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Tierney: It’s coming together now

Kieran Tierney says Arsenal are reaping the benefits of hard work but insists he and his teammates have not changed anything in recent weeks despite winning three games on the trot for the first time this season.

The Scotland international scored a stunning solo effort to break the deadlock at the Hawthorns as the Gunners coasted to a 4-0 win against West Brom that sees us climb up to 11th in the table.

Here’s what Kieran had to say when he faced the BT Sport cameras…

On it being important to pick up another win…

Yeah, 100 per cent. We want to build up wins, build up points, climb up the table. In the last few games, we’ve done that.

On what’s changed…

It’s just consistent hard work. We’ve not changed anything in the last three games. We’ve not changed anything for the last three games. We’ve been working hard like we were in the dry spell. It’s coming together now.

On adapting to the snowy conditions…

Yeah, it is what it is. Playing in Scotland, I’m used to a bit of cold weather. It hurts nobody.

On his goal…

The boys are calling it a cross. I need to watch it back. Obviously, I’m delighted for the goal, I don’t score many. I want to see it again.

On building consistency…

It’s progression. It is going to be we’re going to win every game until the end of the season, it’s hard work that’s going to get us there. As I said, it’s about building points, getting up the table and catching the teams in front of you. The next game is always the most important.

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He is simply amazing.

SB Still

Teammates banter but he absolutely meant the shot he opened the scoring of.

Also, he is very vocal on the field already, bodes well and future captain!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

No!!! Haven’t you been watching these last few years?

Reality check

I just wanna hug him and be his friend

isreal left jab

Lad is super class❤️❤️


An Arsenal legend in the making.


KT displays all you want in a captain. Arteta has to give him the armband. It will be the first proper captain we’ve had at this club in decades.


He’s just been a superb signing. Exactly the right age, quality and mentality for the great ship Arsenal. I’m onboard KT, I’m onboard.

High gooner

Cesc, although being young, was 100% captain material! But yeah I agree with you, good to have two full backs being captain material in todays squad

Heavenly Chapecoense

Be careful giving him the armband. You know what happens. He has Barcelona or Real quality.


No chance. It doesn’t snow in Barca.


Barca and Real are shite now

Mikel’s Coat

What a player he is. Just what we need, so much energy and absolutely weatherproof. Captain material for sure.


dont jinx it, coat 😉


Weather proof?? LoL!!


El Capitan


I fucking love this lad!


Thank you Raoul. In hindsight, some signing where good.


Tierney, Saka, ESR, Laca: Magnificent!


I would LOVE to see this man become Captain of Arsenal football club one day. Leader.


We have changed, little Willian or Pepe.

Plus Saka, ESR and Martinelli making a big impression, Mari more than decent.


I love this lad! Future captain material


He should be captain now.


It’s minus 5 degrees and he’s in shorts and t-shirt sweating his bollox off


Terrific player, well hard in a totally charming way, a joy to watch in terms of effort and ability, and a superb goal. We love you Kieran!


I love this man!
Brilliant from him today and also, i watched most the game with a feeling of disappointment for Auba but i actually think in retrospect he was really quite diligent as a team player.
He held the width acknowledged KT was i. full flow and let him overlap. A real team performance with ESR & Saka a joy.
Enjoy this my fellow gooners.


#in full flow

Goodly morning

Auba was good in that role last season and it means Lacazette can get back into form and we can manage Martinellis return.


Our future captain! ❤️


Great cross 👌🏻😂


Kid you are amazing.. but surely you noticed the changes.. Hale end to the rescue(and Martinelli).

Rocket sprocket

What a beast! Long may you roam down the arsenal left!


Man of the match for me. A goal, an assist, 90 minutes of energetic running, solid defending and real danger every time he approached West Brom’s box.

Man Manny

Absolutely, Tierney.
The second goal reminds me of the goal against Leicester City some seasons ago.


“The boys are calling it a cross.” Lol!


I Fucking Love you KT


I just love how the boys roast each other outside pitch. They surely not meant that but is cute for the chemistry inside the team. Propr captain for me in coming years. Cheers and Happy New Year from a fan of North Macedonia.


“It hurts nobody.”

Reality check

“Yeah, it is what it is. Playing in Scotland, I’m used to a bit of cold weather. It hurts nobody.”

Yeh right, I was there last Jan when storm Dennis was in full flow. I know what you mean but it hurts us mere mortals..

Cultured Determination

On adapting to the snowy conditions…
Yeah, it is what it is. Playing in Scotland, I’m used to a bit of cold weather. It hurts nobody.

This statement has just elevated him to legendary status.

Cultured Determination

if i had to guess who was calling it a cross, my guess would be saka.

Goodly morning

Didn’t manage to see the game today but recently I was saying on here how if he could cut in on his right more he’d be unplayable. Today he was by all accounts immense and just seeing that goal on MOTD… Wow! Absolute class!


He was amazing today.

People have been debating for years if Auba should play on the left wing.

Auba didn’t play on the left wing – Tierney did.

He played two positions at once and bossed both of them.

A truly transformative player. This is a guy you build your team around.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Auba will find form.You’ve seen Laca, no?


It wasn’t meant as criticism.

I was making a tactical point that Tierney was good enough to occupy the entire left side.
Ideally that should be good for Auba is it would allow him to cut inside more and sling in crosses less.

It’s just not coming together for him now.

The latest edition of The Curse of the Captain’s Armband.


It’s been a while since I’ve really taken to a player but this guy…


Creasing that the dressing room has instilled doubt that he intentionally scored a wondergoal


Nothing changed? Honestly I have to say, Arsenal look completely different from before the Chelsea game! Dangerous in attack, solid at the back, and his best performance in an Arsenal shirt by a mile in the books. Keep it coming lad, great stuff!


An endless well of self-belief and immensely likeable. So happy he’s at Arsenal.

Arteta's Ball

I guess KT has special DNA programing:

if wheather<0 energy=unlimited


true soon to be captain


“It is *not* going to be we’re going to win every game…” Tierney, Saka and Smith-Rowe are raising everyone else’s standards in this team at the moment. Superb.


Keep it up, young players were fighted hard. Congrats. Saka, Tierney, Job, ESR,belerin…unfortunately Auba tried hard but some elements missing from his game


I get Tierney is MOTM but again too much of one player. Would like to see others featured. Missing the point wholly if you keep bleating on about one player’s efforts. This is the team getting back in Sync with a more balance threat from BOTH left and right. Indeed equally worth highlight Saka’s efforts on the other flank which weighed in with two of the goals and Bellerin supporting. This has provided us far better opportunities on both sides now bc the opponents now can’t just shut one end off and assume the other side is going to be… Read more »


My worry is, how does Scotland cope? Two of the most gifted left backs in world football, what a sweet problem!


Surely they have to play both. Position doesnt matter.

Jenny Redman

Something has changed, the lazy players who thought it was their right to be on the pitch and not put in a performance have been replaced by hungry caring youngsters


Ironically, the exact opposite happened yesterday as a hungry caring youngster was replaced by a lazy player who thought it was his right to be on the pitch and who proceeded not to put in much of a performance.

It speaks volumes to how bad he’s been that yesterday’s half-effort is seen as an improvement.


What has happened is that Arteta has finally given in to playing a decent attacking midfielder – young as he is – that links the attacking prowess of the rest of the side. Better passing, better use of the space, particularly the wings as well as through the middle. This week, we haven’t played as we have up until the Chelsea game – sideways and backwards passing and lumping in a load of hopeful but ultimately futile crosses. Had Arteta played Ozil from August onwards, then things would have panned out the same as the have this week – passing… Read more »

Kieran Gibbs or Tierney?

Watched replays of the goal a few times. Goal of the season contender for me already.

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