Friday, September 30, 2022

Arteta on links to Berge, Eriksen & Wilshere

It feels like the transfer window only just closed but with five weeks to go until it opens again, the rumour mill is cranking into gear.

Ahead of Thursday’s Europa League clash with Molde, Mikel Arteta was asked whether there was any truth in the links with a couple of Scandinavians.

In the last week, the press has speculated about Arsenal interest in Sheffield United’s 22-year-old Norway international Sander Berge – who once played for Gunners assistant coach Albert Stuivenberg at Belgian side Genk – and Christian Eriksen, the Dane who switched from Spurs to Inter Milan last January.

As you might expect, the boss wasn’t giving anything away.

On suggestions we might try and lure Berge south in January, a player we were linked with in 2017, Arteta said: “That’s probably why [there are links] because Albert knows him really well. He’s a player he liked but we haven’t shown any interest in the player. He’s a Sheffield United player and we haven’t done anything at all.”

As for Eriksen, who has made it clear he’s not happy with his lack of game time under Antonio Conte at the San Siro, he added: “There are a lot of players out there that could improve any team. But obviously, we are not going to discuss any individuals.”

Arteta was also asked if former teammate Jack Wilshere, a free agent after he and West Ham agreed to terminate his contract at the London Stadium, might be of interest.

“We haven’t analysed that situation,” said the boss. “What I can tell you about Jack is what I’ve said in the past, as a player, as a teammate and as a person I rate him really really highly.

“Unfortunately, at the moment we haven’t looked at that. We are focused on the players we have and we’re trying to do the best we can with them.”

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Run home jack, Run home jack!

One for all the hook fans out there 😂


No thanks. Glass ankles


“Home run, Jack!”

At least I got the reference 😏


Sorry but Jack is way beyond his time. Do not think he is anywhere near Saka’s level so np point?

matt stewart

He’s only 28 still. Anyone who has watched him fit and on form would take him on a pay as you play deal within a heartbeat.
Just depends on his fitness.

Artetas Assistant

Football is about holding the ball effectively so the other team doesn’t collect it while moving towards the opponent’s post, why do you think a battle scarred Wilshere can’t do those things at the rope age of 28 ?
People aren’t really mature until they hit 26 (Lil Duval), and respectfully to his incredible talent Saka is a youngen who hasn’t developed much attitude or understanding of life.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I rate Jack very very very high in injury propensity.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Would still be nice if he could end his career at arsenal. I’m not expecting much from him, but it would be deserving for him if he could have some kind of comeback and show more of his talent


The point is we only have one Saka and we are struggling for creativity in the middle of the park. I don’t think we can just turn our noses up at this when we’re scored 9 goals in 9 games…


Everything about Jack’s injury record and form over the last couple of years says says we shouldn’t sign him. But it’s just an emotional thing for me, Wilshere is an Arsenal man, he was our golden boy forever. We’re the same age and when I was 16 I was watching Wilshere break into the first team. I think he could offer a lot to this squad off the pitch. On multiple occasions Wenger said he could see Wilshere being a future Arsenal manager and we know he did his coaching badges with Per. Still think despite our problems with creativity… Read more »

The Arsenal

People dismissing Wilshere and Ozil like there not better than what is currently in the team. They shouldnt be thought of but the fact that they are should tell you how terrible the team is performing right now. Shit i would take a fit Wilshere over all our cms right now bar Partey.

DB’s first touch

To be fair most people would take a fit Wilshere but that’s the problem innit…the poor lad can’t seem to stay fit

The Arsenal

Do they even play the same position.. Tbh our academy graduates are all overrated in the grand scheme of things. None of them are half as good as Wilshere at the same age. Jacks talent was never in question he was just made of Glass. .He broke into a better Arsenal side at a younger age against better opposition.. Our current crop cant touch what Jack was doing comparatively even Saka and Martinelli although i have faith they will go on and have better careers. I will say the same thing i say on the Ozil situation we shouldn’t even… Read more »


Really? What was Jack doing that was so great? There was always a lot of hype around him, but it always felt like the Emperor’s New Clothes… If everyone says it, it must be true. What did he actually bring to the team? He hardly ever scored, wasn’t particularly quick (even pre-injuries), didn’t really have a great deal of passing range or set-piece ability in his locker, struggled to tackle without fouling, so what actually was the point of him in midfield? He was basically Granit Xhaka! Really, he was a youth prospect who always tried his absolute hardest, but… Read more »


This couldn’t be further from the Wilshere I remember. He moved the ball quickly and wasn’t afraid to carry the ball, in fact, the majority of his injuries stemmed from exactly that! Watching him link up with Cazorla, Ramsey and Rosicky was a delight. Technically he was on another level to Xhaka, and could operate in a range of positions. I remember him scoring a lovely goal against Marseille having lined up on the right wing.

Not saying we should sign him again, but I don’t see the point of retrospectively playing down how excited we were about him.

Johnny 4 Hats

I feel like Arteta needs get the balance right before we start thinking about signings.

It feels like with any personnel we’d still struggle linking midfield with attack and building quick and effective forward motion.



Johnny 4 Hats

Didn’t we try that already?

The Arsenal

and went unbeaten for 10 games despite Ozils poor G/A numbers, He then was taken out and we proceeded to lose 4 of the next 10..Pandemic and all but there are some short memories on here.


Said on twitter in hindsight is of preferred Jack back over willian, less wages, knows the club and would have been caught havin a smoke rather than breaching corona virus knockdown to go salt bae in dubai


Erikesen seriously?! The last thing we need round here is another ageing ex-Spud

Johnny 4 Hats

He was too good for the Sp*ds. And weirdly, I always kinda liked him even when he wore the shite white…

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

At 28, Eriksen would be a wonderkid in our team.


We’d have to have some serious outs to be bringing anyone in when we already can’t fit multiple players into the match day squad, wouldn’t we?


Isn’t it strange to travel two days before the game instead of one? Not the best way to spare money…

Artetas Assistant

Lol , right

Artetas Assistant

Interesting perspective on ya


They wanted to practice on the artificial surface so went a day earlier.

Bossman Bill

I’d take Jack back, but I acknowledge I am merely a hopeless romantic who keeps hoping the team from 2011 will fulfill its potential.

Fuck it bring Cesc back too. What’s Arshavin up to these days??


Don’t forget Eboue and Flamini.

Jungu Beans

My money is on Frimpong.


You don’t wanna get Frimponged (is what every opposition midfielder will be saying).

The Arsenal


The Arsenal

Im more hoping that Flamini buys the club.

Artetas Assistant

Cesc is about 40 now with almost no motivation to be great apart from being a boss anyday, Jack could have seven years of top balling (Siri says he’s 28)


Maybe ask Siri Cesc’s age too.

Tony 2

Cesc is 33 the other day was on the bench for Monaco v psg 0 2 down at ht came on set up 1 had hand in equaliser, got fouled for and scored the pen that saw Monaco win 3 2. Believe me mayb not for 90 but him and partey playing together for 45/60 mins would transform this team

The Arsenal

Did you see Cesc the other day for Monaco.. Came on at half time 2 nil down to PSG..Changed the game at walking pace to get them a 3-2 win.. Still shits on all our cms.

Bossman Bill

Love the guy. Would loved to have seen him in our shirt again, but there you go.


What about Julio Baptista and Gervinho? They would make great squad additions.


I think it would be a shroud move by Arteta signing Wilshere, it’s free in a sense if a pay per play contract can be agreed. Having a player in the dressing room who plays for the badge, really plays for the badge would add so much. There is no feeling like seeing a player you have full faith in playing, knowing that he will give 100% every tackle and live every moment. Jack Santi Cesc are the few players I saw carry our team with love for the club. Weak but talented players need players like Jack and Tierney… Read more »

SB Still

I don’t how effective Jack will be primarily due to his unfortunate injury situation. However, despite our large squad size we actually have space for him due to the (our own) homegrown status.

Infact, may even be able to another non-homegrown player because of the increased homegrown count, when the transfer window opens.

Artetas Assistant

Not weak, ‘Dreamy’


I agree but I wouldn’t take fabregas back. He’s a traitor. He didn’t have to go to Chelsea.


He wanted to come back but Wenger said no I believe? This was to set an example to other players who leave arsenal


If nothing else, the boss is good at saying “piss off with your ridiculous questions” politely.


Arsene was a master at doing that, whilst schooling them at the same time.

The Arsenal

I miss hearing well,, uhhh

Teryima Adi

Arteta our Arteta. No time for tete a tete. Lol


I don’t want to see Jack in my club again, he was never good for us, spent most of the time with injuries even when he was fit he was nothing but average. His style of football where he constantly ran into opponents falling to the ground and giving the ball away made him look like a headless chicken. He went to Westham same story upto the point they have agreed to terminate his contract. So, why would he come back here? What will he do for us? Instead of bringing back Wilshere I would rather Ozil.

Bossman Bill

You’re ridiculous. He was at one point the best creative midfielder we had in this country. I genuinely don’t know whether you’re trolling or maybe you’re just new.

Him, Ramsey and Diaby “spent most of the time with injuries” but that’s because they had their bones broken by opponents.

Sure he might not be right for us now but to revise his contribution to two FA cups is completely inappropriate and lacking in any class.


He only had one good game against Barca that’s it the rest was “coulda woulda shoulda” by fans like you.

Bossman Bill

what even are you


Is that the one game you watched Arsenal play back then?
Do you even watch Arsenal play or did you just tune in for the big games.


sAMa is correct about Wilshere. I was there on the day Vieira made his debut, and you could see he was a special player right from the off. The same with Cesc and Ramsey in their early games – you could just see that they were different class. They always seemed to have space and time on the ball, and they’d drive the team forward. With Jack, he never really had that much about him apart from the fact he put in 100% effort all the time. Even before his injuries, didn’t have pace, didn’t score, couldn’t tackle cleanly, and… Read more »


Wilshere could be a canny signing if done right, play as you pay would have to be non-negociable, pun not intended.


The romantic in me would love to see Jack back and really fulfill that potential he had.

The realist says he’d be so desperate to prove himself he’d train too hard and be perma-injured again.


I was never a big fan of Wilshere, as other mentioned he had the habit of running into opposition and lose the ball.
Ramsey on the other hand I would like to see back at Emirates


Jack…what’s happening are we going backwards we need fresh talented blood! No disrespect to anyone we have Ozil situation I think sucks the fact that Arteta could defenetly use is abilities instead of ignoring the players talent! Ozil deserves a chance regardless Arsenal overall will benefit more in using the player them creating a negative situation. Saying that I honestly hope we could sale first before bringing New players.


If money’s tight, I bet Jack would play for Gunnersaurus wages.


Not erikssen, he is decent but not the personality we need, no thx. Wilshere would give us something for close to nothing, maybe will not even play to many games but he will be great For morale and adding quality to our training sessions. Don’t see him blocking to many youngsters, Nelson is more for the flank, willock is much more a penetrating physical player, wilshere is closer to ceballos


This is a lot of pessimism (that has grown from a seed to a tree) talking, but I don’t think I can ever watch Jack at the club again. We all loved – no, love – Jack, and it would be too easy to get invested in him as an Arsenal player all over again. But injuries haven’t been kind to him, even after he left Arsenal. He, Cesc, Santi, Ramsey and Per were players I loved as much as I loved Arsenal after the pre-UCL final heydays, and to see Jack flounder after the inevitable injury would be just… Read more »


Eriksen would be a good signing. Wilshire, with all due respect, would be a waste of time. There’s a reason why he doesn’t have a team currently.


From his responses I glean that there is no contact at all with Jack or Berge but there has been contact RE: Eriksen -not that it will go ahead. I’m thinking maybe with the news that Saliba is trying to force a permanent move back to St Etienne with a heavy wage cut that Arsenal will try to sell Saliba for like 12 mil (yes a huge loss but what’s new?) and then use that 12 mil on Eriksen. Szlozaobai is off the market and the window opens in like a month so it would make sense and I’m sure… Read more »


In fairness (and I may get slatted for this) but watching the all or nothing documentary, Eriksen really wanted to leave Spurs because he didn’t seem that comfatable there not like Moreen… They really didn’t want to let him go.

I for one think I’d be happy for him to join us


You watched that? Wash your eyes out


I know but I love football documentary’s despite having to watch them twats


That gorgeous goal against Norwich…

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