Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Partey makes the bench as Auba starts up top: Arsenal v Benfica team news

Arsenal go into the second leg of the Europa League Round of 32 with an ‘away’ goal from the 1-1 draw in the first game.

There’s a lot to do to qualify, here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney, Ceballos, Xhaka, Odegaard, Smith Rowe, Saka, Aubameyang

Subs: Ryan, Hein, Cedric, Chambers, Mari, Elneny, Partey, Pepe, Willian, Nketiah, Lacazette, Martinelli



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Spanish Gooner


Forget about it

Indeed. We look agile and technical with that line-up.

Forget about it

I would add that I am VERY happy Tierney is back!

Mick Malthouse

Just wish he’d give Martinelli a run out! Has he forgotten how good he is? Rest Saka before he is overplayed!


Looks good, but I’d have picked Cedric ahead of Bellerin, he has been no push over every time he played, and some intelligent passes

Kampala gooner 🤣

I see that.

Once a gunner

You can not be satisfied with lineups but the coach knows better, he sees them daily


that bench and still we are 11th.


Astonishing, isn’t it? I still think that we’re perfectly capable of fitting all the pieces together and going on a huge run to end the season.

Mayor McCheese

To be fair, we haven’t had “that bench” much this season. Partey is really the stand-out name there, and he’s barely featured since arriving.

SB Still



Yup, I know…we are overachieving indeed.

Billy bob

Yeah I wonder, looking at our squad compared to ManUre (whom we have beated and drawn against) and wonder how they heck we are not in or near the top 4!!! Hopefully we can get it together for the rest of the season, we don’t get stupid injuries and/or stupid refereeing decisions (like at wolves where we were robbed)


Comes to something when there are more subs than players on the pitch!


A game in which we should avoid stupid mistakes at all costs. Let’s give Luiz a run, what could go wrong?

Tankard Gooner

*dry chuckle* let’s hope Luiz has a blinder tonight. Apart from that, Tierney being back is massive. Both sets of FBs and wingers should dovetail quite nicely. Also hope Auba just keeps his cool and slots away every chance he gets.


Just to make sure its safe, we were sure to include Xhaka. Certainly no reds in this team today


Be fair. Two of Xhakas reds were outrageously bad refereeing decisions that never would have stood had VAR been in existence at the time.


That may be true – but a cool head is not something Xhaka has shown in the past.

Needless to say, I hope to team responds with the same type of energy as those down voters – I think we’d all enjoy that result


Come on!


Missing Lacazette from the front


Am I reading right? Two GK on bench?


Maybe the tactic is to put three keepers in goal for the penalty shootout.


12 man bench in the Euro League. The question is rather why Hein instead of Runarsson? Is he injured or has he gone from number two to number 4 within a few weeks?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Runarsson isn’t in the Europa squad due to Arsenal reaching the foreign player limit.


True, forgot about that.


To give the young keeper a taste of Europe and hope he pushes his game and have a break through in the near future.
Ryan looks good, but the academy graduate may be the future.


madness nelson or flo could go on the bench

Anders Limpar

There’s a Uefa rule that says 3 keepers must be included in the traveling party, so may as well have both back ups on the bench


im thinking that teams are travelling with 23 players – and usually always bring 3 keepers. And in Europa league everyone makes the bench.


the fact that this is downvoted shows that people just can’t handle the truth these days.


That’s a strong line-up!

Let’s hope substitutions take place before the 80th minute now. Partey, Pepe, Martinelli, 3 very good impact players on the bench… and Leicester won’t be easy.

Petit's Handbag

No one get sent off. These are a terrible side so there’s no reason to let them into the games. Still have horrible memories of last year’s exit, this being in Greece is making me queasy.


They can’t be a terrible side, they’ve reached the final……….well that’s what MA has called this. He must also see this as his best team.


We actually won in Greece last year, and lost at the Emirates, but I know what you mean.

Mayor McCheese

My favorite Greek moment can’t be mentioned on this forum, but my other favorite Greek moment occurred in Olympiakos’ stadium: Vito Mannone’s scissor kick outside the box. Nike actually came out with a commemorative shoe: Air Mannone.


What is this thing with Arteta, pepe and Lacazette?


Pepe hasn’t been as good as Saka or ESR and Auba has just signed a contract extension while Laca will most certainly be off in the summer.
That’s the thing. You’re welcome.


You mean what’s with our coach and rotating players? He sees them everyday, give him a little benefit of doubt at least.


Good to see Chambers on the bench. He is like a new signing


‘Like a new signing’ – I like that – I hope that catches on


Dude, that’s cold.
(which is why it’s funny)


Can’t see it becoming a thing to be fair.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

12 subs?

Arsenal site says no Martinelli


I know I am just paranoid….but the lack of rotation scares me.


I assume it means MA doesn’t have the necessary confidence in the other players available to “risk” them in games of high importance, which this one clearly has become. We still have a big squad (albeit a little reduced since we offloaded some of the passengers recently) but it appears that the quantity – in the manager’s eyes – still doesn’t match the quality required.


Holding injured? I didn’t think he would start,… but weird to not be included


He’s got concussion from the City match so had to be left behind


He’s under the concussion protocol following the weekend game.


Can’t play due to concussion regs.

Man Manny

Arsenal coming out full guns blazing!


Strong line-up, but the most important thing is just to get through. This tie has increased in importance given the slump in our PL form and the diminishing chances of getting a EL spot in the PL. Of course it would be great if we could emulate other English teams in Europe by recording a confident, comprehensive, win but I suspect it will be a tight match with few goals.

Give youth a chance

I’m not finding any radio commentary for this game. That can’t be right surely?

Public Elneny

Strange how Lacazette’s been sidelined lately

Just fatigued?


And why is Gabriel playing from the right of our defence??!!😳


Can you believe that some of our fans believe that Aubameyang’s all-around game isn’t good enough, that he doesn’t offer the team enough, that he doesn’t offer us anything through the middle, and that he is past his best?




Who’d of thought we’d make hard work of beating in this load of shit

SB Still

Me because I don’t think this team and management have the mental fortitude to play a knockout game / tie as favourites.


It wouldn’t be an Arsenal game without the obligatory goal given away between 42 minutes and half time.


To be fair, that was a hell of a free kick. The wall was set up well, it jumped, even had Dani covering the bottom. Just the strike was top bin with real power.

We have played decently though! So no reason to suggest we can’t push on in the second half.


If you look xhaka ducked his head out of the way or it would have hit him. Not the 1st time this has happened


Oh yes keep blaming Xhaka.


Look at the fucking replay you retard. Who’s blaming anyone Im pointing out what happened


You need to grow up, get a life or get your teeth knocked out. It’s a brilliant free kick. If you’re gonna blame a player blame the one that gave it away.


No talking to some people on here thick as shit


Did neither of you read the post by Blogs about being civil to each other?


Yes I take your point. Maybe the retard comment was a bit much. Some people want to see everything as blaming someone even.if just pointing out something that happened.
I know how Tom cruise’s character in the film Rain man felt now.

Reality check

Which highlight are you reffering to, post it here. The one I am watching shows Xhaka trying to head the ball that is actually out of his reach, the opposite of ducking..

Billy bob

Oh dear, could have done without that equaliser – one more goal from them and we are screwed!!!

Billy bob

Need more control in the middle and added umph – bring on Laca, Martinelli and Partey with at least half an hour to play


Saka looks tired. Even then he has the most talent on the pitch.
ESR also looks tired.

Ray's ice cream Parlour

Willian to finally come on and score……

SB Still

That probably ends our season


It was a final…


If it does, we should be looking for a new manager. IMO.


But Sam is already taken….


We got Willian in now,

SB Still

Yes, Arteta really believes in him


And he assists Tierney for the first goal back. Leave off with the relentless criticism of the players. I’m not the biggest fan of Willian either but fuck me you guys sound like a broken record.


This is Arsenal

Billy bob

Wow should have hauled Ceballos off as his game has been off the boil, now we are down to ten men with will-i-aint on the pitch, needing to score two goals – ain’t gonna happen I’m afraid


And our answer is to bring on willian. Fuck this manager, seriously, we need to turn the game and we bring on the one player who has offered absolutely nothing all season
Total utter fucking joke of a football club


absolutely mind-boggling, brother I feel your despair
but there you go, 2-2!


Ceballos can fuck off back to madrid. Too fucking casual. Thinks he’s better than he is


Willian entered. I will close my TV now


I was a fan of Artetas but he deserves to be sacked at this point. Embarrassing.


If we manage to lose from this Benfica …

I mean MA is a really good manager. But we need a better one.


Willian assist. Hahahahahaha


My nan could make that pass tbf. The goal was all down to Tierney


No shit

SB Still

Tierney one of the few players we can count on. Come on let’s get another one now.


Right lads. Don’t fuck it up!!!!

SB Still

Add Saka.

It would have been ESR as well but not sure if Arteta sees him the same way.


This team is badly coached


It is also badly managed.

Hank Scorpio

Come on. We’re making “progress” apparently. Trust the “process”

SB Still

All other British sides qualified or on the verge of qualification. We are being Arsenal.


Right lads. Don’t fuck it up!!!!


Saka is a diamond



Never in doubt.

juma abinalah

Nice results

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