Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Lucas Torreira wants to be closer to home after family tragedy

Lucas Torreira wants to move back to South America to be closer to his family following the death of his mother this week from Covid-19.

The midfielder, currently on loan at Atletico Madrid, has returned to Uruguay after bring given time off by the La Liga club, but is clearly feeling the distance as he says he wants to play for Boca Juniors.

Speaking to ESPN Argentina, he said, “I want to be close to my home, my family. I have a contract at Arsenal and I am on loan at Atletico but I want to go to Boca. I hope the clubs can agree.

“It’s been two years since I was enjoying myself personally, I haven’t had continuity. I don’t play like I want.

“Hopefully the teams will agree a loan for a year. Because I don’t know how many millions I’m worth, but for Boca it’s a lot of money.”

And on his tragic loss, he said, “I am trying to understand the situation. It is difficult to come to terms with it but as time passes, we will come to live with this pain.

“My mother was 53 years old and died from Covid. There was an outbreak in Fray Bentos and she spent 11 days fighting but on Monday morning I received the worst news.

“The night my mother died, one of the first to hear the news was my agent. I said I don’t want to play in Europe anymore, I want to play for Boca.

“I have made my decision. I will do it for my father. He asked me and I’m going to do it.”

Firstly, condolences to Lucas on the loss he and his family have suffered. It’s a devastating way to lose a family member.

Secondly, as we’ve seen some backlash on social media towards the player for his comments, let’s just remember that this only happened a few days ago, he is likely to be highly emotional, and his desire to be close to his family is completely understandable.

He will be returning to Madrid, where his unhappy loan spell with Atletico will continue, and after that his future can be decided by us in the summer.

Until then, give the man some peace.

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Losing a parent is never easy. lets not judge him on his comments for few months. Also remember at start of the season – pep guardiola was so indifferent after he lost his mother. He did not care if city won or lose. Lets give torreira some personal space and let time work its magic on everything.


Scratch “for a few months.” If he wants to play on his home continent, there’s nothing to judge him negatively for.


People who cannot give this man a break right now, only sees a player and fails to see the human.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

who votes this comment down? Where is your humanity?


Either a twisted other club fan or a keyboard pondlife who posts negativity from his miserable life, give the guy a break he lost his mum ffs..


The report about a possible move back to Boca Juniors was in the press earlier today, but I don’t think the circumstances around his mother’s death was mentioned. Looks likely he’ll be returning home in the summer.


Absolutely understand his point of view, BUT this is professional football not a charity and we’ve payed too much for him to just gift him to Boca now. But this looks like another hard job for Edu come the summer.
Condolences to him and his family. Hope he gets over it well. Hugely tragic to lose someone that close that way.


Even Torreira himself seems to recognise that it’s easier said than done.
“Hopefully the teams will agree a loan for a year. Because I don’t know how many millions I’m worth, but for Boca it’s a lot of money.”

Let’s wait and see. He will need time, space and support to heal.


Without been disrespectful to his loss, Why specifically to Boca?
I mean If his target is to go back to South America he shouldn’t name a specific club. It sounds a bit fishy

Santi’s Thigh Grab

it would be River Plate or Boca, the two top teams in Buenos Aires who could afford him. And growing up you are either BOCA or River. His family is obviously Boca so River not even an option. Makes complete sense.


Well I dont want to sound heartless bastard as another person on this comments.
However when you grieve you dont go out trying to Engineer moves with ill- adviced interviews.

Or at least in my culture.
In fact using your personal family struggles or even joy, to play with the public sentiment then…

Just to add to Santi’s point.

Buenos Aires is also the closest metropolitan area to Torreira’s hometown of Fray Bentos. It’s about a three hour’s drive away it seems.


All those giving him slack about comments can kindly piss off!

Footballers are human beings, yes, very well paid athletes but Lucas also a very young adult, thousands of miles away from his family.

My condolences to him and his family. Whatever his thoughts are, I respect them. Playing for Boca to be close to his family is a respectable request.


So is a desireable transfer fee on Arsenal’s part for a player that’s under contract, who’s been useless and a whiner for years now, and is now all of a sudden pimping his own mother’s death to revive his failing career by asking for a move elsewhere to be closer to his family, on Arsenal’s cost, because apparently he wants to be with his family that’s in Uruguay… except, funnily enough, the move he is requesting is a move to Argentina…xD

I mean, how dumb does one have to be to fall for this shit lol


I disagree, 100% insensitive, but I don’t think this is completely dumb in his take.

massively cynical but some valid points.

A Different George

Although it’s not the main point, perhaps ElGunnerLoco should consult a map of Uruguay. It’s like saying “he’s Welsh, why does he want to play in Bristol?”

The main point, I think, is that anyone whose thinking leads him to use language like “pimping his own mother’s death” under these circumstances is an immense prick.


Totally. No need to be so nasty.
and tbh the total complete lack of empathy is a sign of mental health issues, so I won’t be screaming at him like he just shot a child. But I also appreciate how close to home Lucas’ situation is with many, including Andrew.


Oh total agreement, if you are willing to dish out vile comments on others you have every right to expect them back at you.

my point was more that he cannot be 100% mentally stable to even have that little empathy.
but also that having 0 empathy allows him a different insight to the rest of us with hearts.

there is also argument on having no empathy and having no sense. Knowing you don’t care doesn’t excuse you from offending those that do.


Bell end, obviously. But really just a puerile troll that shouldn’t be fed.


Please read over your choice of words. Cynical and cruel. I’m sorry you seem to lack faith in the integrity of a human who is clearly struggling presently. Greif is debilitating. Respect him as a living, feeling being, he is more than the possession of a corporation. Thanks

Chippy Brady

Condolences to Lucas. Life, and above all family are more important than anything else. Best of luck to him.


It doesn’t take a genius to work out from reading some of the hugely insensitive comments above which berk(s) decided to give a thumbs down to this comment. Take a good long hard look at yourselves

Tankard Gooner

Poor guy, can’t imagine what it feels like to lose a parent. Hope he and his family find the peace and love they need at the moment.


I don’t see anything wrong with his comments at all. Clearly, he is homesick. Now more than ever. Poor guy 🙁


Lucas surely needs some space to process and come to terms with this great loss, he shouldn’t be judged on this statement because the death of a loved one can cause “wild talk” …my condolences mate


Backlash on social media for his comments?

FFS. What a world.


Yeah, God forbid anyone wasn’t a retarded bot and had a critical thought of their own they wanted to send out about something…

“El Gunner Loco”. Clearly you chose this name for a reason…

Just please remember that death is the ultimate price as no monetary value can bring a person back.

You’d think that Rocky’s anniversary, Claude passing, Auba’s mom recovering and Blog’s statement would make gooners like yourself more understanding but I guess not.

Enjoy your Easter anyway😐

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

If he wants to be with family after their loss, I respect that and hope he gets his wish. However, I want the best for Arsenal and hope he doesn’t go out on loan, or is sold for a fraction of what the club should get


FUCK COVID (and all the pricks who deny it’s danger)




Kind of a left field comment, but I second it big time!

Mikels Arteta

You spelt influenza wrong


Any backlash to this is disgraceful.


Really sad news and we should show the man some compassion.

From a football/business perspective, Boca may not have the cash, but they basically have the best academy in Argentinian football. Surely there must be a deal to be done.


A good take on the situation and may be a way to solve the problem. It depends, I suppose, if Boca actually want Torreira, the talk is all from his side at the moment.

Tragic news about his Mum, but surely no chance we gift him to Boca for a 1 (or 2) year loan when we need to raise funds for Odegaard. If Odegaard’s reported asking price is close to €50m, we’re surely going to have to try to recoup as much from Torriera as possible. Torino allegedly offered €24m for him 7 or 8 months ago (don’t remember why that one fell through), but now I guess we may have to accept a low ball offer and take the hit just to get him off the books. No idea what Boca’s finances… Read more »


Considering that Odegaard is a proven Premier League player, captain of the Norwegian national team, a big name, 22, under contract for two more years, and fucking excellent, Real Madrid would be absolute clowns if they asked for anything less than €70 million.

If nobody pays up, they can always keep him.


Yes, but they need a new big name to keep the merry go round turning. If they start obsessing over Mbappe they’ll need money and you never know.

Mikels Arteta

Ala ozil

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Also think people need to remember that a player has to agree to terms with the club AFC would want to sell him to and that won’t be likely. There are things in life stronger than contracts for money, when a mother dies the son has an obligation to care for his father, especially when the father makes such a request. Lucas has no choice and the best way for him to honor his mother is to honor his fathers request. AFC position is clear, he is surplus to our plans, to try and sell a player to a club… Read more »


I’m very sad and upset that he is being tormented on social media. The man just lost his mother, give him a break you heartless arseholes. I totally understand where he’s coming from.

Naked Cygan

It was sad to see Klopp and Allison from Liverpool with the loss of family members, now Lucas. These are hard times for everyone and hopefully, time will help in some way. One option might be if he signs another long contract with Arsenal, and we loan him to Boca for 2-3 years to give him a break and Boca pays his wages.


Heart goes out to the guy. Such sad news and a reminder to everyone that this thing is so far from over.

Let’s all look after each other xx

Lord Bendnter

53 is very young. This is extremely sad. I hope he is okay

Travis Bickle

RIP! Condolences to Torreira for what would indeed be a devastating time for him. I hope everyone involved works out something of a compromise for him to go back and be closer to his family.


Poor lad. He deserves to be happy and close to his family.

Arsenal, in many ways, have let him down. He was played out of position by Emery and hasn’t figured at all for Arteta, despite being a gifted defensive midfielder, whose talents could have been put to good use – had he been utilised properly – during these past couple of woeful seasons for this club

I wish him well.


I think it’s Atletico that has let him down this season.


He shouldn’t have been at Atletico in the first place. He should have been playing his football this season in an Arsenal kit, helping to shore up the mistakes being constantly made by the likes of Xhaka, Luiz and Ceballos.


He could have been in Serie A instead but given the choice went to Madrid, also his wife couldn’t settle in England if the rumours are to be believed?


Lo Siento, Lucas


RIP to his mom. He always gave his best in an Arsenal shirt, hope we find a solution that makes all parties happy. Hard to see how he can perform well while being homesick and dealing with family issues.

Cannon Mpofu

Condolences, love and thoughts, are with you.


Buahahaha, milking his own mother’s death for professional favours… this is as cheap as it gets… he’s just lost any bit of credibility that he’s had with me. “Yeah, so basically my mum just died, and I’ve kinda not been happy for a while now, so like, I’m entitled to whatever from my employee that’s been paying me millions for a few years now for whom I’ve mostly been shit and given it very little in return…” Boo-hoo, poor little victim boy, he’s not been happy for the last few years being paid millions, eh? And who made the choice… Read more »


after this*


our fair share of cover for the significiant financial hit that we’ll be taking on him anyway*

Ranty writing = Sloppy writing


Oh and not to mention that because his mother died he now wants to spend more time with his family, so we apparently owe him… a move to a club that’s not even in his own country?

Hmm, yeah, makes sense… or maybe it doesn’t and he’s just literally using his own mother’s death as a publicity stunt to get his failing career kickstarted again, on Arsenal’s cost.


I’m a Croatian guy that’s been kinda bummed out lately, but I just happen to have a few mates in England, so having always dreamed of living in Japan I guess my employee owes me an all expenses paid 3 month long personal trip to Tokyo, right? Makes sense??


Would it make any more sense if I said Germany instead of Tokyo?


You really are a heartless bastard.


You don’t know how it feels like to lose your mum to COVID


Been suffering from significant long-covid effects myself, at age 25, for a whole year now, but I choose to not play the victim card and act all entitled about that, cause I’m not a five year old bitch, I assume responsibility for my own shit in life, unlike this Torreira cunt, so kindly fuck off will ya.

Mikels Arteta

You’ve had covid for a year now?
You might want to see doctor!

Naked Cygan

I doubt you have any friends. Sounds like you have no life either. Go get some help, you really need it.

Bai Blagoi

I was wondering if it is really possible to be such a prick and give Lucas in this situation hard time on the social media like the article says. Alas, as always, the reality is worse than imagined.


Find, you find someone else to read your shite… I don’t make my livelihood off of you, you on the other hand do make it off your readers, and you just lost one, you self-entitled, dumb cunts. 😉


is it possible for you to banish him from this site? and also you can update your ‘don’t be a prick’ article with an example of this guy being an absolute cunt


Cheerio you total prick

Santi’s Thigh Grab

I feel sorry for you that whatever happened to you to make you such a cold heartless bastard who has not a shred of empathy.


@elgunnerloco has a point. But has no tact or empathy.

with salibas tragedy and aubas heartache perhaps LT saw the Arsenal hierarchy as sympathetic to such issues and is counting on it to get a move in a way he couldn’t and wouldn’t do in the parallel universe without COVID.

I also back him 100%, even if we have to give him away for free, clubs need to learn that players are people as well as financial assets.

Kentish Gooner

You’re one nasty motherfucker. It’s a shame pricks like you can’t be banned. You’re no Arsenal fan. Actually, scrap that, you’re not even human if you’re talking like that. Go somewhere else and spout your drivel. Heartless arsehole.


Incredibly sad news, and a difficult situation for all involved. Hopefully he gets the time and space to process this properly, then we should work out an equitable solution.


Take heart bro. Gutted for you. No one should ever have to bury a mum😢


What kind of person would be upset by his comments? I personally appreciate his honesty and brevity. Furthermore, he’s correct in that he’s been bounced around and probably hasn’t settled/played well as a result.


I for one was shocked and in complete disbelief.

there’s a place called Tinned Pies in South America!?

on a serious note, I don’t like how LT said Arsenal ‘hurt’ him.

I think the tinned pies are named after the Uruguayan town where manufacturing took place.

I know Las Fray means Friar. Bentos is probably a name, don’t know the English equivalent.

I had always assumed some kind of Irish – Iberian origin to the British supermarket staple.


My sincerest condolences to Lucas. Way too young to lose your Mother, whatever the circumstances of his Arsenal career or his feelings about going home. He is a young man first and foremost and he must do what is best for him and his family. I can only wish him all the love in the world. My thoughts are with Lucas and his family at this very sad time. All the very best for the future Lucas.

Podolski left foot.

What a sad one..take heart lucas

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