Arteta: Partey to miss more games


Mikel Arteta admits Thomas Partey’s thigh injury is worse than first through and the Ghana international is likely to miss several more games.

The summer signing picked up the problem early in the first half of the 3-0 defeat to Aston Villa but played on until the break. He subsequently spent the international break undertaking intensive rehab at London Colney but appears to be some way off a return.

Partey has already missed three games and will definitely miss next weekend’s North London derby. If rumours are to be believed, he could miss the whole of December, a month in which we play nine games.

After tonight’s 2-1 defeat to Wolves, the boss was asked how important the midfielder is to his side. He said: “I don’t know. I don’t think he will be with us in the next few games but still, we’ve been missing a lot of players.

“We have many different issues but I don’t like to use that excuse. At the end of the day, we are always really close to winning football matches and we have ended up losing them in the last few games and this is only in our hands with the players that we have. It’s what we have to do, we cannot change that. It is in our hands.”

Pressed as to whether the injury was more serious than first feared, he replied: “Yes.”

We wish Thomas a swift recovery. The boss might not admit it, but he’s a big miss with matches coming thick and fast.

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I’ve just seen that Partey has had two injuries in total in the last four years. This is only his third and it’s looking like it’s going to be his longest. Is this not the most Arsenal thing ever?

Man Manny

Sigh!!! I don’t think these injuries are more coincidences…or am I just exhibiting my Afrcan mindset?

Man Manny



I hear spurs have invested in microbot technologies and set them to snip fibres in Partey’s thigh.


It is deeply frustrating. One of a handful of players (Leno, Auba, Gabriel) who might be genuinely coveted by our rivals.


Leno?!! Auba?!! You’re having a laugh.


“We are always really close to winning games”????? What is he watching? We’re a big load of shite. He shouts and shouts and shouts on the touchline. Every time Saka or Willock or Tierney had the ball. They cant make their own decisions because he’s yelling at them. Stifling them.
I think the Ozil and Guendouzi situation is causing disunity within the ranks as well. Clearly players like Auba and Laca like them and exiling Ozil and loaning Guendouzi looks like he its pissed them off and a few others too. Just a thought.


Exactly. Whats the point in mentioning that one of the goals had a deflection. Is he trying to state they was lucky we the lucky ones that is wasnt loads more.
We play some shit football these days we were lucky that leeds didnt hammer us last week and we definitely getting dealt with next week unless arteta decides to play even more negatively then we have. Sack the guy hes out of his depth.

The Arsenal

Over coached and no spontaneity. Literally different spectrum to Wenger.


Over coached is the word. Too rigid lacking spark.

David C

We play like we still have Giroud in the team. Actually, I wish we still had Giroud. He and Pepe could be a nice big man-wee man combo.


I don’t think you’re right about player discontent over Ozil or Guendouzi. From the reports over several months now, I don’t think either player is particularly popular within the squad. We’ve done without Ozil for so long that it’s now really just a matter of waiting for his contract to run out. As for Guendouzi, talented though he is, on balance he just isn’t worth the “baggage” that he brings and I doubt we’ll see him back at The Emirates. I don’t think their respective absences are causing discontent of the kind you describe. If it’s down to anything, I… Read more »


Strange… when a player recently spoke about Özil it was never in a bad way…
But if you prefer now without Özil and wins than before lockdown with Özil and wins…

Reality check

Which reports exactly? Any credible links?


none just waffle alot of people use on here to try and back up their points and make out they know more than you or i do. similar to the ‘a source told us’ used in the papers


Was hoping there would be links shared on here by now.


I agree with you


It doesn’t rain but it pours. Our most expensive player (Pepe) rumoured to be on the market in January. Our new £50+ million player (Partey) sidelined for who knows how long. Our top goalscorer (Auba) is unable to find the back of the net, seemingly weighed down by his huge new contract. Apart from that it’s all going swimmingly.


Pepe won’t be on the market because we won’t get anything close to recouping our investment this winter.


But the way it’s going, his value is dropping by the game. Isn’t there an argument to stop throwing good money after bad and cash out?

The Arsenal

Oh what great news to hear after that match. Hope he can turn i taround but it does not look good. Even his lego hair is shortening and loosing its bounce.

Naked Cygan

1 We have to stop playing Xhaka in the Premier Leauge, unless we have no choice. He brings absolutely nothing to this team. We should play Elneny and Ceballos till Parety comes back. 2 After watching us play few games in the 433 system with Auba front. I have realized it needs some changes. Auba needs another striker next to him. So we need a 442. Auba & Laca or Eddie. 3 If we stick to 433, we have to play like the 2nd half today. one of the center mids sitting deeper, and protecting the CBs. This allows Bellerin… Read more »


442 does sound nice right about now. At the very least if forces us to commit an extra man forward. It’s also a flexible tactic, you could even go 4411 and put Ozil in behind. Who the hell knows, let’s do anything to mix it up. This season should just be a complete experiment now. Tinker away until something clicks. What do we have to lose?

Crash Fistfight

You couldn’t put Ozil behind, seeing as how he’s not in the registered squad for the PL.

Obama Young

So if he misses December, it will mean that we could have waited till January to buy him, and it would have made no difference. We got absolutely no benefit from buying him last window.

Unbelievable. This is so very Arsenal.


Cheers captain hindsight.


The benefit was the opportunity to buy him before someone else did. It was there and we took it. It was a good decision.


The decision to freeze out Özil Looks worse by every game week passing. Surely if he could help us reach top 4, it’s worth the gamble to keep him in the squad.

Hank Scorpio

I don’t know if he’d help us reach top 4 but freezing out your most creative player due to your ego was an amateur mistake. I’d be feeling smug if I was Ozil about now. A pragmatic approach until he could bring in his own would have been far more sensible


Having decided not to have him in either the PL or Europa squads the best solution would have been while still paying him to send him on ‘gardening leave’ to stay away from the training ground as he’s the past not the future.


More I look at wolves squad, more jealous i get, we need serious surgery in this squad. Its good that we are giving chances to our young players but i believe this is more about not spending money than proving the point that our young players are good. Willock, Ceballos and Xhaka will struggle to start in Wolves mid which had Ruben Neves on bench. I am not saying all three played bad, surprisingly Willock was the best player among these three. We can always blame coach but there is serious lack of quality. Mid and lower table teams are… Read more »


Such poor dynamics in midfield. Poor options but we went into season lightweight somewhat. no problem with elneny or Willock but in truth that won’t scare anyone. Xhaka also incredibly undynamic and too safe. Ceballos played too deep IMO . To me, it all stems from poor first move in market in the summer hastily committing to Willian @ 225K per week for 3 seasons. Then adding Partey at 45m when not able to bring Aouar over bc Edu tried to be clever and low bid at 32m I said it start of window much rather we brought in Banega… Read more »


I just think that the first half wtf are we doing, then in the final ten minutes they start running like bunch of idiots not even managing to get a shot on target🎯.maybe we should play are games at London colonel at least aubameyuang would score🙄………

Man Manny

No Thomas, no Partey is real.
Put him in that game yesterday and there is no way we are losing that.
Speedy recovery bro.


If only Partey was brought earlier and not at the end of the transfer window, we could have had a better a squad. Elneny looks like a promising partner to Partey but the initial days could have also hinted if Lucas and Partey could have worked together. We ended up paying what was evident from start, great signing but there was never such a thing like outsmart the market. But with all the behind the scene changes with exec getting fired, will not hold that against the board for this window… Just wish we get players sooner than wait till… Read more »


Lesson one, don’t play on when you’re injured, it doesn’t make you a hard man, you end up being injured for twice as long. Stupid.


Maybe it is a good thing Partey is not associated with these poor performances that will drain his confidence. He has lost 3 out of 4 already.