Sunday, December 5, 2021

Arteta on Auba’s form, impressive youngsters & Partey’s return

Mikel Arteta was delighted with the way his side turned a dominant performance into three points as a brace from captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Bukayo Saka’s left foot finish sealed a 3-0 win over Newcastle at the Emirates.

After the match, the boss faced the Sky Sports cameras.

Here’s what he had to say…

On the difference between the two halves…

I think the first half, it takes a while to break a structure like this. We had some big chances that we didn’t score, which is what we needed, but we were in total control of the game. I’m not sure they had any shots on target. In that moment, it was about keeping that structure right, keeping it simple, keep attacking the balls as much as we could. We corrected a few things that in my opinion we could do a bit better and then we produced the moments in the box.

On Aubameyang returning to form…

Yeah, he tried. Even in the first half he had two or three big chances and didn’t score. He scored two today and I think it’s going to be really good for his confidence. Obviously, it’s great for the team because it helped him to win the match. Overall, I’m really pleased.

On Aubameyang being ill when he was subbed…

He had to go ‘in’ and we decided to change him. [He needed a dump]

On Smith Rowe and Saka impressing…

When we are winning they put a smile on my face. I know what they are capable of doing. They are developing really well. That’s a merit to them, merit to their teammates and to everybody who has been involved to support and protect them. But the performances they are putting in are extraordinary.

On how he protects them…

They do it, the boys with their personalities in the dressing room. The senior players, the other young players that we have as well and obviously the staff as well, which they need. The expectations are high with them and we have to take them through the right path.

On their freedom helping the senior players…

Yes, it’s for everybody. To have that mix of energy and passion and immaturity at times is good because you don’t play as tense like the senior players. They are doing really well.

On being happy with Thomas Partey…

I’m really happy, he got better and better as the game went on. He had a big influence, he gave us things that are different to any other player and we have now have to protect him because he’s missed a lot of football in the last couple of months. I’m really happy with his performance.

On Ozil leaving…

Not yet. He’s in Turkey now, he’s going through the medical, there’s still some paperwork to do. When the deal is finalised, we’ll make the announcement.

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Dave Cee

Where was AMN?


If only his decision making and concentration lapses were not an issue, would have advocated him starting in Xhaka’s position. Has got legs but needs to improve on those two things. Else might see him as another Ox, good potential but someone who got too comfortable on the pitch.

Artetas Assistant

Mikel is the right guy to drill that inattentive behavior out, AMN comes into his next year under Mikel


It’s also the lacking touch and control with AMN. His best position still appears RB. He struggles going forward on the left because his left foot is weak, but he’s very good defensively on either flank so he has a big career ahead of him, but not sure it’s at Arsenal. He wants and needs 1st team football and Cedric massively upstaged him – cedric even outplayed Bellerin. I think it’s time to cash in on AMN. Will be only 2 years left on his contract in the summer. And we have two very promising young right backs on the… Read more »


He’s different from Ox, who was very good for us at CM but felt he didn’t get enough opportunities there instead of at wing back (where he also excelled). We knew his best position.

We still don’t know AMN’s best position, and Arteta certainly doesn’t think it’s midfield. He has had even fewer opportunities than Ox, to the point where Willock has been picked over him in the double pivot. It’s hard to see where he fits now other than competing with Bellerin and Cedric.


Agree, he has talent, we want him to break through, but he has not been very convincing lately.


No goals conceded in 5 games, if auba starts to score regularly and laca is playing well….

Hang on, do we actually have a good team here??


I think we have the makings of something good. Imagine what could be accomplished in two/three more windows, moving out half a dozen guys and replacing them with some better quality that better suits the system. Brighter days ahead.

djourou's nutmeg

we do, until we concede 5 games in a row again, then the team will be crap and everyone should leave except for tierney. repeat in loop and you have a summary of this site’s comment section in the last 10 years


But passing to Aubameyang has to be perfect to his feet. I don’t know if any of you guys noticed it in the first half but a couple of times the ball was played to him, he judged it to result in a 50-50 battle with the defender and just backtracked to avoid any challenge. One of those was a good break and he would be clean through but nearly cost us on the break if NU weren’t shit. He really needs to take a risk and go for some of those balls, even in previous games where he even… Read more »


Bravery in the challenge is not one of Auba’s qualities… when he’s scoring at a rate of a goal every 2 games, it’s easy to overlook that. When he’s not it looks like a big problem.

A sad arsenal fan

Watched the game without any audio and it was interesting to hear a lot of defensive commands being called out by Rob Holding. I can see why he was given a new contract. He is improving a lot each week and is going to be a big player for the rest of this season.

Proper old school CB tackle on Almiron in the first half too!

Granit(e) hard!

Well the quote from Arteta regarding ESR and Saka ‘s performance says it all…’when we are winning they put a smile on my face’…this is about Arsenal DNA folks🙂, players that have it and a manager thats happy they do, being one himself🤷‍♂️

Artetas Assistant

Why Mikel will succeed – He’s very strictly modeling after Arsenal *Culture* as set out by Arsene.


When things are rosy, it’s all Arsenal DNA etc. Just a few months ago this comment section and the writers were commenting that Arteta was too rigid in how he sets his teams up and wants them to play…


It was a great win today. Our youth are a big positive and as much as we criticize the club for the poor season we’re having, we have to acknowledge how strong our collection of young players is. Many clubs would be very pleased with themselves if they only had Willock, Nelson, and Nketiah. Those guys are now clearly our 2nd tier of young talent behind Saka, ESR and Martinelli. With Tierney and Gabriel also only 23, the future is very bright. Thomas Partey is a different class of player than anything we’ve got. Only Auba, lat his best level,… Read more »


a goal with his left, a goal with his right, and one 2nd half substitution to poo = the perfect hat trick

Charles MMM

I liked that he pooed, at least it reminded us in a cool way that he’s human after all. Long may he continue to score goals for Arsenal FC.


If you were Aubameyang would you rather take a dump or stay on for your hattrick? Have to admit that’s a tough one.


At least he didn’t do a Lineker!


The flood gates have been opened!


No, if you need a crap there’s no hope in staying on. I once played an entire rugby match while needing a shit (spent the whole match just meandering around the field) and ended up sharting a couple times in the second half.

Charles MMM

Hilarious lol

Once a gunner

We need more creative player at least one more before the window closes the game against Crystal Palace made us to realize that. so we will not put so much pressure on the little lad ESR

Auba auba laca partey

For that kind of oppositions I d use Martinelli instead of Auba who needs space to express his talent. In tighter compact defences Marti would be better suited as more technically sound. Whilst everyone is praising ( and rightly so) Saka/ESR/partey I’d to praise Laca who receive the ball on the turn to free to serve impeccably Partey into space for the first goal. As well as his defensive contribution, 3 clearance on corners.


The player that was really impressive in midfield today was Granit Xhaka.

Plenty of ball recoveries and good control to keep the ball for us.

People will of course want to big up Partey. He was decent with good contribution to goals.

but Xhaka has been in good form since coming back from red with first that goal and over last several games very good retention and positioning not to mention passes.


“Partey was decent”?! Partey is (generally) and was (last night) miles ahead of Xhaka – miles. He was incredible last night and transformed what we can do in the middle and definitely made life easier for Xhaka. Let’s see the stats, while Xhaka made A LOT of passes in this game he still misplaced quite a few passes, whereas Partey looked like he hardly missed any. You have a massive bias towards Xhaka. I’ll admit, I have a bias against him. I don’t like his playing style or his personality. But he has been solid since his red card. But… Read more »


Good luck to Ozil. Like him or not, he’s given us good service over 6 seasons.

All the best.

Pastor Simon

Has anyone seen Leno….

I learnt the guy missed today’s game 🤣


Heard he spent the whole night taking a dump


Hopefully these goals for Auba release the floodgates for him. You can see first half he is getting into good opportunities but lack composure.


ESR continues to work his socks off and be constructive. He’s engaging against players taking them on like Saka. BUT feel we will need someone there in the position to rotate through and add alternative. Ceballos should be tried there higher up with Partey back to partner Xhaka and Elneny also available not to mention Willock. Otherwise we saw Arteta shuffle Willian in centrally when Martinelli came on. But not convinced that will be a solution. Would not half mind seeing Draxler in on loan as a punt but depends on salary I suppose and of course our priority MUST… Read more »


I still don’t think Ceballos could do the job as a #10. His best season at Betis he played most of the time as a #8 and since moving to Madrid he’s been laying deeper to carry the ball even under pressure – hence he was preferred over Guendouzi. However he’s no Thiago to do it so perfectly, and I don’t think the team needs him that much anymore.


AMN people starting to get on his case but frankly what do you expect from him. Its not that he is played on the wrong side bc he has worked out there before but compared to Tierney now, he has a hard task to impress, particularly coming in and out. I think he can afford to be less casual particularly with passing but all in all he will improve with games. Cedric for first time showing some of the promise that made us sign him from Soton. If he can keep fit, it will help us to have an alternate… Read more »


It seems that The Arsenal May have a plethora of exceptional young players to build upon, that makes me felicitous


I wish they had that feature in FIFA 21; “Aubameyang has to take a poop. Would you like to temporarily play with 10 men or substitute him off?”


Is this the second time in the past 1.5 – 2 years that Auba had to leave the pitch to use the bathroom? Can’t remember ever seeing another player do that, he has to get his digestive timing corrected

Reality check

Thinner guys take more dumps than the big ones..


If only Xhaka had quick feet… He would have been a better player. The quick movements and passing of ball matters a lot, showed during the first goal. Holding was better with the ball and releases than Luiz, improving game after game.

Charles MMM

Yep, if only he have quik feet.. he has the right attitude though, just that his legs are too slow for the premier League. But he’s adjusting to cope. Great attitude for a temperamental guy.


How was partey? Have missed last 3 games.. fucking late night games ruining it for Asian fans

El Mintero

We were on fire second half. Bright days ahead with this team.

Artetas Assistant



So, Smith Rowe is the new Ramsey, then? I still can’t believe we let one of the few genuinely world-class players go. For nothing. Given the emergence of these Young Gunners, I’d say we’re now only 6 or 7 players short of having a competitive squad.


I love that. How he told Emile to just express himself and dont worry about make mistakes.

Because all the seniors are scared to play and take risks and possibly create. But they can ask the younger energetic one to do it.

Especially as Emile is the first one to track back and help defend an overload. He gets payback by his colleagues and trust.

This natural human side to his personality is infectious and must be encouraged. Even during the times he or Saka is being rested

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