Arsenal have been drawn against Slavia Prague in the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

The Gunners faced the Czech side in the group stages of the 2007 Champions League, thumping them 7-0 at the Emirates before a drab 0-0 away.

The current outfit are no mugs, they’ve knocked out both Leicester and Scottish champions Rangers in the knockout stages so far.

Matches will be played on the 8th (Emirates) and 15th April.

If we come through that tie, we’ll then face either Dinamo Zagreb or Unai Emery’s Villarreal in the semi-finals.

QF draw
Granada vs Manchester United
Arsenal vs Slavia Prague
Ajax vs AS Roma
Dinamo Zagreb vs Villarreal

SF draw
Granada / Manchester United vs Ajax / Roma
Dinamo Zagreb / Villarreal vs Arsenal / Slavia Prague

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Not the easiest of draw, it seems that they like to play team from the uk.


Not sure we could have had a much better route to the finals TBH. Nothing is easy at this point.


My thoughts exactly, it couldnt be much better. One game at a time of course… I just have an icky feeling about potentially meeting Utd in the final

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Hopefully Micky’s Roma knock them out in the semi’s. I wouldn’t fancy Utd in the final with the way our luck has gone this season and the way Bruno Fernandes scores penalties for fun.

A Different George

Yeah, but if we play United in the final, it won’t be an English referee. Harder to get penalties. Maybe Fernandes gets carded for the third or fourth foul he commits, instead of waiting for six.


Why Icky? We’re better than the red Mancs. COYG.

Johnny 4 Hats

I don’t think I could’ve picked it too much better. If we don’t make the finals then somethings gone pretty wrong…




it means we are pants ie we cant beat these 3rd rate teams and then dream of champions league–
if we dont get to the final mikel should be sacked

Johnny 4 Hats

People will say that Villarreal are going well in la liga.

But this is a league where the team at the top has Kieran Trippier as their first choice RB.


Second not third rate. This is the Europa League.

Non flying dutchman

Leicester took the fixture for granted, resting players onlynfor us to beat them onnthe weekend anyway.

Rangers congratulations to them for winning their league, but Arsenal are better then Rangers

Runcorn Gooner

Arteta has to target this competition as a priority.

A lot of the other teams will already be in contention for a CL place.

Play sensibly and WE WILL WIN IT.


Slavia are a good side and deserve respect but with the Mancs, Ajax and Roma in the other side of the draw we really can’t complain.
If we’re switched on and humble in the next four games then we should make the final.

SB Still

Yes, good draw for us. Could it have a little more difficult for ManU – they could have been drawn against Ajax or Romania 1st.


Would love to know your opinion of an easy draw. I think we got very lucky avoiding Ajax, United and Roma on our side


The semifinals will be hard


Quarters need to be won first.

Runcorn Gooner

Never forget Olympiakos last year. Mustn’t fall into the same trap.


Seeing as they got a Bye in the last round I fancy us


7-0 with a Walcott double, I can feel it


With Hleb pulling all the strings. I’m buzzing for it already


when we are already on this trip to memory lane, Tom Rosicky is Slavia’s current sporting director.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Rosicky is sporting director of SPARTA Prague.







Oh well, I guess I messed this up big time. Not that familiar with Czech football. But you gotta admit, it sounds quite similar 🙈

Nainsley Aitland Miles

No big deal mate. But it would be like a Slavia fan saying Rosicky used to play for Tottenham.

Ugwu Abel Oforkansi

That was then not now


Praga, and then if we win vs winner of Zagreb or Unai Emery.
Probably as good a draw as we could have hoped.


Not too bad.
Face off against Unai in the semis then!


Amen to you BlahBlah

Non flying dutchman

He’s is a very good record in this competition.

Baku notwithstanding

Neil McLintock

Should we progress, we are now on track to meet Villarreal in the semi final


Bring it on. Villarreal in the semis just like old times 😉 COYG!!

Saint Santi

One of the best draws possible! A favorable quarter-final draw, and then WHEN we advance, we play the winner of Villareal and Dinamo Zagreb in the semi-finals. Much rather that than the winner of Roma and Ajax. COYG

Walter White

Good ebening


With that semifinal draw, no offence to the other teams but we really only have ourself not to blame if we don’t get to the final.
Roma or United in the final … we can do this!


we really only have ourself not to blame if we don’t get to the final.”

Up against our ol’ worst enemy again.




Very painful away trip to miss for the fans.


Man, Prague is a beautiful city I have to say. I was there during the 2019 champions league final, the mugsmashers were out in the streets, engaging on revelry.

Sigh! I miss traveling.


Lets fucking go!!!!


Would have preferred Granada, but we’ll play what’s in front of us.


Well, this isn’t an easy draw. I live in Prague. Was a season ticket holder in 19/20. Not exactly a Slavia fan, more of a way to get together with my friends for a beer & a game of football. They are always tactically well prepared, drilled and follow the plan meticulously. Lots of experience from Europa in this team. Their n.1 GK is probably out for the rest of the season after having a bone in his cheek fractured last night. There might be some more aftermath after last night’s game since as one of Slavia players allegedly had… Read more »


Just. Wow.

Cranky Colin

Thanks for the update Yen.
Mad stuff alright!!


Yeah, it seemed like a tight encounter yesterday, but they have a really good striker whose name escapes me and a good team whose gonna give us two tough games.


Yeah, they’ve got Abdallah Sima, originally from Segenal. He’s more of a winger than striker (yet started on top last night). 19yo kid, fast, tall, great in the air. His first season in top Czech division: 19G + 6A in 33 games.

Funny story, they got him from a 3rd Czech division and he hit the ground running immidiately. He’s in for a big move soon. Wouldn’t be surprised if Prem clubs were interested since Slavia have great relationship with West Ham after selling them Soucek + Coufal during last season.


That’s the guy and that Olayinka looks a handful as well, shame about the Kamara stuff, I hope it doesn’t cloud the tie…


Yep, Olayinka is very good too. He’s a tireless presser, but that applies to the whole team – they’ll be tactically prepared to the perfection and I believe they’ll press hard when we play from the back to force mistakes and fouls around the penalty area as they’re great at dead ball situations.


Whoa, just looked at the pictures. He’s got a fractured skull and a deep laceration across his forehead! Hope he recovers well from it.

Vic Akers' shorts

Adding the fact that the player on recieving end of the racist abuse is former Arsenal acadamy graduate, Glen Kamara, I think we should have more than enough motivation to beat this team now. COYG


saw the GK incident just in the highlights – the Rangers chap basically kicks the guy in the face, studs up. I mean, I don’t think it was deliberate but it demonstrates why the ‘high foot’ thing exists

Giuseppe Hovno

I watched their game last night as my wife is Czech (although not from Prague) and I was quite impressed by Slavia. I don’t know how good/bad Rangers are but Slavia were really quick at moving the ball around them. On the basis of that performance we should not underestimate them. I said to my partner that I wondered if he had said something racist given the way he had covered his mouth and then all the shit kicked off. Such a pointless and horrible thing to do. Such a shame as now the Czechs can’t even take pride in… Read more »

Once a gunner

We don’t need smashing all we need is to qualify to the next round just basics


Good to stay clear of Manure. Rangers won in Prague, so we should be able to do that in second leg. Two ebenings against Dick Emery would be fun!


Rangers drew 1:1 in Prague only because of a miraculous save by their goalkeeper in the 90th minute


I see making fun of Emery accent is still a thing.. sigh..


Beat me to it. Was going to say that it was mildly amusing the first 100 times we heard it. Three years ago.

Naked Cygan

We avoided United/Roma/Ajax so that is the good news. The bad news is we could get beat by Grimsby Town if we play like we did yesterday. So it really doesn’t matter who we get, it all matters on which Arsenal shows up on the day.


Yes, unfortunately we’re drawn against arsenal in every round and when they’re on it, they can put it past Leno at will

David C

A lot of comments on here overlooking who good this Prague side is. They haven’t lost in their league this year. I think this is a tricky one. Happy that we are the away team in the second leg in case we need an extra 30 for an away goal.


They are all hard teams. Yes, Praha are good, but I’d shade Manure, Roma, and Ajax over them. So all in all it’s a pretty good draw. That doesn’t underestimate them, it’s just the reality. It’s European 1/4s, we have REALLY hard games to come.


Olympiakos also have an amazing record in their league. But we buried them in the first leg, tie over.


Slavia has amazing record in European competitions in last couple of years as well. In 18/19, they beat Sevilla in round of 16, only to be eliminated by Chelsea in quarter finals (score 5:3). In 19/20, they had a brutal CL group of Barca, Dortmund and Inter. They tied with Barcelona and Inter AWAY. 2 of their former players, Soucek and Coufal, are killing it for West Ham right now. And yet they’ve been pretty unaffected by these sales as their coach is doing amazing job. I mean, our biggest opponent is ourselves, but Slavia isn’t gonna give us anything… Read more »


End of the day its about us, what Arsenal turns up, we know we are good but slip up time after time, correct our errors we are a decent team, 2 weeks ago a certain media was saying if our next games lost our season over, 2 draws 2 wins & final win we’re playing Tuesday/Wednesday in Europe next season ..


prague are no pushovers, but we have the quality to reach the semis #COYG


What do I do, what do I do? Slavia is my local team and Arsenal is my global team. Arsenal have better chance of winning the trophy, but… Slavia… oh the turmoil. I am fu**ked


Or it’s a win-win! Whomever wins, it’s a team you support


Yeah, I think I’ll be happy either way, so all in all a great draw. But I am very disappointed that I can’t see the match. Been to the Emirates just once so this would be a great opportunity for me to see Arsenal…

Walter White

Any insight on this Slavia team?


Lot of pressing and running, well organized defense, dangerous crosses from fullbacks, versatile players that can play multiple positions (e.g. in the Rangers game Oscar Dorley played RW – he usually plays LB or even CM), pace on the wings and creativity + technical skills from Stanciu. Our 1st choice GK was almost killed in the Rangers game. He will have to wear a protective mask / helmet like Petr Cech used to, so there will probably have to be a backup keeper who is just 18 years old – that will be Slavia’s weakness.


Come support the Arsenal for this one, my friend 🙂


Sounds like you can’t lose either way

Cranky Colin

Martinelli time!!!


On the UEFA web site, they also make it clear that the final will be played between the winner of semi final I and semi final II.


Good to know. I did not know that 😛


Ah the winners of Semi Final III must be livid then xD


And now who says UEFA don’t care about fans?


They draw it cause of the homeright


Knew it was fixed 😐


Is it a coincidence that Arsenal + United have been kept apart, and both semi’s have the potential to be quite tasty?

Always inevitable that Arteta vs Emery would become a thing,,,,


Granada vs the Mighty Arsenal in the final then. Bring it on


This is a final draw for Arsenal if they keep their heads up. There is enough ammunition in the team. COYG

Amobi U C

God will see us through and we are going to win all our game till we reach final


God is an Arsenal fan – he’s also a DJ.

Once a gunner

We will win in the final game to lift d trophy 🏆 for God knows when


And then what happens?


I believe Arsenal will limp through to the final, where Man U will be wating. The outcome will rely heavily on who’s available on the night. The team we started Thursday will not beat Manchester United.

Viv The 🐐

As we see, it could not even beat Olympiacos.


I doubt we will see the team that started Thursday ever start again. It was our one and only chance for the rest of the season to actually rotate players and rest some key names like Saka, Partey, Odegaard etc.
That said, Ceballos has went down in the pecking order after his last few games. He’s been really bad

Cranky Colin

The team we started Thursday won’t be playing

Murphy was an Arsenall Fan

Slavia Prague, and if we win, then Villareal (Emery) or Spud-beaters. This should, in theory, be the easier path to navigate. Then again, based on last night, we have to play the opposition, plus the part of Arsenal’s psyche that desperately wants to lose. At least UEFA has done its part, which is more than we can say after years of Barca/Bayern in the round of 16. (But then we should’ve done well against Monaco).

Viv The 🐐

Hear attacks are certified. I just hope we don’t take any of those matches easy. Atleast Spurs bombed out and gave me something to cheer.


Nothing is easy at the moment. Will take this! COYG! The only team I hope to avoid entirely is Manure. Arteta has beaten Ole so many times the law of averages might actually be on his side.


this. I am also confident we can go toe to toe against united, but child face smug has lost too many times against us and is due a win now.

Public Elneny

Not that it will be easy, but that’s quite a kind draw as far as the possibilities were


No walk overs here, both Slavia and potentially semifinal opponents are very good teams coming so far. Us playing like yesterday we could be beaten by anybody.
But if Mikel hide our self destruction buttom and don’t borrow the one owned by Sp*rs, I’ve got high hopes for us getting to the final again.

Once a gunner

I like the phrase “hide our self destructive bottom”


Could certainly have been worse, but it will depend in part on which Arsenal turns up. If it’s the one in the second half against Olympiacos then it could be harder going than necessary. We should get through though.

Jean Ralphio

Watched the Leicester game and they are Olympiakos level at least, I’d say. They have a good young striker


On paper, the minimum is the final for based on this draw. But again this is Arsenal.

matt keeler

That is a good draw isn’t it.
Really hope we can progress and meet Ajax in the final


Who have Sp*rs got in the next round?
Oh yeah, that’s right….


Now, now. Let’s not intrude into private grief … but Jose’s face was a picture though.

Runcorn Gooner

Thank you Gael. Could have been a lot harder draw.


Looking at the comments, a lot of you guys seriously underestimate Slavia. Not saying that Arsenal shouldn’t progress – they absolutely should based on their stature and squad price. But Slavia plays really good football and I’m afraid that Arsenal won’t be able to deal with their press. These guys have no problem to run like 12km in a single match, they are everywhere. If they lose the ball they immediately press the opponent and win it back. If they are in a winning position they can sit deeper and play for the counter attacks thanks to their pacy wingers.… Read more »


Yes, I agree it probably won’t be a pushover – and it depends on part upon whether we continue to make silly mistakes as well. Overall, I think we’ll get through but there’s no room for complacency.


Cheers to another fellow Czech fan, who seems to like South Park as well! Cool guy!

Eddy F

Bring it on. Lets send these (alleged) racists back to the Czech Republic with their tails between their legs.


Man, I am from the Czech Republic and I find this a bit offensive. One Slavia player (Kúdela) lost it for a moment and said something, because that over-the-top agressive game of Rangers (2 red cards, they could get even several more, Slavia could have 2 penalties). And I truly believe it was misinterpreted, because generally level of English of Czech football players is not very high. Disgrace play from Rangers, really. I don’t think Kúdela is racist, Slavia has (and had) many players from Africa and fans love them, team spirit is strong. Nobody writes about brutal and malicious… Read more »


Čus, odkud jsi? 😀 jinak samozřejmě souhlasím.

Parisian Weetabix

If Kudela said what Kamara alleges he said then you cannot go trying to find an excuse for it. And while it may be that there isn’t enough evidence to prove it legally, it’s pretty clear from the reaction that Kudela said something abhorrent. Watch the video. Kamara isn’t going to react like that because someone called him a “fucking guy” – that doesn’t even make sense as an insult. Rangers played dirty: they got knocked out of Europe. Roofe kicked the keeper in the face: he got a red card. That’s justice. But neither playing bad football or accidentally… Read more »


I’m from Slovakia and I find your belief that a player you presumably don’t know personally ISN’T racist a little naive. There absolutely IS an undercurrent of racism in our two countries and people are much less sensitive to racist language – including straight up slurs. A friend of mine met some professional footballers (including some former Slovakia internationals) when he was doing some physical therapy and he mentioned that he was surprised by the racist shit they were saying about their black teammates (who weren’t present). Maybe Kúdela did say something racist, maybe he didn’t, but saying he wouldn’t… Read more »


A sensible, balanced viewpoint. I think there is a strong possibility that racist language was used, there seems to be more tolerance as you correctly say. Agree that rangers are a filthy dirty side and there’s absolutely no excuse for kicking a goalkeeper in the face and fracturing his skull, that’s assault and Roofe should be banned for a long time.


I’m not downplaying racism. Racism don’t have place anywhere. If Kúdela said it, yes, he should be punished accordingly. Well, he was later punched by Kamara in the face and Steve G and UEFA officials watched it, so…:-). I will tell you what is justice – presumptiton of innocence, basic principle of the criminal law. You don’t have any evidence? That’s bad. Because then you can’t impose a punishment. But we are not certain. It’s word against word. And now an absurd, almost international conflict. Rangers has experience with false accusations. Steve G defended in the past blatant racism from… Read more »

I love Tomas rosicky

That’s a fair enough explanation Mate, cheers!


On paper this is the best draw for route to finals. However I would have preferred someone we are not favourites to beat as we don’t do easy

Baichung Bhutia

I miss the champions league and getting spanked by Bayern.


Let’s hope we don’t get a small smack in the EL though.


I really hope he finds his best team in next few weeks. A fully fit partey should help. There’s a decent team in there somewhere. But let’s be honest the dog on the street knows Pepe and bellerin don’t function, cébalos is finished (with us anyway) and aubamayang has to fin his scoring form. All wrongs off seasons can be undone with a strong finish🤞


A potential semifinal against Villareal? Brings back memories of Jens’ penalty save and subsequent jumping on my bedroom. COYG

Once a gunner

I hope MA see quality players and reasonable price to buy in this team to strengthen our team for next season. He should pull us through also to the next round. GOOD DRAW. COYG


People complaining about the EL drawing are attention whores that post for the likes/dislikes.
It’s a fantastic draw for us. Couldn’t be happier.

Laca New Signing

I’ll have a tenner on Arsenal beating Man Utd in the final to lift the trophy! 💪


Fucking finally.
I’m from Slovakia and I’m sick and tired of both Czech and Slovak public tv stations constantly showing Slavia matches in the Europa League.

No more shitty streams!


Fantastic draw. Let’s be honest: all of the real quality is on the other side of the draw. We are a much better side than Rangers and if we turn up should see off Slavia Prague over two legs.

It was written in the stars that we’d come up against our old manager. I bet Uni can’t wait to put one over on us. But we should beat them too.

Arsenal v Man United final? I hope so!

Merlin's Panini

I’d rather Granada in the final, thanks.


No! Can you imagine the enormous pleasure that seeing off OGS and all those annoying United fans in a European final would bring?

Besides, our record against United in cup finals is great (‘79 and ‘05). Arsenal being Arsenal we’d probably fuck up a game like Granada; but we’d see off United or Ajax.

Bring it on!


Fats, I remember back in the day you were the voice of doom. Nice to see you are now the voice of optimism!


Wenger’s gone

Quarter Final draw; Arsenal VS Arsenal.
Semi Final draw; Arsenal or Arsenal VS Arsenal or Arsenal.

Non - flying dutchman

In which case my money is on the Arsenal

Actually you know what better to just keep it in my pocket