Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Report: Torreira on verge of Atletico move

According to various sources, including our very own @Gunnerblog, Lucas Torreira’s proposed loan move to Atletico Madrid will be completed very soon.

The player’s representative flew to Madrid for talks earlier in the week after Diego Simeone reportedly called the Uruguayan to outline why he wants him at the Wanda Metropolitano.

When the summer began, it looked far more likely that the midfielder would return to Serie A. Linked with AC Milan and Napoli in the past, he was in talks with both Fiorentina and Torino and at one stage.

The latter’s link seemed particularly strong given they are coached by Marco Giampaolo; the man who mentored the Uruguayan during his three-year spell at Sampdoria.

It doesn’t look like Torreira’s move to Madrid is in any way linked to our pursuit of Atletico’s central midfielder Thomas Partey. The Ghanaian has a €50 million buyout clause and his current owners have no intention of budging on that.

Arsenal have until 11pm (BST) on Monday to complete their transfer business with foreign clubs. In addition to Torreira, Sead Kolasinac, Matteo Guendouzi and Sokratis could also depart.

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Juan Cornetto

“In addition to Torreira, Sead Kolasinac, Matteo Guendouzi and Sokratis could also depart.”

Also Ozil – lol


Quite. Pork will surely fly before that happens!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Plus, when Arteta says you have a clean slate, your slate is as clean as a pork sty.

Tanned arse

Or perhaps whilst playing in that behind closed doors friendly he casually shat on that bright new clean slate by bimbling about the pitch……possibly

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Why not Ozil to Atletico and we pay half of his salary? Ozil played in La Liga in Madrid before. Instead of saying he has clean slate and not doing anything in favour of the club, there might be acceptable solutions for both sides.


Probably because, err, Atleti don’t want the waster.

Johnny 4 Hats

I don’t actually think any team of merit plays with a luxury 10 anymore. That’s why Coutinho, Ozil and James Rodriguez have been so hard to move on. The game has become too intense for passengers.

Also, Simeone would end up murdering him.


Rodriguez looks alright at Everton. Coutinho didn’t do too bad at Bayern. Ozil just isn’t good enough. Would take both of them over Ozil any day

Tankard Gooner

You really think if Ozil can’t cut it under Arteta in terms of physicality and energy, he’ll be able to impress Simeone?


Oh yeah, Ozil and Simeone. What could possibly go wrong!

Johnny 4 Hats

If we don’t capture Partey, this deal is not going to go down well.


Well, it was always a possibility that we couldn’t sell Torreira to AM and, in that case, probably wouldn’t get Partey. AM has always held out for a sale (full fee or part-exchange) for their man and I don’t think they’ll change that. It looks increasing like we’ll have to sell someone else for “reasonable” money (Kolasinac won’t raise the required dosh) to get Partey or, more likely I would have thought, Aouar. Who could we sell? Well, there’s (no, I won’t write it). Watch this space!



Johnny 4 Hats

I take your point. But we are skint too. And a loan isn’t really solving any of our problems.

It feels like simple enough business. We have something they want. They have something we want. Why do them a favour if they are then going to be stubborn with us?


Yes, that’s the point I’m (trying) to make. We have to sell to buy a midfielder (or anyone else, really). It appears AM don’t need to sell Partey – or at least for anything substantially under their asking price- perhaps there’s another suitor. At least a loan gets Torreira’s wages off the books and frees up a squad place, which are limited. A small recompense. As you say, assuming we don’t have the money to buy Partey outright, and given the players we are usually reported to want to offload, we can’t raise the money for him (or Aouar). It’s… Read more »

Paul Roberts

If we get Ohh arrr it will be fine no?

Johnny 4 Hats

I hope we do get an Ohh Arrr in so we can farm out some of these lambs for the slaughter.

Gentlemen. Release the puns!!!


Aouar seems a little sheepish about joining. Or maybe he’s just chicken.


O.R. is on his way to Paris

Eduar-do a deer

You think this is amoosing? It’s actually udder nonsense.

Here Smorgascake

Infuriating that we’re letting them have him on loan when they’re not budging on Partey! Arsenal should be embarrassed ?


Torreira is, obviously, going to love playing for Simeone, and should enjoy considerable success in his style of play in La Liga. Smart move. I also think, though I am in the minority, that we’re smart to loan him: I’m sure we wanted the cash now to make other deals happen, but Torreira’s value will be much higher after a year with AM than it currently is (barring injury). I’m not so much concerned about the money, as I am Arteta’s rebuilding project — if we’re selling, I’d like us to get top value so as to give Arteta a… Read more »

Dave cee

I’m not so much concerned about the money….if were selling; I’d like us to get top dollar. I have zero idea what your point is here.
For me what is important is what Arsenal can deliver on the pitch this year, and worry about next year next year. That is not going to be helped by giving away Torreira for a season in exchange for nothing. Partey has got to be on the table in these discussions or tell AM to do one or direct Lucas towards Torino or the bench.

Dave cee

Same applies to Lyon who want a class talent in Paqueta for 1/4th of what they are asking for Aouar. Honestly, I would be happy with Paqueta at Arsenal

Dave cee

Sorry if I sound gruff, long day and getting dissatisfied with the whole transfer market/ rumours bs.

Arsene's Smirk

Don’t work that way.

Arteta’s is not a 1 year project.. (Rome wasn’t built in a day, Liverpool didn’t develop in a season Yada Yada)

We need to look at Arteta as someone who can help mould the squad and the club over a period from the ground up.

Also loan moves usually have a Loan fee. And if he plays well at AM and the economy recovers his value will only grow next season. Loan move makes sense of no one is offering top value for some one who is Def a really good player.


My point is that we’re going to get more for Torreira a year from now in a permanent transfer deal after he shines like a crazy diamond for Simeone for the season. My concurrent point is that the increased value can be better used to help Arteta rebuild with better pieces — at the moment, our targets appear to be beyond our financial reach, so next year, if we sell Torreira permanently then, we’ll get more for him, and maybe we’ll find ourselves in a better buyer’s market. Not to be forgotten in all of this is the desire of… Read more »


Only issue is that the amount will be decided before hand. So they will take up the option at that price itself

I hope we’re at least getting a good upfront loan fee otherwise this doesn’t make much sense tbh


I’m sure our negotiators are aware of how much higher Torreira’s value will be after a season as a defensive midfielder for Simeone, and I’m sure that is worked into the price — you’d have to think AM would agree to a significant fee next season if they get to take the player on loan this season. But who knows …

I doubt we’ll get much of a loan fee at all — we have too many players who aren’t playing at the moment, and moving them on has become essential.




Uato correct faillde

Aouar House

Uruguayan for Report


Steve Martin out of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels


Why is the cork on the fork???

Salibaba and the Forty Thieves

It’s short for reprotechnik, the German word for reproduction?

Get with the times Grandpa!?


Wasnt that a Kraftwerk song?

The Kolkata Gooner

Is he a Partey alternative?

Mayor McCheese


You’ve been banging on your pots now, haven’t you?


Athletico need the money. Why are they letting their pride get in the way of making money off of Partey?


Guessing even though we were
Pushing for a sale, sounds like it’s going to be a loan. I’m surprised someone hasn’t come in for Elneny to be fair, I imagine he would be available
For around £8mill which is quite reasonable.


Fair point. We need to offload players for cash to buy a midfielder (whoever that may be). The market is very tight for many – but not all – clubs at present. There will probably be a last minute scramble, but the longer “buying” clubs leave it the less opportunity “selling clubs” have of replacing their player(s) – assuming they need to. Deals then fall through and that happened to us under Wenger quite a lot because he tended to dither and time just ran out. It’s gets a lot trickier the closer we get to Tuesday.


wenger tendended to dither? of funds were tight and we had a haggle? You dont know what happened


Hmmm. A loan according to the report. That’s potentially good in a small way – it would get his wages off the books (assuming we’re not subsiding them at AM – wages were raised in some earlier reports). It could be bad in a bigger and a more immediate way though in that it raises no funds for a purchase of a midfielder – probably Auoar now unless we stump up the asking price for Partey (who probably won’t come on loan?). I know I’ll get loads of negative votes for this but unless Partey does come on a loan,… Read more »

Wiltoooooooooord !!!

Would be interested to know how much loan fee we are getting, because we were nearly getting 20-25 million from Torino?
I thought Atleti deal only made sense because it would have helped us get partey


If Atletico is absolutely insisting on the unrealistic idea of us paying the release cause while pleading poverty it might be time to move on to alternatives. Hopefully the Lyon guy signs soon & we are able to bring in a Partey type even if not Partey himself. We seem to have a real plan in terms of squad building even if it will take a few windows to get to where we want to be. Best of luck to Torreira – always liked him but just didn’t seem to work. If there’s no place for Ozil against Liverpool one… Read more »


If all this is true, the question is how do we sign the “Lyon guy” (Aouar, I assume) without the money we were hoping to raise from a Torreira sale (in the event AM weren’t interested in a cash + player deal for Partey which, apparently they aren’t)? Interesting, isn’t it.

Dr. kNOw

Özil has contentedly spent the majority of this contract on the sidelines. What’s another 9 months? Despite claiming there’s a 10% chance of his contract being extended – a claim best described as ‘top, top trolling’ – you can be confident he already has a fairly clear idea of his next move.


So we really don’t know what the budget is similar to how the club kept leaking they didn’t have any money last year and then went out and signed Pepe. If you look at the transfer fees we’re probably pretty close to breakeven on the year (reportedly 27m for Gabriel & 1.5 for keeper. received 20m for Martinez & supposedly 9 for Kolo if goes through). Auba & Willian will be decent additions to the wage bill this year although we will have quite a bit of money coming off it next year when Ozil/Luiz/Papa/Mustafi leave. Torreira & potentially Gendouzi… Read more »

Thierry Ennui

dis here’s mah reeeprot…


I like Torreira but it’s pretty clear he’s not in Arteta’s plans. Maybe his stock will rise at AM. If a club like AM is still crying cash poor, you can see how difficult it is to move players in this market. I doubt Partey is coming. Aouar seems closer of the 2 and we desperately need some creativity.

Iron Ljung

I don’t understand why we would do this? We wanted the deal to involve long-term target Thomas Partey going the other way. Atletico didn’t. Atletico got their way. Then, the next best option, we wanted the deal to be permanent. Atletico didn’t. Atletico got their way. Finally, failing both of the above, we wanted the deal to involve an obligation to buy, Atletico didn’t. Atletico got their way. In fact, even better, they seem to have secured an option to buy him, meaning that if he does well, they can take him for below market price. So we lose. Whereas… Read more »


Arteta must be up to something, there’s no way he’s going to just let this happen, I think we will get Partey and Aouar.

Iron Ljung

I want to believe!

Billy bob

Yeah I don’t like the sound of this deal either but if, as some reports suggest, Partey likes the idea of moving to arsenal then how about we loan him off them? The players get the moves they want, the club’s get the players they want and neither club has to fork out a fee (save that till next summer).

Iron Ljung

Agreed, that would be ideal. Unfortunately the noises coming out of Atletico suggest that’s something they’re not prepared to do. But we live in hope…


There is no money for Partey and Aouar.

Dream on. Too many people cannot do the Math.

That’s two players over 45m practically 95m total plus Magalhaes for 24m plus we are beholden to pay 20m for Saliba and Pepe.

We have only made 20m as of now with Martinez.

Even with a couple of sub 10m sales that takes us to a mere 40-50m income.

We can barely cover one of Aouar or Partey.


I was expecting Mustafi on the list of departees too… who knows, maybe.


youd have to pay someone to take that donkey even if he was fit.


You expect but no done deal. Donkey still better than some of our other players as he started for Arteta.

If we can get 9m for either him of Kolasinac that would be good going. Chambers too.

Paul Roberts

Any reprote in a storm…

Paul Roberts

Serious question: Are “Reprots” less or more reliable then “Reports”? ?

A Different George

The Guardian reports (as a done deal, not a posssibility) that Lyon has bought midfield Lucas Paquetá from Milan for £18.2m. That almost certainly means they have agreed to sell Aouar to someone, probably us.

  • Reprots

Or PSG which is now moving in.

We have been wasting time first with a piddly 32m bid then 36m (what was the point of that?

Now PSG puportedly putting on 41m bid plus add ons which I mentioned from the start is a minimum number that will move the player.

We may now have to push our offer up to 45m if we want to seal it.



Not sure how this is going to help us land Aouar. Its a loan. granted you get the wages off but then you load on wages for the new player. Does not make much sense. Unless we don’t care and just want to carry the red for a bit… In which case we should be just biting on Aouar now instead of dicking around on price. now PSG purportedly moving in. I mentioned at start of window it will take 40-45m to move the player. We are not in a strong position as much as Lyon will want to sell.… Read more »


Hopefully we do some clearances close to end of window. Thus far lots of ‘promise’ but not much movement albeit likely we need to wait on some of the clubs to do their other business first. BUT as mentioned selling is as intrinsic a part of the market as buying and in that we have been poor. Martinez sold for 20m is decent but it merely covers Pepe/Saliba at 20m each window thanks to Sanlehi. 24m on Magalhaes not covered. A couple of sub 10m sales in Kolasinac (Leverkusen) and (Mustafi or Chambers) will only just cover the Brazilian. Thereafter,… Read more »

Dave Roberts

Whether or not it turns into a loan is irrelevant. It still brings in money, particularly on wages front.

Dave Roberts

Quote from The Athletic; “Torreira will join Atletico initially on loan with the club granted an option to sign him permanently. Arsenal had sought to secure a fee for the player this summer, but given the Spanish club’s financial position — Atletico have ongoing payments on their Wanda Metropolitano stadium — they have had to settle for this arrangement.”

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