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Arteta: Young players need the right mix

Mikel Arteta has been buoyed by the performances of some of the young players in the squad, but insists he has a responsibility to ensure they’re developed properly and surrounded with experience to help them reach their full potential.

The Gunners got back to winning ways this week, in no small part because of the contributions from Bukayo Saka (19), Emile Smith Rowe (20) and Gabriel Martinelli (19), something the manager acknowledges.

However, he feels it’s too much to place the burden entirely on the youngsters, saying, “We know that our club has a history of bringing players through the academy and it’s in our DNA.

“We want to keep doing it and I think I’ve done it since the day I came through that door, but they need the right process, they need the right players around them and you have to respect the timing of their development.

“There is nothing worse than rushing those players when they are not ready. If they are ready and they respond, then keep doing it.

“You don’t have to hold them back because you know their energy, their passion and what they want to do. They can run and sprint and do whatever they want, but they need experience as well.

“Eleven kids is impossible. When you have the right mixture then these kids start to become more senior players and they start to have a little bit more experience and they are in a good development phase, let’s go for it.

“But you have to be cautious as well.”

Arteta has often erred on the side of experience this season, and results haven’t been good enough. The recent upturn will hopefully see him keep faith with those young players, especially as he has seemed to find a good blend.

As impressive as Saka and co have been, the likes of Alexandre Lacazette, Hector Bellerin, Rob Holding, Kieran Tierney and even Granit Xhaka have contributed to the wins over Chelsea and Brighton.

Let’s keep fingers crossed for more of the same on Saturday against West Brom.

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Youngsters do need the right players around them… which makes it more impressive that they’re doing it despite the poor examples being set by senior players at this club.


And ESR’s model aka Özil being left out completely.

The Arsenal

When he said that my mind instantly went to Xhaxa, Mustafi, Elneny, Willian etc Fabregas and then Wilshere had it so good.


I hope that’s not a hint that Willian is coming back into the starting 11 as soon as he’s available again eeeek!


What are the odds..?

2/1 on or 6/4 favourite?

And then watch us lose, because the lazy Chelsea cunt can’t be bothered to break a sweat.

Jeremy DG

Let’s hope not. Unless Arteta is on a kamakazi mission. There’s stubbornness and stupidity and a decision like that would sit in the latter category. Willian has given him no reason to think he should play.

santi's thigh grab

If he plays Willian again I will lose faith in him as a manager. Willian should not be played.


Of course he will


More Lego chat.

The jury’s still out on you, Arteta.

Less of ‘The Gospel According to Mikel.’

Just concentrate on getting a few more victories under your belt first.


I’m with you Qwalitee, Arteta Fan boys they can dislike the comments as they like..
Reality his ‘ Non negotiables ‘ does not exist… Willian going to a lovely Dubai trip than plays him straight into the team , Pepe’s Red Card & Xhaka’s Red Card his comments on both players… Rips into Pepe but more reserved on Xhaka’s
I wonder why 🤔

Cranky Colin

Mr T…… I don’t get the downvotes here!
Surely all Arsenal fans would like answers to those very valid questions …..

Diaby's Left Peg

Manager in answers question controversy…


MA discovering the youngsters after ignoring them for one year. lol And buying Borges, prolonging Luiz. And now willing Costa and Alarcon.


I really cannot believe that Arteta would want the thug Costa or Isco. I hope this is pure paper talk


Not really fair to say he’s ignored ESR and Martinelli. Both had injury issues and have had games soon after their return


The guy is obsessed with signing Chelsea Has Beens.

He’ll be phoning up Kerry Dixon and Pat Nevin next.


Willian is the only one he has signed, so I don’t see the obsession.


Really? He gave Luiz an extension….


Do you think that if (probably when) Willian is back in the squad that the last two games that we’ve won will give him a bit of a kick up the arse? He has been an excellent player for the chavs, you don’t just lose that over night and he must have some pride, surely? I had a funny feeling with Willian the moment I saw him hanging with the Arsenal subs after we won the FA Cup final. I just felt he should have been with his own team mates and his body language just appeared to not give… Read more »

santi's thigh grab

He truly does not care, it is that obvious. He has no desire to fight to win a game, to exert his body to its limits. The standard for winning the PL is Matinelli and Saka’s approach, lay it all out there and do what you must to win the game. Winning mentality. Willian no longer has that if he ever did. You can’t summon it up from the depths if it doesn’t exist. Move on from him ASAP, do what it takes, players who don’t try, suck the life out of those who have a winning mentality eventually.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Of course he didn’t lose his excellence overnight. It disappeared over four nights between his 1st and 2nd games for us.

Teryima Adi

Yeah, let’s make it a cocktail of the old and new- great blend.


Also a sound bite for balogun…

Needs the right support. It’s clear that Arsenal have a good setup to progress youngsters. Be patient because if you are in it is because of careful planning… etc etc


Ie the seniors are shuffled around sometimes to aid the youngsters development

Pete Plum

Just to state the obvious in terms of helping out the youngsters. Ozil is a world cup and champions league winner, loyal gooner (who probably hates Kroenke but Kroenke ain’t Arsenal) his game is focussed on his team mates i.e. a generous player, reports of his demise are bullshit, we’re paying him £350k a week, etc etc

santi's thigh grab

Ozil no longer has a winning mentality. He has been crap since he left the German National team. That whole incident seemed to take something away from his ambition because that was the point when the assists stopped. Colossal mistake giving him that contract but at the time we needed to prove we weren’t a sending club so we signed him. Which probably helped us sign other quality players after having him at the club. Ozil is a technically gifted player but no longer has the fire in the belly, so he can’t play in this new intensity driven game… Read more »

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