Monday, December 5, 2022

Leicester 1-3 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal fell behind early on to make what was already a difficult job even more challenging, but a smart header from David Luiz, a penalty from Alexandre Lacazette and Nicolas Pepe ensured Mikel Arteta’s men came away from the King Power with all three points.

The manager made six changes from the side that beat Benfica on Thursday, and got solid performances from both Pepe and Willian, who had his best game since the opening day against Fulham.

It was an impressive way to end the week, and now we recharge the batteries before a trip to Burnley next weekend.

Read the Leicester 1-3 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Leicester 1-3 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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great win. at this point i’m really unsure what’s the deal with mqrtinelli though.

obviously very happy with willian having a good performance, but still

Johnny 4 Hats

Anyone else think that Mo was more at fault for their goal than Mari? Mari was conscious of Vardy but Mo just randomly jogged into the box, picking up no one, as apposed to attacking the player with the ball.

Guns Up

I apportion roughly equal parts blame to Xhaka, Mari and Luiz. Xhaka has shown an appetite over the years for hacking people down at inopportune times – THIS was where he should have done it. Mari should have stopped the ball, but also couldn’t have known what was behind him – simple communication from Luiz, as 3rd defender in that scenario, could have told him what to do (particularly in an empty stadium). Poor all around, but I wouldn’t pin it on Elneny, personally.

Public Elneny

Yeah this goal and Benfica’s 2nd on Thurs could have been easily prevented with a bit of communication from someone with a better view of the situation. Thursday from Leno, today from Luiz or Elneny

Still mostly on Mari though, even if he didn’t know Luiz had picked up Vardy, Tielemans was still the biggest threat. Elneny could have covered across but he was probably expecting Mari to do so

Cranky Colin

Can’t believe the naivety of that comment Guns Up….. Xhaka hacks anyone down anywhere on the pitch , it’s red….. Xhaka is learning……. u are not mate!!

Guns Up

Ha ha, maybe so.


Love your name. For a couple of years I was “Old, Fat, and Bitter”.

Old but Gold

It’s part of the role Elneny has to cover the back line but he showed no inkling of understanding where the danger was. Basically he was jogging back into ‘no mans land’ instead of covering and cutting down the space where any incoming shot would go


I was thinking the same thing.. Mo had no one to mark, Mari was slipping back to cover Vardy.

Uba Ngenegbo

100% Mari fault. The present danger was with Tielemans not Vardy. Mari should have come across


Very poor of Xhaka to lose the ball the way he did in the area he did. But after that, definitely the majority of the blame goes to Mo. He has nobody, and his job is to cover his other midfielders in those areas and not to let his backline get exposed. Without a doubt Mari cannot just leave Vardy alone in the middle on the break and go cover Tielemans on the side. At least not until Luiz gets back and yells at him to go over. But well before that time, Mo could have and should have cut… Read more »


Also, I’d much rather BOTH Luiz and Mari stay on Vardy and Mo go cut out Tielemans run as Vardy is clearly their most dangerous threat in such a situation. Had Mari left Vardy to cut Tielemans out, Mo definitely wouldn’t have gotten back to cover Vardy, and Luiz probably wouldn’t have been able to do so before Tielemans picked him out once Mari committed.

Tielemans at that angle surely was a lower probability to score than Vardy from center of the box… Regardless, Mo needs to cut that out and let his CBs cover Vardy in the box.

A Different George

Oh ffs, Xhaka lost the ball within 8 yards of the halfway line and near the touchline. It’s not a dangerous area at all. I looked at it over and over–maybe Elneny gets a little bit of blame, and it would be nice if Xhaka had more pace, but it’s ridiculous when a centre-half lets an attacker carry the ball into the penalty area with no challenge. Mari made a horrible mistake. He probably won’t do the same thing again. We won anyway.

Uba Ngenegbo

Go take a listen to Adrian Clarke analysis of the Leicester goal on Arsenal’s website

Frank Bascombe

Yes and if he goes to the ball and it’s passed to Vardy, the danger’s 100% Vardy. Elneny ought to have come across, that’s his job as DM. Mari’s is to mark the CF. At least try and know what you’re talking about when you’re acting so authoritative.


Totally agree, this is exactly where you want your central midfielders to fill in and cover holes in your defense, and let the central defenders sit if possible. Perhaps Mari and Luiz could have directed Mo though.


Xhaka at fault initially then too slow to retrieve the situation after that poor decision by Mari but Luiz should have told Mari to press as Chavardy was covered.

Old but Gold

Absolutely, it’s what i jumped off my seat saying. He was jogging aimlessly into the box, not even thinking of covering the space any shot was likely to go into.
He really isn’t my idea of an Arsenal player.


Exactly my view as well El was running headless instead of closing inn…anyone can loose the ball as xhaka dd but still it was along way where others would chase the ball.

For me Xhaka my Man of the Match!!!


Definitely Elneny made the worst decision of them all. Xhaka wasn’t even close to Tielemans and still Elneny gave him plenty of space.


100% agreed. While some fault lies with Mari at least he made a decision to track Vardy. Maybe he was thinking Mo would get across and cover Tielemans. Decision making is crucial in football and Mo didn’t make one.


Plenty for both but with Mari, you always have to take away the direct threat. Seemed an amateurish decision.


Saka rested? Yes

Willian played well? Yes

Xhaka (without Partey) played well? Yes

Is ESR playing? Yes

David Luiz played well? Yes

Can Arsenal win? Yes

Flow chart for endless whining by AFC fans answers: Where is Martnelli!!? MA is killing our youth!

Johnny 4 Hats

Haha! We are still Arsenal fans at the end of the day.


Yes, we are. I find it strange that even when we win, the focus on these boards turn to as negative a narrative as possible. We do well and win, yet there are still a massive number of our fans who hammer on about the one negative they can hold on to.

I suppose the onus is on me to not read the comments, or to not take on the endless whining. Will do better.

Timorous Me

There are a lot of really smart comments on here, so I don’t want to give that up, but the unrelenting negativity doesn’t feel good for the soul.


Complete your flow chart with following questions:
Can Arsenal finish top 4?
Can Arsenal finish top 6?
Can Arsenal finish top 8?
Can Arsenal win UEL?


Flow charts work with questions that can give you definitive yes or no answers. I can’t give you yes or no answers on questions that are predicated on guess work on the future. However, since you were interested:

Very unlikely.
Possibly if other team’s results go our way.
Most likely.
14.20% chance we do.


endless whining? i’m very content with the win and i appreciate all things you noted. i do wonder why we have martinelli on the bench and only play him for a few minutes each game.

i’m actually more worried about his injury than i am about arteta “killing the youth” which is a viewpoint i don’t even understand


ok, I get your point. I made the wrong assumption it was the whole ‘youth killing’ by MA issue, My bad. I still think there are so many things to focus on (majority is positive) after today, and even though I understand the criticism when things go wrong in a game – there are SO many posts about Martinelli – seems like over kill. My point was that if other negatives have been rectified (even for one game), a lot of fans move down the checklist of perceived failings by MA. Then again it’s been a tough season so I… Read more »


Great win away from home and half the comments are just about who’s fault the now irrelevant goal was, i guess ppl are just set in their whingy ways… Chin up lovies

Timorous Me

I’m actually okay with some of that talk because it feels like a play that’s interesting to break down, because I’m absolutely certain the coaches will be doing just that with the players involved (and we can still feel good about the result).

I get more tired of the endlessly recycled narratives of negativity that often feel unfairly critical or boringly repetitive even if they’re fair.


Interestingly no one said anything about Tierney being right down the other end of the pitch, also for my 2 cents, Mari should’ve come across

Philip Visser

It was a great win. Lots to be happy about. But you can’t ignore another early goal, conceded just minutes into the game.




Arteta is being cautious with a very young player

Heavenly Chapecoense

We won so fans attempt to see everything Arteta does positively. The situation with Martinelli is weird. Before he got injured last season, Arteta wasn’t playing him. This is a guy who was the best player for us in EL when Arteta came in.


I have to be honest – I think Martinelli came back from his injury a little overenthusiastic. He was trying to make too much happen and wasn’t playing ‘with’ the team around him. I was worried he was going to hurt himself again because he was trying so hard. I can see Arteta holding him out to build him back in to health and the right team mindset. Just a subtle observation.


Agreed 100% DC

Heavenly Chapecoense

A win is the best medication.

Philip Visser

Seems everyone forgot it was Willian dozing on the ball that started the counter when the ball was taken from him. Poor communication between him and Xhaka. Elneny equally guilty of not reacting or seeing the danger and therefore not doing his cover duty


I initially thought the same and then changed my mind when I played it back. The ball wasn’t taken from him because he never received it – Tielemans intercepted the pass. Then Willian was blocked off by Iheanacho when he and Xhaka came together. It looks like when Willian broke free he initially ran hard and then slowed down when he realised he wasn’t going to catch Tielemans. He ended up being about 12 yards behind Tielemans when the shot was taken about 40 yards later. Yes Xhaka was slow to get back but he actually ran faster than WIllian.

A Different George

This mistake–whether it was Willian, or Xhaka, or Elneny, or Mari (or Luiz for not shouting) was obviously the decisive moment in the match. Falling behind so early, it was impossible to recover. The only thing worse was Arteta’s selection. And his substitutions. Also Mustafi was awful, can’t we just get rid of him.

Philip Visser

Your sarcasm is way off the mark. If you can’t say something sensible better for shut up


Hahaha thanks made me smile

Philip Visser

You right it was intercepted. Why did he allowed it? My answer. 1) His not aware enough of what’s going on behind him; 2) He passively waiting for the ball to come to him instead of being active and go for the ball; 3) Pedestrian pass and poor communication. Overall I expect a higher standard from top professional players


Watch again. Xhaka was “dozing” on the ball before he gave it to Willian in a really difficult place to receive. They have some fault for sure, but I believe Xhaka was too nonchalant for such a situation before giving it to Willian. Think he should take more of the blame there. But overall, we should be quite satisfied with the end result regardless of any circumstances. Then, take into consideration all of the players that were rested today, and still achieved a result. Quite good in my opinion.


Martinelli is probably just being managed because he had a bad injury and he’s young tbh


COYG! Brilliant stuff.


Another sleepy start – which we really have to stop! – but pleasing to see some senior supporting players – Willian and Pepe, in particular – step up for a change! We need to continue this week’s momentum.

El Mintero

Pepe has been playing well all season actually. Deserves a starting role.


He was absolute quality today. Best performance for Arsenal I reckon


Rest Elneny for a few games now please Arteta. His backwards and sideways passing is usually inoffensive but he put us under pressure with a dodgy backwards pass earlier to Vardy.



Guns Up

Ha ha, the bonus rating is superb, Blogs. They had absolutely no answer for Pepe other than to foul him (when they could get close enough to do so). While I hate giving up yet another cheap early goal, I love the response once again!! Keep it going, boys.


Sorry bud but this is far too enthusiastic for the hords of moany whiny expert Arsenal fans to take, back in your happy cave please, I will be round later 😉


They do have some really witchy players in albrighton and vardy. Pointy fucks.


And Maddison is just hideous, not witchy, but what a grotesque face.


great win & best part really was we were able to do it without Saka as he clearly needs a rest. Would love to see us make a run at CL via league but that’s going to require us to be basically perfect the rest of the season. given that we’re likely going to need to prioritize Europa League, so glad we were able to rest some players & still beat Vardy.


If we weren’t in Europe I’d say we have a shot at top 4, but I think our records after playing in Europe has been poor, so I’d say the gap is too big. Still think we can make top 6, and if we’re able to have a bigger portion of the squad make significant contributions like we did today, it’s not impossible.

matt keeler

Never in doubt.
I knew even when we went one-nil down early that we’d do them.

So happy, gonna give Willian an eight point five.


Leicester looked really jaded to be fair so it was an excellent time to play them and rotate a bit. Take nothing away from Arsenal though. After we conceded that diabolical opener, we focused hard, took control and bossed the game, thoroughly deserving the 3 points.


Leicester’s season looks like crumbling

Maddison, Perez, Fofana, Preat, Justin, Barnes, Evans all injured

6 changes today was the right move from Arteta, we were the fresher team, and worth the points

Pepe will have given their young left back nightmares, he was a menace in the first half

We’re going to need to rotate if we’re going to get into the top 6 and compete in the Europa, hopefully our squad players can keep the pressure on

Public Elneny

God I hope West Ham make the top 4

We don’t need to worry about them long term as they’ll make a complete hash of the Summer window regardless of whether they have money, and they’ll keep 1 of our more traditional rivals out of the CL money/prestige


On another note, when are we going to see Martinelli?! Surely, he should have come on today instead of Auba? Have to wonder what going on with him.


Arteta obviously doesn’t rate him at all. Then again if he ends up selling he should be worth at least 20m in the summer

Cosmos Forever

Martinelli hasnt shown that much to warrant this love affair. I rate him but he’s a prospect that’s blocked by senior players. Let’s give him a chance to recover from this rash of injuries before we throw MA under the bus for not banking on an inexperienced kid

Man Manny

Enjoy the win; acknowledge the boys for a job well done; leave the Martinelli talk for some other time. That is the manager’s headache. Let him earn his wages.


He is coming back from a serious injury and has looked pretty bad when he has played. No need to rush him back until he is fully healthy. Notice Chambers hasn’t seen much game time yet either.

Their time will come.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I like Martinelli but so many fans see him as the classic saviour-on-the-bench, talking about him like he’s a 20 goal a season striker that can’t get in the team

Charlie Nicholas

Great to see the lads respond so well after early horror show. Xhaka should be marked down for that – his decision-making will never be top 4 level. Mark’s were harsh on ESR who knitted the play together well while he was on. Good to see some hope that we haven’t saddled ourselves with a complete dud in Willian.


Why the downvotes?
This is absolutely spot on buddy

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Just as happy about Arsenal winning as I was about Brenda and Vardy losing.


We can do better than using a girl’s name as a joke/insult, can’t we? You’re not the only one to do it, I don’t mean anything personal toward you, but everyone: Stop with the implication that being a woman is a bad thing. [Yes, I know it’s just a joke, but it’s ugly.]




I’ve always seen the joke of it being a women’s name, nothing to do with being a women. Particularly effective when used against so called ‘men’s men’.


Is there a difference? Doesn’t the “humor” still come from saying that women are inferior? Would anyone make the same joke about a woman, replacing her name with a man’s?

I don’t want to distract too much from a strong performance on the pitch, but at a time when [I hope] we’re all trying to stamp out racism, it would be nice to give sexism the boot at the same time.


Absolutely agree with your sentiment. I just think there’s a line between going overly sterile with what we we can or cannot poke fun at. I’ve got plenty of friends who we refer to with girls names, but I know we treat it as a way to reduce the alpha male tendencies we all have and have a bit of fun playing around with the stereotypes of ourselves. I’ve never looked at it as suggesting inferiority because I don’t perceive women in that way. Anyway, it’s a fair point raised. I’ve thought about it so you’ve achieved what your comment… Read more »


Nice to read this thoughtful and polite exchange. I think a woman’s name being used to try and poke fun at a mate’s alpha maleness still is reinforcing the normative idea that there’s something somehow shameful about men displaying femine attributes. Because in some way they’re inferior. Also, just to chuck it in the mix, I think having all grown up in a patriarchal society where men dominate almost all high status roles, means we all, men and women, have unconscious biases about gender. So however much I think I’m not sexist, it does shape my feelings and thoughts, subtly… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

“normative idea”
“patriarchal society”
“unconscious biases about gender”

Triple cringe.


Lolz yeah isn’t it embarrassing thinking about how our society functions?!


What’s cringe is responding to a thoughtful and intelligent comment like this

Frank Bascombe

Tell you what mate, why don’t you use this as a platform for a quick bit of Virtue Signalling?


Dude, I don’t think you understand virtue signalling. It’s not this.

Frank Bascombe

How so?


It’s when the point is to try and make yourself look good/worthy, rather than actually saying anything meaningful. All that’s happened here is Bryan has drawn loads of flak. And I didn’t hear them saying anything about themselves donating loads of cash to some cause or another or whatever self aggrandising thing.

Bleeding gums murphy

That is the joke, simply a woman’s name. Jeez the world we live in, identity politics taking over🙄

Bleeding gums murphy

P.s Andrew mentioned witches 🧙🏼‍♀️ surely that’s not right and he mentioned pricks, release the hounds


Samantha Allardyce doesn’t scrub up too badly in a skirt and a pair of heels.


Don’t even get me started on Sian Dyche. Whoof whoof!


If only Vardy’s parents hadn’t named him after one of the hottest actresses from the 80’s.


Isn’t ‘hot’ now reclassified as derogatory? Slip-slding away… down the slope we go!

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Ok. Stop right there. Before someone agrees with you, complains, and I end up hauled up before the authorities in my country under the new rules over social posts, and this site has to legally (and rightly) “sing like a canary and make no mistake”, let me clarify that no part of the statement was intended as a joke. The letter ‘n’ is close to the Space Bar. It was a TYPO. Brenda is a girl’s name, alright, but that maybe the 10 millionth most common name where I am from, perfectly possible with the population of over a billion.… Read more »


“Look. I– I’d had a lovely supper, and all I said to my wife was, ‘That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah.”

Bleeding gums murphy

He said it again, blasphemy 😂😂


Lol, always love a LOB reference


Like I said, I’m not attacking you, I’ve seen it all over the place and I just think it’s reflective of a toxic attitude that a lot of people have, and there should be much better ways to poke fun at the opposition. I’m sure you’re a good chap and didn’t intend anything by it, I’m not going to hold it against you. A lot of “harmless” jokes that we repeat without thinking about them might not be so harmless and I just wanted to put that out there.

El Mintero

How the eff can calling that twat Rodgers “Brenda” be harmful??!! Get a grip ffs. I suppose “twat” isn’t allowed either? Or what about blogs’ prolific use of the word cnut on the podcast? You must be loving that too…

Bleeding gums murphy

Thanks Byreni


You forgot his/her exclamation mark, Murph!

Frank Bascombe

Oh, do leave off Bryania.


Agreed – I think having an exclamation mark after your name is far worse than changing it to a woman’s (‘girl’ is really rather condescending, y’know).


These responses are so lame. Bryan made a good point, and politely. And your way of dealing with it is mockery? I don’t get it.


“To laugh is to live profoundly.”

Milan Kundera

Frank Bascombe

You and Bryan (!) epitomise much that’s wrong with Arsenal’s fanbase. Congratulations.


Why? What do I/we epitomise?


It’s called banter mate… taking the piss has – rightly imo – always been Britain’s greatest indoor sport. And may we never lose that ability to gently poke ourselves, and one another, in the ribs.


I like banter too, just not sexism etc they’re not mutually exclusive. People get so uptight when they feel attacked, but it really was just a discussion, not anything personal.

Odegaard showed some lovely touches when he came on. I know we have a very small sample size of his games for us so far, but I’ve seen enough quality from him already to hope we can sign him on a permanent this summer.

Baichung Bhutia

Conflicted on this. On one hand, we can sign a senior player to play in the attacking position to alternate with ESR. On the other hand Odegaard has looked really good, but him playing means ESR plays on the wings.


Why would you be conflicted? If we don’t sign Odegaard we literally have one player who can play in that position who’s young and injury prone. We used ramsey, cazorla, rosicky wide in previous years. I don’t see any issue really.

El Mintero

Yeah but it’s when he plays both esr and MO together that things get fkd up. Means no space for Pepe who’s more of a goal threat.


Fantastic performance against a tough Leicester side even without Maddison. Looks like we have genuine attacking options for the first time post-Wenger. Cedric’s performance should give Arteta some food for thought as well.

Would be remiss not to mention Willian, MotM and easily his best game in an Arsenal shirt. Where’s that been all season?? Arteta will be feeling a lot of vindication today but at his age and experience, Willian needs to be performing like this far more consistently. Hopefully he can keep it up from here on out.

Philip Visser

MotM was Pepe. Contributed a lot more, involved in all 3 goals

Chris L

Always keen to praise as well as criticise players – I gave Willian a tough time on here a few weeks ago (& personally, rightfully so), but credit where credit is due, I thought he was excellent today – he looked like the player we thought we were signing – that’s what happens when you actually try, work hard, look determined & give 100%, no one can ever criticise, even if the performance doesn’t match, but it was all there today, so congrats to him… & all the team – I can’t think of many games in recent times where… Read more »


Xhaka Motm for me. With his pressing and game management after we got our third goal. Remember that he has been a constant fixture in that midfield. Can’t wait to see the Xhaka partey partnership dominating teams


A sumptuous win despite conceding that early; to think that we could have scored more! An excellent team performance. Thanks Willian for the nice display; don’t lower the bar again, please🙏. And more thanks for the feint that forced that Leicester player to do a cartwheel😉🥰


I honestly thought we would lose looking at the starting line up, many good performances, Luiz, Pepe, Willian and Lacazette all looked especially good and you know we won an away game against a top 4 team even after conceding a really bad goal. I feel Laca had been hard done by having 15 mins in 4 games, but hopefully he starts more often now.


Willian wasn’t that good but better than he’s been, more energy (a low bar) good free kick but how many earlier were absolute rubbish. Pepe was v. Good. What’s happened to Martinelli that he cant even get minutes here? Absolutely no need for Auba.

Philip Visser

It’s clear Arteta has a huge favourable bias towards William. Talking him up since last week and continued along the same line today. You would think he won both games singlehandedly. He did play fine today although his corners are mostly substandard. One decent game hasn’t convince me he was a worthwhile signing. Will see if he can give consistent performance over rest of season


Perhaps it’s called excellent player management… he could have frozen him out (with the Ozil brigade no doubt then clamouring ‘See, he’s done it again’)… but surely the best result for us all is to work with a player whom we know has ability, and get him performing where he can and should be?


And no doubt you took a similar view on the 72m Pepe!

Aleksander Włodarz

It’s a big thing to beat the mighty Leicester these days and also see Vardy not too happy … well done Arsenal 👍🏻👍🏻


Pepe and Willian both looked like the players we thought we signed. Work rate, aggressive, confident, dangerous. Keep it up lads! We will need depth to achieve our goals.


I thought Cedric was really involved but too many times he couldn’t keep up with intricate passing. He was decent but definitely have to strengthen at right back.


I start to wonder is it coincidence that Pepe’s best performances seems to match Bellerins absence?


I don’t think so. I’m personally a big fan of Bellerin and hold him as a better right back than Cedric, but Cedric+Pepe > Bellerin+Pepe.


Cedric over bellarin

If you know the number of goals we’ve conceded through that right side because of his defensive lapses


I feel we should give Cedric some credit for his involvement in our third goal as well. Without him running his socks off to get on the outside of Pepe and occupy a defender, I don’t think we would have scored that goal.

Philip Visser

Good question.


I think the problem lies on the instructions about the right hand side. Arteta favors the inside right back in Bellerin since Tierney and Cedric are more winger like fullback. Bellerin can play like MF but he isn’t that great like the Peps team. While Saka can play width on the right side I still think the strategy doesn’t work well. It’s better if the winger becomes more narrow while the fullback provide width

...and really bad eggs

LOL. This is the great thing about being a fan isn’t it. Look at the comments from the team selection article, almost everyone slagging off Arteta about a horrible selection. Willian this, Willian that. But it comes together and the comments are all positive and stuff. If it had gone horrible, those fans will say Arteta has lost the plot and doesn’t know what he is doing. My point is – It’s easy to be a fan, when you have the wrong opinions, and things go well, we are all quick to forget it. When things don’t work out, the… Read more »




I am not convinced with Odegard he may be a good player but not what Arsenal needs at d moment. Arsenal needs a more athletic player

Wolffman Paul.

Well well, Willian finally puts a shift in. Last one in the league was the opening game against Fulham. Lets hope this is not just another flash in the pan, and he needs another 20 odd games to recover from his exertions.

Philip Visser

I share your scepticism

Bill Hall

*witch-faced prick* hahaha


Pleased to see Willian playing with confidence again…Good free kick spot for the Luiz goal. Hope he can produce the same or better performance week-in week-out from now on. Big shout for Pepe as well, who for a few matches now seems to be doing very well as a two-way team player. Together with Cedric& ably assisted by Elneny, keep Leicester main danger men, Vardy & Barnes quiet all match. Pleased to see our right side look very solid in this match, which has not necessarily been the case in many previous matches this season. Also like the move for… Read more »

East Gooner

I felt Pepe had a monstrous game today. He looked like a 72M signing. For the first goal, he wins the foul and is part of the routine for the cross. He wins the penalty after almost winning one earlier. And of course, he scored a third. He should have had an assist for Cedric. Really happy to see that outside of City, he’s delivering consistently and glad that he can be an option for Arsenal. And of course Lord Willian. Thank you for showing up. Really good display. I was aghast when I saw his name on the team… Read more »


Great win for arsenal they should keep the momentum up and running


Honestly, didn’t expect a win and such a great performance. Willian, Pepe and Xhaka were excellent… Confidence plays a big part in the game for a player and I wonder how much we as fans contribute to a player’s confidence. (We don’t)…Glad that arteta stuck to ‘There ain’t no use in complaining when you’ve got a job to do’..let him do the job and let’s get behind the team.. Reserve our judgements until the results of the season are well and truly before us. Many of us are too judgemental and think they work with the team on a daily… Read more »


Great team work, hope for defensive
improvement most especially at the start of a game


Aye he’s not done great so far but Willian was decent today so let’s give him a bit of praise & hope he kicks on from here ! Proper header from Luiz too !


Credit where it’s due. Best refs in a long time!

Richard Fitch

Are you all really Gooner fans ? They go to Leicester ,win 3-1 and you’re all moaning about the one goal they conceded . lighten up and enjoy the win .

Philip Visser

Read the comments properly.


This is the best Arsenal site by a mile. However Cedric’s score needs reassessing – by maybe as much as 2 whole marks. Saying he was championship level today might be doing that league a disservice. He was poor, especially in the second half. Watching him throw away some Odegaard mastery on more than one occasion was painful. Cedric was dribbled past twice, only won 2 of 10 ground duels, lost possession 22(!) times, only had 75pc pass completion, had no key passes or assists and failed at all his 3 dribble attempts. You rated him the same as Tierney… Read more »


And he had a chance to make it 4 right in the middle of goal and somehow passed that up too.


Team elevated themselves today. Nothing negative to say. It looked like a wash out selection by Arteta but in hindsight a good call for fresh legs. Still the team seems to have found a new gear with quick short interchange passing and more adventure into the box so clearly lacking till now Who would think this selection would have come together for us… 1) Leno – Apart from the collective cock up at start which led to their goal which I thought he could have been out a bit more, kept solid for us at the back. One thing, would… Read more »

Granit(e) hard!

Jamie Vardy, ‘witch faced prick’…tee hee hee hee, priceless!


Odegaard “involved” in the third goal. That was as sweet a pass as you will see in the penalty area. He “made” that goal. I hope RM weren’t watching closely.


“A very Mo performance” means lots of passing, lots of defence and NO mistakes in an area of the pitch where mistakes just kill you. I can’t remember the last time he made a howler. Always switched on. No wonder Arteta rates him. Deserves more respect.


Are you Freddo’s big bruv?

Charlie George

All I see here is relentless criticism after a win few of us expected. Fyi Leicester’s record in the first game after European fixtures was previously Won 6 Lost 1 – ours was Won 1 Lost 6. Did no one see Marí outpace Vardy – NOBODY outpaces Vardy, but he did – and outmuscle him, without fouling him, to save a near-certain goal? Why not focus on that? Also, Ødegaard seems finally to have adjusted to the PL, passing far more quickly and making a much more significant contribution than in previous games. Likewise Willian, looking fitter and faster than… Read more »


I hated it when Leicester gave us a smash and grab at Emirates, Not today! Revenge is sweeeeet.

French Dave

Great win, feared the worst after 6 minutes. Made for a good Sunday

Exit the Lemming

Best (84 minute) performance for a very long time against what is a good Leicester side


Great win, great Sunday. First Arsenal win, then Liverpool, by fairly comfy scorelines! Come on, lads, let’s go get the next guys!

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