Saturday, December 10, 2022

Arsenal 0-1 Olympiacos – player ratings

Arsenal missed a host of chances and lost 1-0 to Olympiacos at the Emirates this evening, but still qualified for the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was the main culprit, spurning a number of good opportunities to score, but Martin Odegaard also didn’t make the most of a chance, and El-Arabi got his traditional goal against us.

It wasn’t great, but we’re through, which is the main thing.

Here’s how the players rated.

Read the Arsenal 0-1 Olympiacos match report and see the goal here

Arsenal  0-1 Olympiacos – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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10/10 for the bonus rating.


11/10 for Dinamo Zagreb

Houston Gunner

Nothing against Zagreb but hope we get to play them next and destroy them – cherry on top


Wtf. I have just seen this on news.

Adrian Drum

11/10 for Dinamo Zagreb for kicking Spurs out of Europa league. What a match and what a result.

Crash Fistfight

please spam the shit out of this:


Jermain Anus sounded quite dejected

Mayor McCheese



Jermain Penus

A Different George

Is he talking about our Europa League final against Dinamo?

Johnny 4 Hats

So much for Jose bringing trophies.

The history of the Tottenham.

That result has made my night. Don’t really care about our shitty performance now…

A Different George

You know that Dinamo’s coach was jailed last week? Maybe Spurs should try something similar.


Can we sign orsic so he can tear Spuds a new one every time we play against them?


The new Davor Suker

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I felt bad for the guy. Hard seeing him emotional after also.


Who cares?
We won on Sunday (they didn’t)
AND we got through tonight (they didn’t).
Happy days!!!!


Martinelli got a few minutes. And he actually did something positive. Should have had an assist for Auba. That’s a plus.


fuck all out of shut the fuck up for the BT Sport commentator who kept saying the game would be put beyond Olympiacos if we scored… no it wouldn’t;t, they still need 3 goals you half wit.


Had the same commentator in Canada, was quite poor. He somehow mixed up Pepe for Odegaard being fouled and drawing a yellow card


steve sidwell yes he is unbearable to listen to. the way …. he talks in ….slowmotion is so irritating and he never shuts up mosty pointing out the obvious and droning on and on repeating himself. had to mute it for a few minutes sometimes found it hard to concentrate on the game.

Yorkshire Gooner

Yeah I was swearing at the tv every time he said it. Even the main commentator said it at one point. Worst pundit I’ve heard and there’s a long list of poor ones (Owen, Waddle …)

Finsbury Park Gooner

Correct me if I’m wrong but if we’d scored they’d have needed 4 to progres? No?


Pepe is no Saka thats all I;m gonna say, I think we’d be best to cash in on him. he slows our play down so much, comes to the ball so much almost score but complicates his game so much Saka keeps things simple and fluid pass and go why can’t he? 50m I’ll take it


He is not Saka, but he was probably our best player tonight


What game where you watching, yes he’s no Saka but probably our best player? Between Pepe and Auba I couldn’t tell who was worse


I thought he was pretty good tonight. Did some important defensive work and was dangerous on the ball, would have scored if Smith Rowe hadn’t got in the way. Haven’t always rated him but he’s getting better.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I think he has been great as of late and was our best attacker tonight by a long way. I criticized him earlier in the season but have seen a huge turn around in form.


We don’t need two Sakas on the team. We need people who are just as dedicated, hardworking and creative. People who can add a different mix to the ‘soup’. In fairness, Pepe in the last few months has been the kind that we DO need!


I thought he put in some very good defensive work last night and he had a couple of good chances as well. Would have scored too if one of our guys hadn’t decided to become an Olympiacos defender long enough to deflect his shot in the second half.


Don’t particular care because I’m currently a Zagreb fan


10/10 for their keeper!

Non flying dutchman

Indwednwe need a rating fornyoung Mr Ortic


Now I’m a Milan fan


Utd look shit too I’m cautiously optimistic …

The only sp*rs i like is san antonio

Had a dream couple days ago that Milan would beat Man U and then face Spuds. Well, I guess the alternative now still feel so satisfying hahaha

Nikhil Agarwal

Could haunt us later, buddy


Yeah disappointing that was


Can I just say…….Sp*rs hahahhahahaha!


hahahahahahaha indeed

Crash Fistfight

Spursy in extremis, ha


Reverting to type


It’s the history of the Tottenham!

Giuseppe Hovno



bonus rating: 10/10 for Mislav Oršić

A Different George

Man, you have a way with that keyboard. You probably went from Ozil to Odegaard with no trouble.

Neál Martin

I’d give Steve Sidwell a solid 8


you have to be joking he is even worse then carney and macmanaman bt can really pick em


Mislav Orsic Man of the Match.

Michael T


Neál Martin

Hector Bellerin reminded me of that fat lad at 5-a-side you really don’t want to pass to. And immediately regret every time you do.


And yet he made the smoothest pass of the night and didn’t really make any mistakes in a poor team performance. He wasn’t great he wasn’t awful.

Winterburns right wand

You’re the one who never passes me the ball? I pay my money so I’m as entitled to play as you.

Neál Martin

If I didn’t pass it how could I regret it?

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)



When you feel really bad after seeing Arsenal play 90 of bad football but see that sp*rs are eliminated. I am now happy and content for the rest of the day whoever scored the hat trick for Zagreb is my new favorite player


We should definitely buy him.


Mislav Orsic is the name… the fella is scoring them for fun on a regular basis as well, might wanna remember that name.


The step up in class when Odegaard came on was clear. Partey on the other hand looked quite rough, his first touch seemed pretty loose. Hope he’s just working through the rust.

Martinelli looked bright in his minutes!


partey is very worrying. every time he plays now get makes big stupid mistakes and gets caught dawdling on the ball all the time. he looks like a guy who thinks he is a lot better than he is.


“every time he plays” = last two performances. He also ghosts away from players like no-one else we’ve got…


Not to be alarmist but Auba looked extremely unhappy tonight. There was a moment where I think KT wanted him to run into the space down the left. Auba wanted nothing to do with it and mouthed off I think to KT afterwards. This is run of the mill stuff with most players, but I can’t remember Auba ever acting out like that. Who knows if he’s just mad at himself, being benched, off the field stuff or what, but let’s hope he can get that good feeling back.


Don’t sweat it. He was frustrated with the earlier chances he missed. The pass was long and it was 80+ minutes, he was too knackered to chase a lost cause.


That’s not good enough for me from him, though. I feel like he does coast through games sometimes. Deffo needs a confidence lift.


Auba’s looked disengaged to me for the better part of this season… switched himself on for a few games but aside from that to me he seems unmotivated and like he’s just coasting on the hefty long-term contract he’s recently gotten for himself.


Play Auba if he looks like he is at it in the training, cause he is obviously a match-winning performer on his day, but if this persists I say it’s time for a change in the role… don’t see Laca as a player that has much of a future left at the club, Nketiah I don’t think is good enough from what we’ve seen of him… for me it seems like a chance to try out Martinelli as a striker, he seems pacey, direct, and clinical enough for me to think it could work, not much of a technical player… Read more »


And done it well*


I hate to say it, but…Auba’s about to be at the 2-years-remaining stage, right? If a big offer came this summer I wouldn’t have to think too hard about a fond farewell and turning the striker role over to a hold-up targetman; I feel like that’s what Arteta wants, someone who can link play like Laca but make more of all the crosses into the box. I’m curious if a flood of down-votes awaits me; I’m still 100% pro-Auba in general (but support Arteta on the benching Sunday), but we know what happens if you hang on to expensive, aging… Read more »


I mean, I’m with ya’ that it makes sense to entertain offers for a world class, but ageing, and somewhat out of form striker… it would be silly for the club to disregard an exceptional offer, I’m sure they are aware that any player his age cannot go on performing adequately at the highest level forever and that the money possibly gained for someone like him could be invested for a player, be it a striker or someone who plays elsewhere on the pitch, that would be a more long-term solution, so definitely no dislike from me, it’s a viable… Read more »


He looks like he needs a hungry younger striker trying to take his place.


auba should be sold in the summer. we can’t afford to be paying those wages for someone who just doesn’t look bothered anymore and is detrimental to our overall game.


Where are these mystery teams out there queuing up to buy 32 y/o strikers on 250k+ a week? Honestly, think we wouldn’t have sold Ozil, Sokratis, Mustafi, Kola, Mikitarian if we could have?

Jim Readings

More traffic jams in Muswell Hill is what needed.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Best comment of the night.

Hurts me to see him like tonight, no smile usually is an indication of how his nights gonna go.


Sp*rs= d ability to lose against oneself without any competitors


What you on about, yes, Spurs are always and forever shit ( no offense to shit ) and the opposite of quality… but what Dinamo did to ’em tonight was in one word, exceptional!


Greetings from Zagreb.
A lifelong Gooner and Bad Blue Boy




Never thought I’d say this but god bless Croatia


Thanks mate, those words are much appreciated by this Croatian Gooner! 🙂

Neál Martin

Mislav Orsic – 10


When one striker isn’t performing, bring on the other, Lacazette has started twice in the last 9 games. when Aubameyang doesn’t score it is practically playing with 10 men. We cannot sell Lacazette without getting a very good replacement otherwise we will be short of options up front, we cannot put this responsibility on Martinelli either.


May I just say that this Gooner is feeling especially proud to be a Zagreb living Croat at this particular moment in time! 😀


Feeling somewhat smug about myself too for kind of predicting it and knowing that Dinamo was gonna give them one helluva game today… right before they did, and turned the whole tie around in such a magnificient fashion 😀

No foot Norbert

Everyone gets a 10 simply because we tired spurs so much that they what themselves in Europe tonight.

No foot Norbert

Shat* stupid autodick


Martinelli would’ve scored that 1v1 that Auba missed by the way


Whole team was a little bit shit, forgot it all as I watched Jose and the turds go out to dinamo zagreb, fucking hilarious.


10/10 to Sp*rs for being so consistently Spursy


Bellerin with Pepe just doesn’t work on the right. Cedric with Pepe works. Bellerin with Saka works.

Northern Gooner

A broadly boring performance which occasionally flirted with catastrophe. I’m expecting a much finer footballing feast in our upcoming quarter-final against the runners-up in Yugoslavia’s seventh division.


Bit harsh on Ceballos, easily our best player in the first half and made two great chances that were squandered by Auba and Pepe. Looked comfortable in the 10 position, much moreso than as a 6. Martenelli looked very lively in what little time he had, hoping he can get more game time.

Paul Roberts

He was shit mate!


Ceballos has been involved in giving away four goals in Europe and is really slow on the ball. He seems to lose his concentration after about 20 minutes and then gets progressively worse as the game goes on, he made some chances but he also gave away the ball that led to their goal, he’s not what we need. Gabi did more in ten minutes than Auba did all game, I also hope he plays more.


Have to agree to disagree, I didn’t see this “slowness” that some people have complained about myself, nor do I think it’s fair to blame him for a goal that happened on the other side of the pitch.


His decision making was poor, but I think it’s down to not being 1st choice. I think he is trying too hard to impress.


I know where you’re coming from. He did good stuff, he did bad stuff. Definitely seemed sluggish, but also can really pick a pass, and we don’t see that often enough from him when he plays deeper.


good to see Martinelli back, finally

Paul Roberts

I love his smiley face but the only thing Auba brings is his brilliant finishing ability. His hold up play and distribution as a centre forward is sorely lacking. Criminal misses today.


He is pretty awful (by elite standards) at anything apart from kicking the ball in the net. Nights like tonight when he doesn’t manage to do that, he seems genuinely average.


This must have been Auba s worst performance with the red n white.
Ceballos Partey also were pretty bad.

At least we rested some players


The ones who played seemed to be resting as well



Jon R

1000/10 Spurs


I watched the game at my brother’s place, he’s Man U scum and I left straight after Arsenal. We both agreed it was a pretty shit game by Arsenal but “gee look at that Spuds are losing, let’s hope that stands” and we parted ways by both uttering our contempt for Spuds and how much we’d like them to crash out.

An hour’s drive home later and lo and behold…unlucky Spuds! Unlucky Maureen! So long cunts! Made my fucking day it has.


Is it just me or is anyone else also quite concerned about Thomas‘ form? We brought him at an age and for a price where you don’t calculate with a season long adaptation phase but he looks nowhere near worth the money we paid for him and that’s a big concern for me. Hope it‘s just the fact that he’s struggling for fitness but that’s by far not what I’ve expected when we signed him. Regarding today’s game. Let’s forget about it as soon as possible and enjoy the misery from that lot down the road. Hope for a good… Read more »


He seems to fold under pressure and he’s given away some really poor free kicks in dangerous areas and made some pretty awful passes at the very moments he should be calming it down and helping to keep the ball. For the money we paid and the fact that he’s an experienced player I expected better. He’s good when he has time on the ball,hopefully he’s still adapting to the speed of the league but yes, I have concerns.


There’s other times he’s got past 5 players and kept the ball. He’s off the boil not shot.


Yeah, this is what I think. Moving to London during Covid must suck, too.


I’m not trying to be a smartarse, really I’m not. And I know this was a poor game for him.

But what should I be looking for to see how good Partey is?

I mean he’s better than Elneny, clearly, but he’s not much different to Xhaka on one of Xhaka’s good days to my eye.

What am I missing?

El Mintero

I think he’s had a difficult stop-start season and has been injured just when he’s getting some form then he’s out and has to start over again. His early season form was enough for me to see a very skilled player who, if he gets a good run of games, will pay dividends for us in the long run.


A little harsh on auba I feel. Yes he’s off form but Sokratis had a great game today and he has trained against auba for the best part of a decade.


Sadly we played crap, relieved were still in the hat but hilariously funny watching the spuds crumble. And 20/20 for the hat-trick from Mislav Orsic. Lol

Merlin’s Panini

So what’s the betting it’s Villarreal next?


Would love them in the final.

Cosmos Forever

Glad to go through. Glad that Spurs crapped out. But our captain was horrible. He shouldnhave eaten up that slow back line. Didn’t look hungry tonight.


I don’t know if it’s just me but I am unable to see most of the new articles in home page. I had to open ‘Matches and team news’ to see this. If this is an issue with the page, you might want to get it sorted.


A few clear learning from my seat on the old Parker Knoll: Odegaard is different class to Dani – effortless vs trying really hard. Flashes of a growing ‘sync’ with Pepe which, if it flourishes (and we keep him) will torment teams for years to come (you heard it here first!) Saka – given a chance and grabbed it; ESR – given a chance and grabbed:… cue Martinelli to take some load off/light a rocket under a clearly jaded Auba. Mik simply HAS to give him some game time now! Thought the hat-trick would dust Auba’s cobwebs off but it… Read more »


8/10 to sokratis he was better than any of our players


Sokrates was our best player



Gooner 49

All to predictable!!! Good solid performance away to be thrown away with a very turgid and poor showing at home.
Auba never been my favourite player.


A very good analysis of the game I thought, much better than the one on the Arsenal website. Arsenal went into the game far too complacent, and when things started going badly wrong were unable to raise their level. Very similar to Sp*rs on the night although their performance was far worse. I will probably regret saying this but I think we will perform much better on Sunday.

Exit the Lemming

If Auba doesn’t hit the net he really doesn’t offer much else and couldn’t have scored in a Welsh Disco tonight. Ceballos delights and irritates in about a 30/70 ratio and was once again culpable for their goal. Martinelli looked lively and dangerous when he came on but should be embarrassed at stooping to simulation to get a fellow pro dismissed. Yes it was a foul but the red card was a joke. Odegaard gave us a bit of authority and penetration when Olympiakos briefly threatened to grab a second just after half time. Although Leno was rarely troubled we… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

You have to be pretty decent to beat Rangers at the moment. Slavia Prague will be a tough tie.

Andrew B Mostovoy

I can’t help, but feel that Auba has caught a case of Ozilitis. Sign big contract, stop performing.

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