Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Arsenal confirm trip to Florida

Arsenal have confirmed that the first team squad will head to the United States at the end of July to take part in the Florida Cup.

The Gunners will face newly-crowned Serie A champions Inter Milan on Sunday, 25 July and will then face either Everton or Colombian side Millonarios on Wednesday, 28 July. Both games will take place at the superbly named Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

Given Covid-19 continues to play havoc with our daily lives, a Stateside tour is certainly ambitious; travel restrictions currently still apply to UK citizens. In previous years, jaunts across the Pond have been full of razzmatazz, on this occasion we suspect it’ll be quite understated.

On the plus side, when they’re not doing star jumps, the players can work on the tans they pick up in Scotland earlier in the month. We’re scheduled to face Rangers and Hibernian on 13 and 17 July respectively.

Rumours also persist that Arsenal will look to stage the Emirates Cup in early August. Who knew there was room in the calendar for two Mickey Mouse cups?

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Two chances at silverware before the season has even begun(!)


An unprecedented double is on the cards.


It’s not exactly the Audi Cup 2019 but I’d take either!

Man Manny

An opportunity to start next season with a trophy.


Fair play for holding a competition where UK fans are not allowed to travel to atm. Fans come first!


Emirates Cup is on in August

Johnny 4 Hats

The Emirates Cup is going to be a socially distanced event. But then again, it’s always a socially distanced event.


Excellent! (as always, Hatter)

Bendtner’s ego

I couldn’t think of a worse place to hold a training camp than Florida in July.


If nothing else, they’ll be bloody grateful to be back in the UK, even if it rains every day for a month.

Group Captain Mandrake

Are they planning on getting rid of unwanted players via heat stroke? Florida in the summer is awful.

Doctor Perceptron

You could have omitted the “in July”


Perhaps the masterplan is to sweat off the holiday kilos?


It wont be long until we have a Disney Cup.

Let phil collins do a cover of the champions league anthem


Leave Willian there…

Florida not Scotland


That would be perfect.
Willian wins.
Arsenal wins.
Florida will be hoping for a hurricane…


He’ll certainly stop the momentum of any hurricane that comes his way.


Taking a closer look at Kamara/ Aribo & that left Hibs back, nicely played.


Florida in July is going to be awful for everyone involved… nothing but humidity and gross heat, but the camping world cup beckons!


At least there’s a torrential downpour every afternoon around 4


It’s nice and pleasant Not like in GB or Ireland. Irish neighbors run AC when it is 80!


florida is the worst place you could go in the us. no covid restrictions at all and in bad shape. beyond that, just google “florida man…”

Adam Guillette

Actually, despite having the second oldest population in the United States, Florida did better than the national average in COVID deaths per capita. Don’t believe everything the media tells you.

Adam Guillette

Not sure why anyone would “thumbs down” the fact that Florida has done better than average on COVID deaths per capita, despite the elderly population. I’d presume we’d all agree this is a good thing! Regardless, feel free to check out the CDC data.


Mikels Arteta

You’re not allowed to expose the false narrative


Ain’t that the truth. Everything lying told you to do about aids and COVID was wrong.


ljundbergspinkmohawk above may have exaggerated. Florida is a big state w/ a diverse population that did marginally better than the average of US states, which on a whole did horribly compared to the rest of the world, in preventing COVID deaths. Most of FL’s success in responding to COVID are in spite of the awful state leadership.

More importantly for Arsenal’s summer trip to FL, most of the state is a putrid swamp in late July. Luckily the team will be visiting before hurricane season.

Adam Guillette

I don’t think politicians are “leaders” but Florida did an exceptional job of protecting the elderly population, but is why their data is better than the national average, despite having the second oldest population in the country.

But yes, central Florida is indeed a miserably hot, humid mess in July.

Also, FWIW, hurricane season literally started yesterday. However, Orlando is nowhere near the coast so there is zero chance of us finding out if Arteta’s hair can withstand category 5 winds.


It s a well known fact that Florida fudged their covid numbers. The Governor there is a”Trump-lite” sycophants who ignored the science on multiple levels. It’s obvious what are your political leanings when you tout Florida’s number yet ignire6how bad the overall leadership was in dealing with covid in the US. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/florida-jones-data-covid-police-lawsuit-b1777375.html?amp


Oh yes, and NYC must have done poorly in spite of Cuomo’s exemplary leadership. /s


wasn’t florida the state which fired and then arrested a government medical professional for releasing accurate numbers around covid

Adam Guillette

No, Florida is the state that fired a nutjob who was in charge of inputting data into a website. A nutjob who had been charged with a variety of crimes for a variety of offenses, including stalking an ex. A nutjob who has since withdrawn her accusations about Florida’s COVID data.



Adam is correct. She was a nutjob


Yea sure… Link to a right wing website…


blind follower of MSM spotted. Check out the stats yourself.


Pretty ignorant take. Gotta love when people perpetuate false stereotypes


Free people living free. That used to happen on the little islands


Ughhhh why Florida.

SLC Gooner

Apparently they couldn’t find anywhere else in the US that was hotter and more humid that time of year. Major eye roll.


It’s where we’ll be playing our home games from 2025, so makes sense


Florida will be under water by 2025. Rob Holding’s probably pretty good at water polo.

Adam Guillette

Rob Holding, yknow….
He’s better at water polo!


Because there’s no restrictions there. Max ticket sales.

Adam Guillette

By late July there isn’t a single state that will have capacity restrictions. Most have already lifted them.


Profit over public health!


read. COVID restrictions were comple failures. The folks who were going to die, died. Just like my 89 yo mother said 15 months ago.


No, people only die if they catch it. They don’t catch it if they are not exposed to it. If you don’t let it in, and don’t let it travel, people do not die.
On behalf of my 94 year old dad (yes really) I would like to thank everyone who took the simple precautions, and the people who developed the vaccines, so he is still alive and enjoying it!


What a fucking waste of money


Yes, it plays havoc with our preparations for Europe!



Fla is wide open! Visit and have a great time I might travel to see the games.


No thanks, not even arsenal could convince me to go to Florida.


Wonder if we’ll get the annual Borehamwood game this year, its usually youth players from the Arsenal side anyway so all these other games don’t necessarily mean it wont go ahead


Both games will take place at the superbly named Camping World Stadium in Orlando.”

‘Carry On Camping’. – 😄

Pity Barbara Windsor isn’t still around to provide the half time entertainment.


Well as an American I’m pretty happy about getting a preseason in over here. Can’t believe the negativity on a preseason location. Picking different international locations each summer makes sense. FL is a good choice – tourist area. It’ll be hot but they’re friendlies.

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