that together must have been hard even for one as devoted to Mesut as yourself.


Exactly. In 18 league games last season he managed 2 assists and created 1 big chance. He’s been part of plenty of performances like that unfortunately. Instead of worrying about him, Arteta needs to rethink our structure.

The Arsenal

His stats were poor but we were actually threatening and playing football in the other teams half instead of in a u shape at the back and into the centre circle only to recycle the ball all the way back to leno.


But that’s not actually true is it? Ozil played 3 of Freddie’s 4 games in charge, and something like 10 in a row for Arteta when he first started managing. For the most part, I don’t think we were much more threatening then than we are now. This passive football has been an issue from before Wenger left if we’re being honest.


Total BS.
Ozil was third in chances created last season. You can not like it. But you cannot have your own facts, dude.

Hank Scorpio

And first in chances created per 90 minutes played. Interestingly Willock was not far behind and also top 3 per 90 minuets for successful dribbles and tackles. Not saying they’re the answer, Ozil won’t play for Arsenal again, but what is most damning is that no regular starters are featured in those stats


Wow, I’m sorry you didn’t like my stats, but they’re not made up, they’re from the official premier league website. And for an in-depth perspective on the quality of chances Ozil makes, I’d refer you to this article:


If Ozil had been given a consistent run of games instead of a stop-start one, if he hadn’t been substituted all the time, basically if he had been employed the way Arsene Wenger used to employ him, he would have had many more than just two assists. He was in double figures in every season under Wenger, but never since then.

Wrighty Oh!

And we would probably be in the same position we are now, regardless. The last two seasons under Wenger we didn’t get Champions League when he was hitting double figures of assists. We have consistently been poor against the better teams in the division for years, with Özil in the team.
There are a whole heap of issues that contribute to our current malaise but this constant assumption that we have a cheat code that will win us all the big games just sitting at home is fantastical at best.


No one equated Ozil to a cheat code. Why do you have to get so extreme? But it is undeniable that we’d have more creativity with Ozil than without. So by not picking him, we are not giving ourselves the optimum opportunity of winning.


If my aunty had balls…


Neither you nor anyone else had control over your aunty being born with balls. But the manager does have control (so we’re asked to believe) over how, if at all, to use Ozil.
Maybe try thinking BEFORE making a comment?

The Arsenal

I thought he was a big reason Arteta started so well.


There was lots of evidence of that, but only observant supporters with independent minds are able to see that. Brainwashed supporters who would now rather see the team lose and lose than be wrong themselves, can’t.


Just to be clear, are you saying that Arsenal fans that disagree with you on Ozil are brainwashed?


People who claim that there was NO evidence of Ozil doing anything good, certainly have something wrong with them. Arsenal fans who find themselves criticising Ozil more than they criticise any other Arsenal player, just like the pundits do, are undeniably brainwashed. Danny Welbeck, for example, was much more culpable for any of our failures than Ozil – missing great chances, unable to control a ball, costing Ozil several assists and man of the match awards; maybe player of the year awards too. But did Welbeck get anywhere near the amount of grief from Arsenal fans as Ozil has done?… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

It is not like the manager can hear the fans and bring back Ozil. He is in the PL squad. Stop talking about him.


Without meaning to sound dramatic, is anyone else worried that Arsenal might never score a goal ever again?


I wonder what you’d say when you do mean to sound dramatic.

Tony Hall

Sorry Mikel but seen it happen to the team so many times now it’s not even a surprise anyone


Every opposing manager’s team talk.

“Sit deep and hit Arsenal on the break.

They’ve got no midfield to hurt you and a clown like Mustafi at the back. Play it through or over the top of him and he doesn’t know what day of the week it is.”


In fairness to Arteta, a draw was a fairer result. We were shite in the second half, but had a goal wrongly ruled out IMO.

I think Arteta is beginning to lose a lot of the fanbase. His over thinking and playing 3 at the back or players in the wrong positions is all his doing and it’s not working at all. Scraped wins this season and we play so boring football, its painful to watch.


Totally agree chuffy.First half hour wasn’t bad but we quickly ran out of ideas in the second half.Don’t get me started on players being played out of position it’s painful to watch as you say.This result might be the kick up the arse he needs to reavaluate things before the situation could potentially turn very sour.

Salibaba and the Forty Thieves

Hopefully it is because 1 defensive mistake should never have been enough to see us lose this game. Disallowed goal aside we should have been 2 goals up by minute 60. 12 attempts 4 on target I think before Vardy came on but yet no goals scored. I would like to see Lacazette being subbed on for Auba instead of starting. No point having a CF that can’t be relied on as an outball and commits fouls when he’s dispossessed. Mustafi cannot be playing against quick counter-attacking sides. He is just too slow in thought and body to prevent a… Read more »

Ordnance Dave

We should all be mindful of when Pep was called a fraud at City and Klopp a flop at Liverpool. This is what Mikel will go through this season. Patience is key.

Dave, personally I am patient with Arteta but I am running out of patience with many of our players. My take on our squad is that Arteta is conjuring up a playing style that helps our most limited players BUT in doing so is hindering the rest of the team. That’s the difference I see between him and Klopp. Klopp was far more ruthless with the players that didn’t fit his systems and did little to accommodate them. (1) Mustafi – He’s quite slow and lacks courage when having to defend without numbers. Arteta asks the RCM to be closer… Read more »


“My take on our squad is that Arteta is conjuring up a playing style that helps our most limited players BUT in doing so is hindering the rest of the team.” And it is the same issues Emery and Wenger (at the end) came up against too. How can we make a functional system with Xhaka. Answer is, in the EPL, you CANNOT. This is the wrong league for Xhaka, who could be effective in slower leagues and with more middling teams. The Laca one seems more the type of CF he wants rather than trying to make Laca work… Read more »

Goona get ya!

With our squad what was the better team to beat Leicester?


We lost to a good team who we dominated and they scored from the 1 chance they had. We could play the team and formation everyone wants and still lose.

You may well be right but the reality is we lost to a Leicester that had no Pereira, Ndidi, Soyuncu, Perez or Vardy for most of the game.

If the our 2nd team players could beat them in the League Cup why did the 1st team struggle?

I honestly doubt Saliba would have tracked Vardy any worse than Mustafi did. At the very least he would have taken responsibility.


This is true, we are all playing armchair manager here. But after losing 3 in a row I think it’s fair to say that whatever Arteta is doing atm isn’t working.


Can someone please write a simple paper on how you break down opposition when they put 10 men behind the ball and promptly forward said paper to the Arsenal hierarchy? I feel like for years that’s been a go-to strategy for any opposition that thinks having a 50-50 chance of getting a win or a draw out of us are preferable odds. We never seem to do anything during 90 minutes of dull play than just hope that fortune gifts us an opener to force them to stop parking the bus.


This may be useful:



If teams sit back against the likes of Liverpool, you know it’s just a matter of time before they eventually score anyway because their players are imaginative, aware and deadly in front of goal.

On the other hand we seem to be unimaginative, unaware and deadly in front of goal.

Reality check

The whole team feels shakeled especially Auba and Pepe. Whereas fullbacks and Luiz seem liberated. Not sure where this thing is going atm.


It did baffle me to see Bellerin playing inside like Alaba does with Auba outside right hugging the touchline… Surely would’ve been more sensible to have them the other way around, like Tierney / Saka. Incidentally I feel as though Saka is more dangerous from the wing than inside also!



Leicester looked happy for a draw the way they setup for this game and bringing on Vardy toward the end was a possible trump card that payed off for Rogers in the end. Arteta was outfoxed by Rogers in this game imo.

Granit(e) hard!

Yes we have possesion, but its sterile possession, the team lacks creativity..its left right, left right and the long ball to try and get behind, or work it down the left wing..we are so predictable


It’s defensive possession, so that when you lose it you’re in good defensive shape, but hell it’s nasty to watch and gives us 0 threat going forward


Just play Auba as a striker, flanked by Saka and Pepe… No need to overcomplicate stuff Arteta.


They’re too similar, you need diferent skillsets in those positions, but yeah play Auba and cut the rest of the attacking cloth accordingly.


I think even playing Nelson on the flank is better than have your striker hugging the touchline.

Gunner J

Forget the result, it’s the performance that’s hard to take.

Naked Cygan

Agree, the performance was worse than the result. For some reason it looks like our players have zero clue on how to create any chances. If we keep playing like that we are fed. Our only play us a sad andnl9nley long ball. Disgusting…


He sounds uncannily like Wenger did when things went pear-shaped for him. This is the first, real, test for Arteta. I hope he’s up to the challenge but it’s all new ground as a manager – never the same as deputy to someone else as the buck stops with him now.


I said omitting Ozil was a massive massive gamble.

Gunner J

Arteta should read his own words, his saying having Vardy you know that he might just be slipped in and his in on goal, well having creative players and prolific finishers on the field and in their preferred positions does the same.
Imagine seeing Vardy Come on and being put on the wing VS seeing Vardy and being put in the middle, which puts more dread in you? I can go on but I think you get it.


Down vote me as many as you want. Arteta has lost his way and unless he figures out a better way, he will be kicked out by winter. I honestly dislike him more than Emery because how he lied about Ozil situation.


Groan. Emeryball was impossible to watch. It was a complete sh*t show. I still trust in Arteta and the process. I think patience is required to see how well Partey fits in and how the 433 works. It might take a few games to see progress.

Salibaba and the Forty Thieves

No downvote or upvote from me. But I wouldn’t compare Arteta to Emery just yet, not until he’s had the same number of games at least.

It might have been a different time but Arteta’s induction into this job is similar to when Fergie took over at manure. It took Fergie 3 seasons before his side were even title contenders again and even longer to win major honours.

Like you I think our performance tonight was dreadful but the dramatics should at least be saved until supporters are back in stadia.

James Lee

Arteta sacked by winter, not a chance in hell

Crash Fistfight

I agree – the club would probably have to pay him off, so no chance.

Edu would probably bring in someone like Julen Lopetegui or some other manager whose team plays “nice” football in La Liga, like Valverde.


Arsenal may have dominated proceedings ,but if Arsenal cant score and the other side scores wins.Which brings me back to Wenger. He often decried teams that parked the bus and likened it to anti soccer. Who cares as long as you win. Arteta made 5or 6 changes to the side. I am not a coach. The fiuency piaying together may have not been there. He is still threading the perfect pass through a packed defence. If oArsenak can score its good but the other side of the coin is the gunners are ripe for the sucker punch.Vardy was given time… Read more »


I agree with a lot of what is said here, but: A perfectly good goal was chalked off, would have completely changed the game. Did anyone else think there was a high foot that made Laca miss the header from 4 yards out? It is not like we did not create chances, three perfectly good chances which our strikers failed to take. I think there needs to be some tempering of the criticism based on these points. Doesn’t change the fact that it was a very poor goal to concede. Also, every team is losing points left, right and center,… Read more »

Simp for Arteta

Check the replay, the high boot doesn’t come in after he’s already missed it

Laca New Signing

Bla bla bla. We lack creativity in midfield and this playing from the back is really shit with the players we have in midfield. Emery 2.0 loading…

Meanwhile i feel like a good manager (won’t mention Arsene Wenger for fear of the obvious) would win the league with this squad, playing the attacking 4-2-3-1 formation.

Bellerin, Saliba/Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney
Ceballos/Elneny, Partey
Pepe/Willian, Özil, Aubameyang/Saka

Anyway what do I know from my armchair?


Yeah, it doesn’t look that complicated, does it?


I’m not being sarcastic!




We are handicapping ourselves


Wenger had similar squads (arguably better – prime Santi, Cesc, Van Persie and Sanchez) and played 4231 and didn’t win the league.


No, but he did get us into the Champions’ League in all but two seasons; never finished mid-table. Plus he would have won more league titles if we hadn’t been systematically cheated by referees again and again.


Whats wrong with the var?The goal shd have stood.Mcguie had a
stranglehold on the Chelsea player and is not deemed worthy of a penalty.
The FA shd punish such fouls retrospectively and not say since the
ref didnt see it,is not a problem.

Goona get ya

We’ve got to think about how far we had fallen before Mikel came in. The fact that we are not far behind after playing away at Liverpool, City and home to Leicester speaks volumes. Last year we would have feared this game!

That’s only because the other teams are wetting the bed too. It will just be a repeat of last season if we keep relying on other teams instead of ourselves.


Absolutely agree. We’ve been here before.

Laca New Signing

I’m ready for the down votes but I have to speak my mind. Mesut Özil will be Arteta’s downfall at Arsenal.


Are we saying someone who is being paid 350k per week cannot be bothered to play 15 minutes of a game just as plan B, or what sort of rubbish are we being fed. Look, all parties involved should do what’s best for this great club.


For the billionth time – it’s Arteta’s choice that Ozil is no longer part of Arsenal – not the player himself.

Who picks the squad?

Jeeeez……… 🙄


How do you know that? Only that Ozil couldn’t deliver what Arteta wanted, whatever that is. If it’s effort, strange how Ozil could deliver pre-lockdown.


We certainly won’t make top four – which was imperative this year.

We’ve also spent big. Much as I hate Stan, he put up the money – even if it was a loan instead of an unconditional contribution.

It’s going to take a similar big outlay next summer.

Players like Ozil don’t grow on trees as people are now beginning to realise – when it’s far too late.


what was our net spend this summer we havent spent that big have we?
we should be spending ‘big’ every summer adding 2/3 quality players and moving on the ones who dont make the standard.
that would be just to try and keep up with the top 4.

James Lee

Get over Ozil FFs hes done!


Wow I had forgotten how good the football was under Emery.

Ray Staunton

Football is about imagination and spontaneity, its lacking in the players, I think Arteta knows this but needed to create structure first.Partey is an improvement,Saka will improve, I will be patient.


Agreed, but the manager has to have some, too. We need an extra attacker out there, not another defender — even when we play with 4-3-3, one of the midfielders becomes a defender and though I get it, he goes forward when we have the ball, his starting position is left-back. It hobbles our attack, and it doesn’t help that we don’t have the attacking midfielder out there to link up the different lines of the team.


Ainsley with Party and Ceballos?


He had ‘imagination and spontaneity’ and a world class professional who could have provided it and slotted it into any system with ease – but Arteta refused to select him. Having ten outfield guys all huffing and puffing is all very well – but if they can’t unlock opposition defences who sit deep – then no amount of chasing about is going to feed the forward line. It’s ridiculously simple and people who say it’s complicated are making the grass roots of the game more complicated than they need to be. Defensive midfielders win the ball and give it to… Read more »


Wenger’s comments a few days ago on Sportsmail, where he basically insinuated some figures at the higher ups of the Arsenal hierarchy allow certain narratives to go on to protect themselves. He was referring to how he was abused and slanted for being “unwilling to spend” despite having “$100 million transfer war chest” etc….I feel like this Ozil and Arteta situation is starting to reek of the same, maybe some people higher up do not want Ozil on the pitch for whatever reason, Arteta is the buffer, he takes all the punches for leaving Ozil, arguably his most creative player,… Read more »


I’ve said this all summer, but, further to an article Blogs did recently, I’ve been inclined to believe that this decision has been taken by Arteta himself, wanting the whole team to ‘high press’ – which is largely being found out, game by game. It’s too late to bring Ozil back, not even in January. Arteta strikes me as someone who, when it comes to being stubborn, makes Wenger look like a soft touch. What Arteta MUST do now, is play Auba up front centrally, with Saka on the left and Pepe on the right. Laca’s legs are going –… Read more »

Simp for Arteta

Hi Qwaliteee, could you pls explain for the benefit of the tactically uninformed (like myself) what the advantage of a high press is when your midfield isn’t that mobile?



James Lee

If that goal stood there wouldn’t be any knee jerk reactions tonight!

Every team has a slump here and there or and odd game, its a test of character on how arteta reacts and pulls us out of this!

I’ve got faith in him!


This slump in the league has lasted for about a year now. so i wouldnt say its here and there or the odd game.


I’m beginning to think Arteta is being found out by other coaches and that some of his wins are by luck or team effort. He’s not doing anything much differently tactically.


How was Partey’s Performance by the way?

Martinelli Spinelli

Disappointed with the result, draw would have been fairer.

Arsenal hasn’t got a way to break down deep block formation yet.

Looking at the league table, it’s interesting to see that Arsenal concedes the least goals.

Learn from the loss, dust yourselves off and get ready for the next game. Season is still long and it’s not over until it’s over.



Arteta – boo.

This is total BS. Emery 2.0.




The Arsenal is too big for a rookie like arteta. He should cut his teeth with a smaller club, e.g MK Dons


Arsenal are pedestrian in attack. They are vulnerable to the speedy counter
attack as Vardys goal has shown.I agree with Wright when he said
MU’s speedy forwards will pose problems.
I saw a replay of how Arsenal beat MU 3-0 in 2015. The gunners were fast in their passing and gave the MU defence no time .
A repeat of that will be most handy.


Except we are unable to build up our attack with pace. We are doomed


Tbf I thought we were much better today. After seeing Leicester against city I thought they’d be a lot more threatening. I was calm the whole game until that one slip up which I think without the injury to David Luiz doesn’t happen and for all the CBS weve got we dont have many options there right now. Very frustrating loss but I took positives out of this one. I didn’t out of our other losses.


weve got lots of centre backs the problem is most of them are shit.
similar situation in midfield and out wide.
this squad is full of deadwood and expensive flops


While everything being spoken against Arteta, for Özil, Emery 2.0, etc, etc may all have a grain of truth (or not, it’s all your perception), can we all agree that in two consecutive games, we have had two goals lost (high foot against Gabriel vs City and yesterday), which probably could have changed the complexion of the game?

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

It’s not only the results. The performances are really worrying including the lack of goals with offensive players likes the ones we have…


That’s true. Frankly Mustafi, even when fully fit and match fit, is a risk. To then believe he could have an effect a la Mertesacker in that 2017 final is ludicrous. My heart dropped when he came on, and further at the inevitability of him coming on.


Starting to think Mikel might head the same way as Di mateo did at chelsea after winning the cup, 6 games into the new season he seems to have no idea of his best team and is playing our best players out of postion to fit in average ones.

The Gooner

No, the result cannot be hard to take when he is constantly playing Aubameyang out of position. Sticking to a rusty Ceballos, and an erratic Xhaka. Elneny is better than both Xhaka and Ceballos any day. He will learn


Arteta needs to adapt … fast!!!


Mr.Arteta l beg you pl consider Mezut for the next tenure at least we doesn’t have creative player like him pl consider ozil at the earliest pl.


Please don’t be ridiculous man. Irrespective of whether or not Mesut delivered on the non-negotiables, and whether or not it is some other reason behind his exclusion, the simple fact of the matter is that in any case MÖ is in the last year of his contract, and he isn’t going to get another. Arteta may still be a patsy for the higher-ups deciding to move on from Özil, though we have to accept Edu’s statement that it was his decision. All the same, he cannot build a strategy around Mesut that can go into the next season. If anyone… Read more »

Hank Scorpio

I don’t think anyone aside from Ozil fanboys wants to build a strategy around him but he won’t be doing that with Ceballos either who will also need to be replaced. Despite what some might say…and it’s grounded in fantasy not reality…Ozil is our most creative player- even last season when in and out of the team he topped chances created per 90 minutes. From a squad balance point of view and being pragmatic it would have been sensible to keep him in the squad until we got a replacement in January or next season. That doesn’t mean he’d be… Read more »


Ozil had many chances over the last 3 years and nothing significant came of it. One player will not solve this issue and we have spent more than ever in the last few years.


Except that he didn’t have many chances over the last three years. He got many more games and minutes under Wenger than he has since. It really is important to get your facts right before giving your opinions mate.


Don’t be to disheartened as I believe we’re the best team around in passing backwards and sideways, should get us in the top half of the table 👍Emery lives on


We’re still playing “horse shoe” football, where it is passed around an arc and down the sides constantly. It looks so easy to stop as well, while other teams breaks are incisive and flowing.

Spanish football wasn’t even pleasing on the eye when the won the World Cup, so without the results it is staring to look pointless.


really??? that spain team was one of the best international teams i can remember.


I don’t think Ozil should be playing but come on neither should Mustafi. I know Arteta needed to bring some structure, belief and discipline which he did really well but I feel it’s now become a little bit military and is stifling talent. I was no fan of Ghendouzi but to ostracise him for not apologising for insulting another team’s player and then wanting to sell Maitland Niles because he was late for training? I wonder how long Cantona would have lasted in Arteta’s world, even Ferguson gave him a wide leash. You have to treat people as individuals in… Read more »


This game was a battle of tactics and Leicester won it. In some ways, they did what we do to teams like Man C and Liverpool. Picking out players and targeting them. Now if people like us can figure what’s Xhaka’s limitations and what his role is in the team, definitely other team can pick on it and today Leicester did. Xhaka is just an example, another is our Xhaka/Tierney/Aubameyang combi down the left. Xhaka filing in the left, Tierney going down the flank supporting Auba, or just a early ball to Auba on the left wing. It worked extremely… Read more »