Arteta: We have to turn it around


Mikel Arteta insists he has the tools to rescue Arsenal’s season but he admits his players have to turn their poor around in the coming weeks or they will be in big trouble.

Here’s what the boss had to say to Sky Sports after Manchester City ended the Gunners’ Carabao Cup run with a comfortable 4-1 victory at the Emirates.

On the performance…

After one or two minutes, a really soft goal. After that, in the moment that we are, it’s difficult against this opponent. We get back in the game, we start to grow in the game, scored a really good goal and had a spell of 25 minutes where we were the better team. After that, we conceded the second goal the way we did. Against this level of opponent, obviously they penalise you and make life really difficult. After that, you are chasing it, we had a great counter-attack moment, we lose the ball and in the same play they scored from an offside position. Then you end up losing the game again.

On Runarsson’s performance…

He hasn’t played a lot of games for us. He’s adapting to the league and that’s it. We all make mistakes and we have to support him.

On whether he thought about playing Leno…

Yes. As well, we know that Bernd has played a lot of minutes, he needed some rest and we wanted to give opportunities to other players. Alex has done well in the other games and this happens in football.

On how he’s feeling…

It’s a hard one to take considering how the game went and the reaction the team had against this level of opponent. Obviously, when you give the goals away that we did it makes the game impossible.

On whether he has the tools to turn things around…

Yeah, we do. I see how much they try and what they are trying to do but at the moment a lot of strange things are happening in every game and that makes things really difficult.

On the importance of the festive period…

We have to turn it around, if we don’t we’re in big trouble. That’s the moment that is going to decide our season.

On whether he has victims or fighters…

I’m focused on the fighters that we have and the spirit we showed tonight again going against a really difficult opponent. I see a lot of fighters.

On January plans…

We are looking at the options that we have, players coming in and out. We’ll see what happens, it’s a really complicated window with the pandemic and the way football works at the moment, so we’ll see how things develop.

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Yardage yadda


Who are we kidding here?

We are a club being run by complete rookies on and off the pitch and it shows.

— Vinai needs to go
— Edu needs to go
— Arteta needs to go

Its getting to the point where they need to do all of the above as quickly as possible. If they dont have the capacity to do that, then they need to either get a consultancy firm in to do it all

Or they need to sell us.

Because they are running their asset into the ground.


Right, not saying any of that is wrong (or right) but how does one orchestrate such a “clean out” – as many others are putting it – now, during the festive time with so many games?

We’re dancing on the edge of relegation now, most of the players look clueless and have no fight, bar a handful.

So the solution is, more chaos?

I don’t know the solution, btw. Mind, chelsea will stomp on this team. The following three matches are huge. If we don’t manage at least a win and a draw, we’re in big big trouble.

Kartik Iyer

Here’s maybe how we do it. We start with the manager. Coz changing manager will bring in an upturn of short term results and ensure we don’t get relegated. We change the deadwood players in the next 2-4 windows. We bring in decent, proven players who are balanced if not world beaters. We invest in exciting young talents. We bring in an actual decent director of football and edge edu out. We give the director the power to set a club vision. And we have head coaches instead of managers. If we do this, we can maybe stabilise the ship… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

Runnarsson can’t keep a clean sheet with a makeshift defense in Europa–least of our problems to consider today. We actually equalized in the first half, which is basically to say, Martinelli passed his EPL audition today. Annnd then nearly got knackered.

Martinelli! Whoo! Viva Brasilhiera! along with Partey and Pepe I’m just hoping to see a new dancando bailando Arsenal or ELSE. WHY DID WE SIGN A SPANIARD TO MANAGE IF NOT FOR ESO.


Thats a bit racist mate.

Bould's Eyeliner

just a bit. but seriously joking aside, they should be dancing their way to goal, not wrestling.


Dont forget RAUL SANHELI who royally fucked us and made millions off Pepe


Why the hell are we wasting our time here. This club needs a total whitewash.

Any owners with ambition would have made plans already.

Out with the naive, semi-corrupt and just plain incompetent execs. In with a new structure of Mislintat, Ragnick and Hasenhuttle..


I do think the owners have ambitions I think that they have been poorly executed. I think the Tim Lewis appointment was a good starting point but there needs to be a structure at the club. Need to re look at bringing an O’Leary type in on the board. They’ve also sanctioned a lot of spending, they’ve just been sold on buying players or signing players who aren’t up to it


Have to agree with this. The owners actually do put the money in but they’re amateurs at running a football club and are being ripped off from people who seem like “football experts”. Raul aside, Vinai, Edu and Arteta have minimal top level management experiences. And even then Raul ripped us off of a few agency tied deals, and similarly Edu is doing it now with Kia Joorabchian; read Cedric, Willian, Luiz, Gabriel (the only exception). The former 3 plays like they couldn’t give two f*cks and are just in it for that final pay day, which is exactly why… Read more »

Mikels Arteta

Wenger in!

Licor de Avellanas

KSE. They are a sports consultancy firm. Have you forgotten the £3m or whatever it was under Wenger’s reign? What did they call it, “services rendered”?


We were warned about the Kroenkes when they took over .. specialists in mediocrity. No real interest in Arsenal beyond the cash flow and the kudos. Their appointments ay board level have been in their own image. Arteta, great guy though he is, had fuck all experience as a manager. Throw in our comical recruiting, courtesy of Edu, and it’s no surprise we are in a relegation scrap. What a fucking mess. Makes me mad and sad in equal measure.


WE have to turn it around. YOU have to shave your head and become a monk somewhere else Arteta.


The insanity of this comment is brilliantly hilarious. Look at what they have done to us. Smh


We’re a joke club with a shit squad. Why did we buy Willian? Why did we buy Runarsson? Why have we broken Partey? Why are we trying to break Martinelli? We have a bloated squad of average players and are making stupid decisions at critical moments in our club’s history. Top to bottom this is not good enough. We have 24 games in the league and need 26 points to stay up (say its 40-points). Where the fuck are we getting the 8 wins and two draws from? Anyone?

We Came Here For Partey

It’s one thing for a club to finish mid or near the bottom of the table, I follow other leagues and sports and am used to ‘my’ team being mediocre either because they’re mid rebuild, lack resources etc…that’s sport. There is no shame in not being a Ballon D’Or contender. What I can’t abide is the way certain people at AFC are lining their pockets, fleecing the fans, players not putting the effort in, allowing Willian to bugger off to Dubai, having little cliques with agents, getting rid of staff to bring in mates, the stink around certain deals, the… Read more »


Everyone was saying we’d made the best signings of the summer in getting Auba to sign and Partey in. I don’t disagree with that but Mikel has gone into theoretical/firefighting mode with his team decisions since. We have had bad luck which I can’t put down to MA (Partey injury, Gabi injury, red cards) but the team tactics are now in shreds because of tinkering and using players out of position. We have to pick committed players in a fixed formation (442 preferably) and give them freedom to express themselves within that. If Ozil can fit the bill as luxury… Read more »


If we can put the lower mid table shit away at home, then we should scrape over the line. In summer 2021 say goodbye to MA, and get an experienced winner in charge (Simeone for instance).

Salibaba and the Forty Thieves

Arteta’s contract runs until summer 2023. If we are going to terminate it in the summer of 2021, we might as well terminate it now as he’ll receive a payout regardless.


We are the lower mid table shit!


The percentages weren’t in our favour.

Well at least we have Christmas to look forward to.

Oh bollocks.


Kill me now


I wonder why. We had 70.3% chance of winning.


Fuck this. Ask him interesting questions or don’t fucking bother. I want to know why Saliba is persona non grata.


Exactly, it is a disgrace that he isn’t even considered, Mustafi and Kolasinac should be on the plane to Özil-town and no where near our starting eleven.


Özil wouldn’t bring anything bad to this lot. Would love seeing him with Martinelli and Saka…

Bould's Eyeliner

Maybe he’s coaching Lacazette to play as a false-9/9 depending on whether he feels like scoring or drawing a free kick.

The Arsenal

Everytime i see Kolasinac im hit with the same surprise that he is still here..Even Mustafi…When i saw him tonight my first thought was ‘oh, ahit that guys still here.


Exactly. Why is ESR not starting, and what is with Martinelli. If he is seriously injured this will be a disaster in how he treated his comeback, and seemed to not have learned anything from what happened with Partey.


And why do we spend a million a month for the next 2.5 years on a 32 year old player who as it turns out has dipped in form significantly since coming to us? Who sanctioned that??? Was this a one off or will we have the joys of signing Troy Cojones Deeney and…oh I don’t know, a classy guy like Ryan Shawcross on long term contracts too? What about the youngsters? Bench them for the rest of their time here or simply not pick them when there are exciting and experienced guys like Xhaka, Kolasinac and Mustafi to pick… Read more »

The Arsenal

These guys were the nail in Wengers coffin and have been an anchor around Emery and now Arteta’s neck.

The Arsenal

At this point i wouldn’t be surprised if Edu and the other cretins just made simple clerical errors behind the scenes that have led to things like the Willian deal Saliba and Ozil etc


Not impossible and oh how costly it has been. We must look like complete fraggles to the rest of the world now. Just imagine how any Spud is loving it right now.


Like adding an extra nought to contract figures or decimal in the wrong place!

Baichung Bhutia

Arteta was asked about Saliba in the news conference – he said Saliba didn’t play because he wasn’t registered in the squad. It was a weird exchange when the reporter said Saliba is eligible to play in the cup.


James Benge making friends with the manager again.


Looks like he didn’t even know he could play. Obviously that’s not the case, probably just isn’t even considering him at all for any matches which just looks crazy.


Well that’s just amateur


Given that Saliba was on the bench for Leicester game, not sure what MA was thinking.

Few of us have seen Saliba play and youth team results have not been convincing, so I with old judgement on his ability though.

Mustafi joined us as the Germany CB but lack of a defensive scheme has seen him shot. Give me Chambers over Mustafi anytime though.

James Lee

if arteta jogs saliba on then get sacked its irreversible damage


Saliba can be registered in Jan right?


Talks too much does nothing to back his talks up thats Arteta


Sorry lost faith, some players put more effort in tonight Er the younger ones and some just highlighted the need to get rid of them in the last window.

Would have loved Arteta to succeed, but we are declining at an alarming rate and change needs to happen ASAP.

I would love to be wrong on this but I doubt it.

Arnie Whistler

Arteta is gaslighting us all. Every match we “dominated” at some point and yet “strange” things happen every game to make us lose, the truth is he’s just like Boris Johnson….a f*cking c*nt


That’s more the Portugeuse F*ckpig territory bit strong for Arteta.


Let’s not get carried away


I can not believe he is still our Manager still..
As John McEnroe once said ‘ You cant be serious ‘ to the AFC board.


why is Saliba not in the squad? WHY didnt you start ESR? why are you so Negative in your tactics?? is 3-4-3 and 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 the only formations you know? is blocking passing lanes and positional play the only tactics you know??? Arteta would you call yourself an intelligent person?? so why tf are you main the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over again?????


This guy hates Saliba for no reason. And love Willian with all his heart.


This ship isn’t changing course because of what you stated. All he cares about is blocking passing lanes and positioning. We don’t press to win the ball back and the positioning stifles our ability to attack. It’s over.


Tough loss (and feel bad for the Goalie but not going to go bananas over a tough1 night from the kid)

Dont know about anyone else (i saw arseblog report say it was the same drab performance as before) but i think i saw a far better level of effort/structure against this superior opponent n keepin in mind our lack of form. I think the thing that let us down was the backline + goal.

But among the young players especially—there seems to be a real synergy and commitment to artetas tactics.


Tough loss? Man City were in control. I guess we scored a goal but the “celebration” from laca says it all, they’ve all checked out


I agree! Painful as losing is (and we’ve seen enough it lately), up until the keeper flapped at the free kick I thought we looked okay. Laca and Martinelli were decent

We Came Here For Partey

He’s 25 not 17. Not that it’s his fault he’s not 2006 model Buffon but it’s a headscratcher of a signing.

SB Still

I don’t understand our GK picking order. We signed Runer on the recommendation of our new GK coach. However, who evaluated him against Macey to determine Runer was/is better than Macey, right at the start of the season. Ofcourse, we wanted to buy a num 2 and not a num 3 but is Runer num 2 or num 3 quality?


Runer is League two quality, he should be nowhere near a club like Arsenal. He even manages to look bad on youtube and he’s been dropped everywhere he’s been. Who was allowed to buy him without due diligence, just because he was a previous student of the goalkeeping coach? It’s not huge money in the scheme of things but it’s another unplayable player, a squad place wasted and money down the drain.


Didn’t we get rid of most of our scouting network and even sacked Cagigao in favour of relying on agents to get the players for us? Whatever happened to that scouting overhaul bs we were sold.

Anyway, can’t expect much when the club chose to sell Martinez instead of making him the #1 GK when he clearly was the better GK than Leno.


Emi is a far better goalie than Leno will ever be and has a huge personality. I think Mikel likes dull as ditchwater yes men, hence Emi was out, AMN, Nelson too laid back for his liking. Getting rid of our top scouts has to be the most idiotic move, hence we end up with mates and agent scams, it’s all looking seriously worrying.


It’s all started with Arteta who brought in his team who brought in Rus who brought in terrible performance. Or it’s all started with Edu?


Good question, limited info on Runnarson but what we’ve seen isn’t encouraging, probably why he was languishing at Brentford and no one else snapped him up


Runnarson wasn’t at Brentford, he was third choice at Dijon. The Brentford goalkeeper is another previous student of Inaki Cana and we were strongly linked with him in the transfer window, for a lot of money, but Brentford wouldn’t sell. He’s another very average, short goalkeeper who isn’t good enough for Arsenal and I’m hoping to God that we don’t go back for him and waste even more money.


We need to comb through the social media goalkeeping coach who recommended Runarsson to confirm if he is good mates with Runarsson’s dad, because that is the only reason I can think of why this fellow is even here.

Plus, of course, Arteta’s desire to use players he signed.


Yes, we need to turn this around but sadly without you Mikel. We all wanted you to succeed but this is bad beyond belief now.


Agreed, if he had stuck to his guns and treated folks like Willian (who took a jolly to Dubai of wherever) the same as guenduzi, or be “ruthless” like he promised I feel like I’d have more respect for him. He just seems to treat the squad the same as the last few guys


He definitely has tools


Probably just grabbed some from ikea on the way over

Licor de Avellanas

I think JBF meant the players are ‘tools’
But yeah some of them play like they were picked randomly from street corners.
“Hey kid! Yeah you. You any good at football? Fancy a game tonight? Don’t worry we’ve got boots and a kit and that….”


That’s true, was trying to be cute. Re the players I think he has some flyers on lamp posts with a mobile number to call.


Obviously Emery was very bad and we should’ve sacked him sooner, but I’m sure now he is laughing a bit feeling ”I told you so” etc.

He’s still a good ebening clown.

Reality check

We lost all common decency when we started making fun of his accent.. we should be better than that..


His accent made fun of him. Humour took over from there. We are going to need that humour because the alternative is going to be anger and plenty of it.


Absolutely what I wanted to tell for a long time. Is making fun of someone’s accent a common thing in English speaking countries? I am Vietnamese by the way, with bad accent.

Reality check

Ive seen it almost everywhere, making fun of accents is a more a human thing IMO. However, class is something we proudly associated with Arsenal but sadly, that went with Arsene. The club mistreating long serving players such as Ramsey, Kos and Ozil is pathetic. It was a consequence of their mismanagement that this club is where it is. From title contenders to relegation battlers, from most money in the bank to making fourth biggest loss in a year, it has been a rapid decline. Kroenkes have slowly stripped off the soul of this club, name one person in the… Read more »


True, the lack of crowds has really given MA a pass from true criticism from the fan base. I hope the story that Smithy was talking about in the press about Allegri is true. Need a guy who knows how to fix things that are broken and I think arsenal would be an appealing challenge. I do believe we are better than where we sit in the table, just don’t see MA as the one to get the necessary performances out of the team anymore


Agreed. With full stadiums his position would have been untenable already. Coronavirus has cost us our real voices – bums on seats (or not) and crowd displeasure, which is intolerable when it’s sustained.


Allegri isn’t right for Arsenal.


Emery was the wrong choice, but he’s got better pedigree than Arteta. Villarreal still 4 in La Liga btw


He looks much more comfortable in a smaller club and in Spain. He likes the underdog status more, as seen with Sevilla and could not adapt to large clubs like PSG and Arse. Don’t know if we are the large club anymore but that’s a different topic. Sorry I made fun of his accent, I was wrong about that I agree but what I wanted to say is that he was really out of his depth and sacking him was the right choice, no doubt about it, and should have gone sooner.


Man, the writing is on the wall. Better to change things up on the manager side now. How many people would keep their job if they kept doing it so badly over an extended period of time? It’s sad to say but the man has given up on his non negotiables and all the other stuff he bugged up when he arrived and he’s starting to sound like emery in that everything is going fine, we played well, MA just sounds better…


Can’t see he has the ability to turn things around. Sorry mate, this coming game against chelsea we will lose again.


I just hope it’s not 0-7 or something like that. We will lose definitely though. And I really really hope that it will be the last game with Arteta.


It needs to be 0-7 so he can finally get sacked.


I am not so sure. We need to get Edu sacked first.


Which fighters apart from Martinelli do you see you weirdo?

Naked cygan

Saka!!!!….Saka is the only other one and maybe Tierney!

Fireman Sam

ESR, Balogun, Willock, AMN and yes Lacazette.


“We’ll see how things develop”

Arsenal lingo for we aren’t buying anyone of any quality in the transfer window. More Xhaka and Mustafi types incoming.

We’re going down! We’re going down!

The Arsenal

Chelsea game should be fun.


Like the old fashioned cure for gunnerrhea? Cocktail umbrella down the eye of love culminating in agonising cries of pain.

I’m hoping for a nice dose of penicillin and a sleeping tablet. I’ll wake up in June and all this hideousness is over.

I hope Yuletide happiness and new year optimism meets you all.

Good Night


Toure Motors

A few weeks ago someone posted asking whether arteta was an improvement on emery. I said he was. I was totally wrong. Between the weekends statistics and these bullshit quotes, we have a manager who can’t acknowledge reality, is repeatedly making awful decisions and has lost the dressing room. The board need to sort this mess out before we are relegated


After all the bs they sold us about overhauling scouting, coaching, executive setup and all that nonsense with nice PR throughout the lockdown period, this where the team finds itself. It was pretty evident even last season just how badly we needed a creative player to create chances. Aubameyang bailed out Arteta over and over again when Arteta decided to freeze Ozil out and we all hailed it as Arteta tightening up our defense. Now all rival teams have figured out Arteta’s tactics (doesn’t take much figure out to play a low block against us). His transfer decisions were also… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

Well said Sir!!!


Losing to City today is losing virtually nothing. Losing Martinelli again for an extended period is losing quite a lot.

Anyone have updates on his injury…?


Yeah, why did Arteta let him back on after half time.

This is becoming too frequent.


After our goal I honestly thought our players put effort in. I liked what I saw. A bit of fight. I like Arteta. But he picked Runnarson, who everybody can see and already knew is simply awful. That’s on Arteta. Arsenal FC is far too important to be a platform for on the job training. I agree he could turn it around but we just haven’t got enough time.


We bought Runarsson with the hope to sell him on.


If he has the tools to turn things around he would want to use them quickly.


Complicated window? That’s nonsense. Buy a world class creative midfielder and someone to play at the base alongside Partey.

Or don’t. But all the double talk in the world won’t keep us from a relegation scrap.


What 25 minute portion of this game where we in control of? I may have been watching something else.


Yea I must of switched channels for that. Maybe the few minutes after we scored but that was only a few mins. I guess it’s the opposite of time flying when having fun maybe?

Naked cygan

If Arteta truly loves Arsenal he should step down. He had his moment with the Fa cup, but this job has come too early for him in his career. I am sure in 5-10 years he will be a much better manager, but right now we need someone who has been there, done it, knows how to deal with this situation. I said when we signed Arteta that we should have gone for Carlo Ancelotti instead or even Brendon Rodgers. Not sure he will join us now, but Pochetino should be a good choice too if he likes the challenge.… Read more »


He should have started with Doncaster or Tranmere.


Id love for Pochetino to come and win a title. That would be delicious. Preferably over that lot.


You have to turn around and get the fuck out of this club.

Far East Stand

“On the importance of the festive period…

We have to turn it around, if we don’t we’re in big trouble. That’s the moment that is going to decide our season.“

If we lose to Chelsea and then Brighton will the moment that decides our season be moved to two weeks later? It seems that is what has been happening recently. Set target for turning things around, don’t meet target, reset target to a later date, repeat.


Sleep paralysis but instead of a witch demon coming towards you it’s a midfield pairing of Ceballos and Elneny


I don’t see how he plays Runarsson but doesn’t give Saliba minutes (or give ESR a start and have Miguel Azeez on the bench). Happy to see Martinelli but was worried about fitness and would’ve been happy to see him just get 30 min off bench with a potential start against Chelsea.


Because Saliba is in Guendouzi’s camp. Arteta is over rigid with his management discipline because he is weak so he feels he needs to impose his own sense of awe. But this is flawed. And coupled with uneven handling on say Willian, the team started to fracture in the summer. Already Sokratis and Torreira were not buying into Arteta’s future Arsenal. Then there was the Ozil issue. Sure Ozil does not produce enough but surely if Edu is unable to sell him on, he is an expensive asset and still useful from bench or on occasion. Then Guendouzi was fortunately… Read more »


willock stays josh dasilva goes says it all


At least we have given City new found confidence in front of goal.


So then, how do we turn it around? Suppose Stan opens his cheque book and says “here you go, Mikel. Get the players you need to sort out this cluster fuck once and for all!”

So we forget about Xhaka, Kola, Mustafi, Dani, Willian, maybe even Pepe, possibly Laca even though he’s shown some heart lately…and other underachieving players. We can’t sell them but we put them on gardening leave until their contracts expire.

Who do we get?


Do you even trust Arteta with money now?


Arsenal were apparently concerned that Szoboslai would need time to adapt to the Premier League and wanted someone up and running. They were very keen on Jorginho…………………It shouldn’t be allowed.

Charles MMM

Turn things around, you said? How exactly are you planning on doing that? By playing Nketiah, Laca and Willian?
Again I ask.. How on Earth are you and Edu planning to keep Mustafi and loaning Saliba out by January? For me, that’s a massive red flag on the reasoning abilities of the two of you.


Laca got a goal at least and has been scoring. Auba has been drawing blanks.

Today with Martinelli working out left, there was some joy between the two.


Arteta and Arse will improve together, the coach has made mistakes (Willian) but he’s been dealt a terrible hand too. it’s painful to watch right now but he needs to see the season out and rebuild the squad. COYG

Hank Scorpio

Not by playing the same useless cunts you won’t. Instead of playing the same wankers that got us into this mess in the hope they’ll dig us out. Grow some balls and play some of the kids who are hungrier and evidently more skilled (without trying to ruin their careers through injury). If Torreira is sent back I’d have him as backup to Partey (we have no like for like replacement at the moment), fuck Ceballos off back to Real and partner Partey with AMN or Willock. ESR looks ready – It may only be a cup game but it… Read more »


Nah. you’re asking for worse with the ‘kids’

Sign of desperation as well, he did throw in the kids last game against Everton only bc he has now lost the senior players.

This is the most stupid thing I’ve seen, peole who think the kids who can muster something against minnows in europa league group stage are somehow world beaters.

Ya need to get your head checked.

Ska and Martinelli are alright. The rest forget it.

Hank Scorpio

On the contrary you should get your head checked. You’re endorsing playing the same players Arteta keeps selecting on autopilot. The so-called senior players playing in the centre of midfield are a shambles and not going to get us out of this mess. It’s hardly playing the kids. Saka picks himself. The other wing is either Pepe, Willian or Martinelli. I’d pick the other 2 over Willian. Are you suggesting Willian should be picked? As for the centre of midfield we’ve been exposed by having no suitable backup for Partey. We also need someone more dynamic in the midfield to… Read more »


Totally agree with Scorpio, except for the Ozil part. If I understand the idea, a 31 year old with massive attitude problems and zero pressing ability, who’s skills have been on the wane for years and who hasn’t played a competitive match in a year is going to come in and exceed our current mediocrity…? Not a chance. Yes, we probably won’t have the clout or funding to bring in a quality creative player in January but Ozil’s not the answer. As a Premier League playmaker, Ozil’s done. Despite the never ending circus around the guy, his skills on the… Read more »


“We have to turn it around, if we don’t we’re in big trouble.”

Wow, it’s amazing the stuff they teach you in manager school.


If he is allowed to make plan for January then we are absolutely fucked. Clueless management.


Tired old trite. Same thing over and over. Runnarson looks a poor buy. We got rid of Martinez for him? Should have just promoted Macey or Iliev. Midfield so lightweight. People don’t like Xhaka but shy of him we look even less convincing. Defense can’t see why we don’t try Saliba unless he is even worse than Mustafi. That said, Mustafi wasn’t around when we went 3-0 to Villa or in recent losses. Only bright spark was Martinelli’s endeavor and Laca on target. But is that enough? Clearly not enough against City and likely we will come up short again… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

Please!.. please!!… please!!!!….put Arteta out of his misery before it’s too late for our what’s left of our club to be rescued by a manager with experience. This Arteta project has gone from bad to worse to over.


Arsenal Plan A: Arteta and the current Arsenal team.
Arsenal Plan B: Arteta and the current Arsenal team.


I support Arteta 100%. All you have to do is see his face in these interviews. The man clearly cares. I love the guy for that, and we need people like that. He cares like we do, and how many people currently at the club can anybody convincingly say that about? Maybe a handful of the players at best. There could be many reasons the public are just not privy to that cause him to make some of the decisions that are, admittedly, baffling at times. I trust that Arteta is doing the best he can with the mess that… Read more »


I care too, but that doesn’t mean I can be the manager.


Arteta says about his calamitous keeper:

“we wanted to give opportunities to other players.”

I’m done with Arteta; he’s so bad that I miss the “good ebenings.”


I’m actualy come to the conclusion that we are cursed… if a vital player is returning from injury the chances of him getting injured within 60 mins of his return is odds to happen… and how can every player drop in form at the exact same time… it’s incredable I’ve never known anything like it in 28 years of supporting arsenal..

Cliff Bastin

Interesting… someone once told me that there were a number of sites in Islington that were old plague burial grounds. I wonder if Ashton Grove was one – without being too morbid … just thought I’d mention it…


Nor have I seen anything like it, and I’ve been a supporter for 65 years!


relegation form


Hes gonna do it.
I can feel it. MA gonna get us outta this.

I may be drinking. But I have faith.
Guns out people. Not in. Guns out!


Management wishes to issue a correction:

Definitely drinking. Belief holding nonetheless.


Arteta and Edu are a disgrace to the federation.


That Runarsson deflection into his own net is the perfect visual metaphor for how Arteta’s been doing.

Completely out of his depth, not remotely at the required level, never should have been recruited to begin with.


Wake me up when Kroenke is gone. Over a decade in the making this shit show.


Arteta needs to go. Not because he is bad but players clearly are not responding to him. That just shows what weaklings most of these players are but then obviously you cant replace all the players so you got to replace the manager… sad truth