Monday, January 30, 2023

An important reminder with regards to comments

Hi folks,

before I go any further with this post – please do me a favour and read the comment policy. If you haven’t read it before, you need to do it now, and even if you have, a refresher can’t hurt.

You don’t need to tell us here at Arseblog News that this has been a difficult season so far, and in general there have been a lot of difficulties and challenges for Arsenal fans to face in recent times. However, as much as welcome your comments and we encourage active discussion of the stories, we have to ensure that those interactions adhere to the comment policy.

Of late, we have noticed a growing toxicity between commenters, and also the tone of some comments, and ultimately that reflects on us as the people who run the site. It’s impossible for us to police every single comment, but we do our best to deal with issues and problems as we see them.

As of today, there are over 1500 IP addresses, phrases, email addresses and usernames in our moderation list. One of the consequences of that is people who do not break any rules sometimes get caught up in it, and while we’re sorry for that and we do our best to moderate comments as quickly and often as we can, there may be a delay in your comment being posted.

Discussion and debate are part of football fandom. Disagreements and differences of opinion are important, and all are welcome here, but please, consider the following:

Have an open mind

Discuss differences of opinion, don’t make them a point of conflict. You don’t have to agree, nor do you have to convince anyone you’re right and they’re wrong. Sometimes you can just accept somebody thinks differently.

You don’t have to like it, but count to 10 and ask yourself if your reply is going to be in any way productive or useful.

We’re all grown ups

This isn’t a kindergarten. Speak to others the way you’d like to be spoken to. Name-calling and personal abuse of any kind will see you put into the moderation queue – or completely banned, depending on the severity.

Also, don’t give us the ‘free speech’ or ‘censorship’ nonsense. Go buy a bullhorn and shout at passers-by in the local park about Arsenal. Nobody’s stopping you, but commenting here is allowed at our discretion.

Don’t be a dick

It’s very simple. Think about someone you know who is a dick. We all know someone. Don’t be like them.

As you type away, ask yourself ‘Would Bukayo Saka – the nicest young man alive – post this?’, and if the answer is no, maybe think about how it is you want to get your opinion across.

It’s annoying enough out there

There’s a lot to deal with in the world right now, so don’t contribute to making this place as toxic as it is out there. We all need an escape, somewhere to talk about our favourite football team – even if they do frustrate us – and everyone has to play their part.

We will do our best to ensure that those unwilling to respect the rules can’t mess things up any further, because we want this to be a place where fans can come, read good stuff, chat with other fans, and so on, but everyone can do their bit.

If you ever see something you feel needs our attention, you can always email us, or let us know on Twitter @arseblog or @arseblognews and we’ll deal with it as quickly as we can.

Thank you

As always, thanks for reading/listening/commenting and everything else. There’s a lot of intelligent discussion and some genuinely hilarious stuff in the comments here (among some other stuff in fairness), and we don’t want that to be spoiled for anyone.

We’ll do our best to keep on top of things, and if you guys can play a small part in that too it’ll make all our lives easier.

Thanks again. Andrew.

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Keeping it classy and respectful is the Arseblog and Arsenal way.

A Gorilla

Fuck Willian though, right?






Just dropping him will do.

Johnny 4 Hats

Sorry for leaping into the top comment here but I desperately need everyone to tell me I’m an idiot so I don’t do this.

Arsenal are 20/1 to make the top four.
Arsenal are 6 points away from the top four.
£50 brings in £1020.

Now please all downvote this and tell me I’m a twat as I’m very tempted.

Oh yeah, and what Arseblog said. You guys are all rockstars. But keep it kindly. After all, we’re family.


Where you getting them odds Johnny, the man the myth the legend?

Johnny 4 Hats

Bet365. I know it’s an outside chance but those odds are pretty sick…


They are long odds (what do the bookies know, I wonder?) but it may be worth a bet. Personally, on current form (albeit post-Leeds) I really don’t think we’ll make a top four finish. It’s true that there are only a relatively few points between us and the fourth place club but there are a lot of teams and all (bar Liverpool) have at least a game in hand – sometimes two. The bottom line is that are they all going to have to fail at a greater rate than we succeed over the remaining PL games for us to… Read more »

Tankard Gooner

In the words of Bacon, there’s a reason we’re 20/1.

Lemmy’s Bass


David C

I read this as Homer.


pur your money on a three-legged rocking horse instead.


Is that Francis? Or Streaky?

Ersin Ramiz

We try to play great football. We will make the top 4. I believe in Arteta and the players.
We can have an opinion but there’s no room for hate or to be personal


I used to live in Sydney, I was out one Sunday afternoon completely smashed, after an early start I’ve gone to put $20 on number 5, but was so smashed, I accidentally put it on number 7 Number 7 then came in as a 40/1 outsider We were out early one Sat in Manly for a few beers, before heading into Sydney There was a horse called 2 Bells at 40/1 And me + my mate used to call ourselves 2 bells, because we’re a complete of complete 🔔 ends So we both put down $50 each way, and 2… Read more »


A Scouse mate of mine was watching a certain CL final with me, a few years back. He was that pissed (and pissed off) at half time that he stuck 50 squid on them at 300:1
And he’s never let any of us forget it since!

Obama Young

What did he do with all the squid he won? That’s a lot of calamari!


I hated that result

But love that your mate took the bookies for a ride

TAB in Sydney were doing a promotion on the World Cup, bet $20, get a free £10 bet

So we worked it out that in games where the odds were close, we could place 3 bets, to cover every eventuality

And we couldn’t lose

We got just over $1,400 worth of bets in around Manly, before they clocked what we were doing, and they shut the promotion down

Me + my mate pocketed just short of $1,000 profit each

Easiest days work we’ve ever had


Always play against your team to avoid greater sadness.


Hedging pessimism. I like it.

Ted E.

Six rounds ago Liverpool was top of the league and Man City were eighth. Weirder things have happened.


But every one of the teams between us and up to and including Liverpool will have to do worse than us (and by quite a stretch, given almost all have a games or games in hand) between now and the end of the season for Arsenal to get fourth place. Is that likely? I think not, and neither do the bookies. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen – this is football after all, funny old game etc. – but it’s very unlikely.


How many places away from top 4 mate?

Billy bob

I don’t bet but that sounds like temptation


I’m shocked it’s only 20-1, but maybe the bookies are impressed with our kids. Lay it down.


I’ll say the safer bet would be putting your money on Arteta getting the sack 25/1 🤣😉


I know you’re only joking Mr T, but there is actually more chance of Arsenal getting top 4 than Arteta getting sacked…Kroenke isn’t paying out the compensation.


It’s a worthwhile wager imo


How big a deal is £50 to you? Will you or your loved ones go without important things without it?

If not, what the hell? It’s obviously a terrible bet, but if it would bring you enjoyment, who’s to say?

I suppose i should be saying even if you have the £ to throw away, you should give it to a worthy cause, but I’ve spent far too much on dumb shit to lecture anyone.

Sac, Lac & Craic

1). I’m not a grown up – HOW DARE YOU PROJECT YOUR AGISM ONTO ME. I’m a grown out.

2). I will not have an open mind. My grandfather sacrificed goats at the altars of “pump it up to the big man” and all the other Allardycian gods and I want my country back.

3). Thanks for everything


How I wish we could tempt Sagna back to the club, just so we could add a Bac to your name!


This post was brought to you by the below-the-line conversation on the recent Saliba article. I like to think Arsenal fans are a cut above the rest, something we could probably do a better job at demonstrating on Arseblog. Cheers (and sorry) Andrew.


Ah, I did wonder. Now Ozil has left and we’re playing pretty well I wondered what everyone was finding to fall out about.

Reality check

Its probably Willian cz Xhaka has been playing well recently


I don’t think anyone’s falling out about WIllian. I’m willing to bet the Arsenal fanbase are all singing from the same hymn sheet on that one…


Nope but I respectfully disagree with you on your comment


Appreciate the reminder – there has been a noticeable shift in the tone of a lot of comments the past few months. As you mention a lot have become just toxic name calling without even bothering to respond. It’s good to remember that everyone on this site is ostensibly an Arsenal fan and wants what is best for the club even if there is disagreement on the best path forward towards that.


It’s sad that an article like this is necessary.


True, but I’m glad to see it as we need the comment policy and the principle of good faith among fellow fans to be embodied by the vast majority on here to make Andrew’s job less tedious and more enjoyable. It’s the least we can do for him considering what he does for us, every single god-damned day!


It’s even more sad how seldom you see statements or affirmations like this being made in just about any arena of public discussion (sports, politics, etc.) Good on Andrew and Co for caring enough to remind us all regularly.

Civil discussion invariably yields positive results for two people with supposed differences in opinions and perspectives. At best, you realize your differences aren’t as big as you thought, or you may eventually be persuaded by the other. At worst, you’ll likely learn something new and make a positive connection rather than burn a bridge needlessly.

Announce Bendtner

I’m a fan of this What Would Bukayo Saka Post (WWBSP) approach.

A Gorilla

Fuck Willian though


i fully agreed, he shit football player.


He’s won the PL more times than all of our players bar Luiz so clearly that’s not true. He just isn’t right for our club at this point in his career…there’s no need to abuse him and it really does diminish us as a fan base to keep doing it.


– What do you think of Tottenham?

– … erm, I don’t particularly like them.


This is just a joke, and to clarify – I completely agree with the article and the disturbing trend of people who can’t distinguish between a counter argument from personal abuse.


Surely that is a non negotiable Blogs?


Question: where do Man U fans live?
Answer: London and Ireland.

Question Where do Tottenham fans live?
Answer:…. In the past!

Anders Limpar

Especially that every so slightly irritating young man Harry, who very very occasionally slips over in the penalty area when perhaps there was minimal or no contact. What a rotter.

Lemmy’s Bass

Don’t mock him. He has a recognised medical condition, Salahitis, where a white line causes an imbalance in vertical accuracy and results in a loss of posture


I once walked around downtown San Antonio, and saw a kid in an Arsenal jersey. So I said to him “Go Arsenal”. The man with him replied to me, “What the f_ you talking about? I’m a Tottenham fan.” It was just complete shit experience.


I’ve definitely made crap comments on here before in the heat of the moment and I always felt crap and anxious about it after. I guess that’s just one of the disadvantages of being an idiot.

I like the is forum a lot because I think most people who comment are smart and have a good faith attitude.


You get anxious too? It’s a nightmare.

Curse this lockdown living off a computer screen… Bring back the pubs!

Down with this sort of thing

It Is What It Is


It Is What It Is

The anxiety…..


are you anxious now? 😁

Stuart Fitzgerald

Nice one Blogs. I wish the Arsenal website on facebook would disable comments also as they are just the worst load of shite you could ever read these days. It seems only the poisonous are the one’s wanted to leave a comment these days. Its the opposite of what supporting your club, players etc is supposed to be about.


Johnny , you are an idiot ! thats my good deed for the day 🙂 Agree with Gorilla but in a more Sake-esque way and his gametime should surely go to Martinelli or even Azziz. Oh and get rid of eddie and swap for falorun .I wonder if the 15m rumour for Odsonne is true. Surely worth a punt at that price? not sure about the Saliba issue, if we keep him then chambers can be sold and luis not offered another year , or just hang on to him as a loanee until the economy recovers and sell for… Read more »


These days I just read the comments. Adding
a comment has been a sure way to attract one insult or another these days

Naked Cygan

Unfortunately these days, the moment you make a negative comment about the club that is a FACT and needs to improve is seen as sin and you are attacked by fans who think after every win we will make top, and Arteta can do no wrong. I think we should give Arteta more time, but if his name was Emery he would not get as many get out jail cards.


If I remember correctly, you stated that Auba offers us nothing up the middle prior to yesterday’s kickoff. I think that’s why other fans have difficulty accepting your facts …

Naked Cygan

Where did his first two goals come from? Please tell me you watched the goals? Byw I must be living in your head rent free if you remember my posts. Hahaha

Naked Cygan

You are right! Saka doesn’t need to pay rent.


I humbly disagree, Bukayo Saka should be shouting it from the rooftops to every defender he’s tormented this season and been giving them nightmares since


I misunderstood — I thought your post was criticizing the decision to start him as a centre forward. Considering that Auba scored three goals, one from just outside the left post (having made a clever exchange of position with ESR to create space just prior to the goal), one from straight down the middle, and the third from just inside the right post, I found it to be rather ironic that these three classic centre forward goals weren’t available to be considered alongside the facts of which you speak.

Naked Cygan

These are facts from previous games when Auba played as the main strike in the middle this season before the leeds games: Arsenal vs Villa -Auba played as a sub in the middle(no goals) Arsenal vs Brighton- Auba started-no goals (Laca scored) Arsenal vs Burnley-Auba started (scored an own goal) Arsenal vs Spurs-Auba started (no goals) Arsenal vs Wolves-Auba Started (no goals) Arsenal vs Leeds-Auba-Stared (no goals) Arsenal Vs Newcastle-Auba Started (1 goal *117 min) 1 goal and 1 own goal Leeds game: 1st goal came from the left 2nd goal was a penalty! Should I make a list of… Read more »


Yes sir.


So – we play some tasty football…
we win (fairly) comfortably…
our talisman and captain gets a hatter…
our team gets it’s stuttering revival going again…
And your response is to barf on with stats to support an entirely irrelevant (given the Leeds result) argument.


Pete Plum

Am I being thick? Ironic that he got proven wrong? I don’t get it


The fella got a hat-trick… perhaps it had nothing to do with him playing through middle, perhaps it did. But that’s the one variable that changed and bingo!

Pete Plum

That was his opinion. Nothing wrong with accepting facts from someone whos opinion you disagree with

El Mintero

This is where I disagree with you. I see it from the reverse…we lose a single game and suddenly the #artetaout brigade swamps the articles with a wave of the most negative, derogatory shit you would expect to read on a Spurs website. We all know who they are. It’s nonsense to call them “supporters”. It forces others to respond in kind and things go downhill fast. Everybody has a right to voice an opinion but the views expressed by the trolls are so blinkered and detached from the reality that is our team and squad right now – and… Read more »

Naked Cygan

Here is my question for you…Were people this nice to Emery? He finished 5th BTW, not my opinion. You can look it up. Did you stand up to the trolls when Emery was getting sh*it on? There is a clear bias towards Arteta.

Guns Up

Shouldn’t there be, considering: how much better the football has been (only need eyes to recognize that), he is one of our own, he got us another FA Cup, he’s still learning his craft, and his hair is immeasurably better???


And he is just an all-round nicer chap.
Emery did himself no favours with his general comms and attitude.
We are social beings – we form opinions based on social interactions. There’s another fact for you Cyg!


Why is it such a bad thing, or such an offence to you, for fans to support the manager? Isn’t it clear that when he does well, we all do well?

I would hope and pray, pray that our fans have a clear bias towards Arteta. Please tell me that is true and a fact, and not that they have a clear bias against him.

Pete Plum

Interesting to see 14 upvotes and the guy never even said it was bad let alone “an offence” to support the manager!

El Mintero

I did actually! I was one of very few on here that advocated for Emery being given 2 full seasons before we made a decision on him. Obviously events overtook him and we chopped the guy. I just don’t want the same to happen to arteta who has real potential to be another manager in the Wenger mould. The abuse he’s getting from some on here is ridiculous!


Emery was okay for a bit…


Emery wasn’t sacked for finishing 5th. Emery was sacked because he’d lost the dressing room and the performances had declined so badly that his messages were inconsistent and confusing.


There was a troll on the Arses who used to cause mayhem

We called him crabapple. Is that you?

Pete Plum

If they sing their hearts out for the team they’re supporters no matter what they say about the manager. I was staunch Wenger in, never occured to me the Wenger outs weren’t supporters, if course they were

Naked Cygan

My point has been proven ; -)

Pete Plum



Perhaps offer an option to delete comments? Spurious, angry comments to be deletable perhaps?


Slippery slope though…

However, an option (like on Disqus) to edit or delete one’s own comment even after posting would be good – would allow some self-censorship of those knee-jerk comments made in anger?


Yes, that’s what I meant. I should’ve said that.
Not that someone else (other than admin perhaps) could delete comments.


Is it just me or does the link (on mobile) not work? It takes me to the arseblog news page.

Thank you all you do Blogs

The Far Post

Was about to post the same. Link does not work, unless I switch to “desktop mode” on Chrome.


Thanks for this. Plenty of diverse opinions on here which is why I read – to learn from others – but no need for the recent vitriol. The ‘free speech’ and ‘censorship’ reference made me think of a comic strip my friend sent me recently. It was published in the New Yorker I think. It made me laugh a bit so I will share it with all of you. Hope you enjoy it as well. It says: Panel 1: Public Service Announcement: the right to free speech means that the government can’t arrest you for what you say. Panel 2:… Read more »


…… and Trump still didn’t get impeached



Tankard Gooner

Is calling Willian a twat above board? Or is twat frowned upon? And by that I mean twat in its general definition, not Willian.
If so, would it be better to call him a tit?

Tankard Gooner

Oh dear, I just looked up the meaning of twat and it could be offensive to women. Not that I mind a twat. Quite fond of them, actually. Unlike Willian. Also like tits.
Now I’m confused about what to call Willian.


Thing is, it’s not exactly all Willians fault is it.. He didn’t give himself that contract nor brings himself on… So maybe less Willian bashing?

Tankard Gooner

Oh I don’t begrudge him the contract at all. That’s entirely on us. Bringing him on at each game is also on Arteta.
I only have an issue with Willian regarding what he brings to the table once he’s on the pitch.
This discussion however might be veering off topic. I’m simply looking for direction as to what can pass off as a socially acceptable insult without offending anyone.


After careful thought
I think ” Overpaid, declining, useless ex-chav twatspanner is perfectly acceptable


As much as I Iose the will to live every time Willian enters the pitch I intend to keep those who gave him his juicy contract responsible and not him. They really should hang for it.


Dude…no need for that last sentence


Agree in part – the same goes for barfing on about Raul’s 72m brown-bag job on Pepe.
However – whilst Pepe is visibly battling through his slump and starting to show some real form, Willy just continues to look listless and disinterested… and Pepe didn’t bugger off to Dubai mid-season…


West Stand Tone called me “Einstein” last week in a distinctly ironic way that implied I was in fact not up to Einstein’s level whatsoever, brain wise. I felt sad and underappreciated.

I await an apology from the big poo bum ninny pants.




This is great blogs. I had noticed the comments sections getting a bit heated and a bit petty in the last few weeks. Arseblog has always had quite a friendly comment section, with debate about all things arsenal never boiling over to arguments, just fellow arsenal fans discussing how good (or bad) we are. And i liked that, theres too much arguing in football for my liking. So well done blogs for writing this, we need to remember we are all just trying to get on in life, with footy providing a bit of rest bite from day to day… Read more »


love the ‘rest bite’ bit… mind if I use it?
Perfectly describes that moment in the day when you need to sneak off and sit down with a pie!


I realised the mistake as soon as i posted this 🤦‍♂️


We Love you Arsenal we do ❤


I’ve supported Arsenal since 1998. When the team wins, I’m happy, daughter’s happy, wife’s happy, dog’s happy. When Arsenal loses, all the above, excepting myself, maintain balance and said happiness. On the other hand, I can get dejected and reserved if not downright morose. Such is the intensity of the support, the love, for the club. That said, yea, win, lose and all the cause for debate in between, don’t ever want to be a dick to my fellow Arsenal fans. We’re all here for the same reason. Intense feelings shouldn’t justify treating each other like shit or like Tottenham… Read more »

Lemmy’s Bass

Again Arseblog you are quite right. I think it’s a case of, would you say that to the person’s face? And, the answer is clearly no.
Arsenal are our team, but sometimes when the manager or players are being abused, with the excuse, well if they weren’t shit.. we are not Chelsea, we are The Arsenal.

Laca New Signing

While you’re at it Andrew, is it possible to upgrade the site with a view of making it possible to edit or even delete one’s comment.

I’ve on a few occasions posted a comment that, though not moderated, made me feel that I could have used a better language or tone to put my point across. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.


Here here! See post above on same question… small tech-tweak that makes a massive difference.

Arteta Tots

Agreed and thanks Arseblog for the effort regardless! Thumbs up!!


agree with the edit thing , really annoting posting then reading my typos and spelling mistakes.
gooner since 1964 by the way


You’ve been supporting The Arsenal since ’64, me the mid ’50s. These kids today seem to thing that we are bad, remember some of the stuff we watched at Highbury over the decades?

Today’s Arsenal is light years from Terry Neils shower.

Dork Turnspit

I barely get time to read all the articles these days, let alone time to read the comments. Sad that you have to put this out and that not being a dick isn’t just a given. Thanks for all you do and making this a fun and interesting place to be and hope any toxicity fucks off elswwhere, or the toxic people actually think about it for a second, realise it’s just football and modify their behaviour accordingly.


that’s like, your opinion man


Don’t be a dick, hahah; nicely put

Arteta's Hair

My Mum just grounded me …. sorry Arseblog


Thank you, Mr. Andrew, this is what I’ve been saying to all those people out there who are literally ready to slay each other via their comments. A further step I would suggest is to prohibit swear words and maybe give warnings (1 warning=offense; 2 warnings=two offenses; 3 warnings=three offenses, banned).


Jehan-zaib Aslam

Swear words are fine but need to be directed to the likes of Sp*rs not our manager and players.


This is pretty much why I’ve stopped commenting too much. A couple times I’ve been blasted and it’s been enough to push me over the edge. It’s a ridiculous situation where a harsh comment can have that effect, but that’s life right now.

Don’t be a dick is how I’ve tried to live my life for the past 15 or so years. I feel like I’ve mostly succeeded. Thinking if what I want to say needs to be heard has gone some way towards this.


Thank you Blogs,
This is very timely, and explains a lot, as I have been feeling caught up in the ‘innocents’ unjustly spurned. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

And thank you for providing and committing to an inhabitable, un-radicalized port in the storm.



I’ve had two people here insult me and my wife about a year and a half ago which is one event I’ll never forgive. The funny thing is that one of them rarely posts here unless it’s some politically charged topic where he can run roughshod over people with his finger wagging and codemnations. An utter thundercunt, but what can one do other than avoid interacting with him?


One of the many reasons why I love Arseblog is the comments section. In my opinion it is far above all other online comment sections – even if we have seen a slightly more negative trend towards abuse and foul language. Especially in these trying footballing times, reading Arseblog and the comments section has brought me a lot of comfort. When we loose games it is comforting to hear from likeminded individuals who brings out new perspectives and/or just their frustrations about the game we have just witnessed. So thanks Blogs and the entire team and all the people taking… Read more »


Adding to your post the amount of funny and witty people here. Blogs included. I’ve had some good laughs here over the years.


Totally true.


Yes, exactly


Now I’m afraid to comment

Sammy Nelsons Arse

No you’re not cos you just commented. Ooh now I feel bad because I disagreed with you please forgive me.


Who on earth down-voted that gentle attempt at humour???

Public Elneny

Welp, back to the AFTV Youtube comment section I go then


Peace and love to all ☮️


Arteta for Ever and ever , Amen.
So it is written , so it shall be


Apologies..I admit I lashed out a bit the other day so this may in part be aimed at me. Just felt a few people were being negative after a great win and really want to see everyone come together and enjoy the good times. Wasn’t meaning to be rude..Apologies to Arseblog and the Arses


Timely reminder Mr Allen. And may I nudge the ball into motion with a blanket apology to anyone I may have offended here – I believe I’m generally pretty even-minded in my comments and I most certainly try never to personally insult anyone.
If, however, I have… I am suitably chastened and unreservedly apologise.


What a sad indictment on the world when a post like this is necessarry.

It’s common sense really but sadly so many people don’t seem to get it.

Keep struggling on all at Arseblog, some of us really appreciate your output and other peoples right to think differently.


Well done!!!! Just do not understand the club that we love being tarnished and speech so derogatory that they cannot be real fans. Doesn’t matter if they are rubbish one week, you will stick with them through thick and thin. If you can’t then no one wants you as a fan.


Well, that;s just like, your opinion Man!

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