Thursday, March 30, 2023

Saka starts: West Ham v Arsenal team news

Arsenal take on West Ham at the London Stadium today, looking for three points to bolster our league position.

Here are the official line-ups.

West Ham: Fabianski, Coufal, Dawson, Diop, Cresswell, Soucek, Rice, Lingard, Bowen, Benrahma, Antonio

Subs: Martin, Trott, Balbuena, Alves, Fredericks, Johnson, Noble, Lanzini, Odubeko

Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Luiz, Mari, Tierney, Xhaka, Partey, Odegaard, Saka, Aubameyang, Lacazette

Subs: Ryan, Cedric, Holding, Gabriel, Elneny, Ceballos, Smith Rowe, Pepe, Martinelli

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Good line-up. COYR!




Doing brilliantly are’nt they?


where is Bellerin?


Where is Willian?


On the moon with Elvis?


Injured till early April

Anders Limpar

I’d rather see Cedric at rb than Chambo, it’s his natural position.

Walter White

33 % of their goals this season have been set pieces. Might be why


Is he on the way to go to PSG? Very likely…


Forget Bellerin, it is to counter their aerial threat.
More concerning for me is Auba back out on the left again, I thought we had ditched this for good. Disappointing.

Bleeding gums murphy

Aubamayang can finish from the left cutting in and curling in but is very limited with link up and any other attribute really. We have enjoyed saka smith Rowe odegarrd and the precision play Wenger taught us. Unfortunately Arteta will continue trying to find space for others signed on long contracts who may not quite fit with where we seem to be or certainly stumbled upon going.

Public Elneny

Auba’s played the majority of his career on the left, including virtually all of his first 2.5 seasons here when he was tearing it up

He can play CF against some teams, or if we’re dominant enough in possession to be able to work the ball into the final 3rd easily. But other times you need someone who can hold and link the play better


Bellerin is clearly not in Arteta’s long term plans. Sorry to see him go but hope we get a good price for him off PSG.

Naked Cygan

Good to see Saka is OK. Not sure Chambers has had enough time to start a game. Cedric should be first choice.


He did ok against Burnley.

Naked Cygan

1-1 with Burnley is not OK.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

He should have made more of that bad pass from Xhaka

Naked Cygan

I see you have very low standards.


He’d be very useful against WEST Ham’s aerial thread


Sometimes, I don’t understand Arteta’s choices. So Holding is all of a sudden not to be trusted? Why is Luiz starting again today after playing 90 minutes the last 4 or so games?

I know there’s an international break after today, but the man looked extremely fatigued last Thursday. He is no longer as he used to be.

Hopefully, Antonio doesn’t bully him this afternoon.


*As young as


Bro calm down, with all due respect, there must be a reason why he is the coach and you are not.


What’s wrong with Henkamp asking a reasoned and valid question? Luiz has been pretty good recently, but he’s almost 34 years old and can probably use a rest. Holding has also been very good this year and probably could cope better with West Ham’s aerial threat.

Trying to shut down debates with, “you are not [position X], shut up” is ridiculous. That must be why coaches never get fired–they are the coaches and owners are not.


Wish I could thumb this up many times.


Yeah Henkamp, don’t be giving your opinion on the team selection on here. Where do you think you are, a website for Arsenal fans to give their opinion???

Baichung Bhutia

I have trouble understanding his selections as well but somehow in the end it works out. It will be a very interesting summer this season, maybe It will throw some insight into who Arteta trusts and who he doesn’t. Also whoever is left out comes back and plays with a great attitude, so there doesn’t seem to be any split in the team.

Man Manny

Tasty line up with real firepower.

Mick Malthouse

Every time I think Arteta has messed up his selection, we win easy!


Looks like a lot of game time management going on, which I don’t have a problem with. Good to see Rob Holding at least near to the pitch again, I’d have played him in place of Luiz but not my call.

Martin Harris

Come on lads we can do this!


Strong line up. We need all the points so let’s hope we can get them. I suspect it will be a tight game – assuming we don’t make any silly mistakes, which can’t be guaranteed unfortunately.

As we haven’t kept a clean sheet since Nelson lost his eye (or a few months anyway) now would be a good time to try and break that run as well.


Holding for luiz considering number of game played.please with chambers to deal with ur ariel treath .would rather lover to seem.rowe continue in his no 10 role.
Matinelli for auba would have been fine but who am i to decide ….hmmmmm

Teryima Adi


Once a gunner

How can MA use Chambers in RWB he is not a proper RWB when he has natural RWB on the bench


Not a great start. Come on lads!!

SB Still

We are so lethargic, it’s Tierney who needed a break but the rest don’t be at the races!



SB Still

Double embarrassing

Naked Cygan

You get what you deserve when standards are low.


gosh that’s awful, fck


This team eh?! One or two good results and they start believing their own hype. One step forward 2 steps back.

Utter shit.

SB Still

Not just the team, Arteta and the fans as well.

We had to funking get 3 points today but from the team selection onwards, to the lethargic performance till we went 2 goals behind, we have been terrible.

Let’s see what we are made of.


Arteta should be out at the end of the season.
How the can anyone argue there has been progression at this club?
We have gone from being a championship contender to regular champions league qualification to top five and now to mid table mediocrity that struggles to beat teams like Olympiakos.
And this is supposedly “progress”
Progress to a loser like Arteta may be…..


The game has long started but these fuckers seem to realize just now. Bull


SO slow and ponderous.


trust the process?
arteta: “I suffer when moyes suffers.”
roger that.
now onto some auba sulking

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Xhaka, again, really?
Losing 2-0 after 20 minutes to a Moyes West Ham, really?
Yep, I think Arteta was right about us going bang!..but not in the way he expected.
Don’t have faith that this manager has what it takes.
Let the thumbs down begin!


We are destined for mediocrity as long as Xhaka is the ‘leader’ of this team.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Poor and amateur decision by arteta to put chambers at RB.


And play all our out of form players

He was man of the match. Poor and amateur comment.


I’d give it to Odegaard or Laca but yes he was good.

Naked Cygan

Look on the bright side lads. Chambers will help with all the west ham long balls in the air. Auba on the right?? Hahaha what a jk


Auba on the right is laughable. If he isn’t up top he shouldn’t be on the pitch, we have better options at left and right wing.

Bleeding gums murphy

Could not agree more, our forward play is hampered badly when home in wing unfortunately. Look at difference last week with smith Rowe on left and saka on right.


We are basically playing with 10 men having him out there. GET HIM OFF!!


“When asked about Tottenham’s elimination by Zagreb, Arteta told The Daily Mirror: “It shows as well the level of opposition, that people take for granted that you play against an opponent and you will go through, because the name of the club that they represent.”

Looks like he is taking Westham for granted


Arteta talks a big game about progression and the “pain” getting there.

There is NO progression at Arsenal – just one step forward and two back all season long with him.

Arteta is the worst manager we have had for decades.

And this Arsenal side is going nowhere.

And 2-0 down after twenty one minutes after an all too familiar weekly collapse.

That’s progression according to Arteta.

Murphy was an Arsenall Fan

We are getting f*cked over by West Ham. Arsenal today are last week’s Sp*rs

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Wasn’t Liverpool the last time we conceded three?


So far Ødegaard the only one not trying to take five touches before making a pass.


Is this a joke?!!!


And 3-0 down now.
And Arteta is still in a fucking job…

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Arteta out.



Now I see the difference between an experienced coach and a noob.


second goal is entirely due to bad coaching.


Yes but in defence of Arteta whose job was to go out and get the coffee and doughnuts…


Even at underage you are coached not to turn your back on the ball and stay alert. That goal was down to the players wether it’s due to tiredness or just a momentary lack of concentration . Players fault all day long.


lack of concentration is not tolerable after you just conceded. staying focused during a game is something a player needs to be constantly reminded of. soft coaching.


This is a new level of shite.

Bleeding gums murphy

Leno becoming a liability. All they have to do is press and he makes wrong decision 6 out of every ten times.

Naked Cygan

Most of our fans are OK with level. Idk why, but they are. For some reason, Arteta can do no wrong. He sat next to Pep….that might have something to do with it.


32 minutes: 3-0. Piss poor shower of shite. Right, that’s me done for today. I’ve got better ways to spend my day off work than watch these incompetent clowns.


Can’t blame you. I turned it on late already at 2-0. I almost turned it off immediately. At least the last 15 min or so were positive.


And how do you feel now? We tied it. I understand the frustration but you must always back your team. COYG


Not much better, really. Teams don’t play to get draws – you certainly don’t win titles or get into Europe by thinking draws are good enough. I have backed the team for over 40 years now and always will but sometimes it just gets too depressing and not worth ruining your day off. Unless we are aiming for mid-table mediocrity, I’m not sure Arteta is the answer – we shall see by the end of the season.


I always said Laca is the best striker, look at Auba h’s like a Doll on the ground


Laca THE BEST WHEN AUBA OUT, I’ll persist on it


To be fair, form went down the toilet since that Lamela sending off. Lol.


Auba & Luiz should hv been ‘rested’ for this game.


ha ha
looks like they are resting…


One of the laziest inept performances ever.


I remember a time when Arsenal were a good football team…


Was a long long time ago

SB Still

This team only starts playing after shooting themselves in the arse.

Naked Cygan

Why couldn’t we start the game how we started the 2nd half? ??????? Why did we sit back with so much fear and let west ham f*k us over? Why not just play and attack we no fear??????


Why is aubameyang still on the pitch. Genuinely one of the worst performances of an arsenal player i’ve ever seen and the bar for that is pretty high.


Get the f**k in there!!!!!!!!




This roster gave 32 straight minutes of depression then somehow squeaked a draw. It wasn’t the greatest performance

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