Wednesday, June 7, 2023

West Brom 0-4 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal produced their best Premier League performance of the season, and scored their biggest win of the campaign, beating West Brom 4-0.

Kieran Tierney opened the scoring with a glorious right-footed effort; Bukayo Saka capped a superb team move to make it 2-0; and two second half strikes from Alex Lacazette added real gloss to the scoreline.

A second clean sheet in a row, and 9 points from 9 has lifted the spirits, and it’s something we can build on.

Read the West Brom 0-4 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

West Brom 0-4 Arsenal – Player Ratings

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Mikel +1 for the Bellerin/Maitland-Niles substitution, man is learning.

Runcorn Gooner

What was AMN wearing tonight… his pyjamas?


Longjohns I was told. Lol! Excellent win despite the weather condition. Very crisp passes; ESR always makes those 1 touch movements look extraordinary. Onwards and upwards Gooners!! Happy and an amazing year to you all.


I have not watched any of the matches this week, though have revelled in the results. I will stay away from watching while we keep winning.


Lol! Try to return to seeing the games; you WON’T be disappointed, I promise you😁✌

Far East Stand

Loved the contrast with Tierney in short sleeves. Snow coming down in droves, “Och, it’s a wee bit humid oot here, lads!”

The Arsenal

And you know he personally requested them. Everyone else was in long sleeves.


Xhaka had short sleeves as well


Bellerin was in short sleeves too 😀


To be fair, tierney started and mainland Niles has been an unused sub a lot. Can’t blame him for wanting long underwear if he expects to sit outside in the snow for 90 minutes.


There were several players in long johns

Dr Zebra

You can only fit so much in a tesco bag!

The Arsenal

Meesed up my eyes for a second when i first saw him. Thought he was pretty solid though. Some nice touches.


Was Bellerin injured or something?

Or was it a tactical sub?


He was on a yellow

The Kolkata Gooner

Was on a yellow. Snowing. A slide tackle could have made things tricky.

A Different George

Also, it really seemed like Maitland-Niles was playing almost as an extra centre half or as a right-sided screen for the back two. Which makes sense given the score and, especially, the conditions.


And fast. I love it. Long may it continue.


An idiot called Alan sherer said Arsenal will be relegated this season. The fool should speak now.


I honestly believe it was tongue in cheek. I’m sure he’s not quite that stupid.


He is definitely that stupid. Great striker but never the sharpest tool in the box.


To be fair, he said with the lineup we had been fielding and, let’s be honest, if Willian was playing every week ahead of smith-rowe maybe we would be.


I mean after Everton, it looked very possible. There is no way around it. It is good they proved everyone wrong till now.


I’m sorry but anyone who actually thought there was any real chance of Arsenal being relegated has no business offering football opinions, let alone to paying customers


I don’t know if you realise this but that would include Arteta.


Hovering above the bottom 3 and bottom of the league for attacking stats… who wouldn’t think it?

jean louis

who’s that?


best english striker to play the game


Wash your keyboard out immediately boy!!


Ian Wright

Big Dave

You mean “Captain Elbows”?


Nah he already took it back after the Chelsea game – saying Arteta changed things and now things looked better. Hard to argue with that, ESR came in for the dreadful Willian and things look a lot better. Stop focusing on the negativity too much, we did look pretty bad before Chelsea and relegation isn’t too far-fetched. We are a bad team, and is some way to competing at the top again – but let’s hope this trajectory coupled with some decent signings we’d be there again. The sooner you accept these things you’d probably not have your knickers in… Read more »

The Arsenal

It did cross all our minds even if for a moment.


AMN was so sloppy when he came on though, dawdling on the ball, got caught out a few times. It was like his penalty run up but all the time.

The Arsenal

What were you watching.


Same match I watched – just because 95% of the game was absolutely brilliant, doesn’t mean downvoting someone who’s made a valid comment. AMN is infuriating in that he just seems to ‘zone out’ into Casualville mid-game… watch the match again – at least 3 very sloppy, overly casual passes that, against better opposition, could’ve have cost us.
I love the lad – but he HAS to work on his in-game focus… could simply be a question of game-time, in fairness to him. Let’s hope so – there’s a great player under that nonchalant surface


Players +1 for realizing they are playing for AFC..


Although reverted to one of his ultra-casual performances… so infuriating to watch a lad with his obvious talent just ‘disengage’ at moments in the game and play these slap-dash passes.


!. At exactly the right time too.


WBA were weak but Saka, Tierney, ESR and Laca were all great.

Think we know our first team now.


Until Partey gets back, anyway.


Gabriel too although Holding and Mari work well together. I also hope to see Saliba some time soon. Don’t forget Martinelli

The Arsenal

Whoa we have options.


If Auba doesn’t get off the pot soon Martinelli is going to elbow him out of a starting spot!


The energy from those four plus Martinelli and Bellerin has dragged this team out of the mire! Long may it continue!


We still got martinelli partey and gabriel to choose from


Bellerin was quality as well.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Martinelli in for Auba though. Need another hard worker who is inspired.


Yes, it almost feels like martinelli’s running was the turning point for this team. He is a special player. There was a point last night when auba missed that running chance that their goalie saved. After he walked around on the left wing for the next 2 mins despite us having possession in that corner. Tierney was running everywhere passing to auba who just walked with or without the ball and looked a bit sulky about his miss, if he kept active we could have created another chance. Difference with martinelli is he misses a chance then chases harder. That’s… Read more »


He’s clearly suffering mentally. Read the tactics piece on the in-depth Auba analysis which makes some excellent points. He is still making those incisive far-post darts that are his trademark – had a number of classic Auba chances but they’re just not finding the net… rub of the green and all that, but at least he’s still getting into those spaces. He’s defs suffered from the desert of creativity that has been our midfield over the past months and it’s only human to get a little frustrated during games. He’s been making umpteen fruitless runs for ages now, without the… Read more »


I believe, Auba just need a goal to be a confidence again


I think you’re right, but still means Martinelli misses out to get him in. It’s nice to have the depth, but someone that deserves the start has to miss out.

Pepe's cut

True! I actually found it really encouraging that he was getting the chances yesterday. We all know he will start finding the net again if they keep coming


I agree on both sides. He’s in probably the worst rut of form he’s ever had and it has completely shorn him of confidence and drive. He’s had several half-hearted performances over the last couple of months – body language-wise. He’s had several very big chances just not go the last few matches. He had at least two opportunities in this match which would have in any other season gone in for him. But even though I noticed the same period of sulk where he totally switched off, before and after it he was getting back to defend, making runs,… Read more »


Big Sam in the mud

Heavenly Chapecoense

Congrats to Arteta, rarely a coach recovers from where we got yonder in the bottom.


Congratulations to the players, realizing what it means to play for AFC…

Matt P

Congrats to all of them for turning it around.
Let’s see where we go from here, but loving this at the moment!


One current coach did – Ralph Hasenhütl. Southampton was battling relegation at one point and got battered 9-0 by Leicester. Managed to turn things around and Southampton now is competing for the European spots.

I surely hope Arteta can do the same, and for our sake I hope our recruitment improves tenfold. Enough with all these uninspired has beens on big wages, or overpriced signings like Pepè. We need more Gabriel type signings (Magalhaes and Martinelli). If these two happen we’d be in good shape.


I agree and add Jürgen Klopp after shipping 7 to Villa


10/10: The gall of ‘Big Sam’ to play his relegation rivals in an open game when he should have bus-parked, haha!


Great to have 3 premier league wins in a row. Hope this run continues.


After Chelski the opposition has been teams we should expect to defeat, how times change. Palace and the Tykes to come, beat those, get 5 in a row, and we’re ready for Soton and ManUre. Win those and we’re really back.


Boom! This is what the 2021 is all about! Get in!!!!


Lovely stuff.

Des Lynam

Not my words, the words of Bergkamp2wright. Jurassic Park!


Good to see a balanced assessment of Willian.

He’s not been great, but piling on our own players after half a season is surely not the Arsenal way.

SB Still

I agree it’s not the Arsenal way but whenever I see him, I’m still surprised he is wearing red and white instead of blue.

On a more serious note, I know managers have a preference for certain types of players and characters. However, I wish Arteta doesn’t bring in anymore of Willian, Cedric type players and letting go of Bellerin, Saliba type players. If Edu is forcing the former type, then he has to go.


While none of that is Willian’s fault, I completely agree.

This recent resurgence has served as a great advertisement for our youth development system, and signing ‘decent’ squad players only gets in the way of that.

Give youth a chance

I’m not a fan of Willian and for most of his 20 minutes, the best that could becsaid of him was that he was letting Saka have a rest.

However, there was that 1 run and shot in the last minute that showed maybe, just maybe he could provide something to this team


While we’re stuck with him for another 2.5 season’s we may as well use him as a sub to rest the legs of our good players. Especially in games where we have it in the bag like tonight.

Based on what he’s shown us do far that’s about the most we’ll get out of him.


doing what he did against tired legs in the final mins when he’s fresh, WBA have played 3 games in 7 days and the last was 2 days ago. Not exactly earth shattering he couldn’t even hit a corner of the goal.


Willian will never succeed at Arsenal, he is an expensive passenger another wasteful type of Ozil, have we learned nothing from that


I don’t have much of a problem with Cedric, he’s a good quality squad player, always played reasonable to very well when called upon and if he is the price we’re paying to get Bellerin back to his best it’s worth it


Remember when Willian was one of the best free kick specialists in the world, years and years ago? He was hitting the top corners at will. Now he can’t put in a good corner. He seems like a nice guy, but a three year contract was nuts.


He’s not on his own there! Saka has been crap on corners but that’s overlooked by the rest of his play.



Now imagine if we hadn’t gotten willian and soares on 250k a week together? But instead offered Alaba that money, It’s said he wanted 200k a week and Bayern didn’t want to pay up. I’m not saying he’d come to the Arsenal but there’s a chance. And what a midfield we would have with him and Partey.


Willian and cedric are not on 250k a week.


Together ? Not each.


I had almost given up on Laca a month ago. So glad to be proved wrong. He looks reborn and full of confidence again. If Auba can start scoring again too we will be really formidable. COYG!


Yeah Auba’s head really dropped. I wish that early chance could have gone in, or the Willian deflection. Cos he needs it.


Sorry Laca, I had allowed myself to give up on you too. Bad Marje. Keep it up son!


I don’t think the two of them have ever been on form at the same time – can they play together or should one be on the bench?


Good on you for admitting the mistake, and I’m not trying to pile on, but some people here should remember this next time there’s a bad run of form from a player, or the team.

People can be so short-termist about players based on such small samples, in a game where small edges and random chance can play a significant role in individual games and even seasons.

jm gb nor

Consistency is very important, and unfortunately Lacazette has been unreliable in that regard. He looked great today, but he has been poor for too many games for occasional excellence to be a mitigating factor.

By the way, I feel like short term memory is lacking. One of the commentators kept on about the Arsenal of old, but imo some of the goals were more reminiscent of Cazorla – Rosicky – whatever combinations


Well Aub is now getting the same treatment.


Laca always worked hard, he was fine with his holdup play, and he looked to combine. I was impressed with his awareness and willingness to help on defense and exert pressure from the front. Arteta played him for a reason. He has not dropped off a whole lot from two years ago when he was our player of the season. Auba should break out soon. Everyone’s looking for him and he’ll start knocking them in. After what he did to win us the FA Cup not so long ago, he deserves some slack.

Big Dave

The trouble with Auba is we expect him to score at will. Today he won a loose ball which started the move for the 3rd goal, and he ran at the defence and then flicked the ball out wide for Tierney to cross for the 4th goal. He’s contributing, and the goals are going in. If he starts scoring again, though, we’re going to be deadly.

The Arsenal

Exactly I though the was decent today Hes a natural stiker being asked to play wide to suit the team, hes dribbling and trickery has never been great and he is older now but he does a good job mostly of stretching things and obviously seems to work well with Tierney.


But who do you pick? Martinelli, a guy who’s running could be said to be the catalyst moment for turning this team around and who looks like he could be world class and with an engine that is almost without comparison.
Auba, a proven scorer, who may be losing a yard a pace and whose crossing and width has never been his strength? It’s almost inconceivable that Auba might not be first choice, but there it is.

Public Elneny

Emile Smith-Rowe = Tomas Rosicky’s regen

Also Ceballos made such a difference. Can actually progress the ball with ambitious passes or short dribbles, positions himself and reads the game well, and challenges for the ball with intent and aggression. Should start next to Partey


Still think him and Xhaka drop oddly deep and could play between the lines more. Ceballos is good on the turn, but he doesn’t do it enough!

The Arsenal

I really don’t want to reign on the parade but West Brom are of few teams that have worst Cms than us. There best player is Jake Livermore. I do agree that Ceballos would probably benefit the most playing with Partey.


Xhaka will never be good enough for Arsenal, he is not the future

Greg in Seattle

Not sure Ceballos starts next to Partey. He does well in these types of games when his lower athleticism isn’t a factor but has been overrun against better midfields. Honestly against WBA Elneny would have been making ambitious passes also.

It does of course help to have ESR actually occupying the other teams deeper midfielders.

The Arsenal

Even Xhaxa was able to turn and look up today. They didn’t press us. I want to see this performance when they are under constant pressure in the middle of the park.


We’ve seen that with both xhaka and ceballos and neither handle the press well. Dani is an enigma. His good performances such as tonight have typically come against poor teams (wba, Burnley last year to name another off the top of my head), that’s not enough. Xhaka works in a deep defensive line when we are not trying to dominate the ball and play a counter style. That shields his weaknesses. Against teams that sit deep he gets exposed. Mo is the no frills option. Mobile. Engine. Solid. That seems to fit with partey and ESR and their better Flair… Read more »


Agree 100%. Mo as the solid graft to sit behind Partey’s flair, with ESR buzzing and riffing off that slightly further forward. The reality is that Xhaka’s weaknesses are too obvious (and too many) for us to carry him against better teams, with more astute managers. How many more times (apols to Zep) do we need to see his channel cruelly exposed in NB matches, before we finally realise this? Use him as back-up and to rest our starting mids. Or sell him at the first decent offer that comes in. If this club is to get back to top… Read more »


Elneny is one of the worst players ever to put on an Arsenal shirt, he is another deadwood who needs to go, we have too many average players to be able to challenge for top four,cork in progress, and Arteta isn’t out of the woods yet


Are those cork oaks? In the woods, I mean.

One difference though is that Smith-Rowe uses his left foot often (watch his strike before Lacazette’s first goal).

I remember Rosicky often preferred using his outside right foot over a left-footed attempt 😂😂😂.

It’s seems the new academy graduates are fairly comfortable on their weaker side. I’ve noticed this with Saka too


Obviously the Hale End management took one look at Santi’ feet and thought we want more of that, and years later we’re reaping the rewards


I thought Auba was decent but everyone else just seemed a level above. Although visible frustration towards the end when Tierney misplaced a pass to him, and another time when instead of making a run for Kieran he was just walking around

Public Elneny

Yeah in good form he’d have scored 2 or 3 today

I’m not too worried, he won’t have declined that much in the space of one shortened off-season. Although there may have been some lingering burnout from last season.

He just needs a couple simple tap ins to drop his way to get his confidence back. Still spends too much time marooned on the left touchline

In a way it’s good we’ve learned how to not be so reliant on him in the meantime


I mean, simple tap-ins are his bread and butter so let’s hope he gets the service!


Curious if the pandemic is affecting him mentally. We know he’s a guy who likes to show off, go out and be professional on the pitch at the same time. The last year has been tough on a lot of people mentally and rich athletes are not immune.


He got his lucrative contract, he doesn’t give a fuck about anything anymore… Why bother making those runs, eh?


When did you have that beer with him, you lucky fella?
The one when he confided his innermost feelings to you, his best mate?

Mindless, speculative sniping like this belongs up the road mate… you’d fit in well with Maureen’s lot.


I assume you were trolling Laca not long ago. Toxic is good for you.

The Arsenal

I like that he is showing that level of frustartion.


Let’s worry about keeping this up, not new signings. Getting rid of some dead wood would be nice though.

AMN's cheeky grin

For me, extending Balogun would be our most important signing.

Add in offloading Mustafi and Sokratis, and loaning Saliba to a PL team (given Arteta’s position on him) and it’s a good January.


I would have deducted at least 2 points from AMN for those ridiculous tights.


Ainsley can do what he wants when he wants, he’s such a cool guy.


Auba Laca and Ceballos were also wearing tights …

The Arsenal

But we only noticed when AMN did it. Hes too cool.


Compression pants are very common here in the States. I am surprised so many people find this such a big deal. The athletes should wear whatever they are allowed to wear that makes them comfortable to perform their best and minimize injuries. That’s exactly what compression pants are designed to do.


When you say pants you mean trousers of course.

Don’t care if they are more comfortable and stop injuries to be honest. They have no place in football.

There is a reason that football became the world’s game and not one of the ridiculous games they play in the US. The fact you call them athletes is an example, they are footballers not athletes.

Long sleeve shirts is bad enough, but long underwear??? Nah.

If we are not careful the Americans will ruin football forever.


Relax Dundee

Frank Bascombe

Oh, do leave off.


Actually they’re not trousers. They’re pants. Because they’re long UNDERWEAR.

Also, get off your high horse, your country invented the abomination that is Aussie Rules Football.


And Aussie-Rules cricket… tamper tamper.


Whilst we’re on the Xenophibic path…
I take you mean, a bit like what the Aussies did to cricket? Matter of time before Tamperer Smith becomes captain again, no doubt.


Fair dinkum

Reality check

So much love and respect for Tierney. Made the Chelsea game and now today’s. Saved Arteta’s job single handedly. Arm band coming soon, Arteta owes him that..


But can he do it on a sunny midday in Southampton?


He has at least done it on a cold winter night at the Hawthorns


Not really sure what to make of Ceballos as a player – he’s been pretty inconsistent to say the least but looked really good today. Anyone else think that he benefits from having more movement in front of him from Saka and especially Smith-Rowe? It makes sense it would be a lot easier for him to make those passes forward from the deeper midfield areas when he has players actually looking for the ball? I’d be interested to see him playing that role when Partey’s back but I imagine it’ll be Ceballos/Elneny that gives way rather than Xhaka.


Ceballos shines against weak opposition, he disappears against tougher opposition and yes, he’s really inconsistent.


It’s easy to say that but he’s obviously a player more used to having a CAM in the team, and every central player in our team has looked shit without one

The jury’s still out for me, better to assess things after we’ve seen more games with this invigorated setup

Public Elneny

It’s not really that he struggles against difficult opposition. He was fantastic against Man City and Chelsea at the end of last season

It’s more that he struggles when surrounded by anaemic, ambition-free shit. He needs players around him who can pass and move

With ESR now at no. 10, Saka shifted to his side of the pitch, and hopefully Partey in place of Xhaka – he’ll be great, I promise

The Arsenal

I think he is a good footballer. Whether good is good enough remains to be seen. His time here has been fragmented with everything going on. Alot of our players are like this..Good but will we even get back to the top 4 with them


Go look at the advanced stats from last season and consider whether you’re being a bit harsh here. He was one of the best midfielders in Europe’s top leagues, and Arsenal’s best by a significant margin, by several important metrics. There’s more positive sample than negative, by some distance, and not many players have shined during arguably the club’s worst spell of form in living memory.


Well said mate. Same bunch who were writing Laca off as a has-been, spent force, blah blah.
Short memories and even less football perspective.


I feel that he’s the type of player to try and play his way out of trouble. That’s what amazed us all in his first games last season. Often times, specially when the whole team was playing poorly and with low morale, that has lead to mistakes from him, which might have made the staff instruct him to be more conservative. In turn, that made him just… mediocre, like a more hotheaded Elneny. Maybe now that the team is getting back to form he will also pick up his more dynamic side like today and that can only be a… Read more »


Xhaka hasn’t been undroppable of late, and didn’t always partner Partey in the games he was fit. So here’s hoping someone more dynamic gets to be alongside him. Can’t wait, so gutting he’s been injured so much.


Xhaka is unselectable. Just need Mik to work that out/have the options availble to make that call.


Agree he benefits with more movement in front of him. In fact, most of the team improve significantly with the movement. When quality players have confidence that their teammates will play positively, it makes a huge difference to the approach and the way the whole team play.


Saka & ESR first team starters whenever possible Holding Mari look like a partnership and Tierney is the best full back I’ve seen since Cashly in his pomp ! Laca of old was back & Auba will come good again Excellent performance from everyone !


Holding also made the pass from the back out to Tierney!

A Different George

Okay–something unimportant since the actual football was great. We know that at Arsenal, uniquely, the captain decides whether it will be long or short sleeves, and everyone must go along (just ask Flamini). Tonight everyone wore short sleeves and, with the single exception of Tierney (I think), everyone also wore long-sleeved undershirts because of the cold. This includes Aubameyang, who as captain could presumably have decided on long sleeves. So why were Arsenal wearing short sleeves? Also, it was great to see us in red and white in an away match; something we should do against Chelsea, Everton, Leicester, and… Read more »

Public Elneny

Does the GK have to follow the short sleeve directive? Because it’s not very nice trying to take a sticking shot in wet conditions into your midriff whilst wearing short sleeves


David Seaman refused to wear the short sleeve top he was given for the Real Madrid v Arsenal legends game. Said he’d never played in short sleeves and wasn’t going to start now.

A Different George

I think the keeper is an exception.

Sam I Am

They dropped that a while ago and Xhaka was also in short sleeves.

A Different George

Really? I never heard about it and I’m not sure you are right: the fact that Xhaka also didn’t have a long-sleeved undershirt is consistent with what I’m saying. I think everyone was wearing a short-sleeved Arsenal shirt, some with something underneath and some without. But no one, I don’t think, was wearing a long-sleeved Arsenal shirt.


That tradition died when Arsene left/Adidas came in. You can tell all the shirts are short-sleeved and it’s up to a player’s discretion whether to wear something underneath. I do kinda miss the old way, though.

A Different George

Are you in Ypsilanti Michigan?


I don’t think it matters toouch whether the entire team wear short, long, short with long undershirts or a mixture of all three. The players need to be comfortable, and will each have differing climates in which they feel comfortable playing in – take Tierney for example, it’s snowing and he’s quite content in short sleeves, no undershirt, gloves or longjohns. Would he have scored the goal he did in long sleeves and longjohns for the sake of uniformity? Hard to say, but as much as it was pleasing on the eye in bygone years, it seems a bit archaic… Read more »


I think David O’leary said last season he hoped we’d bring the ‘whole team same sleeves’ policy back. I agree with him.


Amazing what 3 wins can do, this seasons league table is so tight, let’s hope we can keep this run going!


AMN 7 -1 for whatever the hell he was wearing. If his teammates don’t go in on him for wearing that, they aren’t his real friends


Bukayo Kaka and Emile Smith-Rozil doing Hale End proud, the Laca resurrection continues and Ceballos having his best game for ages but Tierney has to be my MotM, not sure what else he needs to do to get a 10/10. Maybe the only real challenger to Robertson for best LB in the league, Scotland are really lucky to have them. Incredible performance, West Brom just didn’t know what to do with him. I know I should just be grateful we have Saka, but watching him play and excel at RW actually makes me angrier and angrier about how Willian and… Read more »


Yeah completely agree. I thought he was gonna get hooked. Think he should have been!


I bet you were saying that about Laca a couple of weeks ago ago. Aub certainly didn’t look disinterested. Did you see his frustration when Tierney misplaced the pass to him.


For all of Lacazette’s faults this season, he’s never wanted for trying. If anything, maybe he’s wanted it too much, causing him to snatch at simple chances and passes. Aubameyang is a different story, the most telling moment for me was when he mis-controlled a simple pass on the flank in the second half. He could have retrieved the situation and stopped the ball going out of play, but instead he just stood there looking sorry for himself. That was his evening tonight in miniature. Obviously he’s been fantastic for us since he signed, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune… Read more »


Subs is the elephant in the room at this stage. His problem is if he doesn’t score he contributes very little in general play. With Tierney/ Martinelli on the left Bellerin/ Sake right side Laca up front with ESR at 10, Partey +ANO creative new signing and Gabriel/Holding/ Leno at the back – Aura, Mari, Caba, Pepe, MSN etc. on the bench we can take on anybody in this league home or away. We are just a couple of quality signings and a clear-out of the deadwood- Ozil, Mustafi, Socr./ Luis away from being properly competitive in PL again –… Read more »


Suva- not Subs 😱😱 I hate predictive crap!


Auba !!!

Viju Jacob

Spell check needs you!

The Arsenal

That was the 85th minute…I saw several moments with Auba getting angry with himself and others which is far from disinterest and apathy. Its not working for him and he is frustrated but he happeend to be involved in a few of the goals and was athreat with Tierney overlapping throughout.

Mikel’s Coat

I don’t mind Willian coming on when we’re 4-0 up.


Ceballos celebration for the third – prob a goodtime player and def a goodtime celebrater 🤩😂


Stick that in your relegation battle Sam. Cunt


Lacazette plays with so much heart I love it!!!! Shouldn’t be dropped for league games

Matt P

Maybe being dropped was the kick up the backside he needed?


Slick first time passes, nicking the ball from the defender’s feet and some clinical finishing to boot – Laca is BACK

cereal killer

Tierney,Saka and Smith rowe ,I love these three

Aleksander Włodarz

I felt Tierney’s goal had that Piresian fragrance about it… what a fantastic player and guy!

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Very generous with Auba rating. He was terrible. He knew it too, a misplaced pass towards the end of the game had him jump in anger at himself.

Would prefer Martinelli back in next game.


In games like this were we are cruising along we should give the youngsters some minutes instead of bringing on that absolute waste Willian


Willian reminded me of a big poop on a garden. Ruins the beautiful display with his stinky compost.

Wolffman Paul.

Well Willian has given consistent performances as far as I can see. I’ve not rated him higher than a 2. in any match he’s played for Arsenal.

Johnny Gooner

New rules. Now it’s whether or not they can do it “on a cold snowy night in West Bromwich”. And the Arsenal most certainly can. Get in!

Jean Ralphio

If we don’t give Laca a 4 year deal, then this club is learning