Saturday, September 30, 2023

Partey starts! Sp*rs v Arsenal team news

Arsenal travel to the Toilet Bowl today to take on Sp*rs in the first North London derby of the season.

Here are the official line-ups.

Sp*rs: Lloris, Aurier, Alderweireld, Dier, Reguilon, Hojbjerg, Sissoko, Lo Celso, Bergwijn, Son, Kane.

Subs: 7 other twats

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney, Xhaka, Partey, Saka, Willian, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Runarsson, Mustafi, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Ceballos, Willock, Nketiah

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Lets do these cunts


Willian must have Arteta’s nudes!


Just ‘Why’ does he always start ….??


Xhaka can (please)


Hopefully he doesn’t block Partey from playing his game. Elneny would have been a better choice because he is damn good at doing simple things right. Last time parteya nd Xhaka played together, everything went through Xhaka effectively blocking Partey out ..and everything went so slow..


I wonder who will win the coaches choice award this season? Willian or Xhaka?


Xhaka can… F*** off.

Jean Ralphio

Hopefully Partey hasnt been rushed back but COYG!


That’s what I was thinking. He’s been out for a long time and I fear rushing him in might not be the smart thing to do. But I’m sure Arteta knows this and has the right medical information… I hope!


Partey could have been eased in on Thursday night, 10-15 min, but didn’t. That’s why our worry that he’s being rushed in is legitimate one


Seems like you were right to be concerned… Worrying how reliant we are on Partey already

It is what it is1

Let’s go!!!


Well pleased Partey is starting, but gutted Xhaka and Willian are playing. They should be nowhere near the first 11.

Anyway, Come on you rip roaring reds, here’s hoping….

SB Still

Maybe Willian has some dirt on Arteta 😉

I would have preferred Elneny or Ceballos starting instead of Xhaka.

Alex Davis

This is our best line up bare pepe for willian. Xhaka and partey will make a great combo if they get a run of games together.


Afternoon drinking is fun, but it’s a bit early to be that plastered.

Alex Davis

If xhaka can play with someone who will relief him of receiving the ball from the high press and do most of the dirty work on the field he can really do well in this team! You just love to hate on the player.


So essentially Xhaka needs everyone around him and the tactics of the team modified to cover his glaring weaknesses. That has been working so well for us for the last three seasons.


Partey is a really effective box to box midfielder which gets entirely negated by him having to cover for xhaka. Whatever xhaka brings is offset by the fact he requires another player to cover every part of his role except passing


Another manager betting their job on Granit fucking Xhaka. Foolish.

Public Elneny

Does Nelson have a knock?


I hope so, because he really deserves to start otherwise. Offers much more than Willian


Well…except for his wretched crosses…




Huh, seems like a 4-3-3 with Saka a part of the midfield trio. Interesting!
Guess Xhaka will drop to LCB often to push Tierney forward, as we did in the previous successful games against big opposition.


It could be 3 at the back with Saka as a wingback too.


Yeah it’s 3-4-3


Likely not, the order of names usually suggests the formation. If it’d be 3 at the back, Holding would be the first name after Leno.

It is what it is1

It is likely both


Yeah the formation is probably gonna be fluid anyway. Hopefully the football will be as well. )


Could be a 4-2-3-1, with Willian and Saka at the wings and Lacazette as a 10.


I agree, after his Europa performance there I think Laca will be a 10 again


Harsh on Elneny and extremely generous with Xhaka


Agreed. This would have been the perfect game to reinstall the Partey elneny axis

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

After all these years, I don’t know what good he brings to the team

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Nothing. Apart from looking like he’s running in treacle.

Jon Butler

4-2-3-1 or is saka playing deeper? Personally would love a back 4

Der Kaiser

A more aggressive lineup than I expected. Glad to see Arteta going for it. Let’s hope the players reward him with a performance. Up the Arse!


442 or 5 at back?





David C

Without Martinelli, we really only have Nketiah on the bench as a goal threat.

I think we need to score first and defend like mad to get something from this game.


I thought Lloris and Kane were supposed to be out. I’d target them physically right from the first whistle.


Mustafi is a goal threat to…


At both ends


Jose trying mind games


Defend like mad? Have a care for our hearts please. By all means score first but look to play on break rather use Mustafi.

Should be AMN instead of Willian but MA sees something none of us do.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yep. We Xhaka will get a yellow in this game, best he uses it to kick that gormless muppet up in the air.


And unfortunately, so does Willian.


You know how the blog wished for lightning to strike twice? Well, seems like it. Now Arsenal only have to score 5 times.


And Partey’s injured too. Nice.


Willian masterclass to keep chelshit on top of the log. 😏

Hail Gus!

You mean Won’tian


Thank you for this new one (at least to me)


I really want us playing 4-4-2 with this.

Man Manny

The 11 boys must play for the badge; that is all I am asking for.
Let it all out on the pitch and I will be satisfied.

Jeremy DG

So Kane isn’t injured? How interesting


Also interesting that Partey isn’t injured


It’s Mr.Mind Games, did we ever expect anything else lol


Thank you Jesus!! Partey we need a clean sheet , no pressure


Here’s to hoping this will be the game in which we see “the system” click. Looks like a back 4?


That makes it 2/2 for the AFCBell on inside news then, so happy Partey is starting


Hector and Holding will need to be awake to track Son runs. Can Xhaka stay on Kane?

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yeah tell me again why Xhaka is playing and AMN isn’t?


Could it even be a 442???


Xhaka and Willian? Starting to doubt mikel even more, not filled with hope before the match, hope to be wrong!


The PR blablabla about playing the young ones is just what it is: PR blablabla…

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Really hope there’s one of this mutual appreciation hugging, hand shaking and smiles before the game FFS! Hopefully that’s one good thing COVID will stop!


Willian has a great record against the spuds. Let’s hope today is the day!

Laca New Signing

Good old 4-4-2? I’ll have it please! 👏👏👏


Was expecting AMN to start but he’s warming the bench instead. Gassed that Partey is starting. COYG!


And still we pick willian. No idea if its edu or artetas signing but 3 years of this clown doesn’t give me any faith in the direction of this club


How did we sacrifice Martinez for Leno?


The second goal was world class. Not even Neur could have saved it.


My comments came after the first goal …long before kane scored


Don’t understand what anyone sees in xhaka, especially mikel. He acts as he has a half of a brain, lunging into kane time and time again, without any need. Lucky to not be on a yellow already, at this rate he’ll have a red by halftime. Eejit.


Xhaka is and always has been a 7/10 player at his absolute BEST. Why Elneny or Ceballos isn’t in there ahead of him is baffling.


Ceb is a 6/10…


Exactly. At least he used to shoot from distance and score some good goals – two things he has – long shot and long range passing. Now I only see those idiotic lunges.

Dubai Ham

Arteta Out

Dubai Ham

Whoever is down voting me must be Tottenham fans or love us losing.


Does the process include 300 useless passes, refusing to learn from mistakes and conceding counter attacks EVERY Game? Cause in that case we are right on track 😊


Throw ins are a real problem for this team. Leaving aside the Bellerin problem, they take an age to get into place and the opposition are ready to squeeze them by then.


Throw ins, corners, free kicks, defending, attacking, all real problems for this team.


and we took a throw in specialist right?

SB Still

I find it more annoying losing to Mourinho.

Maybe, something will happen in the 2nd half. It’s a worry that we have lost Partey though.


He didn’t look fit. Why gamble?!


Partey starts and Arteta is finished.


Is Emery available? We need one of the best power point presentations ever put together to get this team of dross playing well.


You have to wonder if Big Sam could do any worse right now.


Arsenal s*cks ass. We’re just bad, no two ways about it.

Obama Young

Willian starts but Nelson can’t make the bench. Absolutely befuddling.

Obama Young

Throwing Partey right back in from the start in a high intensity game like this was just asking for him to get re-injured. And he did.


With so many losses this season, I guess the temptation was too much. Now he might be out for longer though.


When an Arsenal player sees an opponent, they just panics and doesn’t know what to do. Then the remember turn around and go back.


Nice sacked Veira after 5 successive losses despite them being in 11th in league. Look at where we are we might end up at 16th by the end of this weeks fixtures and this inexperienced manager keeps making the same mistakes. By the time the board realises about change in management another year will be wasted. I hear Allegri was willing to coach PL team. He doesn’t play attractive football. But he’ll get you the results. That’s all this club needs.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Can any manager get results with these bang average players


You’ve fallen for the trap of blaming individuals when the instructions and underlying system of play are absolutely garbage. These players are capable of playing way, way better than they currently are. You have to be mentally challenged to believe that this squad is incapable of stringing together a few coherent passes and shots on target agains Villa and Leicester.


So the 14 clubs ahead of us on the league table have better players ?


Do we have some dross players? yes, some of them are bad, or maybe some are made to look bad by the way we play, but I mean, you really think other teams ahead of us have better players than us? I find it hard to believe.

Look, I really wish Mikel could prove us all wrong, I really like the guy, but even a blind man could see we are bloody awful. All we do is pass sideways, backways, cross, and that’s all.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Do we even have a board?


Yes we do, and for good or bad, they’ve put some money on our team lately, perhaps on the wrong signings, but they’ve.

The Far Post

I didn’t like Arteta pushing Partey back into the pitch after he’d limped off. He wouldn’t have come off without a cause.


Point is, if he goes down on the pitch or just grabs one of their players or whatever, he stops the play and we don’t conceed. Horrific timing him being injured as he covers the counter, but that’s some bad game sense to come off, very naive.


arteta is supposed to be so great at coaching. bellerin giving away throw in fouls for like 3rd game. hngggg

Godfrey Twatsloch

I’ll take your hngggg and raise you one HNGGGG in capital letters.


selecting xhaka is a sackable offence

SB Still

I would have liked Nelson if we were taking Bellerin off. We already Auba around the box, with not much to do.


Ironically we played our best game today in 6 EPL matches. Can’t blame the players. Moody Maureen just outwitted Arteta on tactics.


F*ck anyone who give me a thumbs down.
Bench Auba~ play Eddie
Bench Bellerin~ play Cedric
Bench Willian~ play anyone

Bring Wenger back as a technical director


I’d play Balogun instead of Eddie, sorry but the kid doesn’t bring me with confidence. AMN should be playing, and William is out of his depth, can’t we play Nelson instead?

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