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Report: Arsenal get good news over Martinelli injury

According to a report in the Guardian, Gabriel Martinelli has not sustained any serious damage following the injury he picked up in the warm-up ahead of Saturday’s 2-0 FA Cup win over Newcastle.

The young Brazilian twisted his ankle in a pre-game drill, and there were fears that he had sustained another substantial injury.

However, it appears he’s in contention for next Monday’s clash, again against Newcastle, but he will miss Thursday’s visit of Crystal Palace to the Emirates.

It’s a boost for Mikel Arteta who declared himself ‘gutted’ on Saturday, fearing the worst over the 19 year old who has only just made his comeback from a serious knee injury.

We’ve been due a bit of good fortune with injuries, so fingers crossed he’s back as quickly as hoped.


The latest medical bulletin confirms Martinelli will be back in training very soon:

“Gabi turned his right ankle during the warm-up against Newcastle United on Saturday and was subsequently taken out of the starting line-up. Gabi has progressed very well and we’re hoping that he will return to full training with the squad in the next few days.”

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Lack of Perspective

So he was juat moaning over nothing. Waster. Get rid.


yeah, never liked’im…


This is sarcasm everyone, he’s magic!

Cultured Determination

While we’re at this sarcasm game i dont see what’s the fuss over him when we signed a proven, world class flying winger brazillian international on a free

Old but Gold


Dr Zebra

Like Russ uses, can we all agree that a dot-dot-dot should accompany sarcastic posts? Otherwise, we’ll just end up fighting with each other for nothing

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Nope, warning of sarcasm takes all the juice out of it.


Haha. Seems the sarcasm is being missed by people


Strange reaction to great news about a youngster, see the comments below.

Try adding some humour next time….


See the comments up.


I did (given I commented on them…).

Still missing the humour, where is it?


And I’m not commenting on your comments, I replied a comment on the first one.


I see! Lack of perspective was being majorly sarcastic (taking the piss) as we all know Martinelli is possibly one of our most loved and upcoming stars we have so made a comment completely repelling that. That’s why it’s very funny and I followed it up. I don’t know where everyone is around the world but I am a massive piss taker as are a lot of Brits hence these comments


‘the use of irony to mock or convey contempt’ is the dictionary definition.

I’m a Brit too, it needs some humour to make it work. He wasn’t moaning over nothing, it hurt him.

At least yours was obviously totally unbelievable, so worked better.

Absolutely Fabregas

I’m a Brit too and the first comment was so obviously sarcastic. I thought that was generally the remit of Brits – although maybe it says a lot about the times that we can no longer tell the difference

Sadly there is no punctuation we can show for sarcasm…!

Dave Cee

ThErE iS

Better the Devil You Know


Better the Devil You Know

I mean. I’m not going to the pub with you, ever. I don’t think it’s wise. We both dodged a well aimed bullet there sir. Good day to you.

Charles MMM

Dude obviously had a dry sense of humour saying it like that.


The dude defines sarcasm and still doesn’t get it? Irony is the humor bro — I’m American and even I understand that.


Ooh, sarcasm. So funny…

Johnny 4 Hats

Guys, in more good news, it’s official. The world is returning to normal. Equilibrium has been reached. It’s been a bumpy road and there’s been some tough times but it’s over. Normal service has just been resumed.

For today we were linked with Steven N’Zonzi. Let this day live long in the memory as it has for the last 27 seasons. For today we celebrate The Day of the Steve.

However he’s 32 now so we’d better play it carefully. Just a four year deal with an option should suffice.


He deserves more than Willian, so four years is a good idea plus £250,000 a week I reckon…


I might have just peed a little bit… if we can get N’Zonzi it can only be a matter of time until the Solomon Kalou transfer finally happens….their ‘We coulda joined Arsenal’ WhatsApp group will be rocking this evening.

Johnny 4 Hats

* Yann M’Vila has left the group*

Guessing there’s only room for one theoretical DM…

Crash Fistfight

I’m still torn between Lorik Cana and Felipe Melo.

Give youth a chance

Have we been linked with Draxler yet?


He’s been booted off the group. Big fight with Sebastian Frey over their aftershave brand. Frey was all in for ‘Nearly North London’ but Draxler hated it. Footballers eh ..


‘Nearly North London’ sounds like something an aspiring “Apprentice” would pitch to Lord Sugar!


Matter of time surely before we sign Sebastian Frey now?!

A Different George

I think the last time I saw N’Zonzi on the pitch was in the summer of 2018. Came on at halftime. Did all right. World Champions.


I suppose that, in light of some of our recent signings, it was inevitable that the media would pigeonhole us as the donkey sanctuary.


I see what you did there


Massively relieved for the lad, another major setback could prove the difference to what sort of player he is in 3/4 years time

Diaby's Left Peg



That has just made my day!


Great news! He is such an able understudy to aubameyang and can also play together with him if auba is playing centrally. Provides so many options for us!


I don’t really see him as an understudy, especially in wide positions. Great news re the injury tho.

High gooner

What an interesting user name.. whats the story behind it?


God is an Arsenal fan


Is he fuck


If he is, he is having an existential crisis for last couple of years, at least…


I think the wider evidence backs this up. Or possibly we can attribute the state of the world to God’s penchant for Arsenal as the demise of the one has followed that of the other. We may be onto something here. If Arsenal can find their winningest ways again the world will be saved. No pressure lads.

A Different George

Is it possible for God to have an existential crisis? Doesn’t that mean that there is a danger he will cease to exist?


For God to have doubts about his own existence there would have to be something ridiculous in the offing – like Spuds winning the league😂

Calm down God, it ain’t gonna happen.


I don’t doubt it, considering he was playing for us until 15 years ago.


Excellent, so much talent and potential.

Saka, ESR and Gabi can be mainstays of our attack for years to come.

Ashburton Red

Excellent news. COYG!

Alex Nagy



he was LANS just a few short weeks ago. You got me thinking about Partey though… Has any other player been an _actual_ new signing and LANS in the same season?

Alex Nagy

ANSTLANS – A New Signing That’s Like A New Signing


Isn’t that just ANS?



Paul Roberts

Thank fuck for that!

Stuart Roberts

Would maybe start him on the bench just in case.


Oof I don’t know how many times I checked arseblog this morning (yes, it still morning in Toronto) to get this update. Wonderful news!


Same here man!

Naked Cygan

We the law of averages we were fkin long due for some good news with the Holding contract extension. Long may it continue.


Exactly. This Gabi news, Holding signing a new contract, Arteta acknowledging that we will look for a better GK this window. I can’t take all this positive news in one day…


Thank fuck for that!


Great news! Maybe it is just a psychological impact from his knee injury but I do hope Gabby learns to react less dramatically when he gets an injury. Considering Arsenal’s history with players having careers ruined by injury we already worry enough when a young player goes down.


Yes, when the kid gets injured, the real victims are all of us who are afraid about how serious his injury is. He needs to be more considerate and make sure not to worry us by showing pain. What a drama queen.


I agree there is a certain fan selfishness to that but I also worry other teams will look at him and feel they can give him the Jose Antonio Reyes treatment.


This is all just taking me back to the first post on here.


Don’t think he reacted dramatically…he was just worried…very2 worried/scared and frustrated….much2 more than any of us I believe…

Lack of Perspective

As someone with glass bones, its psychologically torturous to come back and get injured. Pretty sure its mostly shock rather than drama. This kids legs are his entire life.





Thank fuck


Well, it’s high time we had some better luck in the injuries department. Great news.

Good on us, good on the club, good on the player.

Charles MMM

Thank God for this cheering good news.


Martinelli just doesn’t know anything but full commitment. He looked more active than others in the warmup whilst still coming back to full match fitness.

Aguin Deng Mç-de Biar

May God protect this young talented gunner, I wish u quick recovery

Bad egg

Whew! So relieved and happy for Martinelli. He needs to play for an extended period of time to get to that next level.

I’m still a little bit wary that he is suddenly okay, seeing as he got injured during warm up and was in so much pain. I really hope the medical staff are not missing anything.


Good news for the young man and let’s hope it lasts. He does appear to be tad injury-prone which is one of those things you can’t do a lot about, unfortunately. Ideally, he needs a good run of games without problems to get back on track.


Finally some good news! With Holding signing a new deal too, it’s a good Arsenal news day.

Cranky Colin

Just so relieved to hear about this bit of Good luck.
I’m a firm believer that Gabi has been sent from heaven.




Thats good news. However, I wouldnt rush him back him. I say let Pepe show Zaha up.


Back in*


Bellerin Holding Gabriel Tierney
Partey Xhaka
Saka Laca Auba

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Mari will keep his place.


Thank god. Its the current best news of 2021 so far


They say things balance out… In that case I wouldn’t mind the world melting down if that meant Arsenal kept winning.


John calipari was once once asked why neither he or the staff checked on a player who was writhing around Cal said, he is 18 he doesn’t know what pain is yet. I let him learn not to act like a soccer player.
Not directly appropriate but I think of it sometimes.
Want to see Martinelli back in the team.

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