Friday, December 1, 2023

Luiz: We’re starting to create a real team

David Luiz put in a man-of-the-match shift as Arsenal sealed a 0-0 draw with title-challenging Manchester United.

After the match, which extends the Gunners’ unbeaten run in the league to seven games, the Brazilian praised the way his teammates have started to turn things around at the Emirates.

Here’s what he had to say when he faced the Sky Sports cameras.

On what he made of the game…

I don’t know. it was a great game with both teams trying to win. Both teams had some opportunities. It was a proper match. But frustrating because we love to win. I think we tried our best and that’s it.

On the result being a sign of progress…

We have to try to improve every single day. We have to be humble every day because we have to improve. I think the boss is doing a great job. I think the young boys are progressing a lot, they are fantastic. I think we start to create a real team, a real atmosphere. That’s why we have to keep going. Football is *clicks his fingers*, if you don’t focus and concentrate, if you don’t work hard every single day, things can change. I’m very, very happy because we’ve turned around a very difficult moment in our season into a positive moment. We have to keep trying and keep going.

On celebrating a clearance of a Fernandes free-kick…

Yes, of course. He’s one of the best players in the league at taking free-kicks. Bruno is amazing. He can decide [games] in these kinds of moments. Free-kicks in this kind of position are like a penalty and you have to realise that when you play this type of fantastic player, you have to try your best. He even spoke to me because he took the free-kick quickly just after the whistle to try to take us by surprise but I was happy because I was focused and could save the goal.

On whether Arsenal’s ambitions for the season have changed…

As I said, I think we have to be humble. We are far from the first positions, yes. We have to take it game-by-game. Improve game-by-game. Try to improve. Try to improve. At the end of the season, we’re going to see how we can go. The ambition has to be there. The ambition is to be fighting for the first position. It has to be there. I never started something in my life without ambition. Until the moment it’s mathematically impossible, we have to try. We have to try our best, try winning game-by-game. This is what we have to put in our minds, every single day.

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I’m glad the good Luiz showed up this game. Bar the 1 on 1..

Johnny 4 Hats

Let’s not get too misty eyed or I’ll want him to sign a new contract…

Aw. David. Gunna miss him.

Sort of.


I won’t be surprised if we keep him

Johnny 4 Hats

Why do so many of our players seem to start performing just when you think we will finally ship them?

I’m watching Laca tonight and thinking “well, should he be getting a two year extension?” The thought crossed my mind about Xhaka too.

I don’t want to be too cynical and suggest that they start performing when they know their economics are on the table, but it does seem a trend which happens a little too often to call a coincidence.

Right back to Theo ten years ago we saw this pattern emerge.


Yes indeed. And then they turn shit right after. Strictly performance-based contracts are the way to go for players 30 and above.


Because their contract is up and they want a new contract lol it’s extra motivation also for Laca he might want to try and make the French team for Euros even though I feel no matter how well he performs he still won’t make it, they just don’t like him in that French team don’t know why..but yeah Laca Xhaka Pepe Luiz upping their game for a new contract I guess. All of of which I expect would be sold except for MAYBE Lacazette but thats a BIG MAYBE. I would like to keep Laca but if we get a… Read more »

Kia J

He’s going nowhere

Quentin Quarantino

sounds like he’s posturing for a contract extension


Hope not a contract extension, but a place on the bench with Per or Mikel.

Once a gunner

At what age? please free the old man


Mikel and the young players seems to like him. It may be cheaper to put him on the coaching staff for the youth team.


Hey, at least he didn’t give up a penalty


That’s actually an impressive interview, as was his game today. More of this please Luiz.


Not looking like such a bad purchase now.

Public Elneny

Tbf, his actual defending has been on the whole really good since lockdown now

But still, better to phase him out while he’s playing well than to keep him in the side until he takes a nosedive. Mari is currently at least as good and Gabriel has a massive ceiling, even if he’s hit a ropey patch of form



Paul Roberts

I’ve seen that interview before from him but he had a good game.


You gotta hurry then.. only 17 more games left ..


Solid performance from Luiz and Holding. Partey is such a great addition some of his passing where off but that will come as he gains his rhythm back. I like what I saw in performance dare I say it even Willian had his best game in an arsenal shirt since Fulham. at least he won 2 fouls. but you could see he’s lacking in confidence when he should’ve scored and he let wan basaka block his shot, if that was Martinelli of Saka thats a goal. but he did more today thane’s done throughout the whole season so fair play… Read more »


Yes, Willian played slightly better but I wouldn’t categorize as great. It was just a bit above average and sad part was he could have done alot better with his chances and movement. He was so static, neither tucking in nor running in the wing. He always seem to slow the pace and almost 95% ends up going backwards after.
Pepe, in contrast, is also inconsistent but at least his decisive on he does. Either he tries to beat his man or try to pass. Yes, 80% of his dribble is bust but at least there is a quick resolution.

Adrian Drum

Not gonna lie, I liked his celebration. He is not best defender but definitely great leader


Luiz is a world class interviewer. His little snippet had more passion and substance than any dogshit punditry that followed by Scholes and Hargreaves. God why do they have jobs they sound like such idiots.


Are you conviniently forgetting Tony Adams in that list?


Lol yes. I was distracted by his look. Looks like the owner of a struggling toy store.


I quite like Tony adams as a pundit i find his eccentricity quite endearing and he has his own opnion on things makes a change from the usual boring pundit.


He had an excellent game, and he needed to. We had 4 of our very best players off but still produces a very strong performance. And, having grown up watching George Graham’s side, I love the fact that our defence is solid. What is ot now, we’ve only shipped 2 goals in 7 games?

Laca New Signing

10/10 for the positivity. I wish his head (at times) would follow his mouth in that direction…

That said he had a solid game tonight. We missed Saka Auba and Tierney. Onwards and upwards! COYG! 💪


We also missed Martinelli in the second half. Taking all that into consideration, it was a good result and a great performance


I wouldn’t cry if he got another 1 season contract as he appears to be a great influence on the kids ! Rob Holding would probably agree ?


I’d love to see Luiz join the coaching staff at Arsenal. He is a great character.


Think Luiz and Cavani were immense today with their clearance. Such a great centre back pairing 🙂

Mayor McCheese



I would like to pay tribute to Cedric too who was pilloried here, mostly by people who had never seen him play. Decent cover for Tierney

Pires' cheeky smile

Great addition as a free. Solid cover at right back and now left back without needing to spend a transfer fee. So not kicking off when he doesn’t play. You always need some players okay to be on the bench but step up when needed.

Toure Motors

Cant fault the attitude or outlook. Mad as a box of frogs though


Those of you who argued that Martinez was better than Leno, how are you feeling now? Sometimes as fans, we need to accept that football managers and coaches know better than us.


Leno is good. But Martinez is even better.


martinez has the most clean sheets in the league and is getting regular motm for villa. you probably shouldnt open that can of worms again.


Leno & Martinez are both fantastic keepers with differing attributes and I’d be happy having either one of them in the team. Sad but understandable that EMI had to leave as he was one of ours but Leno is top top drawer. Bit like choosing between Any or Dec to be honest ? Although those two are only 5 a side keepers & should not be talked of as possible Matt Macey replacements


Or even Any & Dec ???


What is wrong with spell chicken FFS. It’s Ant man ANT !!!


We needed the money, the question is if we should have kept both and not bought Partey. As much as I liked Martinez, it’s a no brainer


Luis has Been a great stigning, our back line was rubbish before he came, no leaders, no structure. His experience, genuine leadership in the dressing room and training is key to players like Holding growing, + he has outperformed Mustafi and Socrates. He is not Varane or Van Dijk, but again given where our club was when we got him I was and am pleased we got him to choose us.


a great signing are you sure??? he was a disaster last season. hes played a few games this season and done ok hardly a great signing


Yes I am, the question I answer is if his arrival has improved us, the answer is yes. Not only on performances, where I prefer Luis to Mustafi 8 days a week, but also in his presence and mentoring to what was a very dysfunctional no identity backline. I am equally frustrated when he has his blips, but thankfully also our manager has the ability to value overall contribution, and not stare blindly on specific high / lows.


I must say this game was a real step forward from a squad perspective, we where without Tierney, Saka and Auba, a month ago I doubt we would have caused much of a threat without our 3 musketeers, yet today we played long spells with attacking confidence and created decent chances. Well done lads!


He needs to remember which side of the bed he got out of this morning

Then never get out of the other side ever again

Hopefully contract renewal time focuses his mind between now and the end of the season


Good to see him publicly back the boss.


After this performance and interview, I expect him to have some la vida brain farts in the next game. I’m not being a downer, it’s a bit of a thing with Luiz.


The elements are there for a more balanced team.. …we were somewhat unlucky today not to have full assets in Tierney and Saka never mind Ceballos and Auba as well. Ceballos in particular looked good during training the day before. All things said as I mentioned, we will be deceiving ourselves on Tuesday when thinking we were 8th and pushing into CL spots. As I said, we are realistically in 10th and here we are hovering just above CHelsea albeit they have a game in hand. Thankfully Everton dropped 3 points today and Soton too although Villa won. Bottom line… Read more »


We may have to go for broke in europa.

PL looks a tough ask for us to kee consistency. If we can we still have hope but it needs to be put together now.


Always loved Luiz’ attitude. Well spoken, and I’m sure he has a huge influence on our young players. Wouldn’t mind he joins Per’s team at the academy when he is done playing.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Luiz is an extremely frustrating player (odd touch vs Southampton that played the guy onside, only to be rescued by Holding, to then goof up more; the entire Southampton game, really). Then he pulls out games like yesterday, and even that wasn’t necessarily his best Arsenal performance.

I can’t decide whether to detest the Chelsea reject part of him, or to see the way he obviously seems to have taken the grizzled-old-veteran-telling-stories-around-the-campfire role and tries to look out for them.

Dynamo bicycle light

David Luiz looks like a bemused Jon Pertwee in that picture.

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