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Arteta: It’s a really big win for us

Mikel Arteta says Arsenal have much to improve but he couldn’t hide his relief after watching his side secure a first league win since the beginning of November.

The Gunners weren’t fancied going into the Boxing Day clash with Chelsea but produced an impressive display to secure a 3-1 win courtesy of Alex Lacazette’s penalty, Granit Xhaka’s free-kick and a second half chip by Bukayo Saka.

It wasn’t all plain-sailing for the home side who conceded late to Tammy Abraham and then relied on Bernd Leno’s penalty save to maintain their two-goal advantage.

“It’s a really big win for us,” Arteta told Sky Sports afterwards. “We were really disappointed with the results – not so much the performances. Our players were suffering, our fans were suffering.

“It doesn’t get any better than winning a London derby against Chelsea on Boxing Day. Hopefully this is a turning point. I know they can play at this level. We know how good Chelsea are but big moments in the game we were the better team.

“The injuries, the Covid, playing 10 men…you start to think what do we need to win a match.

“It’s nice to give something back to fans because I can imagine they have been really disappointed. We started well and we were dominant. That gives the team confidence.”

After illness and a Covid-19 scare robbed Arteta of Brazilian trio Gabriel, Willian and David Luiz, the boss handed starts to youngsters Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinelli and gave Pablo Mari a first league start. He was repaid handsomely.

“We had a good mixture today of youth and some senior players,” replied Arteta when asked if the young players had made the difference.

“I think all of them were superb, I would not like to just pick on certain players because the atmosphere from the players that were there supporting on the bench, even the mood before the game, we were talking about it and it was really good.

“It’s not easy at this moment and I’m proud of the group of players that we have and the team spirit that we have as well.

“We have to carry on. We mentioned it’s a big week for us. We started really good the week, let’s carry on. We know we have a lot of things to improve and be better at, so let’s focus on that as well and move on to the next game.”

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The team selection was forced on him by injuries and COVID. He gets no plaudits for this win.

Hale End won this for us today

Johnny 4 Hats

So when we lose it’s all his fault but when we win it’s all down to the players?

Seems kind of harsh.


If you consider my comment carefully you’ll realise that wasn’t the point I was making.

He was forced into this team selection. Think about it clearly once the euphoria of the win passes.

Do you really think he is the right man for the job?


Your silence speaks volumes mate


I think it’s the votes that are speaking volumes.

Johnny 4 Hats

He’s actually replying to himself so I do wonder if we have a classic cinematic split personality thing going on here where he’s staring into the mirror, goading his other side to answer him…




tbf I did make an arse of myself there


Yeah the famously clear headed and objective arsenal fan base.

Johnny 4 Hats

I know, we do go from one extreme to the other like a bi polar Labrador with the memory of a goldfish.

But football fans are simple folk. When we win it’s great and when we lose it’s the worst thing ever. Yeah, we could dissect the wins to show they weren’t altogether deserved. And we could evaluate the losses to prove that we aren’t the worst team in the world.

But it would take the drama out of everything. And football is a soap opera. Just with worse actors.


Yeah you’re right. Good explanation

santi's thigh grab

Good rebound. Enjoy the win over Chelski. There are few absolutes in life, its more grey, complicated and involves humans so there’s going to be ego involved which is always the wild card. Arteta is much like our youth in our academy, he looks and talks like a top level coach but he’s only a prospect. Only time will judge him honestly and none of us could do what he is doing. For humans, the story is the most important thing, it’s how we structure our lives. We have a real interesting story here, try and enjoy it while its… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

Could he not have played Pepe and Ceballos instead of ESR and Martinelli? And Mustafi for Mari? He had options.


The slow as heck Mari who gave away the penalty you mean?


You’ve lost the argument, pal.
Let it go. Have a drink. Relax with the agenda mongering.


I think Mikel has a long way to go before he proves he is the right man for this job

One win isn’t enough. He has to it week in week out


1 win isn’t enough? Thanks, captain obvious. I thought we’re champions now.


Thanks captain cliche make sure you join a gym after you your Christmas binge

Artetas Assistant

You shall live to eat your words on Mari


Eat my words? He isn’t going to get any faster is he?

Saying that he was lots of qualities to make up for it

Guns Up

True, he’ll never have the blinding pace of so many great former CBs. Mertesacker, Adams, Maldini (and most of the Italian greats, for that matter – all excellent because of their pace, and nothing to do with positioning, timing, tackling ability, aerial prowess, etc.

Dave cee

The Mari, making his 1st PL start of the season after 6 months injured, and who generally played pretty well? The Mari who was playing in only his 3rd PL game ever? I’m all for criticism but give the guy a chance.
His celebration of Leno’s save showed that he cares and wants the team to do well. He will get better with more game time and learning the league and his teammates game. I have no idea if he will be a good signing or not but that was not a performance to slag him off over.

santi's thigh grab

Also really like his height playing with Leno. He’s able to head away clearances that Leno wouldn’t get to, makes us more secure. I also remember in his other games he’s very progressive with the ball and has some good forward passes in him. Per was slow as well but had other attributes that made him a starting defender. I like having Mari in the mix. Gaby, Mari, Saliba, Holding could be our CB’s next year.


Also he chose a back four instead of a more conservative five. I think there is some credit that needs to go to Arteta.


Tactically Arteta was spot on today and Frank had no answers to solve the issues during the game.

Credit where its due. You can’t bash him when we lose if you don’t also applaud when we win. Otherwise you can’t really call yourself an Arsenal fan!


Thanks captain cliche

santi's thigh grab

He’s not wrong. If you are going to critique someone, be able to withstand the critique yourself.


I agree with you. Its been a long time coming starting that kind of line up and in all honesty I really don’t think he would have if he had his choice of selection (full squad) but hats off to him hopefully we have turned a corner

Sivanesan Kandiah

Yes, he is.

Hail Gus!

Do you really believe he wouldn’t have picked Willian and Luiz if available? Look how quickly he restored Xhaka.


Ah yes, Xhaka who smacked in our second goal today and had a solid midfield performance in a game we dominated the midfield in? Besides, who else would he play that’s fit? We all know he prefers a player like Partey there, but he has to make do, what with injuries. Signings like Partey are how Arteta’s vision will be realised. They take time, to clear out the Xhakas and Mustafis. In the meantime, we have to use them, but be patient. Our team will change over the next few windows. Hopefully in more of a Partey, not Xhaka and… Read more »

Viju Jacob

Huh? Solid midfield? Dominant midfield? Which game were you watching?
Xhaka scored the goal and that’s it. A poor Chelsea team ran our midfield ragged.

santi's thigh grab

Go back and rewatch. Xhaka was immense on the day in all aspects of the game. We were not run ragged.


What the hell were you watching?!?!?!


Could’ve played willock but chose Smith-Rowe, could’ve used mustafi but chose Mari etc etc, behave yaself! Yes he’s made mistakes but we need to give him time ffs, just enjoy the win eh?

Just shrug

Not true, nketiah and ceballos were not even called upon


If he hasn’t learnt the lessons of today, then he really does have a death wish. I hope that is not the case, I really do. He cannot play Martinelli, ESR and Saka every game, as fitness and fatigue play their part. But he must now give them and other young player some regular game time. If he just reverts to type and brings the usual suspects back at the earliest opportunity, then he will lose the support of the fan base, lose more matches than he will win and – I suspect – do himself out of a job.… Read more »

Old but Gold

Anything but give some praise to the manager

Hail Gus!

Even a broken clock is right twice a day


For weeks I have wanted him out for playing negative back passing football but come on, give the man his credit.

That was a masterpiece in fast attacking football. Play like this and we will get back in respectable positions but with Auba and Willian coming back (I fear for Martineli and ESR) and deep block defensive Allardyce on the horizon, my fear is us reverting to factory settings


Now keep Luiz and Willian out of the team, Saka and Martenelli have to be first choice for the flanks, Smith-Rowe should also be in contention playing in that pocket behind the striker again, it just makes the whole team click, provided he can stay fit of course. Super happy with the way we played and the win. Also shout out to Rob Holding who was commanding against Chelski again!


I don’t really have issues with Luiz, but Willian has certainly been poor.


I think it’s more his negative attitude and body language of late that has a negative impact on the whole team


Great to see KT and Gabi tearing up the left side. I hope we release Tierney more like this, he’s completely wasted when playing that hybrid CB role. Also, as much as today’s win was all about the kids, props to Laca for a cool penalty under pressure, and for working his balls off for the team. As someone has already mentioned, Gabi’s pressing is so infectious. You could notice the intensity drop as soon as he went off. I do wonder how much the team selection was down to a lightbulb moment for the boss, or whether his hand… Read more »


I suspect the former, but maybe the lightbulb moment comes after watching an effective high press and actual attacking players in the box for the first time in months. We’ll see when the next couple team sheets come out…

santi's thigh grab

That’s going to be the real interesting thing, what does Arteta do when he has a free hand to pick the team he wants. If he doesn’t sprinkle the youngsters into the engine room of the team on every game, he will have learned nothing. It’s frankly been very frustrating to see what needs to happen and not have the manager see it. With more time we are learning about the manager, the players and will know soon whether Arteta is the manager for Arsenal. I do like Edu’s vision for where he wants the club to go, now we… Read more »


Seeing Smith Rowe today made me angry.

He’s ten times the player that fucking wastrel Willian is, yet it took our “manager” until the end of December to give him a start.

No fucking way could Willian look better on the training ground.

We are where we are because of Arteta. Arsenal should win games more often than lose them.

He shouldn’t be getting a gold star for getting ONE fucking win since November 1.


Excellent point. We all know that if William was fit today he would have played him

Arteta out


In a way its annoying as Ljungberg could already see that the Hale End lads needed to start ahead of some of our other underpeforming squad, I remember against Everton he gave them their shot. Then Arteta came in and hit the reset button which I get, but it meant the young lads have had to wait this long for another chance to show Arteta what he should have already known had he paid more attention to what Freddie was getting at.

Timorous Me

I don’t disagree with the premise, but I do think it was a lot easier for Freddie to do that in those specific circumstances. His butt wasn’t on the line as the actual manager/head coach, and he probably also saw it as an opportunity to let the young guys he’d been working with have a chance to impress. (Of course, that in its own right shows the kind of guy Freddie is, but that’s another story.)

Dave cee

Tbf ESR has been injured a lot. Can’t pick him if he can’t play


don’t make out like Willian is Arteta’s pick and ESR isn’t

Arteta put ESR in his first team quad for a reason

ESR has just been working his way back from injury is all


Exactly. You have to be patient with these younger players, especially coming back from long injury layoffs. Finally, they’re looking ready, but arteta need to manage them well.

'desi'gner gooner

Smith Rowe was injured until recently mate. Let’s not forget that. Although it’s been three weeks or so since he has been back in the squad and he should have got a look in earlier.
Even yesterday he started tiring around the hour mark and will probably need a few games to regain full fitness.


A lot of people will say that Arteta got lucky because the team selections were enforced, but in the spirt of Christmas I’m happy to declare him a tactical genius instead!

Really hoping he learned something tonight and follows through in the coming games.


Tactical genius my ass…
Get a grip , he is not a big club manager. What is all this love towards him… In our history he has the worst start in the league, he has broken all the worst records of the clubs history!!!
#ArtetaOut #EduOut



santi's thigh grab

You have no idea, sample size is too small. I never understand why people have to declare something as an absolute. Arteta is shit and he’s not a tactical genius, he’s a first year coach/manager learning his craft. He can be simultaneously crap and brilliant from week to week. AFC have absentee owners, no football leadership structure other than Edu who is not Arteta’s boss and an entire squad of players that couldn’t get into another starting 11. You can’t sack the manager and expect KSE or Edu to pick the next coach. KSE trusts Arteta, KSE wants a club… Read more »


This is the problem… I dont want a Manager who is ‘ Learning his Craft ‘ at my club. Simple !
We are the 11th Richest club in the world. 3rd most winning cup club in England. If you go and get a manager who is learning his craft this is the situation you will be in. If we had a senior football manager I can guarantee we would of not been 15th in the league and a laughing stock to our rivalries…
Come on , we are Arsenal FC
Why didnt we give Emery this amount of opportunity?

Cranky Colin

There are a lot of questions I’d like to get answers to from Mr M Arteta.
unfortunately, we will never be told what’s going on…….. let’s hope that Mikel got a massive Penny dropping moment today, and we move on.
Great win and some smashing players out there today.

Baichung Bhutia

Fair play to Arteta. Even with some of the selections forced, he could have still started with safer options like Pepe, Willock. He was brave and got rewarded.
As a side note, I couldn’t watch the game went out for lunch and was following on live blog. The food was crap, expensive and arrived so late – I couldn’t care less, had a smile all through. It’s nice to win.


The thing with Pepe is he’s actually not safer option. He could be brilliant, but then he as well could not. Nothing safe with him.

Baichung Bhutia

Maybe I meant a more obvious choice than a safer option. I am really drunk right now and watching Lampard and Arteta interviews – Lampard comes across as a total loser. I wish it was the invincible days back again with Wenger at the helm- I would be absolutely delighted if Arteta could take us back to those days.

Mikel’s Coat

Movement, creativity, shots on target. I strongly believe that today’s performance is going to massively boost our players’ confidence and could turn out to be a turning point. Let’s climb that ladder, step by step.


Last minute pardon until next game….




That was weird, almost like he didn’t want to give the young players much credit. I wish someone would ask him what’s going on with Reiss Nelson, and why Balogun doesn’t get a chance. I hope this game has been an eye opener for him, if he goes back to Willian as soon as he’s available I will be seriously disappointed, but not surprised.

santi's thigh grab

Same, will be seriously disappointed as it will demonstrate that the job is beyond him. I didn’t like his comment about how this performance was like the others, we just haven’t been lucky or something about the margins.


Some people are just never happy.

We just won a big game agaisnt those chels fuckers and we hot people saying MA out. WTF??

Gonna find some reason to complain. Well this isnt arsenal (A-hole) fan tv.

Negativity monger someone else.


When you have the worst start of the clubs history…
I think the fans has the right to be unhappy.
#ArtetaOut #EduOut


And when you, presumably an Arsenal fan, watch The Arsenal beat the shit out of Chelski, still feel the need to be unhappy? What’s that? Negativity like he said.

I prefer positivity over hash tags. Personally, I’m going to glow bask as much as I fucking can.


If you are a true Arsenal Fan, that win against Chelski should be meaningless, while the team is fighting for relegation & pundits are debating if we are on relegation battle… it should HURT to be in this position. Therefore…..
#ArtetaOut #EduOut

santi's thigh grab

That is a low emotional intelligence response. Pick up your game. #MrTOut


Robert Pires… :
But on the pitch, it does not work. I don’t like coaches being sacked but unfortunately that’s what happens when there are bad results. He’s in an ejection seat.”
Today, Arsenal are playing to survive,” Pires said. “It’s hard to say, I never thought I would one day. We are talking about Arsenal after all…..


santi's thigh grab

Where do you get this right to look at things completely devoid of context? Where do these rights emanate from? None of us want to see the team lose week after week but you don’t see everyone else dividing the fan base and club. Enjoy the win, see a wee bit of progress and try not to be a bell end.


Well put mate. Let’s smash Brighton on Tuesday and get our season going.


As a season ticket holder +12 years, spending my hard earned money on AFC merchants & more for many years…. I believe I have the RIGHT to express my dislike on a incompetent Rookie Manager & Technical Directors performance at my beloved club…
#ArtetaOut #EduOut


Arteta got a result because he wasn’t managing like the recent Arteta. Kudos to him for realising a change is needed. But if he reverts to type in the following game and loses, he deserves all the criticism, just as he did for the recent games.

jean louis

let’s also praise xhaka today!

was about to give him credit until i saw his post game interview where he complained about the people who were critizising him for the red card. Self-righteous cunt.
Me from Here

Fellow Gunners, my niece (Chelsea fan) called me yesterday after buying her Arsenal supporting dad an Arsenal windbreaker for Christmas. She said she asked his dad to wear it after they beats us today. While not confident at all, I told her there will be a Christmas Miracle at the Emirates. She said it won’t happen. Well, my niece won’t talk to me today. This is a BIG win. I hope this is the beginning of something great. COYG!!


For all the nieces who need to be angry and sad sometimes!


He can thank Martinelli. The Brazilian is key right now and we will need to protect him. He’s spark something. Stil plenty of issues at the back, Holding misplacing passes and Elneny as well, Mari conceding needless penalty but if we can keep together with Laca, Bellerin and Xhaka providing some serious leadership, younger Tierney, Martinelli , Saka doing the willing running, we can start to claw back something. …how we have fallen this far still an issue. If without Martinelli, we would be completely arsed. The fact we can provide better back up for wide backs in Tierney and… Read more »

santi's thigh grab

Thank you for your brevity.

Welsh Gooner

Martinelli coming back is a huge boost to the squad. Kid will not stop running and his pressing game has given us some opportunities at the right end of the field. Really proud of the kids siezing their chance today and doing the club proud. Really don’t get the negativity surrounding a win today. It was much needed. So let’s get off the bloody soapbox and praise what was a very solid performance against opponents stronger than us at the moment.


It’s a bit shocking the joy yesterday’s victory gave me; and a bit sad how rare the feeling is from the team these days.

Excellent result. Very solid performance. I hope Arteta gets the balance of playing time right as he integrates the talented committed young players in and moves out the uncommitted, petulant, entitled senior players.

The summer of ‘21 can’t come soon enough.

Praises to the Arsenal youth. Let’s see more and more of them.


There is a lot of season left. The goal is to play with passion and with no fear of losing. Fight hard. Shoot for top 5 or 6! Don’t give up boys!
Our goal is to stop the negativity and support the manager and his lads. Chill. Go drink a pint or two.Scream at your wife or dog if you must. But STFU on here 😉


Get this right.

The fans’ negativity did not cause the atrocious results by Arteta. It was the other way around.


100% with you on that! Amen.

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