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Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle – player ratings

Two Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang goals sandwiched one from Bukayo Saka to give Arsenal a 3-0 win over Newcastle at the Emirates this evening.

A goalless first half, and some missed chances, created a bit of concern after the 0-0 with Crystal Palace, but the Gunners sparked into life in the second 45 to take all three points.

It was also our fifth clean sheet in a row, which is very promising as well. All in all, a good night.

Read the Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle match report and see the goals here

Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Johnny 4 Hats

Someone buy Andrew a Cedric shirt!

Johnny 4 Hats

Willian – 0 – On long enough to rate.


Is the dash before the zero a negative zero?

Johnny 4 Hats

It’s actually a cyclops who has strangely still got conventional eyebrows.

High gooner

Whats the purpose of picking on Willian after this game? Some of you guys are embarassing


Because he came here as a favour to a dodgy agent who lined his pockets at our expense and he’s shit. For extra added piss to the vinegar that is his contract they made it three years long at 200k plus a week.

Johnny 4 Hats

Just a cheeky play on words. Calm yourself. We just won.


Habit’s you know you repeat things that are important to you and never let up!


It takes me 5+ years to earn what he does in a week. He doesn’t seem bothered


What’s it with player salaries and Arsenal fans. Jesus. You’d imagine all Arsenal fans are accountants or financial analysts.


Salaries are relevant when players who earn less put in more effort and are more effective. Willian is absolutely useless.


We don’t have unlimited finances, so we cannot just write off massive wages on players who don’t perform.

Philip Visser

The purpose is to show up that he brings nothing to the team on his current, and now sustained, poor form. Are you happy with his performance last night?


Voted on 3 different account for KT and I will always give him 10, smith Rowe 10 and Saka 10. What joy to watch these guys

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Downvoted you on three different accounts for voting on three different accounts.

Cultured Determination

at least he made the effort of having 3 different accounts. may not be everyone’s flavour, may not always do the right thing, but he has effort. Momash (Elneny)


Great to see we won. I’m still staying away from watching since that might be the cause of this unbeaten run. Seems like things are looking up though.


Never change during a winning streak. Always change during a losing streak. Good man.


That’s was fun.

Tierneys tescobag

I love everyone

Fireman Sam

Thought Partey was excellent. So glad to see forward passes!! Incisive and direct passing makes such a difference.

Kudos to Cedric. Excellent game for him.


And lovely link up play with Saka and ESR.


Thought Cedric had a difficult game in the first half. Quite a few iffy passes, didn’t make the right runs, looked our worst player to me (without being anywhere near horrible or so). But in the second half he absolutely grew into the game and his assist for Auba was unmissable. If he can do that on a constant level and maybe even from the left – as some have said – when Tierney needs a rest, he could actually be worth the deal eventually. Smith-Rowe easily motm for me, despite Auba’s brace. Looks as good as Saka to me… Read more »


Giving them 10 year contracts would be fucking it up


man, do you have to explain everything here? I’m well aware of the fact that 10 year contracts doesn’t exist. It just meant that we should do our everything to keep them around for as long as possible.


Get in!!!


Partey’s touch is so underrated, man just doesn’t lose the ball, he’s so collected.


His touch, turn, drive and then pass to Auba for the first goal was what we have been lacking for >5 years. World class.


Fabregassian ping


That turn and pin-point lob was more Santi than Seb, I thought.


Or even Cesc… I’m getting munker by the drinnit!


And an abject lesson to our rearguard on how to look up and get it upfield in a split second.


His long legs make all the difference imo. Opposition noticed it and they dont pressure him almost never because they are just inferior to him. If Arteta makes right moves, Arsenal with Partey can have best midfield in EPL

Reality check

Yeh he has a touch of Diaby about him, long legs, half turns, silky movement, diaby was may be a bit more of a dribler, little drags here and there. And ESR glides like Rosicky-Hleb hybrid when linking play, but seems to have a bit more end product compared to them..


Tru dat about ESR but he’s got miles to go before comparing them to Hleb and Tomas R.


Especially Rosicky. He. Was. Fucking. Brilliant.

I love Tomas rosicky

What I would give to watch him play again, the way he glides through out the pitch with the ball at his feet…Majestic!

Speeding Gooner

But built like a beast!! RROOOAAARRR


Diaby meets Viera meets many cans of spinach!


That’s really it, I’m excited to see who would partner Partey long term. I honestly believe we can do a lot better than the lot we have atm. Partey looks to sit deep with us, I wouldn’t mind someone with a big engine doing more box to box role. Obviously I’m dreaming here but, Wijnaldum (contract expiring), Van De Beek (unsettled at United) would be tremendous.


Yeah, a player a lot like Ramsey


Every other Thursday… about 3am… I have this dream that we’ve plucked Santi out of the desert to give him the swansong season he never had… and he’s tucked in next to Thomas like Robin to Batman.
Now that would be the best midfield in the EPL.

Seriously though – he’s got Partey for the power and muscle, ESR for the legs… all he needs to do is sprinkle some Cazorlification on top!


All my respect to Partey, not a single bad pass, his calmed demeanor, what a jewel we have in him.

Runcorn Gooner

I’m liking the look of Partey.

Runcorn Gooner

spuds fan on?

Umar Farouq

Emile smith Rowe is a breath of fresh air

Arsene's coat

Great team performance with everyone performing to a decent standard. Fair play to Xhaka, thought he was magnificent in the middle with Partey

Reality check

Partey was already planning how he’s going to play with Xhaka while still at Atletico, he said it himself. I think Xhaka feels liberated playing with a superior midfielder, may be feels less responsibility and pressure


That partnership has potential on paper but Xhaka needs more ambition that he has now (than just captaining / being a senior player in a Europa league side) to really make it work. He tends to coast and get complacent very easily.


This! If a little more breathing room could help Xhaka iron out some of the mistakes, it would be effing excellent – we can’t really fault his commitment and workrate, and if he feels he has to carry too much of responsibility, the emergence of Partey could be a wonderful thing all over the pitch. That said, I’ll be interested to see how Xhaka would react to feeling like “the second best midfielder” out there… not trying to create drama, but some people relish having great people around them, as it makes them better, while others might feel like they’re… Read more »


13 points out of 15. It’s finally nice to watch Arsenal play some great football again! Hooray!

Tracy Roberts

Now if only Arsenal could play the bottom 3rd (excluding Chelsea) teams every week!


You mean like Burnley?


We have beaten every team from 15 down, which is more than Scousers can say.

Give youth a chance

Leno: nothing to do and he did it well

A Different George

May have broken covid protocols–I thought spectators were not allowed.



The officials read the blog


Wish I could like this twice


you could if you opened 2 different accounts
or 3


Thought he did better in looking for quick release forward to start counter attacks instead of penalty area passing.


We have options at right back.


100% agree, Cedric was awesome.

El Mintero

I think he’s looked decent everytime he’s played but tonight was by far his best game.


I think Partey is going to transform this team. He is world class and does anything he wants out on the pitch. He plays so quickly, with such finesse. He plays the ball immediately and exactly where players need it and at the right pace. No one else in our midfield is even close. His close control under pressure, his instincts. He has that ability to push through the lines and rarely slow down the game with needless back passing and dribbling. He tracks and defends with endless pace and energy too and perfect positional sense. I think he transforms… Read more »


Read this same exact post before, but I will upvote it again. 😉


Read this same exact post before, AND I will upvote it again. 😉


It was me before, but everyone had already moved to this page to post so I wanted to profess my love for Partey again. 🙂 I almost wish we had just one post-game comment section, we say the same things on both pages.


Yup, he was the guy I wanted out of Aouar and him and this is exactly why. Actually it is summed up in the build up to Auba’s 1st goal. Get’s a tight pass with heavy cover, drops a shoulder and turns the defender with ease then drives past him in the same motion takes two more touches that just stick to his boot then plays an INCH perfect ball EXACTLY where Auba wants it on the move to isolate the defender at pace. Everything about that is what this team has lacked and is why we have been SO… Read more »


Have you seen Aouar play? He’s an absolutely dreamy player…diferent profile to Partey but soo so versatile…picture a quicker more offensive minded Verratti, who has an eye for goal and can play might have a point though with Partey being more ready made for PL level.


I think you missed my point a bit. I always said I’d love them both, but it was pretty evident we weren’t going to get them both. For me the priority was absolutely Partey. I said in the summer his ability to turn and drive through midfield would transform our team. It has been very evident in the games he has played with freedom of injuries and when we the oppositions tactics played him out of possession (against the foxes). Please, please, please let him stay fit now.


Sod it… we’ve got Mesut’s overhead off the books – let’s get him too!


ESR is the Young Freddie


So you’re fairly happy with him thus far then?


Miguel Almir-con the ref


That inner ear problem he has could be terminal.

Laca New Signing

0/10 Newcastle spending all 90 minutes hoofing the ball up the pitch for Andy Carroll. What a bunch of tosers.


You would have preferred they played in a way that might have hurts us? Goodness, no! Loved the way they played.

Reality check

I am sure little Andy was subbed..


They totally waste Callum Wilson who deserves better.


It’s actually Steve Bruce if we’re honest. I started following Arsenal since the late 90’s, and Newcastle to me is a team I’m generally fine with, and it’s sad to see where they are today.

SB Still

Next 6 games are going to be huge and will shape our league season.


I’d say all the games matter but yeah sure.


*David Mitchell voice* TECHNICALLY… all the games shape our season! 🙂

I seem to recall a few years ago when our season was very very much defined only at the last 3-4 games :/


I like this winning thing, especially when it’s by a comfortable 3-0 margin. More of that please!

Happy for Auba and excited by Partey out there, he looked good and look forward to him bossing it for 90 min!


0/10 for Almiron for looking like that kid in The Inbetweeners Movie who keeps saying ‘hey Manchester!’


You just want to throw him in the pool, the annoying little shit.


more Ninja Turtle methinks….




ESR is a one-touch player who opens up space instinctively and with amazing speed of thought. I haven’t seen anyone else as technically gifted coming out of our academy since Jack Wilshere.




Saka is a super-exciting player. I just think ESR is even better.

Reality check

I’ll say they are equally good in terms of potential, Saka however is on different level in terms of development atm. Different players though, ESR is very quick on the ball and just doesn’t break the stride. Whereas Saka is definitely the most annoying player for the opposition, so hard to take the ball off him. Such authority and command, feels like he’s always in control of the duel and he’s only 19, will still grow both physically and technically. He’s also added goals to his already exceptional creative game. Very exciting

A Different George

I liked Xhaka better than Blogs did. Very good defensively two matches in a row; looks like a partnership with Partey that can bring us to the summer transfer window.

High gooner

Blogs almost always have something against xhaka, luiz even when they dont play poorly..

Merlin’s Panini

I wonder if not being the main man is motivating Xhaka? Perhaps he’s seeing how good Partey is and started to up his game. If that is the case, long may it continue.


It really helps when Xhaka receives the ball and can survey the field because he’s neither pressed for time or confronted immediately. Not sure what happened to open the second half but Newcastle stopped pressing hard. We took the time and space they gave us and ripped them open. Everybody made good decisions and almost all our passes were the right ones. There was one tactic that was clear and wonderful. Newcastle wanted to overplay the passing lanes and anticipated a lot of our passes. In the first half they came scary close to intercepting and counterattacking quite a few… Read more »


Fair play to Granit – I’ve given him a lot of stick, but only when deserved (which, sadly, was all to often). Hopefully it’s a case that playing next to an obviously uber-elite player has lifted him both mentally and physically?
However – I remain concerned that the top teams have worked him out and will force him onto his right foot, compounded with cutting down his time and space… and that is when shit happens…


They probably have. All I said is that with time and space he’s good. The opposite of that is with no time and space he’s shite. No, slow shite.


I don’t think we are disagreeing unless you feel its essential to nip any positives about Xhaka in the bud, bud. The following quote lifted from the By The Numbers article today says it all. The numbers from StatsBomb back this up with Arsenal facing almost no pressure when they looked to play passes. Typically this season slightly more than 13% of the passes Arsenal has played have been under pressure from an opponent, with Arsenal facing less than half of that in this match. I wouldn’t be surprised that this could be a good reason that Arsenal looked so… Read more »


Double bud… neat.


Dare I say Partey had some flashes of Viera..?


He’s clearly the first player we’ve had who has replaced him


I’d say more Gilberto

Artetas Assistant

Gilberto is a rock. Partey is a burgeoning flower


Who dares, wins


I gave everyone a ten except Willian.

Chippy Brady

Did anyone here look closely at Partey before he arrived? Genuine question. His quality surprises me considering he wasn’t the stand out player in that Atletico team. Jesus their overall quality must be very high. Delighted to have him all the same.


More like most of his attacking qualities were suppressed by Jose Jr.


Yes, he was 100% the guy I wanted us to sign. He was immense for Atleti. There is a reason they are so pissed he left.


I did, he’s really really technical but simeone used him mainly for his incredible positional awareness. His dribbling ability is above verage for any holding midfielder andbhis long range passing is excellent. Sometimes he’s too ambitious and gives the ball away by trying risky and complicated passes between lines. I’ve always liked the way he plays but again, at atleti his main job was to intercept the ball and pass it quickly to koke/saul


I didn’t. Then I recalled that fateful game where we managed to get the Atletico RB sent off after 10+ minutes. I got myself to watch it again, and it was Partey who slotted into RB seamlessly, and Atletico continued to play like they have 11 men on the pitch.


Partey’s ball to Auba for the goal filled me with such hope


Really good performance, fantastic to see Aubameyang among the goals again especially. Cedric was superb today, didn’t have much to do defensively, but going forward that was the best performance from on our right backs this season.

But Partey was personally my MotM. He’s so transformative for our midfield, speeds things up massively on and off the ball. Welcome back!


Said it a few weeks back lads – Auba has never stopped getting into those dangerous positions, it’s just that his supply was completely cut off. First frustration, then the understandable urge to try to force things, which in turn eroded confidence.
I think he’s back!

Neál Martin

I gave Laca an extra .5 because of Smith-Rowe’s comments after the game. Great to hear.


I thought Laca deserved a goal today. He put himself about amongst some meathead defenders who were hellbent on kicking him and combined superbly. I see why he is preferred in the central role now.


He’s such a grafter. Even if he doesn’t score he’s a joy to watch. He never quits.


Opposing teams absolutely hate Laca and Saka….real pain

Kendall Jefferson

Did anyone see his dummy run for the cross from Tierney that ended up at the feet of Smith-Rowe. When I saw him do that, I just had to applaud him. That cross was intended for him not ESR, I don’t think Auba would have done that. That was the perfect example of two players operating on the same wavelength. It was like he knew ESR exact position behind him and he just sold the dummy to the defender and continued his run into the box, if that first time pass from ESR hadn’t hit Lascelles, Lacazette would found himself… Read more »


And was only denied by a fantastic reflex-knee from their keeper.
Coulda been 5 or 6 without that fella in goal.

AZ Gooner 1

Thought they were excellent top to bottom. Great performance.


What’s happened to Granit since his suspension? I’ve never seen him play so positively, he looks like a completely different player, it’s a bit unsettling because it’s challenging all my assumptions of him and I don’t like it when I’m forced to question myself.


I think there are many who are questioning themselves about Xhaka. At least you admit it.


I think exactly the same, I lost count how many times I wished for his departure, now he’s completely transformed; forward passes, positioning, ball recovery; I have to admit I’m thoroughly enjoying his game now.

Diaby's Left Peg

His ball recoveries against Palace were mostly from him passing it to Palace…


Fcuk, this winning lark is fun.
Time to bring in a throw-in coach!


There’s the justification to reinstate Gunnersaurus’ wage bill, now Mesut’s left!


Man I am really starting to enjoy football again. More of this please.

No foot Norbert

I thought auba should be dropped, oh boy was I wrong but how refreshing is it to actually have a rb that can cross first time and who has attacking intent. It allowed us to be more expensive on the left. Overall we just looked way more balanced. Cedric has earned his spot for the next game imo.


I was calling for him to be subbed at HT and then he scores 2 goals. The first one a proper fuck off goal. Shows what I know.


Yup, me too! Ha


Funny, every time he got the ball during the first half I was like ‘here we go again, he’s gonna do nothing’ and then on the second half he’s a different person, I simply don’t get it.

Inflamed Pulis

Don’t feel bad. I’ve become certain this season that I don’t know anything.


Nice to have a good stretch of results. Schedule is starting to get tougher again…. Partey and Tierney key to our results if they stay fit!!!!! Would like to see Gabriel back in alongside Holding rather than Luiz.

Nigerian gunner

Great win guys, keep it coming.

Der Kaiser

So impressive. I just hope the other young talent (e.g. Balogun) realise their realise that with patience their time will come to replace the older players and they could form a great team at a great club with ESM, Saka etc. Arteta will give youth a chance

COYG 1001

Definitely engaged in some rating inflation. Clean sheet, 3 goals, LANS. All good.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Auba got an 8??!! There was more movement off the ball by Henry’s statue.

Hopefully the goals change his attitude.

Man Manny

Good second half.
A great team is evolving.
Europe is back on the horizon.


More coherent work today in part helped by Bruce trying out a 4-4-2 and his team opening up after first goal. 1) Leno – not much happening. Newcastle fairly toothless. Defense marshalled Carroll and whoever his strike partner was admirably enough. The sort of outing we like our keepers to have. A back up for Leno of course critical this window. 2) Cedric – A good game for him. A couple of decent crosses first half and then the work to salvage the ball he almost over hit but just in and cut back found Auba for third. Good to… Read more »


Xhaka today particularly good.

Controlled midfield for us and had innumerable recoveries of the ball or intercepts.


Yes – we got that in your first post Santa! But rating him above Partey? Waddevva!!!


Partey reminds me of abou diaby.

Ozil Who

Apparently it was blue Monday today…..more like Red and White Monday. Some of individual performances today was exceptional!

Monkey knees

Can I just say… Xhaka has been immense recently!

Matt P

Hope this quietens down the reactionary whingers from the last game, which was clearly just a little stutter on a much improved trajectory.


Yeah, it’s a lot easier to live with a draw as a “horrible result” these days. Not long ago we’d hope for draws. Now they feel like an insult to reality 🙂

canon fodder

Methinks that blogs has gone all negative on Luiz. He formed a very good partnership with Holding and was part of a back four that kept another clean sheet. 6 is very harsh.


I honestly enjoyed Watching Luis play, at least he didn’t cost us a penalty (or a red card), in my opinion he organizes the defensive line.


Am I the only one screaming for ESR(without the ‘s’)…He’s the main catalyst for this turn around..his interview response about his one touch game really exites me!!! This is it, football’s not that (all that) complicated, this guy get’s it…quick one touch give go and get to a new position to recieve it or drag a defender out..he’s got the flow the speed, plays with intent to hurt defenses Mikel!!! Also nice to see Auba drifting in again, out wide he’s got nothing for us.

Kieran Tierney’s Tesco Bag

Every Little Helps


Wow, can’t wait to see this Partey guy play alongside Ozil…


Fenerbahce can’t afford him.

COYG 1001

First full on chuckle of the day!

Cosmos Forever

Nothing wrong with Cedric starting over Bellerin more often


I would love to see him given decent run of games in a row. He combined so wel with ESR and Saka on the right and easily beats Hector with his crossings. His movement has been excelent and if I am not wrong he was along with Saka and ESR amongst 3 top performers in distance covered on the night. Bellerin was too comfortable in that position for too long and it has effected his performances. Solid competition can only be good thing.


Although Newcastle were in a miserable state in the second half, Arsenal are starting to look good. Whith the quick thinking Partey, midfield problems seem instantly fixed. There is a queue of talented forwards. In the back, Luiz is doing really well (although he is sometimes slowing down the play). Holding is still a tad slow, but we have Gabriel.

So if we can get the pieces to fit together, and keep spirit and friendship high, Arsenal might continue to climb upwards on the table, maybe even to one of those coveted Europa league spots!

Speeding Gooner

Willian was sh1te even for those few minutes he came on


Good second half that.
I get why the subs were made but Party taken off when the game is basically done to protect him however….

Do you think that Willian is only being brought on because that move HAS to work?

Personally I would rather have seen AMN get mins even if its on the right and move Saka to the left

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