Arteta: Big teams need midfielders who score


Mikel Arteta says Arsenal must address their lack of goals from midfield but admits there’s a question mark over whether his current options can answer the call.

Fun fact. Last season, Granit Xhaka, Dani Ceballos, Bukayo Saka, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Emile Smith Rowe, Joe Willock, Lucas Torreira, Matteo Guendouzi, Mesut Ozil and Reiss Nelson managed a grand total of five Premier League goals between them.

Admittedly, you’d hardly expect four kids trying to make their way in senior football to be banging in the goals left, right and centre.

However, when you consider that two of the above have since left the club on loan and our World Cup winner can’t be selected until January at the earliest, it’s pretty clear that unless Thomas Partey and Mo Elneny morph into peak Freddie and Bobby, our midfield can’t be relied on to pick up the slack when our attackers falter…which, you may have noticed, they have been.

The answer probably lies in the transfer market but it won’t be solved in one window – certainly not in January – so the situation is a head-scratcher for Arteta who is increasingly under pressure to get the Gunners back to winning ways.

Speaking ahead of Thursday’s clash with Rapid Vienna, the boss tackled a sore subject.

“If you ask, can they [the midfield] do it? There’s a question mark. Have they done it in the past? The answer is no.

“We haven’t had any goals from midfield, it’s not something that has happened this year. It happened in other years and it’s something that has to be addressed.

“To change the quality and characteristics of the players is very, very difficult. Again, it’s necessary.

“Big teams need big players in midfield who score goals. They need central defenders who score goals from set pieces to add to that. If you start to lose those margins, you start to lose points, you start to be away from the top teams. It’s not [rocket] science.”

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This is what Arteta has inherited. Those who are Arteta out, what do you exactly think another manager is going to accomplish with the deadweight midfield we have?


Arteta really isn’t pulling any punches. I like that he is willing to lay down the gauntlet for the midfielders.




Easier to blame someone else


Perhaps stop picking guys that have shown for years in midfield (1) they cannot score more than 1-2 per season; (2) have less agility and mobility than an aircraft carrier; and (3) has less skill with their bad foot than my granny on her walking boot. No prizes for guessing the player. Dani needs to step it up fast as well, he’s been poor. Perhaps playing football through the middle of the pitch at times may help get a goal or two from the midfield. He loves to talk about the amazing talent of ESR, and yet he has about… Read more »


EMSR just came back from injury and last I checked, he isn’t a generational talent. There is no warrant to put him in an ailing team, it’s not good for confidence and nowhere is it done if it can be helped.

We are stuck with Xhaka because we don’t have anything else there. Partey is injured and the board wrote Ozil out. Who else is playing in that midfield?

Naked Cygan

Emery was able to finish 5th with a dead weight midfield. You can’t argue against stats and facts. The bar for Arteta can’t be lower than Emery.


He had Ramsey, though. A pretty big factor regarding goals from midfield.


It’s too much to expect this early, but Willock is pretty clearly the closest thing to a Ramsey we’ve got in the squad.

And we can’t do Xhaka and Ceballos on the pitch together. Until Partey is back it’s got to be either/or.


He did. And season went to shit when he got injured. I miss Aaron so much.


I would agree totally with what Arteta is saying about our midfield, if it wasn’t for one glaring problem…

Our strikers are not scoring either! and that is 100% down to Arteta’s tactics.

So I am not buying this from Arteta, it is nothing more than a smokebomb thrown to the fans and press to hide the fact that he seems unable to coach this team to score goals from anywhere.

I am not saying Arteta out, but I am getting a little tired of his talk and would like to see a little action.

Emmanuel Okereke

It’s very simple, its down to arteta’s tactics, let him stop blaming the midfield.


Wrong. If Leceister can win the PL and Villa can streamroll us at home 3-0 then it’s down to coaching, man management, tatics, and player selection. Results are on the manager when you play Sokratis at right back, Xhaka in midfield, Auba on the left so he can swing in crosses, Willian, toothless Laca, Nketiah, keep on swinging in crosses for Laca or nobody to head, playing an injured Luiz for the whole half then saying he’s unfit to play the next game because of the same injury, also not using Ozil. Pep only succeded with tons of money. We… Read more »


Yes, I’d like to see AMN in the middle. Being the coolest dude on the pitch, he should be “press resistant” which is very necessary these days. Whereas Xhaka is surely the least press resistant player in the league


From what little history AMN has in midfield is that he’s not very press resistant. I was hoping we do still give him a go at it in the Europa League and see if time has improved his overall game.


Jack Grealish is phenomenal, he is a top AM, I’d argue the best AM in the league. They also battered Liverpool 7-0 so what’s your point there? Auba played LW under 2 managers and scored, move him centrally without an Ozil and creative wide players and he isn’t scoring anything as we’ve seen. He can’t head a ball, he can’t hold a ball so he’s literally relying on being slipped in. We don’t have that player in our squad last I checked. AMN has been inconsistent in midfield or are you just forgetting his starts at the turn of the… Read more »


He made Xhaka stay. He pushed for Ceballos’ re-signing and pushed out Torreirra, the only midfielder who did give us the occasional goal. So he’s not alltogether blameless in all this.

santi's thigh grab

While I generally agree with this statement, that our midfield is shit, there are things Arteta could have done to experiment with other options to see what would happen in a game. A midfield of Saka on left, AMN on the right and because Partey is out, either Xhaka/Ceballos in the middle would be better than what he is putting out there. My sense of his player selections is based upon squad and player harmony in the group he selected as his first 11. They haven’t done it for him as he hoped. I can understand why coaches try to… Read more »

Naked Cygan

Well font count on Xhaka, Elneny, and Ceballoa getting many goals. Same with Partey. We also have saka, Pepe, and Willian playing so fking wide. No wonder they don’t get goals, cause they are alway doing traingle passea on the wing. Auba has no support, the crosses that come for him are not that great. Mostly he is the only guy in the box and hs heading is not the best. Laca players like a defensive mid under Arteta. No wonder we are not fking scoring many goals. We need to change it up. D some attacks from the middle… Read more »

John C

Absolutely, down the right we have Willian playing very wide and Bellerin playing the inside right channel, this surely can’t be the best use of those players.

We often have Xhaka slipping into the back line despite the likelihood that that’s where his weaknesses are most likely to be exposed. Ceballos playing in a weird right back channel.

I just think there’s too much going on, simplify things a bit, get on wide players closer to our striker and we should see some improvements

Heavenly Chapecoense

Pires got the cruciate ligament torn and Freddie came and bang bang bang, league won comfortably.

santi's thigh grab

Squad depth of talent. We don’t even have Freddie’s talent in the starting 11.

Big Dave

First things first, it’s nice to know that Arteta has acknowledged this and it could be sorted within a month. Secondly, let’s stay positive and remember this is a transitional season. Thirdly, let’s remember that we have already signed pure class in Gabriel and Partey. Baby steps everyone, let’s keep positive and behind the gaffer….. yes, even if we lose against the scum!

Naked Cygan

How come Arteta gets a transitional season? Emery finished higher than Arteta. Emerys team scored more, won more games. I am no fan of Emery, but how come Arteta gets a break? This is not a transitional season, this is a fking write off season.


Arteta won the FA cup while Emery gave us a Baku.

I agree that maybe their tactical approach is similar.

But changing head coach is not a solution.

Hank Scorpio

It might well be if we keep losing and head into relegation country. What’s the definition of insanity again? Shitter teams with shitter midfields are playing more cohesively than we are. That is on the manager’s head. It will be interesting to see who survives longer. Willian who is a lock for 3 years (thanks to Arteta) or Arteta.


Name two or more teams in the whole EPL with a shitter midfield than ours (excluding Partey – who we are bloody desperate for)? Apart from Partey and perhaps willock due to his potential and running, no one else is even close to a top 6 midfielder (Leicester, Manure, $ity, Chel$ki, $***s, Liverpool). And notice I said top 6? We’re dreaming in technicolour if we think we are champions league quality at the moment. I got a good mate who is a big Toon fan, and last year when he found out Newcastle were interested in Xhaka after he told… Read more »


Elneny and Xhaka has played in a team that finished in the top 6 before. In fact most in the current squad have finished in the top 6 before. Only last year we ended 8th in the table.


The cup win was nice, but fucking hell, we’re paying for it now.


But artetas ‘first’ season was picking up emerys shit..then all this bs happens. Look I’m not happy either but fs how are so many people short sighted? You clearly know he took over in Dec 2019 and we all know what he took over so don’t talk like that it’s ridiculous. An it’s true, sack him and then what happens in 12 months? Sack that guy too yea cos he’s shit and our players are great and our club has been run fantastically Give me a break and we HAVE to give mikel time. Unless he does drastically bad then… Read more »


Great comment.

We’re pretty crap right now, and things need to change asap. But its too early to talk MA out. Picking up after a transformational, once in a lifetime manager was always gonna be a long, rough process. People just have short memories, are impatient, and nothing but time on their hands in pandemic world 2020.

Too many aftv wannabes bloviators, and armchair managers who think a video game = real life.

MA better get it together though, and quick. The idiots in AFC fandom already have the knives out.


Arteta gets a transitional season because we are the Arsenal. We embrace The idea that football is both an art and science. A combination that suffers enormously When transitions are not embraced.


Emery had Ramsey for half of it, once Ramsey was out the league went completely to shite. You can even argue Ramseys personality helped him along. He also had Ozil despite not always using him. Big difference when you’ve got the best AM and a prolific goal scoring midfielder in your team. Give Arteta Ramsey and allowed to use Ozil and we’d be doing Far better.

David C

Big Dave, I approve of this message! I like a lot of the transfers lately but then we go and sign Willian and Soares!

If we can get stay on the Gabriel/Martinelli/Tierney streak then we are going to be fine.

Is Gabriel our player of the year so far?


Can we swap Luiz and Willian to get Giroud back? We’re putting lots of crosses in from these wide players but nobody who can finish them off. If we don’t want that sort of centre forward, we need to change the approach to the box.

Cranky Colin



Give Willock a run of games until the end of the season, see if he can learn on the job.

Our only other option would be Smith-Rowe.

If we can’t get one of our top targets in January, then take some time to develop one of our own, our squads already full of dross we don’t want, we could do without panicking, and adding to the collection of undesirables.

Arteta seems to be losing his composure a bit this week.

Hank Scorpio

Ideally and assuming we sign nobody in January Ozil should be playing the advanced midfield role. Since that ship has sailed and sunk Willock is best suited playing next to Partey. The only other option in the advanced role is ESR. This season is likely in the toilet. No harm given both an extended run


I would love to see the 4 main midfielders (assuming we have a midfield 3) to be 1. Partey (CM/DM), 2. Willock (AM/CM), 3. Mo (CM/DM), 4. ESR (AM).

Timorous Me

I’d argue that just as much we need central midfielders who can–or are at least more willing to–dribble. Forward, progressive dribbling, the kind of thing that will force opposing teams to alter how they defend against us. This would cut down on the predictability and actually free up room on the wings. Among the rumored names mentioned, it still feels like Aouar is clearly the best in that regard (I do like young Szoboszlai, but dribbling seems like a weakness of his game). God, I hope we can sign him in 2021, though right now it feels like a bit… Read more »


Pretty tough seeing Giroud get a perfect hat trick plus a penalty today in the CL. He’s aging like a fine wine over there, look what we got in return…


We gave up on him to spend a bundle on Lacazette. What a waste. Also note the work of Sczesny and Ramsay for Juventus, Gnabry for BM, etc. More examples of horrible player management that will plague us for some time to come. At least an honest mid table team would have received some compensation for legitimate champions league players. We gave them away and pissed away good money on mediocrity.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

I think we had to give Giroud up to Chelsea so that they’ll let Batshuayi go to Dortmund and hence, Auba is able to come to Arsenal.

Don’t think Laca had anything to do with it.

Ray's ice cream Parlour

Giroud scored a goal every 2.88 games since joining CFC. Laca has scored every 2.69 since joining us. Not a lot between them. Giroud is not the new TGSTEL, but neither is Laca the worst player to put on an Arsenal shirt. In my own mind I’ve given Arteta a free pass for this season – to make mistakes, learn his coaching skills and build his squad – there are at least 10 players in the current squad that need to leave and maybe 4 new additions required – to start progressing this squad. It’s hard to say – but… Read more »


I would like to see the new 18 year old Swedish giant Nicholas Moller, 6’ 4” striker. I agree the Giroud is still a great aerial target threat. Arsenal need to try something different,, this Laca – Willian – Auba til tak small ball is going no where vs EPL defenses.


What if one of the midfielder made a run into the box, would that help? No wonder our strikers are so isolated


Exactly this! We are SO static when we have the ball! Whether it’s the forwards not making spontaneous runs for the midfielders/defenders to pass to, or the midfielders/defenders being coached out of making adventurous passes is open to debate. Goals are scored by mistakes, and we’re not causing our opponents to make enough mistakes.

santi's thigh grab

Agree 100%. And I doubt the manager is telling the players to just stand in an area and wait for the ball so we can pass it around the horseshoe. I doubt the manager instructed Xhaka to take the ball off of Gabi so we could pass it back to Holding. The manager is not 100% responsible for player actions and non actions on the pitch. I don’t disagree that he could be a little braver in his team selections and manage club assets better. It isn’t one thing holding us back, it’s a combination of first year coach, mentally… Read more »


We used to have midfielders who scored. Özil, for example, was good for 5-10 goals a season at his best.

I remember an absolute rocket from Xhaka early on. If I’m correct he used to produce those at some regularity when he played in Germany.

What happened?

The Far Post

Xhaka has to get close enough to start shooting, but he can’t get close because he’s not fast enough to track back to help cover the defense. Catch 22.

John C

None of our players are close enough to start scoring


They’ve all been either (delete as applicable) 1. Ostracised, 2. Micro-managed to within an inch of their lives or 3. Played every possible game in spite of being shit, over the hill, over paid and on a three year contract.


Aaron Ramsey 🙁


Forget it. If he was still at on the club’s books, Arteta would have probably ostracised him too.

Heavenly Chapecoense

No, Ramsey doesn’t talk political BS on Instagram.


You call speaking out against genocide ‘talking political BS’….? Innocent people dying doesn’t register anything more in your brain other than being ‘political BS’

Classy, mate. Classy.


Ramey didn’t score as much as everyone makes out, granted outside of the FA Cup finals, otherwise it was always the 4th goal in a 4 – 0 win or against weak teams.

We should have got a few quid for him, but he’s nowhere near worth the £400,000.00 a week, he’s on.

Don’t mind the red thumbs, just want to no why he’s held in such high regards as a goal scorer when it wasn’t the case.


Two FA Cup winning goals and the kind of midfield industry that we are currently starved of was clearly not enough then?

Ramsey was/is a better player than Willian, Ceballos and Willock all put together.


Won’t argue against him being better than Willian and Ceballos, not very hard based on this seasons performances. Willock needs a loan to an top half championship side.

Ramsey didn’t work hard, with the exception which was for Wales but that was a different role. For Arsenal he’d bomb forward to try and score leaving his midfield partner to cover his ground, i.e Xhaka, Flamini, Le Coq. Not a team player in the slightest.

But hey that’s my opinion.

Bossman Bill

We were at least sometimes winning 4-0 with him in the team though.

Bossman Bill

Actually I was primed to write a “we haven’t won 4-0 in the league since 2017” post, but I looked it up and we won 4-0 twice last year, so there you go. Completely forgot. Maybe everything’s not as shit as I thought.

Bossman Bill

But it probably is.

John C

Probably the same reason Koscielny was held in such high regard despite playing in every 3,4,5,6,7,8 goal hammering we received since 2011, because of blind loyalty


In other words Arteta is saying, “Hey Stan, give me something to work with.” It’s not hard to see that our midfield is awful. One of the worst in the PL. I’ve said it before and I stick to the statement that Pep would get relegated if he had to go a full season with these players. Drop your bias and evaluate this squad the same way a neutral fan would. Maybe Auba, Partey, KT (possibly) and Gabriel with the way he’s played so far would make it into the top teams in Europe. The rest even Fulham fans wouldn’t… Read more »


Another one blind to the fact that our best creative midfielder was deliberately ostracised.

How many more defeats with the opposition strolling through a gap in our midfield that you could drive a bus through is it going to take before the penny drops….?

Dave cee

Do you think Ozil would fill that bus sized gap?? I just don’t get the love for a guy who didn’t score goals, ducked out of challenges and did his best to undermine his coaches. No need to try to explain it to me btw, I’m totally past caring about him

Arteta talks too much

Aouar had 3goals, 4 assists @ Lyon last year, playing attacking football. Has 2 goals thus far. Is this the difference maker Mikel is waiting on?

Public Elneny

It’s not that we’re really lacking players with a goal scoring instinct though – Auba, Pepe, Lacazette and Nketiah have plenty of that. Plus Saka, Willian, Partey, maybe Nelson and Willock too are more than capable of chipping in with 5-10 goals But our play is so unbelievably stilted and disconnected that we can rarely get those players the ball in a position where they can show that instinct. Auba is playing as a defensive winger, Laca showcasing his technical and physical limitations as a weird false 9 target man/playmaker hybrid, Pepe so isolated it’s cruel. And when finally the… Read more »

Arteta talks too much

Your point about linking the midfield to attack makes sense. To ordinary fans anyway; however that’s not what our manager is saying. He is eloquent enough that we don’t need to read his mind or interpret what we think he means. He clearly is stating he doesn’t have quality midfielders to score goals and help him win games. Neglecting that his system or instructions leaves a massive divide between the strikers and midfilders (more like defenders). I’d love for him to get aouar and see what he does with him. Sadly, I think he’ll “systemize” him and convert him to… Read more »


Crying out for help in the January transfer window.

If anything Mikels most successful work at the club so far hasn’t been the tactics, it is extracting money from the owners.

Wenger won FA cups but the board wouldn’t even spend 12m on Jonny Evans. They subsequently spent 35m on Musti and 15m on the first Gabriel.


If he is backed in the January window, then I have faith he can turn things around by February and perhaps for the next few years.

As this will also mean they have managed to sell deadwood in January which is equally as important as buying, as it affects the next transfer window this summer.

Without selling Ozil, Sokratis there is no chance of any incoming, and on top we also need to ideally shift Lacazette and Kola.

The savings in wages alone of these four would pay for the transfer fee of Aouar and his wages.

Hank Scorpio

Depending on where we finish the quality of players we bring in will be a few steps down from Aouar.


This is the window where we truly assess the value that Edu brings.

If he can turn water into wine – without having to resort to super agents.


Meaning no more fucking Willian type deals.

Stan Adams

Thank you God for bringing Arteta to Afc ! At last a manager who sees the obvious yes of course Afc need midfielders who can score,when was the last time Xhaka or Elniney scored ???? Please,please,please add them to the deadwood list Ozil,Mustafi,Kalasniac,Guendouzi you know the dicks who talk a lot and dont back up on the pitch. Also God thankyou for Edu for here is another man who loves Afc and sees common sense things,it is,alas a long haul back from where we are now but these two guys are the right men to turn back the clock get… Read more »




Bring Ramsey back


450 000€ per week for an injury prone player.


One who, bar his last season with us, was inconsistent and undisciplined at that.

Public Elneny

1/3rd injured, 1/3rd in crap form coming back from injury, 1/3rd brilliant

We shouldn’t have let his contract situation drift so long. But once Juve came in with that insane offer, I’m glad we didn’t try to counter it


I grew tired of him bombing through from the back and hoofing the ball wide nine times out of ten. He stopped doing that in his last season and he was much improved.

I agree we shouldn’t have let his contract run down the way it did but I also have a feeling it was out of our hands. I definitely think it was the right time for him to go when he did.


If only….


Where is the point in noting every single time that the players are not good enough? They probably are not, but Mikel is heading straight to losing the dressing room.
Imagine the players working with him every day and hearing these words, week in, week out. No wonder Arsenal has an attitude prob going into matches.

The Far Post

Same worries here. This kind of talk can do damage to morale and can lower the selling price, making it harder to change. I used to hate it when Wenger praised everyone, but this is worse.


As a player, you can either take it personally and keep on NOT scoring goals, or you could take the message and try to make a difference

The Far Post

Keep it internal is what I am saying. Obviously the manager has to demand more from the players, but doing so publicly can have unintended side effects.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I agree but at the same time, players are not babies.


Mate, the players are probably giving it everything they’ve got (with the sole exception of Willian).

It’s just that they’re being so heavily micro-managed before, throughout and after the game, that they’ve all probably lost sight long ago of what it is they are actually supposed to be trying to achieve to please the manager.

It’s a fucking mess. What’s going on in that clenched hair Lego head bonce is anyone’s guess.


Glad I’m not the only one who’s seeing right through this masquerade.

The relentless sound bites need to stop. He shouldn’t even think about giving any interviews until the results back up his words.

All great football manager’s down the years have known when to give it the big one and when to shut the fuck up.


Every manager in every league uses the same words and sound bites. You can only say certain things that fans, players, owners can digest. It all gets tired if losing, all sounds great if winning.


Mesut Ozil


Anf to help a £400 000 per week striker.


Auba must be tearing his hair out at the lack of service the forward line is getting. No wonder the lad looks thoroughly pissed off during matches.


It’s getting like ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.’

Our midfield creativity is wandering around stark bollock naked and no one wants to admit the reason why.

A shame, because Mesut Ozil not only creates chances, assists and goals, but he’s also got his own label, M10 Streetwear.


Nope Saddam.


If you want to see goals just click on to the training ground footage. The club are delusional if they believe the fans digest this bolloxs.So far away from what really happens on a weekend.

Old but Gold

This is not a new phenomenon. I remember under Wenger everyone asking, “why are we trying to walk the ball into the net”, why do we have to score the ‘perfect goal’? Continuing to play the ball every way but forward, wont win games. If we don’t shoot, we won’t score and we won’t win games. That’s what isn’t rocket science! Pepe has a couple of saving graces, he will take people on and he will take a shot. Yes he will lose the ball occasionally and yes he will miss the target from time to time but he will… Read more »

Lonty mark

That’s why he doesn’t play regularly

Heavenly Chapecoense

Pépé loses the ball just occasionally? Misses the target from time to time?


What’s the use of having a midfielder whether he is able to goal or not when the creation is on a central defender’s shoulder for long balls over the midfield and on the left and right back defender’s shoulders for crosses?

Dubai Ham

He went out to give Willian a 3 year contract, pay a loan fee for Ceballos, get Cedric and Mari.
He also shippes out Geunduzi and froze Ozil.
I am sorry my club is not a Work Experience.
Get a proper manager not some random block with no managerial experience.

santi's thigh grab

Absolutes. Glad everything is so simple in your world.

Dubai Ham

Glad you live in a fantasy world full of excuses. It is not freaking nuclear science is it? It is football. You sign up rubbish players, you get rubbish results.
No one has won anything with rubbish players. If you pee off the players by banning their friends from the team, they won’t play for you.

Arteta’s days are numbered.


It’s not about the midfield. No one can score on this team, including the strikers, because we have not had a discernible offensive strategy for a while.

I find it pretty disingenous of Arteta to throw the midfield under the bus after managing to turn even Auba into the second coming of Chamakh.


Has someone ever told you that in order for the forwards to score, someone – usually from the midfield – creates a chance for them.

It’s totally about the midfield. You can’t make Chicken Soup with Chicken Shit.


Guendouzi was frozen, because he stood for his team mate, Arteta wants Xhaka who puts his arm around an opponent. I was suprised Tierney was not frozen when he got angry with Xhaka. I would try Partey, Guendouzi and Ozil, in that midfield.


More chat.

This is all beginning to sound like the guy who has let the horse bolt advising everyone that every good stables should have strong, secure, well monitored gates.

Too late, pal. The damage is done. The only way you can fix this is to buy a top class attacking/creative midfielder next summer.

That’s assuming you’re still here.


More accurately, I think, we need midfielders and strikers who score – we currently have neither (not in the PL, anyway). Auba has been awful since signing his new contract – just a coincidence, I’m sure – which is far from his usual standard. We seem unable at the moment to transfer relatively good performances in the EL – albeit against “easier” opposition – to the PL where overall performance remains poor. How you do that is a big problem to which there appears no answer.


Then why the obsession with Aouar? We haven’t had regular goals from midfield since Pires and Ljungberg.

I think this is why there was such a call for Pepe. He is the only player outside of Aubameyang who looked like scoring.


you mean Ozil ?

Lonty mark

In as much as football is a collective game, each player has his specific function. When they all execute their functions well, the whole collective will click.
The role of scoring goals go to the strikers.
Linking play from the back to the front goes to the midfielders.
When a midfielder scores, it’s a plus. But you can’t fault the midfielders for not scoring when the strikers aren’t also scoring


Yes, that’s a fair point. As even more worrying statistic is that we’ve only had four shots on target over the last two PL games! That’s an average of one shot on target in each half of each game. That’s truly appalling for a “top” (?) professional team with strikers like Auba in the side. Everyone needs to step up and take responsibility for that. Whatever the tactics, the team selection etc. we should be doing a lot better than that – even if the shots don’t go into the net.


Arteta’s philosophy seems to lead to Bellerin ending up in the most advanced positions, whilst he’s a decent player he can’t be counted on to get the goals the team lacks.
too many excuses now, he chose Willian,Cebollas and Partey and could try picking a team that is allowed to attack rather than fulfill their ‘non negotiable duties’


Yes, that’s not rocket science, but shockingly you have frozen Ozil out, pleasing your employers, kkkkkk. Bring Ozil back, fans want to witness how bad he has suddenly fell according to you. There is no creativity at all in your midfield.


Please don’t presume that you speak for me.


On the other hand assume that you speak for me. 👍


It’s clear that arsenal need to stop concentrating so much on passing the ball and actually attack.. arsenal could have the ball on the edge of the opponent’s 18 yard line and pass it back to a defender who then plays it to our keeper.. arsenal need to be faster in what they are doing and not think to much about the next pass.. when we are near the box take a shot cos you never know it could go in.


We do not have the money that Putin’s Chelsea do. We get limited big purchases like Partey/Pepe/Auba. When they either fail, get injured or take time we suffer. If we spend our money on new managers every time the fans cry then the best managers will either run away or demand financial security that cripples us financially in the future. It seems Willian MAY have been a mistake. I would be careful about giving up on a world class player….like Giroud….as his career enters the final chapters. We should at least consider learning from those mistakes. Look for the Fighters,… Read more »

Brendan Dowd

Not just midfielders


I don’t believe we have the money but we should try and get Szoboszlai. Looks the real deal and we are missing a creative mid with Ceballos played deeper and Ozil on bench on twitter duty @350K per week. but transfer team need to get their act together. A whole lot of players redundant at the moment – Sokratis, Chambers, Saliba, Ozil, Kolasinac (to some extent)… We have been poor selling or loaning players out and this affected our summer transfer activity plus we made poor priority choices with Willian (would have got Banega for a season on loan instead… Read more »


We gave them giroud, we got luiz and willian. Seems like very bad business. Although i think luiz hasnt been too bad for us. I liked giroud, he worked his socks off for us but was still kinda slated by our fans. Now he’s scoring 4 in the champs league! If only we had him now we would be getting a few more goals


Yep, I miss Giroud, but it’s not just down to him as the chavs have much better midfielders than us, which should come as no surprise seeing as they are still allowed to launder a Russian criminals money undeterred.