Carlo Ancelotti’s appointment as manager of Real Madrid has led to speculation about what happens next with Martin Odegaard.

Some reports say he sees the 22 year old as a key part of his squad for next season, others that the Spanish giants will listen to offers as they look to fund a galactico type signing this summer.

The player himself remains somewhat in the dark, pointing out quite rightly that the Italian has barely had time to get his feet under the table again, and lines of communication to the various squad members have yet to be opened.

Speaking to Norwegian outlet TV2, Odegaard said, “He is a coach I know and with whom I had a good relationship when he was last there.

“In that sense, it is positive. But beyond that, one day has passed, so I do not know too much about what he thinks about things.”

During the week, some old quotes from Ancelotti about Odegaard circulated online, which didn’t come across particularly positively. However, these were taken out of context, and misrepresented what was actually said in his book: Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches.

We debunked this over on the main site, but even so, it’s not something which has caused Odegaard any bother.

“I think maybe it was misinterpreted a bit by some, but that’s the way it is.” he said. It’s not something I stress about.

“What he said was probably just that I was a player for the future. And that in Madrid you often do not have much time as a coach.”

As for whether he believes he’ll go back this summer, and whether Ancelotti can be a success now that he has returned to the Bernebeu, Odegaard said, “Yes, I absolutely believe in that.”

The questions are: will he stay? How far will Arsenal push to get him? Will Real Madrid view him as integral to their team? Could they cash in to help finance other deals? Can we afford it if they do?

There’s a lot to play out this summer!

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Hope he stays but if not, there are other options. Can’t see him figuring much for Madrid so another loan might suit all concerned.


Only if we get an option to buy. Otherwise find an alternative.


Why only with an option to buy?

I like him a lot so I hope we sign him. I just can’t see it happening for many reasons.

I would take a loan as a compromise.


I’m not sure we want to take a loan player and make him absolutely crucial to our rebuild, only to lose him at year end.


Let’s sign him up for another loan spell or try and buy him if he’s available for less than 40 mill. If Real want more than that then we should swiftly move our attention elsewhere.


I agree that if it’s not going to happen then we need to move onto other targets quickly. I’d love him to stay but we can’t have Madrid just string us along all summer.


Loan actually would be the best thing. Let’s us recruit players we need in
other positions. But will it happen we have no clue. Odegaard also had a good spell with real sociedad but he chose Arsenal because of the stature. But having been here and ending the season outside champions league…might hinder the deal.

Reality check

He’ll only be under 40mil if his loan isn’t a success, having an option to buy is a minimum. If we can’t spend more than 40mil than what’s the point in loaning and developing another team’s player. IMO, we should either buy him or leave him altogether.

Public Elneny

I disagree, although yeah if he is a big success he will likely become too expensive.

If this summer we’re looking at the other attacking mids on our shortlist – Buendia/Aouar etc but don’t deem them to be quite what we need in terms of price/quality, then having Odegaard on loan again gives us another season to identify that AM and generate funds, without leaving us short next season

As long as the loanee has the right attitude and ability, which Odegaard does


Yeah I think we need to be really careful Not to get sucked into paying a whopper transfer fee for him. Another loan with an option to buy, or a fairly reasonable up front fee this window, anything else, and we need to move on fairly rapidly because there’s always alternative options out there. Look at guys like Grealish, absolutely phenomenal player, and I can distinctly remember when he was at Villa playing like a mad man in Championship and Arsenal fans were extremely indifferent towards him and didn’t believe he had enough quality to make it in the Premier… Read more »


The question really is – assuming 40m will get Buendia, then is Odegaard the better option at that price, if that’s what Madrid would accept.

A lotta ifs there! But I like the lad and one shouldn’t underestimate how well (and quickly) he settled into the squad here. Buendia remains an unknown on that score.

Eddy F

If we can get him for £30m, either as a transfer or a loan with an obligation/option to buy, then do it.

Otherwise get Buendia for a similar amount. He is more direct and flexible position wise as well. Will probably get more goals, maybe even more assists.


Odegaard and Buendia are two very different players. Odegaard’s playstyle reminds me of Tomas Rosicky’s, in the way he orchestrates the play and moves the ball. He’s the type of player who will get many assists and pre-assists, but not much recognition for them. He’s not a show-type player; very reserved, and his impact is huge, but subtle. Buendia operates, as you said, as a more direct player. This position is already occupied by Smith Rowe, who I believe shares the same playstyle as Buendia. You need a Buendia/Smith Rowe, but you also need an Odegaard. If we purchase Buendia… Read more »


Sorry, I don’t agree.
Personally, I’d say Smith Rowe is much closer to Rosicky in his style. His quick bursts of energy, one and two touch. The oil in the engine. Odegaard is more Mesut, a cultured left-foot with an eye for a pass.


You’re both wrong. He’s more like Cesc.


Martin o. He has not got Thomas R. Speed tho. He reminds me more if ozil will slightly better tackling . Not often mentioned but I would use the money for ward prowse ( £35) home grown , sorts out our set pieces for next 7 seasons, his set piece stats are better than Beckham’s . He can also tackle, a captain at every level , disciplined , premier League ready . Play him next to Partey and have ESR at 10 and willock as back up . Saka can also get minutes at 10. With Pepe and Martinelli wide… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

While we dally with the Arteta flop, Sp*rs land Conte. Hoped they would be more ruthless.


I actually like Conte. But Sp*rs?? Really??



Odegaard should be trying to make it at Real, after all that is why he went there in the first place.
You cannot even compare the two clubs – Real, despite their recent struggles are several rungs above Arsenal when it comes to footballing talent and opportunities to win big trophies.
For all the big talk about Arsenal this summer – and all of it has come from the media and not from the club itself, which is a little worrying I do not see Arsenal competing for the top four. Not with Kroenke, Arteta and Edu “leading” the way..

Teta's cult of personality ●█▀█▄

Yeah this pretty much sums up my current feelings about the club’s direction. Some of the players we’ve been linked to are a welcome development but they remain just rumours until one of them signs a contract. Things on the pitch are a different matter entirely. That “since Boxing Day table of our form doesn’t tell the full story. Even if our points total is better. It doesn’t show that since Match-Week 19 under Arteta…We’ve actually created LESS big chances and have conceded MORE big chances against our defence. We’re also missing more too. One worry stat is that our… Read more »


I think he probably wants to fight for a place at real. I don’t blame him and don’t want him to come here if he’d rather be there.


I’d love to keep him but sadly I am not very positive about this deal happening. He’s an ambitious player who I think will try and make it at Real next season.


Odegaard is not worth any more than 20m.

Also, if we are firm about Saka and Pepe as our main wingers, then Smith Rowe should occupy CAM spot. We don’t need to splash 40m for a backup CAM. Might as well use Willock and Guendouzi to warm that bench. 40m should go to a CM replacement for Xhaka.

Merlin’s Panini

Odegaard is definitely worth more than 20 million. Not just because of the player he is now but the potential he has too.
I would rather a player were bought to improve on Xhaka too though, if we had to prioritise one position over the other.


Disagree that Odegaard isn’t worth >20M. Certainly he won’t be sold for so little this summer if he leaves RM.

I do agree the money is probably better spent on a CM partner for Partey. I really like Odegaard but we can’t afford both.

Don’t want to see Guendouzi back. Flatters to deceive, lets make a small profit and re-invest.

El Mintero

Spot on except for comment on guendouzi who is fkn shite and should be given away for free if need be.


I really like him as a player but Real aren’t doing us any favours so let’s move on and do deals we can get done.


The Last time Ancelotti joined Madrid we got Ozil.
Let’s hope the same thing happens with Odegaard.


And when he was at Juve he gifted us King Henry.

You know you wanna, Carlo…


How low we have fallen. From Henry to Ozil to Odegaard.


With Kroos and Modrić ageing, it would be silly for Real not to integrate Odegaard this season. I think he will take his opportunity there and that’s fair play to him. Personally can’t see a permanent deal getting done…fingers crossed for a second loan if we’re lucky.


Good transfers and long term planning usually results to fast deals done and announced exactly after the end of the season. If we gonna keep it late (as usual ) we are gonna be trapped again…


Reactive, not Proactive.

Can you think of a football hierarchy that cares less about its club than ours….? I can’t.

Man Manny

I think Ødegaard will be up for sale this summer. If rumours are to be believed, Madrid are set to replace Varane and Ramos. They are also in the hunt for marquee signing – likely a striker. Their president, Perez, is quoted as saying Bale and Hazard may still have a future in the club after all. All that points to one thing: players are likely to be sacrificed to raise funds, and in Odegaard they have a saleable asset. My worry is: can we afford to get into a price war with other clubs? Our only hope is if… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

Seems there are a few reports of a bid for Buendia. I guess that would mean this deal is dead. I like the look of Buendia though. Kind of Cazorla-ish.


Showed flashes of real quality, but didn’t exactly pull up any trees either.

Another loan or we move on. I don’t think he’s worth paying silly money for.


He’s tidy but I’m not hugely bothered. Arteta has demonstrated he is likely to overthink and fail to get the best out of any particular player – even if he had City’s squad he would probably do something ridiculous and leave Fernandinho out of a cup final and throw it away without fielding his strongest 11.


Yep. Have been saying this myself for some time.

We could have the best players in the world, but what’s the use of their continually passing sideways and backwards to appease the little Lego bloke screaming at them to do so from the manager’s technical area?


*when they’re


At best, it’s a push in terms of productivity between him and Buendia. Although I think Buendia will ask the most questions of Prem defenses. He’s also the one of the two who appears to be available for purchase. Hope we pull off the deal, and don’t get out-muscled by Aston Villa.


Slightly unrelated, but shouldn’t we dump MA for Conte? Even with the current squad Conte will win more than MA.


Hate to say this but Conte will probably go to the Spuds. And if they spend their flycatcher money wisely, then they might just actually present a threat to the top four.

Not good.


It was always too good to be true.

Thanks for the memories.