Thursday, September 28, 2023

Arteta provides updates on Ryan and Tierney

Mikel Arteta is hopeful new keeper Mat Ryan can recover from a hip problem to challenge for a starting place at Aston Villa on Saturday.

The Australia international was recruited on loan from Brighton to provide experienced cover for Bernd Leno but wasn’t fit enough to be included in the matchday squad at Molineux having also missed the 0-0 draw with Manchester United.

In his absence, Alex Runarsson made his Premier League debut after our German number one received his marching orders, the Gunners second red card of the 2-1 defeat, for handling outside his box.

In his post-game press conference, Arteta was asked for an update on Ryan.

“He had a muscular issue and in the last two days he hasn’t been able to train,” reported Arteta. “Hopefully we can get him back in the next few days.”

The boss was also asked whether Kieran Tierney had been in contention for the trip down the M4.

“He wasn’t close at all,” said the boss. “Hopefully in the next few days he feels much better and he can come in the team and help us in this moment where we have so many games.”

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Mat Ryan continuing the grand tradition of an Arsenal loan signing getting immediately injured.

I worry for Odegaard’s safety.


I do find it puzzling how so many players over the years have arrived injured! However, I am sure there are good reasons I am not aware of.

From Mat Ryan’s point of view he probably can’t believe his bad luck. He must have arrived as a fan, pleased with the move, but knowing that there was a good chance he would only ever provide cover for Leno. To miss out on a chance to play so soon after his arrival (possibly his only chance), he must be gutted!

Laca New Signing

Oh fuck


Let’s bring back Lehman so he can kick their ass of these arsenal players. How many red cards we giving away for goodness sake. No wonder these Muppets so called referees keep picking on us everytime they have chance. Piss of man! 😡


Didn’t Lehman get himself sent off in the champions League Final !


That would be awesome! Then we could have TWO German keepers out on reds for moments of madness!


i fail to see how adding a crazy german would give us less red cards lmao


Lehmann would have punched Adama and missed the ball, he has his priorities clear.


yes, it’s not like Lehmann to get sent off at a pivotal juncture


Jens Lehman, as much as I love him, was one of the least emotionally disciplined goalkeepers of all-time. He lived in the red mist.


Saka should have definitely done better on that first chance he hits it too hard and then Laca was poor on the disallowed goal he’s right behind the defender he could see the line and just watch his run. Easier said than done but still looking at it it looked avoidable. And then for their goal 2min till the end of first Half Leno doesnt go long enough and in 2 to 3 passes from our goal kick the ball is back in our box that was poor. And then the defending prior wasnt great from Holding he stepped back… Read more »


completely agree with you. Game management is something that is totally lacking from this team. Its unbelievable that when Leno kicks long and its just 5 seconds before the injury time ends, we have only 3 defenders in our half? Also what is the need to kick it so fast when you have less than 10 seconds for the half. Poor poor game management. Someone should have taken out Traore before he passed to jose. These are professional footballers for God’s sake.


Laca was poor?
Jog on dude. Seriously.

Ray Staunton

Saka is putting himself in a position to score and always available, he is my new Chippy!

No foot Norbert

We sign a keeper on loan so we don’t have to play our other keeper who isn’t quite ready yet but that keeper we signed is injured Just in time for when our original keeper can’t play so we have to play the keeper we don’t want to play.

Sounds about Arsenal.

On Saturday we play against the keeper who wanted to leave us which was the entire reason why we signed another keeper, so we sign a keeper on loan so we don’t have to play our other keeper who isn’t quite ready yet but that keeper we signed is injured Just in time for when our original keeper can’t play so we have to play the keeper we don’t want to play, but if the keeper who left us had stayed, he would have been the keeper playing for us on Saturday instead of against us.


Yep this


But he didn’t want to stay because he wanted to play every week guaranteed, and he’s gone where he does that, and has 19 PL starts under his belt rather than one substitute appearance plus Europa League.

And that earnt us 2/5 of a Partey. Who has had more positive impact on our season so far than our substitute keeper has had negative.

I’d say net gain!


partey has so far done zilch in his few performances thus far, and leno has made his 3 direct error (2 in EL) this season
martinez was miles better- but arteta proves he is most def a rookie in this management malarkey


Partey has done zilch?! 🤪

Adrian Drum

Do you know Martinez mistake did cost goal to AV?


There there, you go back to sleep now.

Paul Laroix

Oh, my god !! Wow !! 3 whole errors, in like 28 games !!! Out of those 3 errors, we won 2 games anyway and the 3rd one we were already 2-1 down playing with 10 men. And nobody else, including Martinez, made like no mistakes ever. Let’s just hang him then. Listening to people like you, one would think Martinez is the new Buffon and Leno is Runarsson’s twin

Paul Laroix

And you somehow thought that Partey will win us a quadruple by himself. If need like another 5 Parteys in that team for it to start being competitive again


I always rated matt ryan but get behind alex! since the auclair interview(i heart u phillipe!) i feel he’s done dusted, maybe unfairly.


Hopefully Ryan is available soon. Runnarson did decent coming on so depends what the gaffer sees in training between the two.

Tierney we miss.

Cedric was decent but as mentioned many times this is an older player who has had injury issues. Playing down to ten then nine, his lges went toward end of match with Traore getting the better of him.

but that was partly to be expected.

Which is why I mentioned in summer it would have been folly to say the least to have sold Bellerin and relied on Cedric (old legs) and AMN.


Ban fucking Craig Pawson for life.

Utter disgrace


First game we get a decent number of fans back in the Emirates when he is ref, we need to give him what for, same goes for Jon Moss who was officiating VAR last night.

El Mintero

Play Runarsson. Kid stepped up well tonight. Boost for his confidence. Back the lad and give him another start.

Hank Scorpio

Agreed. Had a couple of poor games but I think he showed that he’s not the train wreck many made him out to be. Jury’s still out of course but hopefully that’s a confidence boost for him.


To be fair, he had a mare against Man City… A team that routinely spanks teams 4-0 or so. They are the best team in the league.


So he can pass the ball out for a corner with nobody pressing him? No thanks.


Fucking idiot Craig Pawson has to be booed to death next time he is at Emirates


They need to add “The referee’s a wanker” to the crowd noise library….


Arteta is still a bit raw and his substitutions showed that. ESR is a ball carrier, he is not going to press like Martinelli so asking him to do both strikers role and no.10 role was wrong in my opinion. Also there was a move very late in the game not Holdings ball for Bellerin but one before that when ESR had dropped deep and was inviting Wolves player to make a challenge before playing a 1-2 and it had opened up Wolves in some way. Auba was the wrong option from the bench, he is lethal when he has… Read more »


Absolutely. Martinelli for Smith Rowe was an obvious choice. Fresh legs with the ability to break swiftly when the opposition lose the ball.

Judge Jules

If the Arsenal bus took the M4 to Wolverhampton that might have been the first blunder of the match.

Dave Swain

Taking direction from Harry…


Luiz must have been in charge of the route plan if they were taking the M4 to Wolverhampton!


Hoping they come back soon!! Speedy recovery lads.



Runnarson for free kick duty from now on


T’was a very inviting free kick, asking to be nodded home


Although Tierney is a wonderful player, he is also worryingly fragile. I hope it doesn’t take long to get back into form, as we miss him on the left.


Right right. Makes perfect sense.
Go get a back up keeper that isnt fit to play.

Maybe some discipline with the players. Maybe fewer red cards.

Arsenal are a total mess right now.

Methinks MA is not the way forward. Its not the loss to wolves. Its the way it happened.
Embarrassing. MA has made us a laughing stock.

I dunno where we go from here.


Clearly, we really do have to get Ryan back asap – having Runarsson in goal is, I fear, asking for trouble. Having dropped five points from six we can do without it, can’t we.


“Game management” is such a fancy way of saying *wasting time and avoiding risks”.

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