Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Report: Arsenal want Real Madrid’s Odegaard on loan

According to Sky Sports, Arsenal have approached Real Madrid about taking Norwegian international Martin Odegaard on loan for the rest of the season.

The midfielder was only 16 when – to much fanfare – he moved to the Bernabeu in 2015 but he’s only made 11 appearances, nine of which have come this season.

In the last three years, the 22-year-old has enjoyed season-long loan spells at Heerenveen and Vitesse in Holland and most recently at Real Sociedad. It seems he’s eager not to waste the second half of the current campaign and has asked to be allowed to leave again.

It’s no secret that the Gunners are on the hunt for a creative midfielder and, with money tight, it would make sense to be sniffing around a low-cost, short-term option.

Odegaard was in Arsene Wenger’s sights before he made the move to Madrid and is believed to have visited London Colney at the time.

Interestingly, Dani Ceballos was asked about Odegaard’s situation in an interview this week.

“Young players need to play regularly,” he told EFE. “At Real Madrid, I needed to know that I would have equal opportunities. I was obsessed with playing again.

“I wasn’t getting minutes, but I realised it was best to work and reverse the situation and be important [with another club].

“If I do this [go on loan], I’ll play again. It couldn’t have been any clearer.

“I can tell you what happened to me at Madrid. I don’t know exactly what will happen with Martin Odegaard, but it is obvious that any player who wants to succeed at Madrid is going to grab the opportunity he has.”

Update – it sounds as though this might not be as much of a goer as first thought. According to Kike Marin, Read Sociedad, for whom he thrived last season, are in pole position to sign Odegaard and they are his first choice.

Update 2 – Maybe we are in the mix. The Athletic claim Edu made contact with Real Madrid last week. Sounds like it may come down to the player.

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An okay backup to Smith-Rowe, nothing more.


When you say “okay backup” you clearly didn’t see him play at Sociedad last year. Granted he shouldn’t take Smith rowes place but they should compete as should happen in any aspiring team.

Johnny 4 Hats

When you say “okay backup” I imagine you in a buddy cop movie and you decide to raid a drug dealers house alone because you’re a bit of a maverick. Your partner is a bit more straight edge and wanted you to bring backup. When you get to the drug dealers house you are almost immediately involved in a shoot out with 18 uzi wielding Bulgarians. You turn to your pal in amongst the gunfire, which seems kinda foolhardy given you might actually die, and say in a semi apologetic tone “okay, backup” before remarkably taking each drug dealer out… Read more »


Wow even by your standards that is a load of tripe. Try to keep on topic instead of posting absolute drivel like that.

Johnny 4 Hats

I just can’t get read on you Seamo. I cook you eggs Benedict and you tell me you love me. And now this?

I wish I could quit you.


Using the comments section of a football website to type out some imaginary buddy cop movie scenario that you imagined was funny. What an absolute knob jockey

Johnny 4 Hats

The 80’s called. They want their homophobic comment back.

Eduar-do a deer

Don’t turn this into the open sewer that the rest of the internet has become. Apologise. And take your meds.

Perry Crows

We calling double doses of viagra meds these days…?


Funny. The votes make it look like people don’t like your comments and quite like the imaginary buddy cop movie that is almost definitely the plot to Beverly Hills cop 3.

Rigged election no doubt? Do you demand a recount? Your type usually do.


Knob jockey?! So who you taking to the school prom Seamo? 😂😂


His only friend – his right hand.


And who the fuck are you?

When Blogs wants Website Fun Police, I daresay he’ll employ them. Until then, get a life.


I’m seamo who the fuck are you? Are you taking a break from fluffing mesut ozil today. You 50 year old man child.


I’m whoever I want to be, pal.

A husband, a father, a highly successful businessman and an Arsenal match day attendee for approximately 50 of my 54 years.

You, on the other hand, are an internet troll who finds other people’s on site banter a trigger for your own unhappiness.

If anyone’s the man child, it’s you.

P.S. Ozil’s left this club. Might be time for you Haters to dial-a-shrink and move on.


you of all people telling people to move on from ozil jheeeze


You haters are the only ones bringing him up. Hello…?

Dublin gunner

Dont you talk to him like that hes an arsenal season ticket holder for 70 years and a fenarbache season ticket holder a week now.lol


Good banter. This actually made me laugh. 🍺

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

At least Rambling Pete was funny

Johnny 4 Hats

Have you met Seamo? I’ve got a sneaky suspicion you two will get on…


A couple of Ozil Haters together.

The long winter nights will fly by….


ozil is gone get over it.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Pull your tongue out

Billy bob

What has happened to rambling Pete? Not seen one of his classics for ages!!


Don’t have a go at someone for trying to be funny. There’s a lot of negativity out there and Johnny always brings a smile to my face. If you don’t like the comment or the person who said it, just move on with your life.


Sounds like ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ to me. 🤣

Great movie trilogy, by the way. An 80’s classic. Nobody’s Air Nike’s remained as miraculously box fresh as Eddie Murphy’s.

A Different George

For me, the fact that Popeye Doyle got into trouble for damaging cars while chasing the drug dealer in the elevated train above him was the most realistic thing in any cop movie. Showing my age, I know.

Tierneys tescobag

As a fellow norwegian I have watched him since he broke through in the norwegian leauge as a 14 year old. Exceptional talent, great passer, and always looks for attacking opportunities. Last year for Real Sociedad, he was named La Liga Player of the month, beating Messi, which tells you there is potential there. However, after being a starter at Madrid when the season started, he has struggled with injuries (jumpers knee) and corona which affected his form, and made him loose his place in the lineup. As a loan signing, my biggest sceptisism is that he has always needed… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

Excellent on YouTube, Fifa and Football Manager. Seems a bit hit and miss in reality. But seriously, does anyone still care about reality? It’s pretty shit and has a tonne of glitches.


Reality sucks

Johnny 4 Hats

That’s why being an Arsenal fan is so great. Our team is actually good to ok. But we swing from either thinking they are about to get relegated to thinking they might just win the league.

Reality is a mugs game.

Johnny 4 Hats

Arteta – “Ok the graffiti artist has struck again. Back in July 2019 someone wrote ‘I hate Zidane’ on toilet cubicle three. And now, just yesterday, we found someone had written ‘Me too’ underneath it. If anyone knows anything about these acts of vandalism, please speak to me, Edu or Amaury Bischoff”.

Billy bob

Who is the other premier league club?

Johnny 4 Hats

*Odegaard’s agent thinks for a moment*

“London United”

Bossman Bill

Hope to gaard he’s better than Denis Suarez


O de-ar gaard.

Johnny 4 Hats

I hope he’s Martin good at football. Odegaard.

Timorous Me

Let’s not set the bar THAT low, please!


I must admit, I looked at his name and thought to myself. Oh dang, the puns are going to be bloody nauseating on this one…


Any Norwegian here can correct me if I’m wrong but I think the “gaard” bit is pronounced “gord” and not “gard”. Just so we do our puns right.

Bossman Bill

Norway it’s pronounced gord bro

Yolo Toure

What’s big Den up to these days?

Bossman Bill

Playing for early 2000s nostalgia favourites, Celta Vigo


Make sure he is free from injury


I think we totally need someone in the no 10 position to not overplay ESR and in case of injury. And when did a January loan last work out for us?
It takes time to settle into the PL. I like the player and think he’s a good candidate, from what I understand he was excellent at Real Sociedad last season. I can’t feel too hopeful regarding a January loan signing.


He is mentally very intelligent with his decisions and anticipation. Great technique alongside vision. Supremely agile so makes him a good dribbler.

Fireman Sam

Yeah but what’s his non-mental intelligence like?


how many poos? (or is that just on transfers)

Pre-ESR, this could have made sense, but there’s no serious path to minutes here now


In what way would it not make sense now? Esr has been a revelation, but are we expecting him to play every minute?

Man Manny

ESR can’t possibly play every game for the rest of the season. Don’t forget EL resumes on February and I expect Arteta to go for it.
The lad will certainly have minutes…especially if it helps keep Willian where his form indicates he should be.


Agreed. We need to rank Oder on the poo-o-meter

Pakistani Gunner

No serious path? We are still in 3 competitions and have a lot of games left. If nothing else, he’ll be a good option for the other competitions while ESR plays in the league. And even in the league, we do need another creative player to share the burden which would have been helpful last week against Crystal Palace. So even if we don’t sign him, a loan for any creative player would really help us in the coming months because so far Willock isn’t there yet.


Great point but I love Willock and I do want him to have more minutes. Can we start a petition where we propose that Arteta see Willock’s face every time he thinks of Willian.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Unfortunately Willocks latest performances have done very little to inspire.


Willock isn’t good enough for The Arsenal, but he’s light years ahead of Willian, who shouldn’t be allowed to play for a pub side, never mind anyone else.


Ødegaard can also play in midfield. Especially in a midfield three on either side of Partey.

Man Manny

Can he play left back?

Fireman Sam

Can he goalkeep?


Can he do keepy ups with a piece of gum?


We must buy him. Why shall we act as a farmer club for Real and evolve a great talent for them? He played great in Sociedad and he and Smith Rowe can switch on playing.


Maybe Real want a swap deal where they get Willian and we get a sneaky 40M on top?

There’s the slight issue that he might not be for sale. Or we could offer them 72M and hope it all works out?


I suggested this would be our best available option the other day. Got 40 + thumbs down within a couple of hours. Forget a loan, Madrid are apparently desperate for cash, KSE need to dust off the cheque book, try a cheeky little €50mill offer. He’s just turned 22, had 3 loans, 2 of them successful Signing this lad, along with the emergence of Smith-Rowe and Saka, would be game changers for us. Rodgers in the second half against Leicester showed the blueprint on how to stifle us Villa, Wolves, Spurs, Burnley, Southampton, Everton all tried the same trick In… Read more »


50 million? dont be silly lad

Alan's new ball

Except Real won’t sell him. He’s part of their future, that’s why they keep loaning him out to get him ready. They thought he might be ready already, so he started several of the early games. He is a rising star. Has much of the same abilities as Özil, and could prove to be the perfect replacement for him.


Money talks. There’s no way we should allow Sevilla or Real Sociedad get in front of us. KSE have shown since taking 100% ownership that they’re willing to aggressively move for players in Pepe + Partey It’s clear we’ve had problems breaking teams down and creating, Odegaard helps solve that issue We shouldn’t be interested in a loan, unless it has an obligation or option. The other clubs mentioned don’t have a potential £40-£45mill, very few clubs do. Our owners however….. Odegaard with the emergence of Smith-Rowe + Saka would be a game changer United aren’t quite there, but Fernandes… Read more »


High poo-meter. This story is not covered in Norwegian media by the Ødegård ITKs yet.


Poo-meter so high, you need Odor-gaurd. BAM. sorry.


Just read about it in Norwegian media.

Merlin’s Panini

He has to get his own brand of deodorant.

Kieran Tierney’s Tesco Bag

This would be great bit of business but it’s not gonna happen

Northern Gooner

Ødegård is an excellent talent, but I think he is a bit lightweight. Especially in the PL PL

Johnny 4 Hats

Sounds like gun noises.



Vainites. 😉


Modric wasn’t.


Maybe he was an exception. Rosicky and Santi weren’t bullied easily but they did have a shit load of injuries.


Which doesn’t have anything to do with the guy we’re talking about. Same with David Silva who was also quite “lightweight” as the OP said. And we know how good he was in the PL.


Technically gifted. Left footed. Great vision. Almost like Ozil but with an unquestionable work ethic. Despite being a child prodigy he comes across as down to earth, bright and with the right values. Would be a great signing, but it makes more sense to sign him on a permanent, long term deal than on a short term loan.


Really good for our new system and Emile need a rotation and backup

Baichung Bhutia

Update 3: Just to cover all bases, the loan deal depends on the player, his agent and both clubs.


Dont want these real Madrid and Barcelona light weights

Cultured determination

I think odegaard will be signed as back up to Rowe. He would still get more games with us. On the other hand if we sign isco he should start alongside party ahead of xhaka and ceballos. Either way Rowe needs to start whenever he’s fit while managing his number of games (only Europa and EPL)


Having two players of same age group is not a great idea because it means one will suffer regardless. Better go for someone to add something new to the squad like Hakan Calhanoglu. He adds set-piece threat which we lack


the pretty man is flirting with us

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