Arteta unsure on Auba return date


Mikel Arteta isn’t sure when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will be available for selection after the 31-year-old missed the 2-1 defeat to Everton at Goodison Park.

Citing a ‘small strain’ – possibly calf-related – the boss kept his update on the club captain vague when asked about him in his post-game press conference.

“We want him back as quickly as possible,” he said. “He has a small strain and he will need a few days. I don’t know if it’s a week or two weeks, it will depend how the injury evolves.”

Having scored against Southampton on Wednesday, there were high hopes heading into today’s game that the striker might have found the spark to ignite his season.

The prospect of him now being absent for the Christmas period just adds to a long list of problems for Arteta whose job is very much on the line following an eighth defeat of the Premier League campaign.

The Gunners face Manchester City in the League Cup on Tuesday and then tackle Chelsea and Brighton before the year is out.

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Oh bollocks.

Johnny 4 Hats

To be honest, did you really miss him?

Not saying he’s rubbish. Just saying this system pretty much churns out average performances from all concerned.


I think Arteta doesn’t have an attacking philosophy and all he learned under Pep was positional play and closing out passing lanes. I don’t think he knows how to build a team let alone an attacking team. The system and tactics is the problem not the players. Yes there are a few players like Willian Pepe Ceballos Luiz Elneny Nketiah and all the deadwoods Mustafi and co who are simply just not good enough but these same players played under Emery and scored goals and played attacking football yes the defense was not good under emery but they still attacked.… Read more »


Pep ball requires a team full of top players, which makes you wonder about the system’s worth anyway. Our ragtag bunch don’t really fit the profile.

Tony 2

Great post Dawood and 1 I endorse 100%. Another blogger suggested we should watch our players not where t

Tony 2

Sorry hit post b4 I’d finished. Another blogger suggested we should watch our players not where the ball is when in play. I did just that yest. 1st half our players all stayed in thier zones. 4/5 times KT and or DC or that waste of space Willian had opportunities to run in behind or forward but they remained in thier zone which gave the PLAYER in possession no alternative but to funnel the ball backwards or sideward again. Utterly shocking. Wasn’t until Marti can on that we started playing forward balls into the channels. I first saw AFC circa… Read more »


True but didn’t Henry say when he played for Pep with Barca, Pep is extremely strict with positioning until the final third. Pep said his job was to get his players and the ball to the final third and then let his players express themselves.

Could it be because we have pretty unimaginative players when it comes to the final third of the pitch?


THIS. These guys are professional footballers, you think they’ve suddenly forgotten how to pass forward and score goals? MA’s tactics are what’s slowing them, I’m dead sure we’d be more attacking with no manager at the helm


I’m pretty sure he would’ve scored that Nketiah chance so ye, I did.


He probably would’ve been out on the wrong trying to cross it. He’s been one of the worst this season and I don’t put it all down to service.


Nketiah has been given enough minutes. It is time minutes are given to Balogun. Laca has not been scoring, but you cannot fault him for not trying given the energy and work he puts in. He too should come ahead of Nketiah.

Vincent Ives

England U21s Nketiah would’ve scored it too. It’s confidence/composure with him, not ability, and this current setup doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in anyone.


Nketiah is not ready for PL football there I said it

El Mintero

He wasn’t ready for championship football either when bielsa dropped him during his Leeds loan last season. He doesn’t give this arsenal side anything.


Unleash Martinelli

SB Still

Nope, it will be Willian in false footballer…er false 9 role.

Bould's Eyeliner

Martinelli/Pepe is a healthy pair for the future on the right, agreed.


The way we were playing was not working, and losing Auba sucks, but it might force Arteta to try something more different tactically to get the best out of Saka, Martinelli and Nketiah, and I’m all for that


If anything was going to force Arteta into doing things differently it would have happened by now. He’s made his tactical cross and he seems more than happy to die by it. Can’t blame a man for sticking to his guns, but you can sack him for it all the same.


Based on all the minutes he’s got for us this year, I think we have a pretty good idea by now that the best of nketiah is probably still our worst option at centre forward. He just barely impacts on games at all, and it’s difficult to see what stand out attributes he possesses (except for getting himself into decent goal scoring positions against naive defences). I’d honestly take a misfiring lacazette up front over nketiah.

Timorous Me

Nketiah–like pretty much everyone else–looked better over the summer when the team was pressing more, creating turnovers and actual counterattacking scenarios. He could utilize his pace in pressing and find openings in the box because we weren’t always attacking against teams that were set and organized and ready for what they knew was coming–as it’s been pretty much all season here.

Artetas Assistant

This isn’t the best of Eddie. He’s the type of player who works hard and has high focus, he’s figured the physical side out and the technical part but now he needs specific guidance to explore himself and develop his mentality to the top level.

Public Elneny

I don’t know how you can have seen him play and say he’s worked the physical and technical sides of his game out Hard working and single minded attitude and has good instincts in the box. But he’s miles away from being PL level right now, let alone CL level. Not sure he’ll ever be He does at least try to play close to the opposition box when played as a lone striker, rather than go looking for the ball in midfield like Laca does Auba doesn’t have the hold up play to be the lone striker we need either.… Read more »

Artetas Assistant

Yeah not overboard with Eddie, needs a lot of work but it’s mostly mental.

Vincent Ives

If he was in a team that had a lot of possession in and around the area he would absolutely feast. Instead he has to chase centre backs around for 75 minutes as part of a pressing system that I cannot see the strategy behind. Arteta puts far too much emphasis on the CF to start the press and no one behind them does it with any regularity. Laca ‘puts a shift in’ but looks like both his lungs have collapsed after an hour, Auba struggles, Willian had a worse game than usual at false 9…it’s not a position anyone… Read more »

Artetas Assistant

Exactly, Eddie is old school poacher like Ian Wright, and he’s full of heart and will chase a ball into a solid post, that much I know. The work is in midfield …


Also we really need Partey back more than ever. Our midfield is depressing at the moment and even worse Xhaka will be back on Boxing Day. Rushing Partey back for the NLD is looking more foolish by the day – imagine if we waited until he was properly fit, he could’ve been the difference in these last three games


At least we still have Willian.

Timorous Me

Instead of coal, we’re getting Xhaka in our stockings for Christmas this year.

That’s 2020 for you.

Artetas Assistant

A positive; Xhaka will systematically mechanically repeatedly hammer the ball into Martinellis feet at least . Nobody else fucking seemed to want to! 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♂️ (Besides Luiz)
That is the fucking plan!!

Anders Limpar

Is he any good at Fortnite?


with this team, i wouldnt be surprised if he had xmas off contractually. he loves his kids and xmas is kidmas really. plus weve seen them pander to stars like this before.

that being said, why the fuck did willian play 90 minutes when you could see he wasnt up for it after 5?


I don’t know what kidmas is supposed to mean. Or any of the rest of that.

But you get a recc for slagging off that shitbag willian.


Its not like he was scoring for us. One goal last match that’s it. There was no Mustafi or Xhaka today to blame as there wasn’t against Villa. Kids came in and were exactly that. Some good spells but Everton had us at arm’s length for most game without going into second gear. They were also bereft of some of their better assets today James Rodriguez and Allan. and as if to illustrate the myth around Arteta further, Ancelotti came in same time and had a squad with poorer means, was performing worse than us and look where they are… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

We don’t need Aubameyang, we have Willian


Guendouzi continues to look good with Hertha meanwhile surprise surprise. Torreria has no intention of returning. You’ll see plenty of these non performers going to other teams start to look good. Giroud having an Indian summer. Even Unai is punching high with frugal Villareal in La Liga. I said it when they appointed Arteta we should have tried for Simeone who was getting tired at Athletico but this season they are doing superbly (In part helped by Barca and Real) Then you have these crazy cretin pundits in media argyuing we need 3 or 4 signings in Jan. Do they… Read more »

El Mintero

Guendouzi is the last thing this team needs. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of that clown


Plus points:

1. AMN was decent today.

2. Tierney looked solid as usual.

3. We didn’t let Iwobi score.

4. At least we now all know that all Arteta did at City was put the cones out for Pep’s training sessions.


#3 — Iwobi provided the cross which led to Holding’s deflection.


Would a move for Delle Ali be on the cards I wonder

Hank Scorpio

Why would we do that? Just to rub it in on top of Willian? It reminds me of a line from the film Clerks. I’ll offer the family friendly version here. “Is this the part where you defile my mother while pouring sugar down my gas tank?” Worst idea ever and unfortunately it will remain on the internet forever. Be grateful for your anonymity.


Because it’s exactly what Arsenal do. Look for an opportunity to get something quick at a good price, without really thinking if it would work. If we buy in January it will be a panic buy.

Hank Scorpio

I take that back. I thought you were suggesting it as your own idea and not suggesting the type of thing the club might do based on extensive recent evidence pointing to this kind of thing happening.


Clerks references?!

Yes please.


I would taken delle ali just for fun. This year can’t get much worse and I have taken to laughing at things hystericaly now. So let’s go full on mad and get him. I will find a corner in a dark room and just sit until its all over

Lazy Carlos

Why does this smack me as a cover-up and Auba’s gone AWOL.
I mean, i’m not usually the conspiracy type – but does this all feel a bit weird?
Given the form, the way he looked the last game, the lack of injury.


It is very weird


We’re a weird club

We’re so weird, that if we started acting normally, everyone would think that was weird as well.

We just can’t escape the weirdness.


Now that you’ve mentioned it, this sounds way too familiar to his last days at Dortmund. Hope I’m wrong though.


Yup. He’s looked checked out for a while.
I was hoping his reaction after the goal v Southampton might mean something, but we’ll see.

Joseph Kawooya

He has been dodging 50-50 situations all season, I think the injury is real especially if he signed a performance based contract

Artetas Assistant

Maybe he’s tired and wants to be fit to move inJanuary


Maybe he just bought a new sports car and yesterday was delivery day

Artetas Assistant

400000 X 10= 4 million

Bugatti Chiron = 3,600,000


Artetas Assistant

Think on this like you chew on a bone: What would Sir Alex do if Auba has been Auba through this crisis ?
Including fucking up marking Mings last season, the less than ‘captainly’ marking on freekicks etc, (not carrying his own water which isn’t a criticism of him as it isn’t of Kolasinac, scores a shitload of goals).

What would Sir Fergie do 🤔🤔


Auba is never injured and he’s looked really unhappy lately. When you’re tense your body gets injured, so it’s likely the one has caused the other.

Artetas Assistant

Too true

Public Elneny

Oh come on. Ozil had those accusations levelled at him because he repeatedly missed northern away games in a predictable way Is this the 1st time he’s missed a game because of injury? And you’re accusing him of downing tools?! Have some respect ffs He’s the biggest reason we didn’t finish in 15th in 18/19 and 19/20, won an FA Cup and still at least have EL. It’s looking like he can’t repeat that miracle a 3rd time because our all round play has declined a couple more notches, and you’re basically calling him a traitor. Well fuck off! Same… Read more »


Absolutely not calling him a traitor, bloody hope not as I bought a shirt with his name on the back in September!
What I fear though is this is him/the club giving him some distance for whatever reason.
Would not surprise me at all.

Cliff Bastin

I believe it’s time to at least bring in a couple of experienced people who care and love the club (David Dean & Arsene Wenger) – if only to consult regards who the hell to bring in as a good manager to get us out of this mess. And while their about it send Edu back to Brazil and bring in Marc Overmars as his replacement. .


Overmars is a good idea but Wenger and Dein are old and past it, and Dein wanted to sell Highbury and rent Wembley, where the fuck would that have left us now? He was also the one who brought in the Kronkes. Strange how he has become so revered.

Naked Cygan

So fking sad to see some fans still wanting Arsenal to stay. If this was Emery everyone would be calling for his head. Just because he is an ex-player he gets a pass to take this team to shi*t???????????? No one is bigger than the club. Who gives a fk if he sat next to Pep or played for us? All that matters is we climb the table, not be ridiculed. I bet any money after City and Chelsea spank us, all these people who have their heads stuck in Arteta as*s will be calling for him to leave.


We can sack Arteta… i’m just not convinced by the argument that when our squad consists of players like: Bellerin, Soares, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Chambers, Holding, Luiz, Mari, Sokratis, Xhaka, Ceballos, Elneny, Willian, Pepe, Lacazette Alongside raw talents like Nketiah, Nelson, Smith-Rowe and Willock That our issues are necessarily coaches ones. Take away Aubameyang’s goals last season, and think where we’d be? Take away Saka, Leno, Partey, Aubameyang, Tierney, this season, Then honestly analyse what’s left And if you’ve drawn a similar conclusion to mine? Then I bet you’re petrified….. look at some of our statistics, in terms of chance creation… Read more »

Joseph Kawooya

We have been down this road, so many times. Don’t be like our Arsenal board. Review the lessons learnt as a fan, and roll back into our history and you shall know this isn’t new.
By June 2020,we shall be at least 17th with min 8 players going off the books. Let me wait for that.

Joseph Kawooya

I hv actually counted over 11-12 players
Mustafi, Luiz, Sokratis, Ozil, Ceballos,
Possibly add; Xhaka, Laca, Rob, even Berellin, Niles, Elneny, one of Torreira n Guendouzi, Nketiah,
Wishful thinking; Willian as the Cech signing is written all over this one.


We should try to get Giroud on loan, he can hold the ball, can score goals and is a big aerial threat. He gives us a different dimension from our current strikers. He can play through the middle with Auba on the left or he can be used as Plan B. Our current manager loves crosses, so he will fit in well.


I do agree with chopra, it i’nt working without an aerial striker heavy weight we now need giroud


Yes a Giroud-esque striker is what we need right now, among other things. But why would Chelsea part ways with him? He’s currently their top scorer (All Competitions combined).

Arteta-tinted Glasses

I am just glad I chose a name that allows me to be as negative now as I was positive earlier.

Artetas Assistant

You could instead use your words; name and voice out the reasons you’re frustrated with Mikel, but still not be negative because it’s just your perspective and the man has an ideal picture in his mind he’s building towards. If he makes it, fine, if he doesn’t, fair to him


What are the odds he’s still here in February?


We need a new manager bounce.


We didn’t get once last time with Freddie or Arteta so what makes you think we would get one now?

E. Collins Igwe

I think we need changes in our coaching team

Artetas Assistant

What do you suggest specifically Chief


I could be wrong, but i think by punishing Ozil we punished ourselves.


For the second straight time too.


For all the talk of how they are professional and should remain so etc, one can never underestimate how freezing out an influencial colleague can have an effect on the psyche.
In form or not, he’s a guy the kids(and some seniors) look up to and aspire to play with
Similar trends occured in Emery’s last days.
Anyway, it’s just my opinion.

Joseph Kawooya

Ozil was the guy to scapegoat poor performances of these Arsenal lot, they sure must be mad he is out, and if this affects their motivation, then fuck wit even Auba should be open for the market


Well, whichever way you choose to look at it, it’s a redundant argument either way as there’s no possibility of Ozil playing as long as MA remains. Of course, should he depart before the end of the season – a possibility now, at least – things may change as Ozil has confirmed he’ll stay on until the end of the season and who knows what any new manager may want to do.


The decision not to play Ozil is about saving money…so the new manager whoever that might be will not be playing Ozil.


We clearly don’t win with him and we don’t win without him. Time is beginning to run out for MA. It’s not the end yet I think, but it’s the beginning of the end unless he can turn things around PDQ.

Artetas Assistant

At least There wasn’t a complete lack of water-carrying from any position he happened to be occupying in an already unprogressive attacking setup


Man how could we use Giroud and Ozil right now… One to hold up ball and flick to Auba/Pepe, to get to end of all those crosses and one to create and recive the ball between the lines…
Atrocious recruitment decisions by people running the club in past few years (Wenger included) and we are feeling impact of those decisions right now.
Mikel is not the only one to blame for this mess but he has to take responsibility for his poor decisions too (Ozil, Saliba, Guendouzi, Cedric, Willian, Mari, Ceballos and the list goes on…).


The same Ozil who last had a good season at least 3 years ago? Come on….


You’ve seen Arteta cave in and put Willian out of the team, bring Auba central and play Pepe for us. Whichever player you pine for in the starting lineup, it never makes a difference.

For all the player’s talk, they don;t really support Mikel, or they would at the very least make some effort. Where is the pressing, where is the passing out from the back and all his other intentions?


I disagree. I think a lot of the players do still support him but I think just as it was with Emery it’s starting to be the same with Arteta.

Some players know they have no future at the club and others are genuinely weak mentality wise.


Very good news for the team…

Merlin’s Panini

A small strain or has he had enough, they’ve had an argument and he wants out in January? I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case with the way things have been going.
This is the most depressing year and this Arsenal team are just compounding it. I think I might need a break from it but that’s difficult when there’s fuck all else we’re allowed to do.


I’m not at all sure he is injured. Whether you think he’s “rested” or dropped is open to debate but whichever way you look at it, his overall form this season has been awful (albeit he got that rare thing nowadays, an Arsenal goal from open play, against Southampton). Yes, I know that’s partially down to the tactics being employed etc. but that’s not – and can’t be – the whole reason. Good strikers (which is what he is, of course) still manage to find a way to goal at least more often than Auba has so far, anyway. It… Read more »


Whoever constructed this squad needs shooting…or sacking…possibly both but I tend to err on the side of non-violence. It’s been apparent for a long time before Arteta came that our midfield is an absolute joke and to compound things we’ve continued to downgrade it, albeit Partey will be an upgrade if we can get him fit enough to play. Spending £72m on Pepe instead of properly reinforcing the back line and midfield when Emery had his summer window was an absolute fiasco and it’s not surprising that decision resulted in him losing his job. I know that he was only… Read more »


Sorry, I call bullshit! I posted the theory as a post in a previous article and the more I think about it the more I wonder… In the 10 matches leading up to October 4, we won the FA Cup and Community Shield, beating City, Chelsea, and Liverpool twice during a stretch in which we won 9 and lost 1. In the 10 Prem matches starting October 17, we have won 1, drawn 2, and lost 7. How does a club’s form go into free-fall so abruptly? What could’ve happened to cause the change in fortune? The transfer window closed… Read more »


We need to get Martinelli on the pitch either at wing or striker. Nketiah is just too overmatched to lead the line consistently in the league and Laca has his moments, but just doesn’t have the impact you need at the striker position.

Márton Fehervari

It is curious that nowadays we rarely get timeframes for the return of injured players. A few years ago we were told whether its 2 weeks or 3 months.