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Arteta on January transfer business: We have a large squad

Mikel Arteta has hinted that the January transfer window will see some departures as the club try to trim a bloated squad.

There are hopes that Arsenal will try and bring in at least one new face, but with a limit on the number of non-homegrown players allowed to be registered, moving some players on will be an important part of what happens next month.

There’s already some movement with Sead Kolasinac expected to join his former club, Schalke 04, on loan until the end of the season, and there may be more with attempts to resolve the futures of Sokratis and Mesut Ozil – both out of contract in June and currently not registered to play.

Asked about plans for the window, the Arsenal manager said, “Well, we have a large squad, we knew that and a lot of things we wanted to do in the summer, we couldn’t accomplish for different reasons.

“There are some players that are going to go on loan, they are going to leave, and that’s the priority at the moment.

“We cannot sustain the numbers that we have in terms of substitutions. We are looking to do that and then we will see if we have the right opportunities in the positions that we need some more help.

“We are working with the club to find that.”

With regards to incoming business, Arteta was asked if he had to mindful of how a new arrival might stand in the way of burgeoning young talent like Emile Smith Rowe.

“We need to be careful with that, but obviously financially, it’s not only only us, it’s every club in the Premier League who has been hit with big numbers.

“We know that this is not going to change from the last year or so and we are going to have to add some of how we want to improve the team in different ways financially.

“We will decide whether it’s a loan or buying players in relation to the opportunity that we have in the market.”

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Paul Roberts

Looks like a bit of Hokey Cokey coming.


that’s what its all about.

Johnny 4 Hats

I think Ozil could struggle on the right leg stuff…


With the size of Kolasinac’s arse, I would be worried if he shaked it all about. Richter scale incoming.


You put your Partey in and take your Shkrodan out.

Johnny 4 Hats

Given this season is a write off bar Europa, let’s start the great clear out now. If we get solid offers, they have to be considered for most players.

I’d be interested to see if anything comes in for AMN or Nketiah. They are two players I really like but I’m just not sure they are going to get there and they are serious assets right now.

Interesting window. Let’s hope Edu smashes it.

Walter White

Cash in on Nketiah. Bring in the Balogun!

Paul Roberts

Maybe I’m a dreamer but being 9 points off 4th I don’t see the season as written of yet.

Gabi's Barmy Army

Yeah 9 points is nothing. I wish our fans would just get behind the team.


Can’t comment for any other sets of fans. But how Arsenal’s fans behave at times is absolutely embarrassing. Between AFTV and this toxic “WhoeverOut” bullshit, it is absolutely embarrassing. Everyone’s happy as shit winning the FA Cup, then lose a few matches and it’s sack the manager all over social media ??? GTFO.
Back the club. Back the manager. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

Johnny 4 Hats

Not sure who that is aimed at but it’s not really toxic to consider a season a write off when you lose 8 of your first 16 games. If you can find me the team that has qualified for the Champions League with that kind of start then I apologise. But there’s a distinct line between toxic and someone having an educated, realistic view of the clubs current standing. I will scream support at my laptop until they let me in the ground so I can scream support at the players. But I’ll do it in the knowledge that this… Read more »


Well said J4H.

Too many people on this site equate criticism of any kind with deliberate negativity or non support.

15th in the table and our worst league campaign for 40 years is what it says on the tin – Shite.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Why did the club let Emery go for similar bad results?


Because he clearly lost the dressing room but players are still behind Arteta, for whatever philosophy that is. I still recall Lacazette scoring a goal in the back end of Emery’s tenure at home to a mediocre team(probably Sheffield or Bournemouth) and he was embarrassed to celebrate as we were truly hammered at home. There were other instances that spring to mind like Watford away when our captain went on record to say we were scared and the tantrums that our captain threw at home and what not. We were a joke under Emery not just poor football wise, which… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

I can see wins are the best medication even two wins after height losses.


The only thing that’s keeping Arteta in his job at the moment is that FA Cup win last August.


And Relegation was imminent. (It might still be if we don’t improve drastically)

15th place is what’s embarrassing, mate.

Our worst league campaign is what’s embarrassing.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re Arsenal supporters – not Arteta’s Cheerleaders.


Funny how people like you pop up after two wins.

The decline was clear. We beat Chelsea because Arteta stopped being the Arteta we were dismayed with.


Nine points with Arteta at the helm is like scaling Mount fucking Everest.


you’re not the only one.

Paul Roberts

You are my wing-man this morning! 🙂


“top gun reference”

Paul Roberts

Not sure everyone got the “your not the only one” line 🙂

Johnny 4 Hats

🎵 Imagine there’s no Jose, and no Harry Kane too 🎵


Imagine this team with Ozil 🎵

it isn’t hard to do..🎶

No reason to cross or pass backwards

And no Willian too…🎵🎶

Imagine all the Ozil-Haters 🎵🎶
Shutting their fucking selves up🎶🎵



this song is quality

Pete Plum

Ha ha – no need to imagine away Spuds best player if we played our own one…

Johnny 4 Hats

I admire your optimism. I think we could have a few more bumps in the road yet but no, you’re right, we shouldn’t write it off yet.

I like to get myself into a semi negative mindset as it allows me to be pleasantly surprised when we move up the table but not too upset if we don’t. It’s all about self preservation being an Arsenal fan!


Premier league points in 2020
52 8th
5 points off Chelsea in 4th

from Orbinho on twitter

Depends on your point of view but I think pretty good for a first year manager in a COVID year with an FA cup

Johnny 4 Hats

It’s amuses me how when we are on a losing streak the twitter crew cherry pick the exact stats that make us look terrible. Like “No team in the four English divisions have scored fewer goals in the second half than Arsenal”. Or something equally obscure. But when we win a few games they get out the calculators again to find a stat or two that proves our awesomeness. Look, I’m cool with optimism. It’s great that so many of you are keen to put the last month or two’s results behind you and focus on 2021 with positivity. But… Read more »


And your post proved your own point
🙂 🙂

Happy New year to one and all

Johnny 4 Hats

Yup. That… er… tends to be why you post something.

Heavenly Chapecoense

In fact COVID-19 helped us. We were on a bad run and unable to recover when the league stopped. We could have lost more games.

David C

you can’t just look at points, you also have to look at how many teams we have to pass….

I say play the kids all year and build for next year. Europa or other success a bonus at this point.

Oh, and sell Willian….


I can’t see why you disregard AMN who has been excellent for us and versatile too. Also picked for England. To me the jury is out on Eddie

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m not disregarding anyone. I said I like both those players. But every player has a price, even Saka, albeit around the £150m mark. Clubs were keen on AMN in the summer and will be alerted by his lack of game time.

A £30m bid could make things interesting if we have a target that we could go out and get with that money.


you are out of order


if we get an offer of 20mil plus for eddie , i think we should take it. he seems too lightweight to be a long term player for us. balogun is a different story. if we can sign him up , give him eddies minutes. i would love to see AMN in central midfield along side partey.


Light weight is one thing but the main thing IMO is his overall game needs to improve. He’s literally only good at being a fox in the box. Can’t hold up play, doesn’t take people on, doesn’t create his own scoring opportunity etc.

I want to see him succeed but we can’t afford giving chance after chance right now.


Trimming the bloated squad is as important as getting in new faces.
Unfortunately its not easy to get shut of people on good money especially in the current climate.
Feel sorry for Arteta as having too many players is a major issue.
Its not too bad with kids but with senior pros you just have more ‘unhappy’ ones around the club


Why you feeling sorry for Arteta? Who bought the following: Cedric, Pablo, Canellos, Willian , Gabriel, Partey… And decided to keep & reinstate the following : Xhaka, Mustafi & Elneny ( These players would of left )
Out of these 9 players , only 2 has been a success Gabriel & Partey !!! The rest it’s on his head & needs to take responsibility for his decisions & actions..
I am urging all Arteta Fan boys… Stop it !


You are shouting into the void with that one mate.
Arteta needs time with his ”process” of turning us into a midtable team.


Mid table…?

That’s nose bleed territory with LEGO ball.


Well said.

You’re pissing in the wind on here, of course, but a lot of genuine Gooners elsewhere would heartily agree with you.


totally agree. The Arteta fan boys will blame everyone else but lego hair


Im sure there would have been departures in the summer if players could have been shifted. The state of the squad is not on Arteta he has been here just 12 months. As for the players brought in I would say only Willian has severely flopped and many thought he was a good signing at the time. Cedric like Willian was free & is backup, Danny C is a loan. The ones he has paid money for look decent imho I would take Mari as backup left sided CB to Gabriel, Xhaka & Mustafi were Wenger signings cost well over… Read more »


Well Xhaka was going to Hamburg ( Germany ) but Arteta stopped it… Elneny plenty of Turkish clubs wanted him on loan again but Arteta stopped it… David Luiz deal ran out , Arteta wanted him to stay for another year… Cabellos deal finished but Arteta went back for him & got him to sign another year on loan.. Cedric, Arteta wanted him & we paid for him while he was injured from Soton… Mari not worth 15 million Arteta wanted him, injured 6 months…. Mustafi he was a gonna , Emery came out publicly said ‘ You not wanted… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So you believe that Arteta alone controls the purse strings and is the only one who decides which players Arsenal sign?


It’s a covid market. Xhaka, Mustafi may have gone if decent offers came in which we could use to get replacements with. We are pretty broke ourselves. We did try to offload Kola, Guendouzi and Torriera. Sadly every other team is holding on to their cash because of the current climate. Plus we had fired Raul right before the window kicked off and we can’t assume that some plans went out the door with him. Cedric seemed like a decent deal if we sold either AMN or Bellerin. I don’t understand that deal much. Mari seems ok for the price.… Read more »


If Mustafi is not willing to sign a new contract, Kola is leaving too, and Ozil and Sokratis aren’t even going to be registered then they shouldn’t even be considered as part of our squad for the rest of the season. We’re not going to get any money for them so they are out of it. Then the question is who do we have left who could leave? I agree the two most saleable assets are AMN and Nketiah, which opens more opportunities for Balogun, though I’d worry we’re a bit short at left back if AMN leaves, since Saka… Read more »


Arteta has added to that bloated squad of older players with the Luiz renewal deal in the summer and Willian signing.

You’re right about trimming whatever we can. It can’t be right to hold senior players like Sokratis with no playing time at his age.

Diaby's Left Peg

Pretty sure if we’d had offers for Sok, Mus etc we’d have accepted them. But they’re on good contracts, in the midst of a pandemic that has forced clubs to stop with outlandish spending (most, for at least a year or two). They all also know next season, after picking up a good salary in a great city they’ll be free agents and so much more attractive to potential suitors. We’ve been open to selling Mustafi since basically the summer after he arrived. Why do people think it’s as easy as just clicking a button and they’re gone? I couldn’t… Read more »


Arteta has no problem offering a fortune on Willian in a pandemic, so I don’t know what you are talking about. It just proves Arteta & Edu are pretty naive at best.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I don’t think Arteta is the money man at the Club. You have him mixed up with the ######s above him.


Yep… forgot to add David Luiz & Runnarson… gets worst & worst , within 12 months he has signed & reinstated 11 players.. only 2 ( Gabi & Partey ) are worth the AFC shirt.
Trust the ‘ Process ‘ I suppose

Heavenly Chapecoense

I agree with you on Runnarson case. When he came in, Arteta said: I didn’t know him but you have to rely on people who work with you.
Too casual way of selecting your second GK.


Luiz will be out soon & so will Runnarson if not up to it. Its hardly like we have wasted big money on them.


we have wasted big time on them. And time is money. Big time is big money


One thing about the Runnarson signing. Why did we waste a non homegrown slot on a poor 2nd keeper. Might as well have looked around England or the Academy for a cheap option.

Atleast we could have had Ozil or Papa in the team.


To be fair Sokratis was going to Napoli, who let him down at the last minute. He’s been professional all the time and even played with the u23s. He’ll definitely find a new club, he’s stated that he wants to play and will leave.


Yeah but Luiz is gone in the Summer if not this window. Sok, Mustafi, Ozil all gone in the summer ideally before. Im sure there will be other departures. Arteta wont get everything right on transfers no manager or person above making the deals does. Willian has not produced and been a real let down but mark my words things will look a whole lot different in 12-13 months squad wise.
Any manager needs time. I think Arteta will prove to be a good manager if given it.

LEGO hair in the wind

we do have a large squad… time to get the deadwood moved out, for the sake of the players and most importantly the club, it’s got to be a counter productive dare I say toxic influence having players in the training group who aren’t even registered to play when they have mates in the squad who have sympathy for them, it’s like living with your ex! Get her out, you both need to move on! (And yes I did live with my ex for 4 months because neither of us could afford to move out thanks for asking)


Despite the poor start CL positions are still up for grabs if we can string performances together. I’d much rather play out the season trying to integrate youth where possible than pick up the wrong player for a King’s ransom in January.


More Borges, Mickey!


Petty BorgesBot alert !


not only is the squad bloated , it is at least filled with at least 50% of players who have no future with us. runnarson, cedric, kola, sokratis, elneny, ceballos, mustafi,xhaka,luiz,ozil, guendouzi, torreira , lacca,willian. i wonder how much per week that lot costs us in wages. i would love us to start doing a brentford and go back to bringing in players who no one knows for low money. the lower leagues are prime for plucking! we just need some one to find the diamonds and the coaches to buff them up.


Can’t possibly include Laca in this list.


in my opinion , he is a player in decline. although he is a good finisher , i feel like he has too many off games, although he was really good against chelsea.

Public Elneny

Laca’s biggest problem is he tires quickly within games, and then struggles to recover between them. His whole game and technique falls apart when he’s tired, so you can only use him in bursts. He’s had at least 1 long period of bad form in each season because he’s been our starting cf for long periods

If this were football manager his stamina would be like 10 and natural fitness like 8

Problem is he’s paid too much to not be a 1st choice striker, and will inevitably decline even more


You’re absolutely right – although I wouldn’t count Laca in with the rest – but there’s no way we’re going to shift most of them because all the potential buyers out there know that they are highly paid players of (mainly) very average ability. Who would want to buy them? Contract run-downs is probably the only way to go with the majority – expensive, but there it is. Our wage bill is staggering at present, far beyond what our league position/European prospects over the past several years could ever justify and it must change in the summer when some of… Read more »


guendouzi & torreira are interesting as they are players we would hope to get money for but its hard in the current climate.
Torreira is not getting games in Spain & while i think douzi has real potential he defo needs to sort out his attitude and stop being a fkin arrogant clown.

Hank Scorpio

Who do you propose trawl through YouTube given the state of our scouting?


We need to trim the squad. Yet, at the same time, we need a couple of players (CM to partner Partey and CAM, tho I love ESR, if he injured we’re again in no creativity zone, so we should try and get one to deputise with ESR). Should be a “fun” transfer window


Get an attacking midfielder on loan


Quantity should never be confused with quality. We have the former but we certainly do not have the latter in depth over the current squad. We all know by now (hopefully) that there are still a fair number of passengers in the squad and almost all of them cannot be sold because nobody wants them, for a variety of reasons. That means we will have to wait for their contracts to run down – many, but not all, will do so in the summer which is a welcome relief as we couldn’t really sustain the bloated wage bill (which goes… Read more »


Poor transfer businesses over the years has come to this. Too many mediocre players and getting top notch salaries. We used to buy low and sell high… now we buy for unnecessary amount of money and when it comes to offloading them, even if its free, no one wants to take them.


Well just in 12 months ‘ Arteta & Edu ‘ regime, the following:
Runnarson, Cedric, Luiz, Mari, Cabellos & Willian. Plus 3 players which were going to leave , he has reinstated back into the fold are : Mustafi , Xhaka & Elneny


bit part edu and mr average arteta are no in control of this once great club along with average mertersacker running the youth set up
its a traversty really when you her the passion real legends like henry keown dixon adams etc speak about the club with.


Buy one get one free…


I wonder how much Norwich would want for Todd Cantwell. I see him as challenging ESR for the CAM role, it would be step up for him, he’s a lifelong Gooner and is home grown.


Quite happily go with this he’s a good prospect from last season’s showings


I reckon £15m would get him too.


He’ll cost a lot more than that and they won’t sell him in January, if at all.


His contract runs out in 18 months. And transfermarkt reckons he’s worth 17m. That seems very reasonable! He could be a mini grealish in a couple of seasons


We’ve taken too many gambles that haven’t paid off, we need a couple of sure things, instead of trying to do things on the cheap We can’t afford to make another mistake. I think we’re 19th or 20th in terms of chance creation. Grealish is the most creative player in the league. If his release clause is active his January? And between £60-£80million? Then just go and put the money on the table. CL groups are worth around £45million Europa is potentially worth around £35-£50million Grealish is worth 15-20 points a season. He’d hit the ground running, he’d instantly improve… Read more »


Amen Rich , grealish is a major talent, move now , can’t believe a major club haven’t come in for him

Me from Here

I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday. A large squad is a problem for any manager, not to talk of a Rookie like Arteta. We have too many disgruntled players and division. I will be fine even if we don’t sign any player as long as we can offload the deadwood. If possible, cut a deal to cancel the contract of all Summer free agents and loan as much as possible. There will be harmony in the squad as almost everyone gets to play. It will also allow academy players to grow. It also makes summer business planning easier.


No idea what they’ll do with first team signings in January but reasonably straightforward squad changes that can be made: LB – Thierry Small (18), free (out of contract) RB – Dennis Gyamfi (18), free (out of contract) RCB – Jean-Clair Todibo (20), loan in (Saliba loan out) LCB – Mohammed Salisu (21), £10M DM – Moisés Caicedo (19), £5M AM – Luka Sučić (18), £5M Totalling only about £20M – you could get that by selling someone like Torreira for example. Fully replace the aging and sub-standard supportive second XI within the squad with talented, skillful, energetic and hungry… Read more »


I have not heard many of them, sure they might be good signings but think we also have good talents who need to get their chance like azeez, patino, azeez so our focus also should be looking at players 23+ or established young talents so there is thst bit of experience that can stake their the first team right from introduction. We have been there before relying on young players before, they were title.contenders till the horrific eduardo incident. So lets hope club is sensible.this.window.


We have a large squad with so many average player on huge wages.
We will have massive problems like in the summer in moving most of them on.
We want money for them, most wont pay for some of the shit we want to offload and those same players will not be willing to take a pay cut even if we could move them on.
More problems of our own making, admittedly this one isn’t on Arteta.


don’t bother with Isco. build for the next several years with the right characters and the right profile, of young players


Edu and Arteta should have done this over the summer. what other Willian type signing will they make…Jorginho? Arteta was interested in him over the summer


Haha. That’s a ton a words to say “Don’t expect much.”


Goalkeeper not a priority but lets hope Leno doesn’t pick up an injury. Our back up isn’t up to the required standard.


Mikel please bring back Ozil for the last 6 months…. Unless of course the Uyghurs ……


Is anyone else being haunted by ads featuring Jose Mourinho on here? Please make them stop Blogs


Raid Brighton and villa , lamptey or cash , grealish and bissouma

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Arsenal. The only Club whose fans blame the coach for absolutely everything that goes wrong at the Club.

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